Mysterious Nokia Phone Gets AWS Blessing


Well, folks, the FCC ┬áhas just passed another mysterious Nokia phone (FCC ID: QTKRM-658) with T-Mobile AWS 3G bands (1700/2100). What could this mysterious Nokia phone possibly be? Let us go back to late February. If you may recall, we heard whispers from our sources that the Nokia E73 was headed the way of Magenta this June. Could this possibly be the E73? That’s what we’re thinking, unless, our beloved Magenta has something else up its sleeve that’s 10x better and will put all current handsets in T-Mobile’s lineup to shame (We can dream, right?).

Leave your hopes and dreams in the comments!

Thanks, Lyfe!

PhoneArena Via FCC

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  • Danny

    Yep. Just the e73. I getting my invite sent to my email supposedly next week for the launch event on this phone.

    Honestly I’m not too excited over another boring qwerty device but hey I guess there are Symbian fans out there who might appreciate it. I think?

    • justsomeguy

      It is a snorefest for the most part. It does have uma so that is positive. it is also their first video calling phone.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        are you out of your mind? Nokia’s first video calling phone? really? you need to go back and check the N95. Nokia had secondary camera’s waaayyy back then. That probably isn’t nokia’s first secondary camera device either but video calling is a feature that Nokia has had for at least 6 years.

      • justsomeguy

        Uh no. not nokia’s first. T-Mobile’s first.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        That would be true as far as Tmo. If they would’ve gotten the X10 though, that would’ve been the first Tmo US video calling phone but seeing as how that vanished into thin air, you may be correct on this snorefest.

  • umaluver


    • frank

      the n900 already passed fcc why would it pass fcc again?

      • umaluver

        good point. maybe they have a new special version for tmobile.

      • J-Hop2o6

        lol nope.. i heard they have the next version of the N900 in production right now (or prepping production for the summer).

  • JBLmobileG1

    The N900 would be the only phone now a days from Nokia that I might possibly be interested in. Then again…. if it doesnt have Android I would probably pass it up. I wonder if Nokia would ever look into making an Android phone. Now that would be a dream come true because when I had Nokia phone years ago they always seemed to be of good quality. I guess anything is possible right? Although its probably like asking for Android on a Blackberry and we know that will never happen. Or will it!? Nah… now I AM dreaming.

    • 2FR35H

      Don’t ever count on Nokia ever Jumping ship to Android.

  • Nic

    N8 maybe? I doubt it but I can always dream.

  • HD2Anroid2.1cookedrom

    Yawn. Oh..Did somebody say something?

  • Timothy

    will only get this if the data plan is $10 like the Nuron.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Hopefully it’s a new N-series device but I know it’s not. TMobile doesn’t get phones that good. Even if it was, Tmo wouldn’t sell it like they didn’t sell the N900. It’s the E73. :(

  • iron_c

    I got (2) unlocked E63s for my wife and I. Since they can’t do 3G, we only have to pay for the $10 data plan. Good for checking email, IM, checking RSS feeds with Snaptu. Heavier lifting, I wait til I get near a WiFi spot, but haven’t really had the need. Not a lot of apps for Symbian compared to all the rest. But better than our old 8700g’s. I would not be interested in another Nokia. Thinking Android next.

  • Deke218

    [Off-Topic-Rant] Anybody else besides me sick and tired of people wishing every damned phone in the world had Android? Stop wishing this and that had Android and buy a damn Android phone! Its fricken sickening. Android is a good OS but damn, you people sound like you drank the Kool-Aid. [Back-To-Topic – End Rant]

    • NokiaMan

      I’m with you Deke…fanboys will never change though, just let them drink their koolaid and be thankful manufactures are smart enough to know that options are a good thing.

    • iron_c

      I’m not an Android fanboy. I’m a fan of usable technology. Our old 8700g’s were old and obsolete when it came to using mobile apps. We didn’t feel like paying for the high cost data plans and getting locked into another contract. I also didn’t want to pay $500 each for an unlocked Android phone. I like Nokias and had one before and these E63s were only $179 each. New phones. check. Able to use cheapest data plan. check. No new contract. check.

      I’m more frustrated that companies don’t offer Symbian versions of their mobile apps. I use Evernote, I use Dropbox, I use Rhapsody. None of them provide a Symbian based mobile app right now.

      In other words, I like having options.

      • xinjii

        though it is oddly missing from the evernote homepage, there is a symbian version of evernote. google the two words together and you should find it

    • justsomeguy

      You would be happier if you had android in your life.

  • Deke218

    Um, I had Android in my life – got the G1 on launch day. Like I said, Android is a good OS but the thing that makes Android is the market. Without the market its a total fail.

    • J

      Well, the market is sort of the biggest point of Android. It is an OS created to be improved on by its users. Saying that the Android OS would be a failure without the market is like saying the Blackberry OS would be a failure without its enterprise activation….or Windows would be a failure without its synchronization and office tools. Of course it would be because it is the key feature in those systems.

      As it stands now, the operating systems that really matter to the general public (at least in the US) is pretty much Apple’s, Android, and Windows. Since this is a TMO forum, that leaves us with 2. There is already a powerful windows device out there to silence those voices, so until an equivalent Android device comes out you might as well get used to it.