(Updated With Second Image) T-Mobile Says Pre-Ordering Starts “Soon!”

Obviously at this point we’re playing a pretty fun guessing game on the subject of a T-Mobile G2 release date. We started out with September 29th, and then a Best Buy pre-order combined with our own sources led us to an October 6th date. Now, rumors both from our own sources and a T-Mobile forum leak claim that the middle of October, the 16th in fact is now the day for G2 fans everywhere. Before that though, T-Mobile did promise a pre-order of sorts to current customers and as the above picture shows, they are likely teasing us as its going to be available soon. Taken from a myTmobile account, images like this have been popping up for a few hours and we can confirm this wasn’t just one individual image.

What you see is what you get with finalized pricing and release date remaining unknown. However, with a pre-order likely happening soon, we should know the rest in just a few days. You guys can wait that long, right?

Thanks G!!

Updated with second image below also showing “pre-ordering starts soon.” Thanks for the tease Tmo!

Thanks notxel21!!


  • somebody

    yay! im not buying ! but good to know..

    • Mohammad

      me neither. ill wait for the hd7. is that going to be hspa+ also?

      • Roadhouse

        yes it is. The problem is that I feel that winmo7 is going to go the way of the new zunes. Haven’t heard about them getting updates in years.

      • Yyevo

        Roadhouse, the Zunes are still getting updates. I got one just a couple of months ago for my first gen 30gb model.

        And seeing as how the Zune HD came out less than a year ago… you fail.

  • roadking

    ready for it.

  • Vibrant Guy

    I think this phone will do well, very well. Can’t wait to see some serious reviews on it…

  • Testament

    Is this the way T-mobile builds hype for the G2? Wait until the last minute to release an official release date for the G2, and make the loyals wait for a next to top tier phone wile the competition put out Top tier phones Earlier.

    • David Thomas

      Yeah, all the major carriers do it!


      T-Mobile needs to hire some real marketing people. If it wasn’t for Tmonews and the likes, I probably wouldn’t even know new phones were released on the carrier. Yet I see a new Droid commercial almost every week, and let’s not mention how little it takes for the new iDevice to hit every major news outlet in America.

      • lowly-sales-rep

        In regards to marketing, there was a person from my store that went and had a meeting with some big wigs about that very issue. the basic response was “Well we don’t have the same budget as Verizon :(” so the person from my store said “we need to let people know that we were the original android carriers…aren’t you tired of people coming in asking for ‘droid phones’?”Big wigs agreed, and BAM..now it says stuff about it on the website. But with the new CEO and COO, we are already seeing some changes on the frontline. activations have been made much easier and quicker, as well as stores getting redesigned as “playground stores” to appear newer and more appealing to people. Hopefully more changes will be coming soon.

    • Robert Paulson

      This is the way T-mobile markets every major phone. That is to say, not well. They never advertise individual phones themselves and leave it to the manufacturers. I wish to God i knew why they didn’t want more customers in their store wanting to buy phone plans for new hot phones. Verizon is the opposite of Tmo in this regard. Case in point… nobody knows wtf an “android” phone is, but EVERYONE knows what a “droid” is. Why tmo, why?

      • Paulbert Ralmer

        Ahem. Did you not see the myTouch 3G ad blitz that ran last year? Phil Jackson, Whoopie Goldberg. Ringing any bells?

      • mad dog

        What the hell are you talking about? No one paid those lame ass mytouch commercials any attention. Remember Paulbert “if you wanna be free be free”

    • memphis10

      every phone comes out earlier than the next one ;)

    • Rpinazo

      T-mobile marketing does really BLOW!!! THEY SHOULD BE MORE THAN THANKING TMONEWS FOR KEEPING SOME INTEREST ALIVE!!!!!!!! OH, I have an idea…..just let Tmo News run the whole marketing department and watch T-mobile rise.

      • mikeeeee

        do you think that might be the reason t-mo has a new marketing genius?

        they might be #4 here but elsewhere they are huge.

        this new guy has to make his bones quickly or he’ll be pursuing other interests like the last guy quick.

  • Im buying, and mozart/schubert or whatever they’ll call it. im more excited for wp7. just getting the g2 for traditional purposes.

    • Mohammad

      you must have a lot of money in this economy to buy 2 $500 worth of phones.

      • Vinchenzo

        You must not have very much money to think that $1000 of discretionary income is a lot of money.

      • bmg314

        $1,000 IS a lot of money to many people in this day and age. To say or suggest otherwise is a little bit snobbish, frankly. The fact that $1000, or $500 for that matter, is no laughing matter , is the reason why it is frustrating to many that tmo keeps us in the dark about future phones AND does not usually release top tier devices…many of us only have the money for one shot at a phone, and then that’s it for two years.

        If you are comfortable enough to spend money on a phone every couple of months, good for you, sincerely. But really, think before you say something like that.

    • Carlos

      We’re in the same boat lol! Getting the G2 then the HD7, I will be done buying phones for a while until something revolutionary comes from tmo lol

      • Moo

        Wow, you musn’t have kids and a wife to report to if $1k isn’t a lot of money to just toss around. That’s an effin’ year’s supply for me.

  • Vibrant Guy

    I was logged into my upgrade just to check for the above, and I am up for a full upgrade. I did see the G2 as well.

    But I saw something, that threw me waaaaaaaaaaay off. The CliqXT was 329.99 on a 2 year contract. LOL I mean, all the other phones are really cheap, some free…but that piece of crap? 329.99??? LOL…WOW.

    • raul

      329 is no contract price

    • Evan

      I saw that, too. I was wondering if I was the only one that saw that.

    • memphis10

      How about the tp2 for 399? I have one and wouldnt buy another for 50 bucks

    • Foxeh

      I’m only getting $89.99 for the Cliq XT on two year extension. Did I just miss the worst sale ever? Damn…

  • thaghost

    they did that because it leaked that the date was pushed back. tmo still sucks. im still upset with how they r handling us g2 owners.

    • Evan

      Your an owner of a phone that has of yet received an official launch date?

      • Evan


      • Evan

        Im full of fail…

        You’re an owner of a phone that has not yet received an official release date.

        Hopefully that’s correct…

      • thaghost

        lol, thats what u get cuz u know i meant g1. hahaha

      • abel2fresh4u

        has not***** yet

    • abel2fresh4u

      sorry didnt notice you already corrected it

  • kitpogi

    mytouch HD!… can’t wait till that bad boy comes out!

    • greyfox

      the mytouch series is like that ugly cousin who hides @ family events.

      its a disgrace to the android line tbh.

  • Mitch

    It’s a nice phone. I’d probably buy it if I hadn’t already bought a beta Dell Streak. Best Android phone ever! (Well, except for the FPS and GPU.)
    I like the look of the G2’s keyboard buttons, and the prelim stats saying even with an 800 mHz processor is running as fast or faster than the Vibrant (separate video processor!) make it a nice looking phone. But I’ve gotten used to the 5″ screen on the Streak….
    In face, I’ve got two myTouch Slides not even being used right now… and they look TINY in comparison.

    • 2FR35H

      Except for it being on AT&T’s network and it not having hspa+ speeds… Dell streak is lame.

    • El Guapo

      The vibrant has a seperate video processor.

  • trickinit

    Trying to decide whether or not to sell my Nexus for this..

    • 2FR35H

      You should have sold your Nexus One a LONG time ago when it was announced that it was discontinued, that crap ain’t worth much now. At the most its prolly worth $330 at the most and as soon as October is here $250 is going to be the worth.

      • zazou

        I still see them going for $500 on Ebay..

      • Matlock

        My friend just sold his for $430 and his had scratches all over it! The Nexus One will continue to sell for top dollar for a good while, its still one of the best phones thats currently available, and the best part about it, is it runs vanilla Android, and is unlocked! So unless you had the privilege of owning one, Shut the Hell up!!!!

  • MJ

    I like the pure Android, just wish it had a FFC and the same type of professor as the mytouch HD

  • memphis10

    I’m getting this phone. My big fingers find on-screen keyboards to be fairly useless. I guess my only complaint with it is that they chose to only incorporate 4GB of internal memory. Really, how hard would it have been to just double that to 8 or even 16?

    • mikeeeee

      @memphis10, just go to ebay and buy a hong kong 32gb sd card. real cheap, real good and it will last the life of your phone.

      i bought my first 1gb card 6 yeas ago for my nokia 3650.

  • Sk817Lakai

    I can’t say I’m upset about the wait because you have to think sure it’s just a phone but what is coming with it? HSPA+ and that is a big step from there 3g network and they want to make sure everything is perfect. And T-mobile always makes there phones with a dramatic boom in the market by announcing it 2 months before they even think about putting it for sale.

  • abel2fresh4u




    • abel2fresh4u


      • SurgioArmani

        -1 for yell typing.

    • Matlock

      whateever pricing your upgrade eligibility states you get!!

  • Foxeh

    Okay, so this phone has reportedly been slated to come out on roughly the end of September, the ides of October and just about every single day in between. Any way you spin it this phone is right on top of us and a first party preorder is overdue. It HAS to happen soon or there would be no reason to expect availability for even the customers on the list…

  • vinnyj

    Nexus is still the best device made. Build, looks and perfect size. Rooted and sky is limit. I can go on. Developers device for a good reason.

    • Deke218

      In your opinion.

    • MIkeyo

      Nexus has too many problems.

  • eYe


    And we’re still waiting on the announcement for the pre-order…

  • HD2/Vibrant User

    I’m getting the g2 mthd and hd7. Craigslist usually helps me out with my early adopter habit. He is very reliable.

  • Tony

    Forget the G2, I snapping up two Cliq XT’s right away! $329.99 with a two year contract is way too good to pass up.

  • La El

    Looks like they also updated the product info page ~ changed the layout and added some links… this is getting exciting!!

  • Its being delayed because Google has to push a update to The Nexus One putting it on the same firmware as G2 before it comes out. The G2 is a standard Android device, as is the Nexus One, so the Nexus will see the 7 home screen love & new widgetry that the G2 has as well.

  • mikeeeee

    hope they embed kineto wifi calling in it.

  • thereugo

    I don’t know what to do with all the phones coming out with Tmobile. What happen to Project Emerald? What happen to the Glacier? Does anyone believe that the G2 will be getting updates as quick as the Nexus One and how far will it last, meaning being dependable and keeping up with the other phones coming out…10 months, 1 year or the 2 years which would be a contract service. I going to get it for my wife, but there is no HSPA in mt area as of now, so 3G service will do i guess. I know they will have it up and running becasue there is no way that they would produce phones for that service and not have it running all over the place, right? Can someone give me a positive perspective on why I should get this Phone?

    • tooltard

      yes this will run stock android so updates will be available immediately. project emerald is mytouch hd as this site has mentioned.

  • funkmasterC

    Awesome – thanks for the heads up. I wonder if the leaked 9/29 date is really the pre-order date. Seems odd they would tease this early though. Interesting that is was also on the public site earlier, but has since been taken down, so it must be exclusive to existing customers as previously stated.

  • alex32

    cant wait, i dont think id be able to pre order..but i hope the g2 releases in tmobile stores october 3 tops..since now i find it difficult for a 9/29 release date. tmobile is very unpredictable..maybe pre orders will start tomorrow or friday…(hope so)lol

  • I got sick of waiting and bought two Vibrants yesterday. Coming from an unlocked iPhone on Edge…my eyes are still bugged out of my head! LOL

  • G1 user waiting on G2

    ITS ABOUT TIME!!!!!! I hope the pre-order starts soon, im buying one the first day.

  • the G2 has been spotted flying across the HTC.com website….



    • Foxeh

      That has been there for weeks, T.C. ;)

      • T.C.

        what the wha? Can’t believe I missed that! Here I was hoping it was a recent step towards… I dunno… maybe an actual official announcement of sorts…

        silly me. Thanks, Foxeh. :)

      • Foxeh

        I don’t believe it was posted on Tmonews, but it showed up on HTC’s site not long after the G2 specs hit T-Mobile.com.

        It got my hopes up as well when the product site said “the wait is over.” If only…

  • TheLight

    *I THINK! It’ll 6e availa6le for pre-ordering either tomorrow or the start of next week*

    I don’t work at T-Mo6ile, 6ut I have 6een calling everyday now to ask a6out how much it would cost for me to upgrade and use my credit. They keep telling me to call 6ack Friday or Monday to tell me how much it would cost to upgrade to the G2 officially. I think pre-ordering is a6out to start either tomorrow or Monday. How else would they know how much it would cost me officially? I wouldn’t dis-agree with any6ody if I didn’t do a lot of calling and hadn’t gone to Radio Shack and 6est 6uy to ask when are they getting their stock in. They 6oth told me today and tomorrow, 6oth didnt know when they where going on actual sale. Since the 3rd party sellers have their stock T-Mo6ile must have their stock and 6e ready to pre-order . Pro6a6ly just training and getting the reps ready and up to date on specs, features, pitch lines, contract issues, etc…

    I posted on the 6est 6uy article and G2 Delayed article a6out my accounts of calling in and going to the stores. Today I call in and get the same thing, “Call back tomorrow or Monday to get the official cost.”

    6ut what do I know? lol, I’m just a dog digging for a 6one! HaHa

    • pjcamp

      “6” is not the same thing as “b”.

    • La El

      this may be the most fascinating and insightful post ever written but I will never know.

      Wheel of Fortune… $5,000 spin and the grand prize

      Category: Technology

      The word so far: WE_SITE

      TheLight:”Pat, is there a 6!?”

      VannaWhite: ::facepalm::

      • Epic! LOL

      • funkmasterC


      • TheLight

        Since what I was saying actually came to pass you just look like a dum6 ass for trying to be funny when someone leaked info early. Lol!

    • Yyevo

      Let’s all chip in and Buy him a new keyBoard!

      • G1 user waiting on G2

        Dont you mean new Key”6″oard? lol

  • shawn

    will the G2 have HTC sense???

    • TheLight

      No. Stock Android

  • shawn

    damn htc sense i think is better than 2.2…they should have made that optional!!

  • Deke218

    Two problems with this phone for me: The screen is too small and its Android. Fail times 2!

    • G1 user waiting on G2

      and its Android? what did you expect for the T-mobile G series phone moron?

      • funkmasterC

        agreed. Why would anyone write something so – well – STUPID! This article is about the successor to the original Android phone. What did Deke218 think – “well I hope they put WM7 on this phone..” Dude is in the wrong board! I think the article he should look at is https://www.tmonews.com/2010/09/htc-hd3hd7-in-the-wild/

        Maybe that will sasify goldilocks – or maybe not

  • Rick

    Well I’ve to hold one in my hands and play with it before I make a purchase decision.
    Pluses Minuses
    HTC screen size
    Stock Android 4 row keyboard
    HSPA+ 2nd tier processor

    • funkmasterC

      There is always the 30 return policy or Ebay if you really hate it. I am just happy to have a replacement for my old, tired G1. I think everyone will be pleasantly surprised. For all those complaining about screen size, the Samsung Galaxy Tab looks really, really cool. I think it is going to be an expensive fall for me..

  • weirdobeardo

    I didn’t look to thourogh through the comments but what do you ladies/gentlemen make of this?: http://g2.t-mobile.com/

    • G1 user waiting on G2

      You mean the website that has been talked about on this site for months now? yeah its pretty cool for those of us not getting any notifications.

  • lakeshow

    i heard from several tmobile managers tht they were told the G2 is coming out october 6th. they told me they were “almost certain” it would.