Short Video Preview Of The MyTouch Slide

While there won’t be anything earth shattering learned here in this video, it’s always nice to see something in action after you’ve seen a lot of pictures.   Thanks to Andrew Sherrard, Vice President of Product Development at T-Mobile,  who shows off the MyTouch Slide in action.  We have recognized that a lot of you are disappointed at the lack of a snapdragon processor on board.  However, if the video is any indication, the phone itself certainly seems speedy enough to handle the Espresso UI.  For the moment, this is THE T-Mobile of the moment so it’s at least worth considering if Android is your cup of tea.

YouTube via InfosyncWorld


  • Max

    It’s all right I guess, but I still prefer and would wait for the samsung Galaxy

    • wasup

      what you said :D

      • jmts80

        I hope the rumors are true and T-mo gets the Galaxy S but I fear that Samsung will have the same lack of support for it that they did with the original Galaxy and the Moment!

      • J-Hop2o6

        The Galaxy S is a joke since it has TouchWiz3.0 on top of Android.. think Behold2.. so why would u guys want that crap? unless u can flash to Vanilla Android or SenseUI.

      • JaylanPHNX

        @J-Hop2o6: I seem to remember video from MWC that you could turn ToucWiz3.0 off like you can many elements of Sense, and it that is the case, then the Galaxy S is a very viable phone for T-Mobile. I think my wife will be getting this one and I’ll sell my Cliq XT when the Galaxy S hits.

    • Jenson Wellngford

      I can tell you that the MyTouch Slide is going to be a great phone. I actually have a nexus and am going to be downgrading to the slide, but I can’t wait.

      The biggest things that I like about it are:

      -built in theme changing (black status bars, yes!)
      -modified Sense UI
      -theme changing based off of geolocation or time of day
      -faves screen
      -sidekick style keyboard
      -optical trackpad

      there are about 10 other things I could list but I don’t know if some of them are advertised yet…

      I’m really looking forward to it. Yes, it’s not a powerhouse 1ghz phone and no, it doesn’t have an 8mp camera… (besides the optics make a bigger difference than pixel size imo, look at incredible vs. nexus one photos) but it’s going to be a great addition to T-Mobile’s lineup.

    • Tom

      Yeah, the Behold2 was a real winner. /sarcasm

      If it has touchwiz on it. It sucks. Plain and simple. Samsung should go back to making the original behold. It sold well and fit that niche of customers that wanted a touch screen phone but didn’t want a “smartphone”.

  • I really wish T-Mobile would get an Android superphone. I totally understand getting phones like the Slide that appeal to mass market audiences, but the HD2 sold out how many times? Don’t you think they’d take that as a clue that people want high-powered, high-speced devices?

    • Junkington

      The HD2 has been a revenue bonanza for T-Mobile. Why you ask? Exactly the reason @ryaninc says. It’s high power and high spec. it’s not even that great of a phone otherwise! But anyone carrying it knows that people will see them with it and instantly be jealous which is more important than if it’s really good:-)


        I agree mostly agree with you. However I think it’s funny how you say its high power and high spec but not that great of a phone otherwise. Specs and power MAKE good phones.

    • jmts80

      You are completely right sir. I also do not understand how T-mo executives fail to see this!

      • Shayne Carlos

        HD2, and Nexus one! but honestly i have saw 4 people with the HD2 because they come into the gas station i work at and ask them do they like the phone? they all said yes and i asked 3 of the people why they get the phone? they said because its the first phone with that big of screen. so we get a lil deeper into the conversation and talk about processor and ram then they start looking confused like what the hell im talking about..1 guy of the 4 people actually knew what i was talking about and we talked for about 30min about this phone, i was showing him my customizations and he was showing me his. so i guess my point is specs arent so much of a big deal but more so a cool factor! im sure thats why tmobile doesnt advertise the specs of the phone

        -Sent via my HTC HD2

      • Ryan

        I agree with Shayne. People don’t really understand the tech stuff so if Tmobile advertises the slide as “The cutting edge top of the line android phone you’ve been waiting for!” people will believe it.

        In addition, Tmobile has the HD2 as their high end phone. Most of us wish it were android but from Tmobile’s perspective, they released their superphone for the year and it’s the HD2… If people want a high end winmo phone, there’s only one carrier – Tmobile.

        I’m not saying I agree with the choice but I definitely think Tmobile won’t come out with another 1ghz phone until the holidays…

  • bubbles hotness

    It looks cool but the specs are not up to par. I think I am done with Tmobile_usa,it seems they dont get it. I going to get HTC EVO on Sprint.

    • I might be with you… I’ve been waiting for Tmob to get it’s act together too. What makes it all the worse is the fact that we’re stuck waiting for Tmob to release AWS compatible phones to fully take advantage of the service I’m paying for. I’ll wait and see what comes this fall. I hope Google has something good for us in the Motorola Shadow or something similar since Tmob can’t seem to get it’s act together.

  • Robert

    Haha, on a sidenote – if you check out the specs of the Slide listed on the site, you’ll notice it’s essentially a brick:

    Dimensions 2.3 x 4.5 x 5.9 inches

    DANG! Who wants to lug that sized thing around???

    I know it’s a typo though, hopefully they get it fixed! Vid looks like the phone runs pretty smoothly.

  • b

    To anyone who knows this answer: I currently have a G1 which will eventually get updated to 2.x and I found myself very reliant on a physical keyboard. I appreciate that this phone has a keyboard (and the attempt at a better UI; still not Sense), but I could see being very annoyed at the 4 row (versus 5 row) layout. Is there ever going to be a decent 5 row qwerty android slider phone for Tmo (or anyone else)? Should I just give up the ghost and deal with not having a keyboard on a newer phone?

    • b

      I should clarify, I use a number row a lot, so 4 rows is possible (LG Ally, etc.)

    • Matt_TX

      You are mistaken, the G1 will not get an update to 2.1, not enough internal memory.

      • Randy

        matt, sorry to burst ur bubble, but there is an update in the works for the G1, just like they have one in the works for the mytouch3g. it will take some doing, but they will get it done. u can already load a 2.1 rom on ur G1 anyways, so…………….

    • John

      I have to point out that the ui is sense espresso, so it’s sense, just not in the traditional sense, small pun intended.

  • walabe25

    Its not really a brick its roughly the size of the g1. There are 3 other videos posted on youtube from that TImobile guy.

  • cu2cool

    I miss Android watching this vid. But this phone will probably have major lag when you start to run any apps, just like my original MyTouch did. Still happy to have my speedy HD2. (for now…..)

  • Ryan

    That lady in the video doesn’t look happy… maybe she wishes it was faster too =P

  • tortionist

    You shouldn’t worry about a slideout qwerty keyboard. A kwerty keyboard is all but a thing of the past since Swype is out. Swype is by far the fastest texting/input method on a smartphone. It makes qwerty seriously obsolete. I personally would worry about it having swype instead.

    • tomato

      I’m seriously wondering that myself. At first when I got a BB I could hardly use the keyboard. Too cramped, etc. I got used to it and loved it. Then I got a Droid and hated the physical KB so I started using the virtual KB more. I wonder if getting this phone strictly because it has a physical KB isn’t a mistake on my part (I mean because they have better phones out there, but no physical KB)

    • Robert

      I’ve got a BB and have never liked the keyboard. They are just too cramped for my thumbs, I find myself always making typos and having to go back and edit. I haven’t tried out Swype yet, but it looks very interesting to me. Is the general concensus on Swype is that it’s a good step up from a physical KB?

      • tortionist

        I haven’t heard anything but praise for Swype. It’s all I use and it is sooooooo nice.

      • Ryan

        hardware keyboard is good for emulators and games though…

  • tirtawn

    I will pass. I am still waiting for: android, 1Ghz + keypad, >= 3.4″. So far “none”.

  • Barry

    I was really really really skeptical and annoyed with the release of this phone but..I must say seeing it in action and having an espresso rom b4 I think this will be a great phone. And root will always be the best route to keep the phone fast if it does bog down with apps so no worries for me there. To me the Espresso looks better than the usual sense ui to me anyway. So it’s either this or Galaxy S for me can’t wait

    • tomato

      Galaxy hasn’t been confirmed.

      • soon2TMO

        it is not confirmed yet, but it is confirmed to be released in america soon, it is a GSM deive, but they are probably making a CDMA version as well..
        samsung GS is rumored to be out in UK and asia this june, i hope it is true though.. and it wont be long til we hear about it’s released in the US..

        SGH t959 – it could be named the behold 3 ..

        im thinking july or august is the launch date.. crossing fingers for june though…

        otherwise… ill go mytouch slide… =)

  • jp2dj1

    I heard from a developer that when they root it. It will be possible to overclocked it to 1GHz!!!

    • Ryan

      I know the chip itself is capable of this speed but haven’t read anything about overclocking it yet. If we could overclock this thing I think that would be a huge plus.

      Do you have a link to any details about the overclocking?

  • Bonanza

    guys its not very laggy at all.. the 512mb ram makes a huge diff!

  • DannOfThurs

    Nice, good entry-level phone for teens & people just now getting into it. The only thing it really replaces is the CliqXT. I’m not trading my G1 for this – waiting to see what summer might bring! :)

  • wzazueta

    Does the Nexus One have Swype? My G1 is all messed up and I’m in need of a new phone. I’m undecided between the Nexus One and this one

    • tomato

      I’m thinking the same thing. It’s this or the N1.

      • jabombardier

        Same here. I am really undecided

    • 2FR35H

      Every phone can have swype just search the net.

  • alex

    My touch 2 3g(Codenamed HTC Unstoppable)
    My Dream Phone;
    *New Sense UI(Expresso)
    *8mp/11mp camera
    *1ghz snapdragon/1.5(brand new rumor though, )
    *Android 2.1/2.2
    *Comes in white, red, and black
    *Loads of accessories
    *4.0 screen
    *Includes 8/16gb micro SD card expandable to 32gb
    *Touch Sensitive track pad
    *Comes in different colors later in the year, purple, blue, etc
    *Promotes t-mobiles Hspda+(correct me if I spelled it wrong)/4g if available for t-mobile
    *3.5mm audio jack
    *Camera/video takes 1080p/720p HD resolution
    *Dual led flash
    *Camera in front 1.3/3mp/5mp
    *As slim as the Samsung Galaxy S/Nexus One, same size as Evo 4g
    *Features something similar to Motoblur
    *Pre-loaded with Flash 10.1
    *Comes in bundles, Avatar Bundle(Blue My touch) with 32gb micro sd card included, etc.
    *No qwerty keyboard, default on-screen keyboard is swype
    *My modes
    *Genius Button
    *Faves Gallery
    *7/8 customizable screen
    *Nice Flexible, good looking design appeals to teens/adults
    *Pre-installed with featured apps that are free/paid
    *more features

    • tomato

      Not enough. I want one that also …

      * can program my coffee maker , runs my dishwasher, record my TV shows

      * can balance my checkbook, detect when I’m low in funds and automatically adds a a couple of zeroes to my account

      * can go to work for me and pick up my kids after school

    • tomato

      I’m messing with ya. ;)

      Do you ever wonder what smart phones are going to be like 5 years from now?

      • 2FR35H

        Not too different from now, but I would guess that 8mp or 12mp camera with flash will just begin being standard. They would be able to interact with android Tv’s… possibly on a 5G Network will start to kick in. A new OS will become popular probably or we will meet android X or 10.

  • alex

    what do you guys think of my post above?

    • that phone will cost you about a grand subsidized. Nice specs though, I would also add a 3200mah battery that would not require a larger back cover.

      That mytouch slide in white looks sexy as hell. That will be the one i get if the iphone dosen’t come to Tmobile this summer.

      Also what do you guys think affordable means? I hope its no more than $149.99 sub.

  • Prince

    @ alex keep on dreaming buddy

  • wasup

    I just want the Galaxy SSSSSSSS, nothing more, nothing further……..for now :D

  • Green Robot

    In other news, Phandroid is reporting that Sprint is going to price Evo4g at $200 on contract and that they will offer $100 credit if you switch from another carrier. Hmm…, can Slide compete with that? I honestly think that TMO will try to sell slide at their usual $179 although I also hope that they come to their senses and look at competition before doing it.

  • ALEX

    This phone is looking sick with that Espresso UI. Its really convincing and can hold me down until later in the year. As for a dream phone, if it comes pre-loaded with all the seasons of Arrested Development, I will be happy!! I would really prefer the Motorola Shadow though.. The samsung GS is sweet-looking….

  • THAT DUDE!!!!

    I played with the phone today & it’s FANTASTIC!!!!!!! Reps have demos now so go take a look for yourself. I AM IN LOVE WITH THAT DEVICE!!! Great job T-Mobile. Great flagship product for us hard keypad lovers.

  • xenomorph

    @ those who are undecided about N1 vs Slide

    If you do any research, you will find that the N1 has unforgivable list of defects and is a HUGE gamble for anyone who is low maintenance and does not have the time to experiment with Google’s latest test phone. That said, the Slide should really be a huge seller, and I will tell you why. For T-Mobile customers, it will def be the best Android phone available to them because of Android 2.1 w/Sense, a keyboard (finally!) that looks great and spacious and the fact that aside from the N1, it will have the best specs on any Android phone currently offered on TMo. Htc and TMo worked very close together on this phone so the chances of major problems are very small and you will be able to contact TMo directly for replacements if need be (unlike the N1). Tmo also (perhaps sadly) has chosen to supply phones for the casual-indifferent demographic, so this means that most of TMo’s customers aren’t really scoping out, Tmo News or doing their research and will not care about processor speed, RAM, etc. TMo will have a sh*# ton of adds and campaigning behind the MyTouch name, so I know, without a doubt, that this phone will be do really well. I will def check it out, however, I (like many others here) are in the minority when it comes to high-end preferences. I really want a 1 ghz processor but I also want the phone to work. Sorry N1.


    Great specs do help a lot but DO NOT make a great phone. Some OS’s (Apple, WinMo) can be confusing and not user friendly to certain customers… to each their own.

    @ b

    The G1 is a great phone and the keyboard is the stuff of legend, but I think it’s about time you part with it. Just simply hit the function key (once) and you can type out as many numbers as you like. You don’t have to hold the func key down at the same time. Then you just simply hit the func key again for the letters. Hardly any diff from the dedicated number row. You’ll be fine man.

    @ tortionist and Ryan

    Swipe will be great, but nothing will take the place of the hard keyboard for emulators, which only makes phones with hard keyboards more functional. Thanks Ryan for recognizing this!

    • Ryan

      Great post. I agree with everything you said 100% and you exactly outlined my personal dilemma. I have admitted tmo will not give us a 1ghz android phone anytime soon and I am on the verge of coughing up the dough for an N1; however, I also have heard of all the problems and have to weight that out with the cost.

      If this phone can overclock as some people have said, I would be very happy and snatch one up. It’s not a Cortex A8 but if it ran at 900mhz – 1ghz I’d be a little more satisfied.

  • alex

    i hope this phone comes out without a keyboard, and its the My touch xt lol, ill probably get this phone although i wish they offered a version without a keyboard as well.

  • Anthony

    Okay the phone looks nice but seems a little childish. I don’t think you can match it up to the N1. The N1 by far superior. The issues mainly are touch screen / spotty3g. I swapped mine and the screen issue is gone. The 3g also improved but I still think should be a little better but quite functional. The N1 really is a great phone. I think the slide touch should first try to dethrone the iPhone like the N1 has done. Again not saying its not a good choice just being honest.

  • Anthony

    Sorry one more point. I would take the mytouch slide over the hd2. Hd2 looks nice and with the addition of sense looks like an obvious choice but but but it ain’t no android you that’s checkmate. Hd2 running android that’s a winner oh wait isn’t that what sprint is offering. Once again T-Mobile day late dollar short.

  • MyTouch Slide-HTC-HD2

    While mytouch may be nice and all..can’t hold nothing over the hd2…
    tmobile finally gets a phone that people want and they can’t keep up with the demand.
    everybody cry’s about windows 6.5 I think they should look to the future and windows mobile 7,could be a real headache for users!They might get sued by the bad Apple,Still i want the htc-hd2 …MyTouch Slide looks fat and ugly my first thought.
    I’m sure they will be no fuss over it..the htc touch pro 2 is much more worthy than that.

  • Mike

    I had the occasion to visit my T-Mobile store a couple of days ago and happened to be there when someone came in with a N1. Additionally I had not seen the MyTouch 3G Slide but wanted to. They didn’t have any out but the T-Mobile employee there, who was the HTC person in the store for TM had one and was happy to show it to me and answer all of my questions. I got to hold both in my hands and the same time and do side-by-side comparisons. I compared both and the winner was the N1… or so I thought. I got home, called TM and got to discussing the ins and outs of the N1. I have a family plan and in order to get the N1 I would have to abandon the family plan for myself for at least 6 months – Google’s requirement. That, all things considered after doing the math on the plans, was a deal breaker. I was on the fence between the two. I really liked both but see the benefits of both. The MyTouch 3G Slide is really a sweet phone and is very fast. It feels solidly built and fit comfortably in my hand in both the portrait and landscape positions. The physical keyboard is very nice, but after having Swype demonstrated to me on the virtual keyboard I may never slide the physical keyboard out to use it. If you touch the keys one by one on the virtual keyboard you get a nice tactile vibration letting you know you hit a key.

    The internet browser on the MyTouch 3G Slide looked great. The apps and widgets look really cool and do so much. It is just a pleasurable phone to use. It does everything TM says it will do and does it well.

    The battery life is my only real concern, but specs say that this phone is on par with most if not all smart phones and I should be able to get through a normal day without having to recharge. I have talked to a lot of people that have these kinds of phones and they assure me that this is not out of line with what to expect and they have no problems at all. The girl at TM said that she uses her MyTouch 3G Slide constantly and has to recharge at midday – but again she told me that she is a very very heavy user of the phone and multi-tasks a lot. A full charge she told me only takes about 35 minutes… not a big deal. I figure I’ll get a car charger if this becomes an issue or keep a spare charger at my office.

    The screen was fully and easily responsive, as well as beautiful to look at – easily equal to or better than the Apple iPhone 3GS. The look and feel of the UI is incredible and the Genius function is indeed a very nice thing. It really does work as advertised.

    Don’t be swayed by all of this hype you read about a slow processor vs the N1 or other smart phones. I held both as I noted above, tried both… and honestly in the vast scheme of things it didn’t make a nickel’s worth of difference. One time the N1 was a little faster and one time the MyTouch Slide was a little faster. Honestly folks… how much faster is faster? Really…

    If you have the money to throw down on the plan for the N1 I’d say go for it. The cost differential between the N1 and the Mytouch 3G Slide are negligible ($179.00 for the N1 vs $129.00 for the MT 3G Slide – Wal Mart pre-purchase price.. and I suspect TM will be the same). The N1 honestly was my first choice, but the cost to own it and the benefit of what I’d receive made it not worth it for me with my family plan and trying to keep costs under control. If you don’t care about such things, the N1 is thinner, perhaps a little more advanced as far as the average user is concerned and has a different look and feel to the UI. It is very cool and you definitely won’t be disappointed. On the other hand I don’t believe you will be disappointed in the MyTouch 3G Slide either. It is one darned good phone.

    Either way you can’t go wrong… and afterall… it’s a phone darn it… a phone. If you can call people on it that is really what it is all about. All the extra stuff is just that… extra. It is a luxury – a very nice luxury, but a luxury nonetheless. I intend to get the the MyTouch 3G Slide and will enjoy every minute of using it. I’m on the list for the delivery date of June 2nd – not because I’m an early adopter, because I’m not. It is just a nice phone and I wanted to get a new one now. This will replace my Nokia E63, which I bought from Nokia a year ago when it became available in the United States. It still works well and will be passing it on to my wife. I don’t have a data plan for it, but it does have WiFi, is great for texting and is a battery champ as I only have to charge it a couple of times per week… but this comment is not about the E63 it is about the N1 vs. the MyTouch 3G Slide.

    I think that TM has hit the sweet spot here for a majority of customers that want a smart phone. This phone will do well for them and for you if you get one.

    Thanks for reading and enjoy which ever phone you get!