myTouch HD Accessories Galore

Yesterday was a big day, with an inventory sheet pointing towards a few new, highly anticipated, devices.  I don’t know about you, but that alone got me excited.  We also promised you something more today, and well, SURPRISE!  I’m sure you saw this coming, or were at least questioning it from yesterday’s leak, but we now have an accessory sheet for the MyTouch HD.  As with other myTouch Phones, there will be tons of options and colors to choose from, so you can add your own touch to it (WOAH! I just figured out why it’s called MyTouch, yes, make fun of me).  Anyways, the accessories come in on November 1st, so we should be seeing that MyTouch HD soon after (cough, November 3rd, cough cough).  I’m ready for the MyTouch HD, are you? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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  • coolmandingo

    forget the g2 ,come out with the MTHD NOW!!

    • Air One

      Second that, but why could’nt it have a 4-4.3″ screen? that would have nailed it. Guess i have to deal with the 3.8″.

      • Air One

        Anyone up for the hd3-or so called hd7? it sounds to be a great phone.

      • coolmandingo

        @air one … i think i will check out the hd7 but i will take it back the next day. until Microsoft learns that no one wants or will pay for $20 apps then i will consider. the hd7 wont have the FREE google maps with turn by turn(thats what made me take back the hd besides the freezing.)

      • zazou

        I noticed that one of the accessories is a shell with a kick stand.. Why would a 3.8″ screen need a kick stand?

      • Bulge

        Kickstand may be for video conf. Like the back of a picture frame.

      • Bulge

        or so it doesn’t fall over on the curb

  • 16309A

    This will probably be my next phone. Bummed about the physical buttons. Wish it looked more like the Desire HD. Oh well, I’ll live!

  • thereugo

    Is it a HTC phone? Will it have stock Android or the Sense stuff, the Mytouch HD or the G2 for the wife?

    • MyTouch HD will most likely have Espresso Sense just like the rest of the line up. Im think the G series will always have stock android. Seems like T-mobile is the only carrier currently with a stock android device.

      • Jay

        Yea the Espresso sense is only for the mytouch line its made specifically to work on those devices so it will be on all of them from now on I just wonder how many of the “G” series the will be coming out with.

      • Scott

        Thanks to Cyanogen, every carrier has stock Android devices. It’s amazing.

        I donated $30 last month since they’re doing such a good job of keeping my G1 useful. Money well spent.

      • UX-Guy

        Ditto to Scott…. I’m waiting to see the actual specs, but think that the MTHD is going to be my next phone. I wish that it didn’t have Espresso and feel like that myTouch line has been tainted by that, but I will cross my fingers in hopes of Cyanogen making it’s way to the device if the hardware is close to what’s rumored.

    • J-Hop2o6

      yes its a HTC phone.. since its the mytouch line, it will be Espresso Sense.. your wife should choose it herself.. let her play with both of them them.. not just by what u think.. trust me.. u wouldn’t want her to get u a mytouch Side right? lol

      but anyways, now the big leak we need now is the official pictures (price should be $150-200, released in early Nov.).. hopefully it looks like the Desire HD or close (like that unnamed HTC Verizon Android phone with a kickstand that leaked a few weeks ago).. i don’t want the mytouch HD because of the Espresso Sense UI (should be Regular 2.2 Sense atleast).. so the G2 is my choice.

      • J-Hop2o6

        *mytouch SLIDE, not SIDE, lol.. but also, make sure your there with her so she wont make a bad decision.. i have to do this with my girl, lol.

      • Foxeh

        If the leaked myTouch HD details are still accurate, it looks almost nothing like the Desire HD, which largely throws off how I figured it would relate to the G2. I’m still expecting an MSM8255 Snapdragon though, simply because I can’t think of any other logical option at this point save for the G2’s processor, but I don’t know…

        Even though I’m certain “I’m a G2” at this point, all this myTouch HD teasing is still driving my curiosity.

  • jazzmanmonty


  • Galen20K

    <3 the MyTouch HD so Far, would love more details but I'll try to remain Patient…. TRY!

  • scott

    Now if only i could get a gel case for my MT slide i would be happy. I cant find them anywhere. GRRRRRR

    • Android Chick

      There’s a bunch of cheap ones on eBay!

  • jkspike3


  • RoscoeP

    But what about the specs, man, THE SPECS?!

    • Reece

      I was gonna yell this except it’d come out in a whiney high pitched Urkle voice :(

  • JoshL

    mytouch HD is fugly. hahaa! can’t wait for my G2!!

    • Dale Murphy

      agree. the mytouch hd is one ugly phone. maybe she is prettier in person. ;-)

      • drew

        If i bought the desire hd off ebay would it work for US tmo? That phone is SEXY!

    • cp



    could someone explain espresso sense and how is it different from the regular sense

    • Jay

      Espresso sense is just basically a tweaked version of htc sense so its more custimizeable nothing different but the look and the genius button.

    • idk my name?

      Yea me two I want to know the difference.

      • J-Hop2o6

        Espresso = for novice/first time Android users.. added more customizations and switched the look in places

        Sense = better in all areas.

        Stock = less waiting, and no “quirks” because of manufacturer UI coding.

    • Foxeh

      I’ve played with Espresso for a bit on a display myTouch Slide and I like regular Sense so much better it hurts.

      Not that I want Sense of any flavor, but if I did Espresso wouldn’t be my preference. Just my two cents.

  • Dale Murphy

    i see nothing about htc glacier coming in the future? is this still slated or is the mytouch hd taking it’s place?

  • aedv12

    Quit posting about nonsense MyTouch BS. TELL ME WHEN I’M GOING TO HAVE A G2 IN MY HANDS DAMMIT.

    • Foxeh

      aedv12: Here’s something to look at while you wait. ;)

      The Desire Z is the G2 in Europe. The hardware is nearly identical, but the Desire Z will have HTC Sense so the G2 won’t have any of those software features. (I can only cross my fingers on that boot time for stock the G2)

      • JM77

        Not to worry! I bet the XDA team will have that boot time on every phone they support within a week. I’ve already messaged with a few on forums and they are licking their lips! I know it will be quick because they all want it on their phones too.

        It is actually some trick flashing a save state to the memory, so it is not a true cold boot, but more like the phone is hibernating without using battery. A regular boot still takes like like 30 or 40 seconds. But that is only necessary if the phone freezes or something.

        Hopefully it will be easy to port to the G2 with the phones being nearly identical.

      • JM77

        Jeez! I was about to post a vid link. There was an official HTC video about the Desire Z. I watched on youtube last night but now its been removed. It wasn’t leaked, it was posted by HTC and only had like 400 views whereas the other Desire Z vids had 4,000-17,000 already, thats why it stood out to me.

        I guess they’ll have it back up soon. It was called Desire Z – A Closer Look. It was like 7 or 8 minutes long. The one for the HD is still up so I don’t know why the Z is down.

        They also blanked out some of the specs on the Engadget video.

      • Foxeh

        I know that vid you’re referring to, I saw it last night as well. I didn’t realize it got pulled, ack. It was mostly about its Sense features, though.

        As for the boot thing, that’s actually pretty slick, even though that’s totally cheating. :P Brilliant, though. Google should make that standard.

        I was actually hoping I wont have to root the G2 for quite some time since I just don’t enjoy the ROM scene as much as some people do. It eventually became a necessity for the G1 and there weren’t any other Android phones that interested me a few months back as I wasn’t liking the direction (or lack thereof) that Android was going. I like the G1 and I do like Cyanogen as it lets the G1 do so much more and faster, but it still isn’t “fast” and it just isn’t as reliable as it was on stock. Still, it had a much better run than I would have ever expected from a device I knew from the beginning that it’s effectively a prototype.

        I guess the point is I rely on my phone and I don’t want to turn the device into a hobby. That’s just me, though.

      • phonegeek

        got ya with the alley opp

        desire z goodness right there

      • JM77

        Thanks, thats a different one. But I like that street ball style!

      • Foxeh

        Looks like it respawned with different music.

  • Eric

    i hope they get htc desire hd… mytouch hd lacking a few options i want

    • Eric

      mytouch sucks anyways …. currently own a fender :(

      • sorandkairi

        what options that it doesnt have that the desire hd does that has been authenticated…. beside the supposed screen size hell from the look of it, the desire hd doesnt have a ffc and the mytouchhd does…..

        i’m not picking, i’m really curious…..

  • fatboy97

    Vibrant, G2, myTouch HD… I’m really looking forward to seeing these three devices next to each other… and November is my upgrade month. :D

    • Vibrant Addict

      Agreed. Pending how this myTouch HD does in benchmarks I may be dropping my Vibrant. I love my Vibrant, but that FFC and possible HSPA+ may be feasible as a ‘show off’ feature that I want. Very exciting year for Magenta.

  • TMOprophet

    I say TMO UK and USA swap devices, we should get the Desire HD, and they can have the mytouch HD :)

    I would be happy with that.

    • Eric

      me too!!!!

      • TMOprophet

        ALRIGHT..I have an idea; @David, Kick, Andrew, you guys should put up a poll asking if given the choice between the two, would you buy the Desire HD or Mytouch? HD….

        I think the results would speak for themselves….I really think that would send T-Mobile a good clear message…I think they have lost touch with what customers crave. I can do a poll in some other places too, see what we come up with for results.

      • Marc

        Add me to that list.

  • TMOprophet

    I guess I could always just get the Desire HD anyway and use it for Edge..I don’t get 3G around here

    • Eric

      Desire HD would work on t-mobile usa networks? I have good 3G service and we are supposed to get hspa soon too.

      • TMOprophet

        It will work on Edge networks :), but it lacks the proper 3G/HSPA bands…so 3G won’t work :(

      • sorandkairi

        but i believe if i’m not mistaken, i would work on att’s 3g network… (could be wrong tho)

      • TMOprophet

        I dont think it will work on AT&T either, they use 1900/2100Mhz while UK uses the 900/2100mhz.

        And TMo uses the more scarce 1700/2100mhz 3G bands

      • J-Hop2o6

        AT&T 3G = 850 & 1900 [Band V(5) & II(2)]
        AT&T 2G = 1900
        T-Mobile 3G = 1700/2100 [aka AWS – Band IV(4)]
        T-Mobile 2G = 1900
        Euro 3G = 2100 & 900 [Band I(1) & Band VIII(8)] — soon to be 2600 (Band VII(7))

  • coolmandingo

    the mthd will probably suck too but i just want the ffc(front facing camera) that ive been ranting about. the evo wouldve been perfect but we know where that conversation will lead.

    • Eric

      ya i could already see it.. i upgrade to another crappy mytouch line of phones and sit on the same os from the day you get it in the box oh and not to mention they keep telling you “no phones left behind”

  • sorandkairi
  • vinny

    Another great device coming to T-MO. Great job. I would also like to see T-MO grab the new Windows 7 device coming out. Verizon isn’t getting it till after 2011 so that leaves AT&T for the only carrier. They will have the I-Phone, Windows 7 and a very good selection of Android devices and the new Blackberry to pick from. I hate to see AT&T get stronger and see T-Mobile holding up the end of the pack. T-Mobile should jump on the Windows 7 platform, IMO this will be a big seller.

    • sorandkairi

      true but i will probably not get it IF it has a VGA front facing camera…. i hope and pray that the intel on that was wrong… i mean who the he!! could even use that!?

      • Eric

        what is the difference between a VGA FFC and a normal FFC? when it was posted that it had a VGA camera on it, a lot people posted with displeasure for it being VGA

      • Hmmmm?

        I may be wrong here, but the Evo’s FFC is also VGA with video, not the same as it’s rear camera. VGA equaling 640X480, so this seems to be pretty standard, people seem to be grabbing up Evo’s everywhere because of it’s camera so not sure what all the downing is about. From what I’ve read the iPhone 4 front camera is the same, I think they just don’t like to use the verbiage “VGA”.

      • phonegeek

        i think the epic is vga an its not bad at all i went to sprint to see the phone an tested that out first lol so the vga shouldnt be bad on this one if vga specs are the same

      • sorandkairi

        Vga is an old standard in terms of cameras, in other words vga in cameraphones were normally not represented in megapixels so, to my knowledge a vga camera in a phone usually refers to the old standard of 0.3 megapixels.

        I just did a little research and yes those phone have VGA cameras…… i guess they have changed the standard for VGA cameras..idk…. but normally VGA pictures are horrible so…… when did they change the that from 0.3 to 1.3….? Maybe its the framerate… i really dont know.

      • sorandkairi

        and oh sorry for the 2x post but i still would think that they would be able to upgrade the ffc to a higher resolution camera… just my thoughts….

        david…? any insight?

  • TrishD

    I WANT IT NOW!!!!!!! Can’t hold on much longer. But this is it, not spending so much money on phones ever again!=Vibrant+MTHD= A WHOLE HELL OF A LOT OF MONEY. Doesn’t make the hubby happy either.

  • Hmmmm?

    I remember when the first myTouch came out, I almost got one. I think the reason I didn’t was that it didn’t have the 3.5mm headphone jack or something, I don’t remember exactly. I also didn’t like the way that it felt, the plastic felt very cheap. I’ve seen some reviews for the MT3G Slide, and considering it had middle of the road specs, it looked pretty snappy and the build quality looked better. I can’t speak from experience but from what I saw I don’t think I mind to much about the Espresso Sense, won’t know until I see it compared to the stock G2 in person. But if it has a new 1ghz processor in it and 2.2, this will probably be the phone I get. I think I’m done complaining about the screen size, so I’m not going to say anything else negative about it until I actually see it.

  • tortionist

    if the HTC Desire HD feels as plasticy and cheap as the original Desire, then it won’t be worth crap.

    • Foxeh

      The “Desire HD” has a unibody aluminum casing. The myTouch HD on the other hand…

  • Nads
    • Hmmmm?

      I don’t think that is true, I just read this article and it is just stabbing in the dark. The whole thing was question after question: (do you think this will make its way to Verizon Wireless as the rumored world-capable handset, or something else entirely?)

      • Nads

        It may be their world phone but notice that it shows a front facing camera and kick stand as well. It may just be the Desire HD tweaked for Verizon.

        T-Mobile MUST get this phone so I can throw my money at them!

      • phonegeek

        hope that comes out for tmo that device is still in the dark no one knows anything about it at all

    • AM123

      That Verizon Evo is ridiculous! Never seen a better looking phone ever (maybe the Nexus One but the trackball kills it). T-mo better do something about an Android 4+ inch screen piece fast. Otherwise, the G2 is looking awesome.

      • phonegeek

        sprint evo but i get ya

    • Barry

      I’m almost certain the desire hd doesn’t have a kickstand or a ffc so either that’s a totally different phone they real are getting or that’s not theirs at all.

  • mtnman

    I can’t wait to get the MTHD. I for one was disapointed that my Vibrant didn’t include a FFC, but at the time I thought I’d never use it since no one in my family or friends have a phone with a FFC. But then again I’m thinking that now It would be good since I’ll have to sign a 2 year contract and I keep my phones for the full 2 years. I do upgrade every year thought haveing two phones and one can be upgraded each year. But getting a phone that has a FFC and the new HSPA+ network would make sense because in two years is a long time. And By then everyone in my family will be upgraded to a new phone, as they also love having the lattest tech.

  • andrew

    i will make this phone mine.

  • AM123

    MYTOUCH HD = Espresso! TERRIBLE!! And IMO, mytouch is for kids but to each his own.

  • thaghost

    Ummm. Im jus being impatient. why wont tmo tell us when these phones r coming out. Or when n if they r gonna have a pre order list for current customers. smh.

  • what’s up w this site

    why has this site been freezing up my samsung vibrant for the past 2 days?!?

    • jonathan

      Same thing here! My page gets like 9/10 loaded and the browser freezes. I’ve got the leaked update so I go Home to try and open the Task Manager and it will hang on a black screen before loading up.

    • Frigadroid

      Ditto, its like a g1 on edge flashback. Or an Iphone held to tightly.

  • alex32

    Eh, dont care about the plasticy mytouch hd with FAILESSO…I mean Expresso.
    Its all about the G2, I cant wait. I am hoping the G2 will get a bunch of protectors, and gel skins like the mytouch HD.
    Let the pre orders of the G2 begin mid next week (; (my prediction of when g2 pre orders on tmobile will begin)

  • AB

    So, should I upgrade myself to a G2 and my husband (who doesn’t really care about tech, just wants to get his hands on his first smartphone) to a MyTouch Slide, or is there a compelling reason to wait for him to be able to get the MyTouch HD. what features are on there that would be good for someeone who’s semi-“tech apathetic”?

  • alex

    Maybe we get lucky and get the expresso sense with the new htc sense or just the new one

  • derrickps3

    can’t wait for this to release, this is waaaaaaaaay sexier than that g2

  • JM77

    Has anyone watched the HTC HD7 video? The version of sense’s weather widget seems way over the top… but its still gorgeous! I turn off most transitions to save battery unless Im showing it off anyway. Im all about vanilla but after watching the Desire Z features like map caching and instant-on, I’m reconsidering my stance. The new HTC Sense is looking really amazing.

    Maybe they redesigned espresso too. I certainly hope so, there is a lot to live up to! Touch wiz and blur are suddenly looking outdated. Don’t you love competition? Game on Moto and Sammy!

  • Eric

    Sweet they are bringing the galaxy tab to t-mobile!!!!



    • JM77

      And perhaps the biggest news, it will come in a wifi only version (at some point). Now the ipad has competition! A lot of people don’t want to pay monthly for data access.

  • Vision77

    T-Mobile always gets it almost right….A 4.3″ screen would have put them over the top. The initial response for the HD2 was overwhelming due to the 4.3″ screen…..I may get the MTHD or sit the bench with my Nexus until something better comes out….SMMFH

  • NiiDiddy

    I’m ready, but I also want to see and compare the HD3/HD7 to it. :)

  • NokiaN900User

    Hi folks,
    What you see in the picture(of mytouch HD) is what you get. For those wishing for desire HD, well it wont happen. Oh let me restate that, it will happen but would come with winMo 7 on it lol

    • drew

      Sounds good! Hopefully it can be rooted and duel booted so I can have vanilla android on it too!

  • jazzmanmonty

    so this should help confirm that the desire hd isn’t going to be the mytouch hd. it also kinda confirms that tmous isn’t gonna get the desire hd any time soon. :(

    i now wish i never saw the device.

    • Marc

      I’ve been holding off for over 3 years to get a new phone, I’ve really been tempted by the evo. I’m waiting to know what the emerald project is or glacier phone. It’s glacier or bust.

    • Barry

      Lol I feel you bro but hey…at least the other three aren’t getting it lol. Yea I’m a glass half full Guy lol

      • Barry

        @jazzmanmonty my comment was in response to your post.

  • Barry

    While doing some envious YouTube browsing of the Desire HD I came across a puzzling video and I know its not likely and I know there’s like a 0.0000000001 chance the DHD=MTHD but I thought I’d put it out
    there anyway. Both of these videos clearly show the dhd being demoed. (Not sure which link is which) Am I trippin or does one of them have an espresso dockbar? Again I know its likely nothing just thought I’d put it out there.

  • Gamer

    I’ve see and played with the new myTouch. This will be a full touch phone with a 3.8″ screen and forward facing camera that works over HSPA+.

  • alex

    Guys we already saw gthe t-mobile grab, and go so we all already know the desirfe hd is not the mytouch hd, finally a mytouch high-end device(yes I know thefe has only been two out) I for one love it, and am definetley getting it in white

  • Anonymous

    first, this is sad,
    second, idk why i ever saw those posts,
    third, am i the only post here?