Did T-Mobile Confirm The Existence Of An Android Tablet?

This report doesn’t come from one of our usual suspects in the tech blog word but the good folks over at Appolicious had a conversation with a T-Mobile rep. The most worthy note here, if this report is to be believed is that T-Mobile have an Android tablet available before the Christmas holiday. What’s more interesting is that this report coincides with our inventory sheet leak yesterday showing off the LG Optimus T which some of our readers believe is an Android tablet. Could this be pure coincidence or is there more to the story? We can’t say as we just don’t have enough information about the LG Optimus to call it a device or a tablet right now, but the timing sure is worth noting.

Among other notes is here is the acknowledgement of another myTouch phone, without spec confirmation of course but we pretty much knew this phone existed already.

T-Mobile will begin a new “family friendly” approach to the Android market highlighting apps with a family angle. T-Mobile will also maintain its current modus operandi of pre-loaded entertainment and apps on devices such as the HD2 and Samsung Vibrant both of which came with movies, games and pre-loaded content.

As suspected the T-Mobile G2 will also receive the lion’s share of the attention this fall to promote the HSPA+ network which it will be running on. There was little question that T-Mobile would likely promote this device heavily, so while this isn’t exactly surprising news, its welcome news at that.

That’s about all we were able to gleam from this report, but the “confirmation” of the Android tablet certainly has us in a tizzy and we want to know more. Like right now.

As always, take your grain of salt with these details!


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  • LSxChevelle

    I think this could be true, I heard someone mention a tablet.

  • KasabianCollings

    Was this the extra new post you mentioned last night that would be posted this morning?

    • David, Managing Editor

      Nope :-)

      • Vibrant Addict

        “Among other notes is here is the acknowledgement of another myTouch phone, without spec confirmation of course but we pretty much knew this phone existed already.”

        Woo!! myTouch HD!! Confirmed!


        If that’s not what we’re waiting a post for, then I’m going to be shocked with whatever you tell us today.

      • Joel


        Stop teasing us if i keep looking every 5 minutes i think i am going to get fired. cough it up already!

      • cboler2

        I hope your post is you know when the G2 preorders start (soon hopefully) for T-mobile or that T-mo is getting that Desire HD that was debut yesterday by HTC…

  • This could be possible considering all the other carriers are getting the Samsung Galaxy Tab. LG’s Optimus Tablet exist. We just dont know where it will go. This could be interesting. But the Galaxy Tab has an optional bluetooth stylus. This is good for me (artist).

  • Dubya504

    How can T-mobile confirm the existence of an android tablet when they can’t even UPDATE THEIR DAMN PHONES! My MT3G has been waiting and waiting for 2.2 and I’m still waiting!

    • pimpstrong

      Amen. A Tech told me today they the Slide and the Vibrant will be getting 2.2 but he doesn’t know anything about the OLD @$$ MYTOUCH 3G gettin anything!! SMH

      • Jay

        t-mobile guaranteed that the original myTouch will be getting froyo on many different occasions but they were supposedly still testing it on the myTouch a few weeks ago according to the forums so maybe by………………..CHRISTMAS!! lol

  • manus

    tmobile needs to stop focusing on the families because no one else does and where are they? Just because you have a family doesn’t mean you are boring and appeal to tmobile. why cant tmobile have badass advertising and change themselves because this isnt working.

    • pimpstrong

      You kidding me? Gearing toward Families is what got T-Mobile to 1st…2nd…3rd…wait a minute maybe its NOT working.

    • NiiDiddy

      smh…how long have they been focusing on families? not that long…i cannot personally judge that right now. i think it’ll work…anything will work if it’s done right and marketed the right way, imho.

  • Deke218

    You can’t update your phones so you can’t announce an Android tablet? Yeah, makes sense.

  • FlyingRequin

    Could it be the Samsung Tab? All the other carriers seem to be getting it. It would have been cool for Tmo to carry it too given how cool the Vibrant is.

    Btw still waiting for the GPS fix on the Vibrant – I did see a few apks on XDA from a leaked ROM that seem to improve the GPS, but nothing from Samsung for a while on that front.

  • pimpstrong

    Poll: Who even wants a Carrier Tablet or wouldnt you rather use the Internet(s)that you ALREADY PAY FOR AT HOME!?

    • NiiDiddy

      i KNOW i won’t be paying for a carrier tablet. i wouldn’t mind buying a tablet from a retail store not tied to a carrier and use it at home with my wifi. Anything other than that and i’m just not sold—i dont care how high tech it is. always finding a way to take out $$ away from us LOL.

    • I won’t be getting a Carrier Tablet. Why pay so much for an Android tablet when I can get a iPad without being tied to a carrier?!?

    • Foxeh

      I concur. The last thing I want with a tablet right now is a contract.

      (or simply a reoccurring bill, before anyone harps on me for EMP plans)

  • NiiDiddy

    I am thinking definitely Galaxy Tab! The rest are getting them just like they all did the Galaxy S series. I can easily see that happening! :). However, I’m just one of those who don’t want everything tied to my t-Mobile account; hence, I’d rather have an Android Tablet that isn’t tied to T-Mobile or any other network. call it unlocked (since it’ll be nice to have it ran 3G or 4G), or just simply one to run only on wifi and sold in retail stores. Bring them on manufacturers, so I can take my pick in the stores!!!!! :)

    • sorandkairi

      its a shame if we are basically the only one not to get one….

  • bmg314

    @manus: I hear ya! We all know that there is a price for Tmo’s affordability, ie not as many “superphones” (I didnt say NONE)…and I think most of us had made peace with that fact. But now Tmo is trying to make itself into the “family carrier”…I guess I just wish that they had chosen a different niche than that. Oh well, I guess we just have to accept that we are in store for plenty of teeny and “family” phones.

  • Galen20K

    Hotchie Motchie, this is getting to be an EXCITING Fall/Winter for our Great Magenta!!! Wowza – D

  • Good. I’ve been wanting to say take that galaxy tab and shove it.

  • Jay

    A bit off topic, but have you guys heard anything new about the original MyTouch finally getting 2.2? It’s been months since T-Mobile officially announced it and so far I’m still running 1.6. Thanks!

    • Jay

      Read my Reply above to @pimpstrong

    • J-Hop2o6

      don’t count on it Jay.. and i heard it was gonna be 2.1, not 2.2.. so yea, u better start learning how to root and install custom roms for Android.

      • Jay

        yea I took the initiative a few months ago to root lol because when i saw on phonedog that all Froyo updates were to be completed by christmas “It’s rooting time” lol right now I’m running Cyanogenmod 6.0 (Froyo) and its really fast.

  • tehandroid

    I know we are getting the mytouch HD, I’ve used it and its really nice. Might replace my Vibrant with it. As for the tablet I hope its the galaxy s tablet.

  • mtnman

    From what I’ve heard all the other carriers are getting the Galaxy Tab but not news on Tmo. So LG’s Tablet might come to Tmo, but then again it will be more of a phone that a tablet I think. Just knowing Tmo.

  • This would make more sense of the rumor that everyone except for T-Mobile is getting the Galaxy S Tab. T Mobile wouldn’t be likely to invest in the Galaxy tab if they’ve already got plans w/ LG for an Android tablet =)

  • mtnman
  • Trill

    Commenting on 2.2 updates is pointless for a 1st Gen device. If they did update it fro the original mytouch the user experience wouldn’t be of that of an HTC Evo or Galaxy S phone but of an iPhone 3G running 4.0.

    Its ridiculous to assume it would be out officially while 1st Gen devices would be lucky to see 2.1 and while cyanogen works magic in the Dec community its completely different when the user is having issues and doesn’t know why and they figure android sucks while others are responsible for flashing roms all day.

  • what’s up w this site

    the lg optimus is indeed a phone. if you look at the accessories sheet you posted.. the dell ‘claire’ which is a tablet has the anti-smear screen protector in a pack of ONE. phones come in a pack of TWO (samsung vibrant anti smear, hd2 anti smear, lg sentio, etc.). the lg optimus is also a 2pack versus 1. it’s a phone

  • zazou

    I thought that LG said that they were having difficulty in meeting the demand of IPAD screens. How could they make their own if they are making all of them for the IPAD? Maybe it is a different size??

  • androidlover

    Well, T-mobile is getting the Samsung Galazy Tab so that is at least one tablet

  • yoshi

    tmobile just confirmed an android tablet on there facebook http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=39214&id=1838138782&saved#!/TMobile

  • De Andre Robbins

    Well T-Mobile just announced the Samsung Galaxy Tab via Twitter & Facebook so theres the Android 2.2 Tablet yall were looking for.

  • J.C.

    From what I read on another site the claire is supposedly a 5 in dell streak and the lg optimus prime t is the lg optimus prime z….but I’m just a guy who read something somewhere

  • c0nvel


    I logged into facebook to see this, hope it helps people wanting to know more about it.



  • Fraze1

    The Galaxy Tab is officially on it’s way to four major US carriers, including our beloved magenta.


  • I’m Sticking with Sammy. If the previews are what we will get. I’ll Pass on LG. If Google is Listening…. Please work on the ecosystem and get a little control. Don’t let the carriers screw this up. If anything, make the Sammy Version the standard for future tabs minimum requirements.

    Stay Thirsty my Friends!