T-Mobile Currently Testing OS 6 For The 9700?

While we’ve already seen a glimpse of OS 6, that big question most of you want answered is when BlackBerry Bold 9700 owners will get some OS 6 love. According to GimzoFusion’s tipster, T-Mobile is currently “actively testing” BlackBerry OS 6 for the Bold 9700. While RIM has already confirmed that the Bold 9700 will indeed get OS 6, there hasn’t been much word as to when exactly carriers will begin rolling out the OS update. They’re tipster also claims that Magenta is currently testing version Remember folks, until we’ve confirmed this with our own sources, we’re filling this one under the rumor category.


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  • Mohammad

    ok, I don’t own a blackberry or never plan to.

    • Yyevo

      No one cares.

      • Ella K.

        the truth

      • Andrew Steffy

        haha I lol’d so hard Yyevo!

    • Bigs12

      so why comment then

      • Yyevo

        So he can be first without saying first since David spanks you for firsting.

    • John

      Why would they push it out when they have a 9760 comming out which is the same as the 9700 just has OS 6?

  • EJ

    I hope we get it soon. I don’t like leaked/unofficial OS Releases and my Bold’s been acting funky with the latest update.

  • vinny

    I was a huge blackberry fan until I got absolutely hooked on my Nexus One. I never went back to blackberry. Still own the 9700 and looking at all the videos about OS 6 I think it will be very slow and laggy on the 9700 due to not enough memory. It is lagging on the new slider by blackberry so I will not ruin my blackberry for the sake of forcing the new OS on my phone which to be honest I don’t really care for. I will keep my T-Mobile 9700 for emergency use and keep the OS I have on it now. I am so happy I quit hoping for blackberry to snap out of their rut, looking at their latest products they never will. Thank God for my Nexus One and Android. Waiting to see what the new Android phones will bring, hoping the G2 is a killer device. Very curious what the new processor will do for the phone.

  • If we don’t get news about the G2 soon I am going to go to Boost Mobile!


  • chrisrj28

    I for one am happy that this is rolling out. I am not a BB fan at all but it’s nice to see something that so many folks have liked get updated to compete with the likes of iOS, Android, WP7, & the other various OS’s. I would hate to see RIM fall by the wayside as they have always developed strong products.

  • Deke218

    Why comment on something you don’t care about? I bet they are AndroidFanBoyos

    • sorandkairi

      why comment on something that you believe that someone else commented on that they didnt care about……

      ….makes your point sound a little redundant

  • cellswag

    Dream bb: bb bold 9700 formfactor with a taller touch screen 1ghz pros. 512 ram 4g memory. 5mpg cam. And and improvement on the bb os.

    • Keep dreaming high…

      or just switch to Android, easier ;)

      • cellswag

        Been a android user. G1 pre orderd, my touch 3g jack bcuz G1 was discontinued, my touch slide. I switched over the 9700 bcuz I sold the my touch slide and my touch. I just want a better blackberry. If not G2 maybe or nexus 2 if they make one.

      • 03mach1

        Or just go with an iPhone which out plays android

    • thaghost

      u sold an android for a blackberry?? pack ur stuff!! give me ur shoe laces and ur belt. we’re taking u to the psyco ward.

      • 2006mr

        Ive sold ALL my wack (iphone 4, mytouch slides, cliq’s, HD2,G1, Dash, etc)phones over my 9700. They just cant beat my “Halleberry!” And we all know how sexy, strong, best of the best, she is! Done did it and will continue to put my 9700 before any phone! I just saying…

      • cellswag

        Lol I traded my mts for a hd2 with 2.1 on it. Sold that for cash. I got the bold bcuz I traded thhe my touch jack. But this is going to pay for my G2. I flip phones like houses. Besides a bold 9700 gets the job done. Android would be better if they had real 3d games my be not bb. But bb holds the best charge

  • Blackberryguy

    The only reason I have blackberry 9700 is ’cause email service works great and high speed push over. I am considering Droid 2.2 Mytouch HD or tablet, what do you say? keep blackberry or move on?

    • Pete

      Move on…I still have my BB 9700 as my secondary device for email, usually in my car or briefcase. I now have the MT slide, but am holding out for the G2, and will get the Samsung Vibrant for the BOGO free offer that they have. I do more now on my phone than I ever did on my BB.

  • Bigs12

    I’m waiting for BB to release something nice and I will have both my BB and my vibrant… android doesn’t do it for me when it comes to txting and BBM… thats just me

    • thaghost

      Yea! its jus u.

      • Shawn

        Nope, I know many die hard BB fans who will never give it up. Also Android has nothing, not even google talk, nothing than can compare to BBM. Also email is top notch on BBM.

      • Shawn

        I meant, email is top notch on BB.

  • mtnman

    BB just isn’t a player in the market anymore. Not like they used to be at least, I seriously hope that the engineers are designing something now that will put BB back on the map. But I really don’t belive they are and just thinking that Apple and Android is a “Fad” and that everyone will come back to them. That’s the same thing that Palm is thinking as well.

  • 2006mr

    Ppl trip me the hell out, jeez! So why the hell you commented if you love android, iphone, driods, etc? Read and read only if what yo reading DOESNT apply to you. BC That’s ONLY YOU but there are so many other people who has and still are big fans to RIM. Let’s be honest, before andriod and iphones, driods, etc came out you were begging for a Blackberry!!! To add, hell I bet yall call in every month to yo cell company trying to get the latest andriod phone. Why? Prolly cause the previous one SUCKS!So dont ask like that now. I cant wait till OS6 comes to MY 9700. Ive worked for two of the major cellular companies (and no not sprint) and purchased many of the new cell phones and never once called in to troubleshoot my 9700 EVER. I receive calls day in/out when it comes to android, winmo phones NOT working!! Now since Ive said that (which is only my dayum opinion)….GO RIM!!! They might not be pulling in the sales and devices that each and everyone wants but guess what? That will never happen anyway. Just keep yo LOYAL fans happy!! LOL!

  • madman2

    Ya i as well sold my 3GS, nexus, mytouch, vibrant, and mytouch slide, to come back to the 9700. Such a solid device that works everytime. All android phones get sluggish after a few weeks, the iphone was great but the battery was horrible, and yea i know the vibrant is android but damn that phone was horrible. Please, please, please tmobile, please release os6 for my 9700!!!

  • Alex

    Nothing like android..i had a BB for 1 week..not my thing..android is the only way..i had the 9700

  • Matt

    Four things I miss most about my (water-damaged) 9700:
    1.) Build Quality. Man that thing felt solid.
    2.) Keyboard. Nobody…I mean NOBODY even comes close.
    3.) Battery Life. Two+ days out of charge, easily.
    4.) UMA. I miss it. I want it back.

    Everything else about the BB experience can get bent. The OS, especially, is garbage.

  • JMTS80

    If 6.0 makes the 9700 better it will make my girl very happy. She has had nothing but problems with her 9700 and is always on the verge of throwing it against a wall. I for one gave up on BB after my Curve 8320 died and joined the Android army!

  • What about the G2 release? All of a sudden, that went in to thin air!

    • Foxeh

      The calm before the storm? If only. :P

      But yeah, everyone seems to be hounding @tmobile on Twitter about the G2…

  • mayhem

    BB sux…. Android 4 life

  • La El

    we need some tmonews ninjas to find out about the G2 release. On the tmobile.com forums they are now saying Oct 16…. I sure hope that’s not true…


  • kershon

    Bring it on! My 9700 does everything I want it to do and if the update to os6 makes it better I can’t wait.

  • derrickps3

    it’s about time i can’t wait…..would like to keep the 9700 until early next year

  • HeLLkAt31

    My 9700 BB is the best phone I have had and I owned a bunch of phones before. The only thing BlackBerry needs is better web experience. If BlackBerry would do something innovating with web experience it would kill the market. Hey, maybe the BlackBerry people are really nice to not kill the market and thats why their holding back… Im just saying =|

  • bberryking

    nice. will be glad to have os 6 on my Bold. As everyone knows, blackBerry is still the best after all these years. Android phones are nice if u r a kid or wannabe hacker. but for anyone with an actual adult life, BlackBerry is still king.

    • jwicks82


  • bberryking

    G2: overhyped. just like the g1. android is awesome, dont get me wrong but until they figure out UMA support and improve the battery life as well as provide more security than “cloud” servers, I will stick with BES/BIS and my 9700, soon to be 9800

  • jwicks82

    Super excited about the new update. There is a video out there on youtube showing a bold 9700 using then os6. Its not laggy at all and the person testing the os on the 9700 said the response time seemed quicker than the torch. Getting the new lay out and webkit browser is going to be amazing. Can’t wait……also, why do people tend to read articles they have no interest in only to then proceed to leave a message stating how much the hate blackberrys and love there (insert any new “hot” phone here). Doesn’t make sense to me.

  • thereugo

    I currently have the 8900 BB, nice phone when it came out. Now that everyone I know is carrying around a ANDROID phone, I can’t wait to try out the G2. What about the Glacier? The BB was a nice phone like I said but compared to the OS of the Android system its dead last. Few of my friends well all of them had BB’s and now have the Android’s. The BB messenger was just about the coolest thing that was placed on a phone and I will miss only that. I wouldnt even give my daughter the BB curve that I have now, won’t put her thru that pain. It looks like 3 G2’s for the fam.

  • deceptivesmile

    RIM just needs to stop w/ the OS, make phones and use WinMo or Android

  • Gardo

    It’s about time we get this update, I’m been looking forward to it for too long. The new web browser looks promisingamong other things, I hope that this is true. Tmobile has been very active in updates to the BB, keep them coming Tmo.

  • saurabh

    when are we getting the update!!!!

  • Ungibbed

    I love my 9700. I’ve had various android phones ranging from the MT3G, Behold 2, and finally the Motorola Cliq. In the end, I went back to my Bold 9700 as it holds a better signal than any droid phone I’ve used. UMA is a major bonus for poor coverage indoors and it does exactly what I need it to do. Make phone calls, texts and email.

    Nice and gimmick free and it doesn’t feel like a toy. Sure I won’t deny the BB os is long in the tooth. No pretty whiz bang eye candy that eats away battery life like no other. What I can count on though is my 9700 lasting at least two days on a single charge and picking up a carrier signal where my old MyTouch would fail.

    I for one can’t wait to get my hands on BB6.

  • Ndngangsta94

    when is the official update of os 6 coming out?