(Updated With Second Image) T-Mobile Says Pre-Ordering Starts “Soon!”

Obviously at this point we’re playing a pretty fun guessing game on the subject of a T-Mobile G2 release date. We started out with September 29th, and then a Best Buy pre-order combined with our own sources led us to an October 6th date. Now, rumors both from our own sources and a T-Mobile forum leak claim that the middle of October, the 16th in fact is now the day for G2 fans everywhere. Before that though, T-Mobile did promise a pre-order of sorts to current customers and as the above picture shows, they are likely teasing us as its going to be available soon. Taken from a myTmobile account, images like this have been popping up for a few hours and we can confirm this wasn’t just one individual image.

What you see is what you get with finalized pricing and release date remaining unknown. However, with a pre-order likely happening soon, we should know the rest in just a few days. You guys can wait that long, right?

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Updated with second image below also showing “pre-ordering starts soon.” Thanks for the tease Tmo!

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