CLIQ XT Mother’s Day Promo


Still haven’t got your Mom a gift for Mother’s Day? Well, no need to worry, because this Mother’s Day weekend, you can pick up a new Motorola Cliq XT for $79.99 with a 2 year contract (originally, $129.99 with a 2 year contract). Your Mother can constantly stay connected and in touch with MotoBLUR and easily sync their friends, photos, emails, and social network activities directly to their home-screen in one easy stream. The discounted price will be available starting tomorrow, May 7th through Sunday, May 9th for new 2-year activations and upgrades only.

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  • just me

    nice…i wanna know the mytouch pricing tho

  • Steven G

    I don’t get this. My sister JUST got a CliqXT for FREE with a 2 year contract.

  • JBLmobileG1

    Not a great deal. Walmart has the Cliq XT for only $48.88 with a new 2 year contract or eligable upgrade. And thats the everyday price. Besides…. this phone isnt even worth getting now since the MyTouch Slide is just around the corner. It took Motorola too long to get Android 2.1 (did they even get it yet?)While the Cliq XT isn’t a bad phone its not worth waisting 2 years on… especially with better phones on the horizon. Now if it was the HD2 for say $100 to $150… now that would be a good deal.

  • SuperSil

    Radio Shack has the HD2 for $99 with new activation on a 2 year contract

  • lawrenq

    Yep, I just checked, I can upgrade to the cliq xt for free online, that must be the price for the corporate stores.

  • mikeeeee

    i paid 231 for mine on ebay outright.

    phone is good enough to keep me occupied ’til some really good t-mo hardware comes along.

    if moto gives us android 2.1 and a developer comes out with a bluetooth keyboard driver, i’ll keep this one.

    i had a g-1 from day 1 and loved it but, my cliqXT beats it like a cheap pinata and someone you really don’t like’s birthday party.

    quit being smarmy kids and instead of saying what deals you can get, get one.

  • DannOfThurs

    The CLiqXT is nice, no mistake there, but it’s no “true” upgrade to the G1. Nearly the same processor performance; all you’re getting is the added memory space – which blur eats up a bit of. I’d rather wait for something with 1ghz,able to run all of 2.1’s features (CliqXT won’t be able to do some due to the processor).