T-Mobile Posts How-To Videos Of myTouch4G

The myTouch4G news just keeps on coming with launch just a little over 36 hours away T-Mobile has posted some how to/walkthrough videos for your perusing pleasure. We’re only throwing up a taste of what T-Mobile has put up but Screen Sharing, Genius Button or Video Chat walkthroughs are your thing then stop reading and just hit the videos. Otherwise head on over to the T-Mobile YouTube page for a whole bunch of myTouch4G vids!

T-Mobile YouTube

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  • jrdroid

    1st had to sorry

    • ob18

      no really you didn’t but not a shock you couldn’t fight your inner tool not to.

    • Bobbb

      and it’s still up here lol.

  • danny

    this is awesome

  • ingram pdx

    love the vw rabbit!

    • JP

      The car is f-n hilarious. Could have got a better car…

      • rb

        i think they used that car for all the geeks out there lol. I’m officially proud to be a t-mobile customer

    • Mark

      That is a great car!

  • Is that a very old car they bought her?

  • Like she didn’t know what she was getting. On the other hand, Seems like T-Mo is going to push this phone hard. Plus with 4G and video chat, They can push and say iPhone doesnt do video chat without wifi.

    • Matchesmalone

      The iphone video chat can now be done over network as well and not just wifi.

  • jl

    What a terrible gift for a birthday. What was that a yugo?

  • George

    My goodness, the acting in those videos is just HORRIBLE. I didn’t even pay attention to the features because the videos had me cringing. Wow.

    • Greg

      I was feeling the exact same way. Glad Im not alone on this one lol

    • Shawn

      You guys seriously need a life

  • LuvMyGreenRobot

    I just saw the demo phones yesterday. The lady had all 4 colors. It is true when people say that the pictures don’t do them justice. They look beautiful in person. The phone is thin and it is very solid….doesn’t feel hollow like a toy. It looks pretty luxurious, no way does it look like a kiddie phone in my opinion. I can’t wait to get it! I’m just undecided…stuck between red or purple.

    • George

      Purple no doubt.

      • LuvMyGreenRobot

        I was thinking the same thing, but at the same time, I just love that shade of red.

    • R

      I agree about the build quality, top notch. But I did not like the feel of it. too thin and too wide for my tastes. Also the UI did not win me over. I wish they would at least make it an option to put vanilla droid on these phones. If this can be rooted then maybe I will take the plunge.

  • vasyok

    no comments?

  • Jesus

    you should’nt have posted all the vidoes !

  • abel2fresh4u

    If my parents surprise me wit a car like that i wuold get a hanmer and start smashin it in front of theit eyes

    • Bobert

      ROFL @ABEL

    • abel2fresh4u

      lol sorry for all the typos. i was working

    • claysu

      You’re probably a spoiled rich baby, get a job and appreciate a gift.

  • rev2redlineguy

    I think I just wet my pants!!! LOL!

  • PimpStrong

    That car is pimp

  • tmo7

    Tmo rep says network doesnt support video chat yet……..

    • David, Managing Editor

      He/she is wrong.

      • hondavic

        yes David, you are correct. That Tmo rep was just lost. Just last week Wirefly.com release their review of the MT4G in two parts and here is the video of the video chat they placed… FFW video to 1:40…


      • Illegal Machine


        If I remember that video correctly, that is done over WiFi. They state they have horrible T-Mobile reception at their offices.

  • Wantsthebest

    Hspa+ will wont it. If not now then it better come the 3rd

  • Tristan


  • HD2/Vibrant/G2 User

    Played with one in the store today and I must say this phone felt very solid in hand, the screen looked very Sharp. the white one was very sleek and I don’t like white phones. When moving in and out of apps everything moved very quickly. This just might be the best phone T-Mobile has put out next to the g2.

  • Cybersedan

    Forget the car, I’m sooo all over this phone it’s not even funny, loving it!!

  • Jesus

    Low budget much ?

  • Domingo Ramos

    STFU! Atleast i bought my daughter a car for her birthday.. thats all i can afford…besides, the car have nice rims thats what got me sold..

    • Pimpstrong

      Ha ha haa that dude don’t near look like he talks like that!

  • Bobert

    An article I read said they incorporated that dragon dictation software. It’s tempting me to make the jump from my N1

    • Don_Sanchez

      After a lengthy hands on in the store 2 days in a row, I have no doubt I’m making the jump from my N1.

  • Not4sakn

    Hspa+ and video chat works just fine. I’ve been using the phone a few days now and I’m pretty impressed besides a few bugs here and there.

  • Dave

    $449.99 is a great price for me.

  • Terrible Toby

    I just finished upgrading from a craptacular Motorola Cliq to a G2 and I’m still within my return policy date. I seriously like the G2 and because I email a lot the keyboard comes in handy BUT I’m having some second thoughts on it. I know people have complaint about the hinge and the whole holding it upside down is not an issue for me because I’m not a possum, what is an issue for me is the hinge being a bit too loose for my liking. Sometimes if I’m about to put it away in my pocket or picking it up from a table it does slide open and I’m concerned that sooner or later it will snag on something. I have also experienced the issue with the random starts, which is the main reason I got rid of my Cliq because that thing restarted like crazy. This seems like it would be a nice phone to move up to but I’m wondering how much I would miss the keyboard. Decisions, decisions…What do you guys think?

    • Bimmerz

      LOL @ “not a possum”! If you’re having second thoughts about the G2, return it and try out the MT4G. Then if you decide you’re not happy with the MT4G, go back to the G2, or keep the MT4G and wait until another phone comes along that you like.

    • rb

      @Bimmerz Agreed

  • rojasmarco08


    • JaylanPHNX

      I wouldn’t hold my breath. Or if I wanted to be snarkier, I could say it’s called the G2.

    • lookaturself

      From what I saw yes they will. Most likely around spring 2011.

  • mtnman

    I like the fact that they have “How To” videos posted. Only 2 more days my friends, then they early Christmas presants for all. As for me, I’ve been a very good boy this year. I deserve something special under my tree.

    • mtnman

      Sorry typo. Then early Christmas presant for all.

      • sorandkairi

        lol presents…..lol

  • oh no tmo

    The worst acting I’ve seen.
    That first commercial is absolutely painful to watch

  • I’m liking this over the G2 very Nice!

    Stay thirsty my friends!

  • smash-mode

    Is the video chat really that clear??

    • Matchesmalone

      Yes it is.. I work for tmobile and played with this phone. Very surprised how clear the video chat was and the camera is amazing

  • Car in video reminds me of my high school days :(. Had a 1980 Impala in 1997. Terrible car but easy to maintain and got me gas money from a boat load (literally) of co-workers getting rides home from work.

  • Stream

    I have $375 credit on my account. Throw in a family road trip to one of those tax-free states and I got myself a Mytouch 4G for only $73 out of contract and a nice companion for my G2 :D

    • danbutter

      Hehehe, yeah then add in the $200 for gas and food for the family and it will only cost you $273 off contract! It would be cheaper to just pay tax.

  • speedofsound

    Ahhhh A car maade by Fisher Price…!

  • sandytoes

    Still better than my first car. I got a ’91 Geo tracker for my 16th birthday. It was nice and rusty too….

  • ImaTmoFan

    Nice to see the features in use, but horrid commercials…. >.<

  • Pimpstrong

    Now, there are no more Android phones on the horizon after the next couple weeks. WHAT IS NEXT?!?! When will we get our Giant Android (phone) like the EVO with all these same bells and whistles??

    If your ready for a 4.3″ Android Say “eye” (And I know the HD2 runs Android but that dont count)

  • Pimpstrong


  • mikeeeee

    hey can i get the VW rabbit and a DEFY instead?

  • StarTech

    I’m getting this phone tomorrow, sweet….!

  • bbcrisp_03

    I cannot believe all the crying and complaining about the actors and the car. IT IS A DEMO VIDEO! it is only suppose to give you an idea of what it can do! gosh people should just shut up and see the phone as what it is! The beginning of the next generation of top tier phones for T-mobile. That being said… I think I want this for Christmas!

  • Will

    @David : Do you think Tmobile will extend the BOGO deal after today or not? I ask because I know they have before and just curious with the myTouch 4G rolling out tomorrow (which I will be getting first thing in the morning). Thanks!

    • Will

      actually to answer my own question lol I called Tmobile and the rep told me the BOGO is going on for existing customers until the 25th of this month BUT it’s only for Samsung products (Vibrant, etc) =( Oh well good deal for lots!

  • alex

    Tomorrow cant come soon enough. Been going back between the white and black but its white for the wifey and me!! That color is gorgeous..

  • dma76

    has anyone found out if stores will have white tomorrow? I called all the ones enar me in rhode island and all they have is black and plum. I’m hoping they get white, might have to get a black one and pay the 10 bucks restocking fee once they get a white one…yeah, i have no patience, lol