HTC HD7 Sketch Images Leaked?

Although most of you might have been expecting some in the wild pics or even Mr. Blurrycam pics, these design sketches will suffice. The guys over at WMPoweruser seem to have scored some schematic images of the upcoming HTC HD7. While we can’t confirm whether these images are 100% legit, from the looks of it they seem pretty real. Based on the sketches, like its predecessor, the HD2, the HTC HD7 appears to sport a 4.3 inch screen, with dual-LED flash, and a MicroUSB data/power port and headphone jack along the bottom of the handset.  Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments!


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  • jay

    I am wondering why the one source “tmonews” is so slow on updating everything…
    every other ‘gadget’ website has published this hours if not a day ago..

    • David, Managing Editor

      Sigh…not another one of these comments…what is every other site? Seriously, if you don’t know how these things work than don’t talk as if you do. I’m not always around, someone isn’t always around, heaven forbid you’d read about it a few hours later!

      • JBC

        The fact that he continues to come here even though you guys are ridiculously late on everything (as his comment insinuates) is even more of an enigma.

      • cp

        LOL… you guys are funny. Jay isn’t lying, but it’s really not that serious. Life goes on…

        • David, Managing Editor

          What isn’t he lying about, some of you are over zealous in your remarks about stuff being posted late, more often than not stuff isn’t posted late and ANYTHING that is, is never major, earth shattering or groundbreaking. The things that truly matter, the leaks, pricing info, release dates etc, the reason you guys found this site in the first place, never go up late.

          I don’t know why comments like these exist.

      • I didnt see it posted anywhere else. and dont you think its corny to run the same story on all the websites. I mean how many times can you read the same thing. Tmonews does just fine at posting thier stories in a timely manor.

      • cp

        They exist to upset people like ‘David, Managing Editor’ upset. I don’t care one way or the other, I just like to “ruffle peoples feathers”, so to speak. No worries though, i’m sure every other blog site with these stories gets the same complaints, you’re not the only one. It’s part of the business. Have a nice day Mr. Managing Editor.

        P.S. I’ve been reading this site for a few months now, and I don’t usually comment, but I have noticed that everytime someone posts a comment like that, you respond. Do they really bother you that much? Just ignore them, dude.

      • JM77

        @ David
        Sites like this are magnets for the over zealous! People here are enthusiastic to share their opinions, both positive and negative.

        We want our up to the minute tmo news an hour ago, and daily tmo news yesterday.

        Sorry buddy but thats your key demographic. ;~)

        You gotta learn to ignore the ungrateful. They are a minority.

      • Midori

        What’s the big deal if Tmonews uses material from other site? Those OTHER sites have used material from Tmonews on numerous occasions (check the tmonews watermarks) David used this because its news that files under T-mobile!

      • DjECast

        I think it’s also great that you guys seem to be really cautious about posting something that might be true… you’re always specifying rumor versus truth and I personally really appreaciate that… A lot of other sites get a story and just run with it without even verifying their source.

        Keep doing your thing david!!! the sites great… the stories are great and this guys a jack a$$

      • Manny

        CP you’re a dick dude… So you’re saying you only come on here just to piss ppl off? If you dont have anything constructive to say about the article why even bother posting.
        P.S just stick to reading the comments and articles like you’ve been doing and dont post.

      • HeLLkAt31

        Tmonews is the only site I have bookmarked when it comes to Tmobile news. This site is careful on what they post, leaning more towards actual rather than rumor. All other sites post everything as true when its more rumor than anything else. Besides, Tmonews has ninjas looking for news on Tmobile so how can I go anywhere else?….

      • cp

        LOL @ Manny… You’ll be alright.

      • cp

        Manny, I didn’t say anything destructive or constructive and if I did please quote me.

      • Joshuakprice1

        I, for one, much prefer david’s reporting style to some of the other sites. I often see things presented as fact on other sites, that are actually rumors, or simply inaccurate. @david keep up the good work actually thinking about what you post! And shame on jay for disparaging a privately maintained tech blog in favor of badly written corporate sponsored sites. Show a little responsibility!

    • VirtualAss

      Yes, let’s also ignore the fact that some of those ‘other’ gadget sites are corporate-backed entities with gobs of money VS this nice little homegrown blog site (no offense on the ‘little’ part).

      Look, you want your god damn hamburger in less than a minute, you go to your cruddy fast food joint and load up on questionable meat, carbs and artery clogging grease.

      You want something of quality, you go back to mom and dad’s house and wait for them to fire up the grill, make the patties and give you something worth biting into.

  • kershon

    I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these. Long time bb user but I like the big screen and android just hasn’t done it for me yet. On another note is anybody getting unsafe website notifications when you come to this site? Mine tells me there are six threats and I know this is not right.

    • windows mobile is terrrrrible.. I tried it on the hd2 and the phone features are crappy.. and it lags even with a 1ghz processor. The market for one is the most terrible of them all.. apps are crappy and the web browsing is absolutely slow and intolerable

      • JaredSeth

        Windows Phone 7 and WinMo are two completely different animals. Admittedly, WP7 may wind up being every bit the clunker that WinMo seems these days but you really can’t compare the two.

      • Deke218

        Liar. You’ve never touch a HD2 in your life. I put my HD2 web browsing up against any phone out there.

      • deceptivesmile

        The stock WinMo is terrible but the cooked 6.5 is a lot faster b/c they took out a lot of the crap that M$ tends to put in there software that isn’t needed. Granted Win7 might be the same p.o.s. that WinMo is, but can’t count em out. It’s certainly better than BBOS

      • VirtualAss

        So which browser were you using on the HD2?

        You don’t have to try to anwer that, I agree that you’re lying. The HD2 is pretty fast. Even if I do get a hiccup, its never, ever been as slow as my G1. Ever.

        And… what does an old OS have to do with a new one that you haven’t tried yet anyway? The iMac g3 OS 9.1 is pretty damn slow by today’s standards, I guess that means all current and future imacs are pieces of crap. thanks for your total lack of logic.

      • Drew

        I want to get one of these and try out wp7 too! But I also want to dual boot with Android on it.. but I just recently heard that Windows will be locking down the system making that impossible. Does anyone know if that’s true or not? Should I just grab an HD2 while I can?

    • Luis

      That was happening like two weeks ago but they fixed it. I’m not getting it now. but I know that everybody was getting it not so long ago.

    • pimpstrong

      my cpu tries to DL something sometimes when I click this site.

    • JBC

      So… Android hasn’t done it for you yet, but the unreleased yet to be widely used Windows Phone 7 has? Interesting.

    • Air One

      yeah, i get the notification that this site is unsafe everytime i come to it. But, where else can i get the Tmonews since im a customer? If you go to Google and search windows phone 7, this always pulls up info on updates on the hd3-hd7 or just search hd3 and it will pull the same info as we see above.

      • David, Managing Editor

        Hey Air One, who is giving you notifications? Norton?? I’ve been trying to get them to remove it forever!

      • j

        I get it from norton all the time, says there are 6 virus on the site

        • David, Managing Editor

          Alright, I’m working on contacting them now, I’ll get this under control today…I’m so frustrated with Norton!

    • teesquared

      Yeah Norton’s is acting a fool over here too…..saying this is malicious. Ugh!

      • David, Managing Editor

        Alright, let me get in touch with Norton again!

      • Shannon

        I have Microsoft Security Essentials and it has never told me this Web site is unsafe and I come to this site multiple times a day.

  • Luis

    Looks like my next phone

  • rpinazo

    I read somewhere that it was going to have a 3.7″ screen, interesting to see the outcome. I will be sticking to Android but I want to see how windows mobile 7 pans out. The HD2 was tempting though.

    • Mohammad

      I thought it was supposed to be 4.5 inches.

      • tande04

        Well there is nothing concrete about the phone either way so far. All of the “leaked” specs were just fan dreams really.

      • Yyevo

        I thought the standard internet answer was 9 inches?

        Oh, you mean the phone!

  • NokiaN900User

    And this looks like the desire HD just like I said b4. Sprint has exclusivity with HTC on Evo and desire HD wont be coming to USA lol. This looks like a HD2 upgrade

  • Mike

    I to really want to try out this device. Wp7 is supposed to be awsome. I just want to see for myself. I had a hd2 and was dissatisfied with it. But this sounds really cool. I also heard 4.5 inch screen somewhere.

  • pimpstrong

    Yep, Tmobile pulled another HD2/EVO sibling rivalry in the form of HD7/Desire HD. But is this not just an HD2 with WP7?

    • Which Way is Up?

      that’s one of my biggest fears with the HD7… that and no Sense. if it is in fact and HD2 with a new shell, running Windows 7, I may in fact jump on a full fledge Android device. here’s hopping we get a larger screen, newer processor, not just a new OS… something worthy of the name…

  • Ryan

    Hey Jay up there in the first post, you need to keep your mouth shut and be happy there is even a site for unoffical tmobile news. If you going to complain about this site like that get the hell off this site then and move on LOSER

    • TMOprophet

      That fact is that while these guys try to get news up fast, once in a while, they won’t be the very first to post it, oh well, people have lifes other than staring at the computer waiting for new crap to pop up…As long as they posted the news..thats all that really matters.

      Jay can whine, but perhaps his expectations are too high, Jay did you ever stop to think that maybe just maybe people have to sleep at night too, jeez relax and appreciate the news when you get it, without this site the news would often come much later.

      I say great job tmonews and keep it coming…Now how about some rumors of a 4.3in Android…..? ;)

      • Mohammad

        I love tmonews and visit this site everyday many times but I do have to give credit to where its due. in my opinion engadget always seems to be the first one to put news first then tmonews and then bgr just sites tmonews. I have no pblm with news being a couple of hours late though.

      • TMOprophet

        Engadget and tmonews both have deeply placed sources and I would say both do a good job of reporting news, BGR seems to have more deeply placed Verizon sources.

        This site obviously has a very deeply placed source, And Engadget probably has more sources total, but perhaps not just for a specific carrier.

  • alex32

    i hope some of you guys dont complain about the no not a big fan of wm7, but this is still going to be one hell of a phone.

  • TMOprophet

    WHy is TMO giving all the 4.3in Love to Frinkin WInMO…Come on Lets have one for Android already….WTF

    Additionally This phone will almost be cool….

    • Scott

      Right!! They put the kiddie friendly movies and games on their Android devices, and save the good handsets for Windows. Why does T-Mobile think so poorly of Android?

      • VirtualAss

        “Why does T-Mobile think so poorly of Android?”
        Thats the dumbest, most rash comment I’ve read today. You win!

  • chrisrj28


    I don’t think that T-Mobile is the one deciding how what OS is put in the hardware, HTC & Microsoft are and Tmo is just picking the phone up.

    • TMOprophet

      Well at least my anger would then not have to be aimed at TMO…or wait why won’t TMO just try hard enough to pick up one of these said phones ;)

  • blablabla

    I’m not completely sold on WP7 yet. I think the whole UI with the tiles is not all that attractive and the way the apps is in a single list format is not going to be very user friendly once it gets ridiculously long. The multitouch seems extremely smooth though but that’s all I’ve liked so far…

    • tande04

      Eh, different strokes…

      I find the tile set up sooooo much more appealing than the general “apps” on a screen set up that the major competitors offer now. The “list” format isn’t really going to be used by the average user on a day to day basis. Most will find it much more intuitive I think to have them grouped in logical “tiles”.

  • Manny

    If this ends up having the same hardware as the HD2 i’ll be picking this up…if not G2 here i come.I need a smart phone ASAP

  • Wilma Flintstone

    I like the design of it but I won’t be getting it. Maybe that’ll change once I demo it in person.

  • Knas

    David keep doing what doing. I got a samsung vibrant and love it because of this site.

    • nclax15

      I did the same thing with my vib, but looking to upgrade again when a 4.3in ANDROID powerhouse comes available. keep us posted tmonews and PLEASE GIVE IT TO US! Obviously everyone wants it…

  • Barry

    Hello sexy

  • Luv

    My TMOUSA HD2 works like charm with the new Nexus One Android 2.2 build on board, a working WMP7 Shell (With The XBOX Games Folder And Game Fuel), plus a Second Today screen. If you don’t believe me, then go here get the ROM, see for yourself … Now bring on the HD3/HD7 with all those super specs, I’m waiting patiently, yeah…

  • patrick

    ever considered an android app widget with all the news streaming to it
    ? that would be awesome because ive got a few others and i wish i had this site!

  • jay

    Actually engadget and gizmodo are the best..
    you all are late on everything.
    Get the facts right, copy and paste the information correctly ‘NEXT TIME’.
    You know what I am talking about so don’t pretend you dont.

    • Troll Burgers

      You do realize that 80% of stories on engadget and giz are re-hash copy and pastes from other sites? If you actually paid attention, you’d realize they all have a link within the article.

      The best Giz can do is pay someone a couple of grand for a stolen iPhone prototype, then try to claim they’re journalists. Here’s a clue: No legit journalist in their right mind with an ounce of ethics would have pulled that stunt. All in all, all these sites, from Boy Genius to Phandroid, are a bunch of kids trading rumors, and you’re the bigger fool for thinking any one of them is better than the next.

      Though, I’m prett dumb for feeding the troll here. But I’m bored, so its whatever.

  • alex

    where is the front facing camera? come on htc

  • jay

    Yeah I am bored also. I do know that these sites are all run by some teenagers who think they have the best and biggest rumor.

  • Randy

    Tmobile fails again…looks exactly like the Evo if you ask me…

    • blablabla

      ITS MADE BY HTC YOU DUMMY WTF DO YOU EXPECT IT TO LOOK LIKE?!?! A FRIKKIN SPACE SHIP?!?! people like you are so ignorant.

  • Galen20K

    I’m betting to wager that’s neither the Final Specs nor design. Honestly all this speculation is really getting out of hand and convoluted. Its not really fun anymore, just annoying.

  • TMOprophet

    They have real pics on Engadget now, hardware looks nice, too bad its winmo

  • nclax15

    Ehh… I’m trying to like the whole cell biz thing after i got my vibrant but this is probably going to turn out like it did last time. A 4.3in Windows BEAST, and NO +4in android to speak of.

    If they’re playing some sort of waiting game like they did with the vib(even though it didn’t end up with flash or ffc) then TMO absolutely FAILS at life.

    Wonder how many customers they have lost in the past few months, Android wise, to BS VZW!!

  • Joshuakprice1

    I think I’ll be sticking with android, but I can’t wait to play with this! Like it or not, this phone is sexy. Just don’t tell my phone what I’m doing, I don’t think it would understand…

  • RICO

    I can’t beleive no front facing cam! Haven’t they seen what Android and Apple are doing? In order for WM7 to be a success they need to go all out with the latest and greates to include UMA and Swype. Microsoft, I hope you’re listening…All in or go home! Don’t be like Blackberry…

  • seth rios

    I find it both ironic and sad as hell that even if this place is slow, that im finding information here before i find it in streamline, im a friggen csr with tmobile for crying out loud, keep it up though, lotta good info and hype for us anyway