[Updated] More myTouch Slide Goodness

2010-05-07 15.57.52

Update: More pics added in the gallery, comparison shots versus other T-Mobile devices!

Looking for more myTouch Slide goodies? Well then, we’ve got you covered. We’ve got a couple of unboxing pics along with a bunch more external snapshots of the device itself. Our sources are still calling for a June 2nd release, and pricing is as of yet, unknown. Though rest assured, we’re working on it! The device itself seems solid, and first impressions are for the most part positive, of course you can be the judge of that once the device makes it into your hands. Enjoy the gallery below, and don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments!

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  • SKA

    Features are cool, pretty much everything is cool but the design. I am not digging the looks of the phone, it just bothers me. It might be one that I have to see in person to like.

    • andrew

      i feel the same way but this phone might be a top seller for tmobile it could run out fast

  • tato22

    really nice my wife is going to love this

  • mr.lol

    I bet this sells more then the hd2 and with less buyers remorse!

    • Cybersedan

      I completely agree with you there. Snapdragon its not, but it will sell just fine.

      • tomato

        +1 my sentiments exactly.

  • Dude

    Video here too. For no snapdragon, OS seems really SNAPPY!
    Not a lot of room for app storage. Froyo, bring app2sd!

  • nain

    i got an HD2, and LOVE it, no problems with it at all..still gonna by the mytouch slide though, only if its less than 450.00 retail

  • Dude
  • J

    I just wish the screen was slightly bigger. I’ll hold on to my Mytouch until something in the 3.7-4.0 range comes out that suits me. I’ve heard the processor does well with this phone though I haven’t used it myself yet. I’ll probably get it for my wife who likes a keyboard. With Skype, I’d rather do without the keyboard.

    • J-Hop2o6

      i said the same thing.. but i rather HAVE a keyboard.. i need to press physical keys, so i dont need to look at what im tryin to type most of the time.

      but damn.. STILL NO OFFICIAL SPECS released?

      • J-Hop2o6

        oops.. i thought u said you’ll get this to hold u over until a better Android with a 3.7+ screen comes out.. lol.. right now, im using a Touch Pro2 thats customized with custom ROMS, and Android 2.0.1/2.1/2.1 with SenseUI on the SD card =)

      • Kickstar13
      • J

        I want the “Genius” button installed into my skull

      • J-Hop2o6

        im talkin about CPU, RAM, ROM, etc.. and look at the stated size: 2.3 x 4.5 x 5.9 inches.. come on.. thats not official.

    • Ryan

      Bigger screen is less important than screen resolution. This thing is 320×480… that’s the same resolution as the BB9700. Pretty sad if you ask me…

      • J-Hop2o6

        3.7in.+ is always 800×480 (WVGA) these days

    • andrew

      it is 3.7 inch

  • jonr22

    what goes in the blank spot next to the my touch side ?

    • Kickstar13

      The myTouch branded charging adapter.

  • tomato

    Can’t wait for the unboxing video. Come on, T-Mo, send one to Phonedog! :D

  • Please oh please tell me this thing will have UMA? Probably not; just a pipe dream of mine…

    • Kickstar13

      Sadly, no UMA support.

  • eYe

    Any word on pricing yet? I hope they don’t overprice it like they did with Cliq and original MT3G…
    BTW, Evo will be priced @ $199 on a contract…

  • Rikki

    Is that how the 2.1 OS looks like?

    • J-Hop2o6

      no.. its a Tmousa specialized 2.1 w/ SenseUI rom (aka Espresso).. look up phones like the HTC Desire, or HTC Incredible.. thats the “normal” 2.1 w/ SenseUI.. and look at the Nexus One.. thats the “stock/barebones” 2.1 (Eclair).

  • Sweezy

    looks plasticky

    the only one that looks good is white

  • FILA

    i HATE that UI, please stock Android

  • lsxchevelle

    Great phone so far in my opinion. I see this selling very well. Operates with ease and no lag time between actions. I will buy a top end Android when one becomes available but happy with my slide right now!


    does anybody know if the accelerometer works without having to slide open the keyboard??? I know it does on the droid so I’m kind of hopin the mytouch side has this feature cause I would think pinch to zoom would be somewhat annoying with the keyboard open.

    • mkjones

      Yes it actually does work without sliding out the keyboard

  • Bradon

    it reminds me of a sports car anyone else

  • sean connery

    @ fila. if it’s anything like the droid eris you can still use the stock android home if you want but the sense ui is pretty cool. i like the looks of the phone. i hope the processer is faster than 528mhz.

  • Vlad

    mmmm… Meh. The look of the phone kills it for me. Looks more like a toy.

  • bk1

    been using the slide for abour 72 hours now, it is nice!! stable, quick, no lag, nice feel (a lil heavy) have not used keyboard much coming from mytouch im used to on screen, multi touch, awesome camera (well compared to mytouch) android 2.1, 5-7 screens, well thats all for now nice device a tmo must, way more stable than HD2 not as fast of a processor but it works well….. 9 0ut of 10 stars

    • ghouse

      Do you know what the retail pricing will be?

  • Pretty cool phone can’t wait to get one

  • rev2redlineguy

    Wow, I’d love to get one in white. Sure looks like a better replacement for the Cliq I currently have. Got the original myTouch from pre-sell (of course it’s the 4th one from exchanges that I still use from time-to-time when I get tired of using my Cliq) & by the looks of it I think I’m gonna get one and try it out. Loving the Sense UI & especially having Android 2.1 also.

    • BoomBoomBang

      I definitely gonna get one as well bro.
      I just can’t choose between the red or white…its hard.
      This would be the only phone I get a case for =/

  • da-ku

    the more i see this phone the more i wanted..idc if it doesnt have a snapdragon oh well…

    BTW..i know this is off topic but ive been searching all over the web and nothing…this might be a dumb question but i got a call from a t-mo store manager (had an interview weeks before) that asked me if i can go see her tuesday but never specified what for…minutes later i got an Offer of Employment letter thru email which i happily accepted…does this mean im officially hired or do i still have more steps to take?

    • moo

      If you’ve received an offer letter it means that you’ve passed background and they want to hire you. Once you accept the offer letter (if it’s corporate, the offer letter will have a link at the bottom) it will cancel out the job req for that location, meaning you’ve filled that position. You have a week’s worth of useless CBT and you’re in.

      • da-ku

        thanks moo im so excited..btw whats CBT? lol

      • Jesse

        Computer Based Training’s

  • mytouchuser

    Ive used this device and it is amazing. The design is beautiful, it is a very solid phone. It has a great feel with some weight to it. Genius feature is awesome. The processor does very well with no lagging. I definitely recommend it anyone.

  • Taaars

    It looks ok, I would almost be on board with it if it werent for swype, and the fact there are so MANY better andoid phones in the wild that tmo isnt getting. Common Magenta, look around you and get a clue, you need to pick up your pace and bring out 1ghz next gen phones, not these after thoughts!

    • Mike

      There’s more than swipe on the phone u can use the htc sense keyboard which is excellent or swype they both come preloaded and u can change to any keyboard on the market

  • Kaya

    What is the little mytouch in the box? is it a charger?

    • Kickstar13

      Yes, it is the AC charger.

  • Looks like I have a new toy to play with this June.It may not be a G1 but, its a good phone in its own right.androidreviewer.com

  • BoomBoomBang

    If that’s what the Slide actually come in, the silver box.
    I can honestly say, it’ll be the 1st case, literally, that I keep =/

  • Steve

    I work for tmobile and we have mytouch champions and we just got our mytouch slides at work today for free. I am using it to write this post. this phone is amazing, recommend it for any android fan

    • BoomBoomBang

      Which color scheme looks best? The red or white finish?

  • Bill48105

    Ok it is me or is this site infected? Upon coming here Avast went nuts saying it blocked something & logs show:

    09.05.2010 11:49:30 Network Shield: blocked access to malicious site ?????????????? [ C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe ( 23016 ) ]

    At 1st I thought it was an ad that hosted it up but viewing the page source every page on this site has this at the bottom:

    Going to that site says “Account Suspended!” which seems fishy as if it knew I went there directly or that I had javascript disabled..

    I certainly don’t want to cause false alerts but someone at TMO news needs to investigate & ensure their WordPress wasn’t infected..

    • BTG

      Yea, I keep getting blocked URL alerts from Avast as well, except the one I have starts with [vvv00] dot [in]. My work laptop connected through VPN doesn’t pop anything up but it doesn’t have a URL scanner. However I have seen the URL you mentioned plus the “statso” one, after some Java app tried to start up.

  • Bill48105

    Suspected infection line was removed from my comment. It’s after the SuperCache stuff so I’m guessing the cache files themselves are infected on the tmonews server. Some don’t have it though..

    I’ll try again with it edited to see if it’ll post: (Keep in mind the url is possibly for a virus so don’t go there..)
    i-f-r-a-m-e n-a-m-e=”x” w-i-d-t-h=”1″ h-e-i-g-h-t=”1″ s-c-r-o-l-l-i-n-g=”no” f-r-a–m-e-b-o-r-d-e-r=”no” m-a-r-g-i-n-w-i-d-t-h=”0″ m-a-r-g-i-n-h-e-i-g-h-t=”0″ s-r-c=”h-t-t-p-:-/-/www.s-t-a-t-s-o.co.cc/x.php”
    (I put the dashes in but you should be able to see it if you view source on some of the pages on this site)

  • alex

    I hope one without a keyboard comes out, My touch XT lols, or an attachable/detachable keyboard

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Well I kinda made an executive decision on getting the Slide or waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S as a replacement phone for my GF’s aging G1 (assuming the SGS comes to T-Mobile, I think it will).

    Based on recent events I will now get the SGS to replace my HD2 and will get the Slide to replace her G1. Why?

    I am so fooking tired of not being able to see my beautiful HD2 display when outdoors (especially when walking the dog or other bright light situations). I can’t make calls, take calls (can’t see who is calling), check e-mails or … hmm… on thinking about it I can’t do anything in the sunlight except blindly answer the phone.

    In contrast, literally, the super bright AMOLED on the SGS is supposed to work great outdoors. So that’s a huge feature in my book.

    So there you have it. The Slide for her, the SGS for me. My HD2 goes on eBay one month before the SGS is to debut.

    We will be an all Android family again and Microsoft will be history, unless a Microsoft/HTC superphone comes out in November that I have to have.

    Guess a MAJOR feature that I will from now on require is a super bright AMOLED display.


    • shawn1224

      Say it ain’t so Michael, you were one of the HD2’s biggest supporters.

      Is it that bad?

  • JD4

    I’m most likely getting SGS now if the rumors of SGS Pro are true. I will most definitely get that.

  • b-will

    i can’t wait I’ve had the g1 for what it seems like a lifetime and now i get the slide. i need to know if t-mobile is still doing a one year upgrade

  • andrew

    i hated this one at first cause it was mytouch brandy but now i love this phone but i hate shiny back

  • rosie

    I cant wait to get my hands on the slide I currently have a my touch but I was hoping to get something with keyboard because is easier to type I’m just not happy the I have to wait so long I’m so anxious about it I have to take medications to sleep(lol) because I want it and I want it now I’m getting mines in white

    • cellmate

      bwah, me3!

  • joiseyeric

    I saw the myTouch Slide today. I, like the rest of you, did not like the early pics I saw of this device. However, seeing it in person really makes me want it. The genius button is way cool, and the espresso iu is really sweet. The device is really fast and my favorite feature is the pinch and zoom. Wait and see how close you can zoom into a picture. Did I mention a 5 megapixel with flash? REALLY SWEET! Looking forward to launch date!

  • Ryuukei

    This does not impress me one bit. Maybe if I liked ugly and bulky, underpowered phones this would be okay. C’mon t-mobile you started the Android trend, but now Verizon is kicking your ass! The slide doesn’t even compare to the Droid, and now Verizon also has the Incredible, and Sprint’s jumping in with the Evo 4g. My how the mighty have fallen. I expected Tmo to stay on top of the competition in the android department, they had such a big head start!

    I have a feeling I’ll be stuck with my OG MT3G for a while, unless I want to jump on the nexus bandwagon, which doesn’t seem so bad compared to the drivel Tmo is currently releasing.

  • chocco

    Went by a local T-Mo store yesterday and one of the SA’s had been given a My Touch Slide a week ago. He let me play around with it, and trust me, it is fantastic!
    It has SEVEN homescreens. The OS is great–very smooth and quick. And I loved the qwerty keyboard. I was told it will be for sale on 6/16 and as soon as it goes on sale, I’m there!!! Now, I just have to decide on the color—I like the white, but may try the red one.

  • I actually got one last week.. girl friend won it at work (she works for t mobile in a call center). Its not all that but it will due since its replacing my g1.. RIP. the keyboard takes some getting use, swype feature is cool… 5 meg pix cam wit flash SUWEET.. genuiss ehhhh..Faves is a suweeet feature.. waaay faster and larger screen then g1.. umm what else.. a lil heavy but i cant complain too much. Just what the doctor ordered.

  • Malik A

    Just got the Email- June 2 release date

  • Andraeseus

    i bought this for my wife jun 2nd when it came out. let me dispell some rumors

    1. the phone is fast as hell. and i have a nokia n900. i know the proccesor isnt that much but i swear you would htink it had a friggan snap draggon in it. maybe its because of all of the ram. idk but either way this thing is FFFFFAST

    2. it can not recieve files via bluetooth or mms msg’s. it just keeps givcing you annoying msg’s about how nit was not able to download the item. i talked to tmo and they said there is a patch coming out that will fix this soon.

    fully customizable!! u can create different modes. with in each mode you can have a set background. ring tone. desk top icons etc. you can set them to change based on time(which is what i use for my wife) or based on geographical location. only sucky thing is you cant change the background for each desktop. what ever you set as the desktop will be that same image but slightly scrolled to the left or the right for that particular desktop.

    fully integratede with google i mean fully! and syncing is simple and easy with contacts.

    keeps you logged into google all day if you like and battery power is unheard of for a smart phone with this much activity going on in the background

    screen is plenty big. it may not look liek it but trust me when you are watching videos or browsing the internet at tmo super fast speeds you wont notice. i am in the phila pa area so tmo service is super fast out here especially downtown. i get up to 12 mbps

    all and all i find no fault with this device. it is my wifes first smart phone and she loves it. absolutely loves it and so do i. and i am a die hard nokia fan but i must admit this is a device worth getting. they also said android 2.2 was coming to this phone