T-Mobile G2 Delayed Till October 16th?

Remember for now, this is just a rumor…but strong enough of a rumor to print!

We’re just going to be honest and admit that we are, at this point playing a round robin guessing game for the T-Mobile G2 release date. Current information pegs the release date for a mid-October, more specifically October 16th if this T-Mobile forum thread is to be believed. We have a suspicion it’s accurate, however we can’t pinpoint a particular reason for the delay. More importantly, the release date is at this point, anyone’s guess. Unfortunately pre-order information seems to be rather difficult to uncover and we’re really just in the dark as to when exactly this phone will grace the T-Mobile retail shelves.  So for now, we’ll chalk this one up to a rumor with a very large question mark.

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