Phonedog Is Giving Away 100 iPad’s AND A Trip

My very good friends at Phonedog are really outdoing themselves this with a giveaway on a massive scale. Not 1, not 2, not 22 but up to 100 iPads AND a trip!!!!! Do I have your attention now? Even if the iPad isn’t your thing, is anyone really interested in saying no to a free trip? So what do you need to do? Well it’s simple and exactly like their last iPad giveaway, with a twist.

Step 1. Hit this link and sign up for the Sweepstakes, it’s Facebook based but you still need to register and use your REAL name since it’ll be necessary to win.

  • Step 2. Jump to and “Like” their page, then head on over to and “Like” our page! Sorry, shameless plug for us right there!
  • Step 3. Hit the Facebook/Phonedog page for Sweepstake details, rules and information and then get ready to win!
  • Step 4. For every 10,000 entries Phonedog gets, they will give away an iPad. Telling your friends to help increase the number of entries only benefits you. So 1 million (1 MILLION DOLLARS! Name the movie!) entries will equal 100 iPads to giveaway!
  • Step 5. The first winner will be chosen January 17th at 8pm Eastern Time via live broadcast!
  • Step 6. Thank Phonedog for being awesome in giving away up to 100 iPads and a trip!

Want more details? Hit up or just click on the link!

Oh yeah, almost forgot, you can get 6 additional chances to win by liking any of the above sites and hey, we’re included! So like us, seriously…like us.

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  • Pimpstrong

    I’ll take one of each.

  • Mark

    This shows how important it is to websites/blogs to get both traffic and information. This does not come out of the kindness of thier own hearts. Does that make it any less attractive to us? Not really.

    • David, Managing Editor

      Out of the kindness of their own hearts? It comes from you guys visiting the sites, which increases traffic, which increases ad revenue which comes back to you in the form of prizes. What could be more attractive?

    • drew j

      Mark your a typical doosh who has to find something to bitch about even with something good and positive.. do us all a favor and go kill yourself.

    • drew j

      Not to mention you obviously come to this site daily to leave a comment.. your participating while bitching about it.. again doosh..

  • Wrath

    If this is done the same way the previous iPad giveaways were, it’s completely flawed. If they choose the first person that comes up in their “friends” window after they refresh, that completely unfair as Facebook doesn’t actually refresh that window. That window is populated based on that friends activity. If that person was recently online, made a post, liked something or whatever they’ll show up in your friend space. They would be better off picking a series of numbers between 1 and whatever and that’ll be your winner.

    • David, Managing Editor

      Totally brand new way, I’ll totally say that way didn’t work but they have a brand new method of picking it and I can say it’s completely random. So I’ll say that and hopefully you’ll trust me.

      • Wrath

        Well then I respectively retract my previous comment, and look forward to the next round.

  • blacksilva


    Just wondering…what does this have to do with T-Mobile?

    • David, Managing Editor

      Dude, come on…what does it matter, I can’t help them promote a contest? I hate comments like that, it’s like you guys hate winning free stuff. You win a free iPad, sell it and get a Tab.

      • blacksilva

        I understand why you do it. all i am saying is it has nothing to do with tmobile. thanks for giving us the opportunity though.

    • hater

      blacksilva = fail

  • hater

    You can have the iPad, but i’ll take the trip to the superbowl!

  • Chatter

    Guys – seriously? You are bitching about FREE stuff? If you don’t like the contest, move on. Don’t participate. Why are you ruining it for the rest? Is your life really that miserable?

  • NasLAU

    I hate these facebook contests. I don’t use facebook.

  • Moise

    Oooh I want that ipad. You gotta love phonedog

  • crazythunder

    i got ripped bigtime by the bandit. i absolutely had 3 phones line up about a week ago. all of a sudden i get taken to a page saying to try again tomorrow. only email i could find for contact was returned as undeliverable. ripoff. i haven’t played since.

  • FILA

    and your point is?

    • crazythunder

      and your point was?

  • sajj

    the movie is S.W.A.T !!! :)