Just A Reminder For Mothers Day, Smartphone Buy One Get One


Just in time for mother’s day T-Mobile is promoting its “been in place for months” now smartphone BOGO. Nothing says I love you Mom like a shiny new Blackberry, Android or Windows Phone and the Nokia Nuron!! Details are mostly the same as before, new activations and qualifying upgrades only. Unfortunately, it looks as though one thing has changed and that is that the Garminfone and HTC HD2 are excluded from the promotion. The former is likely to be excluded seeing as how it’s not released yet and the HTC HD2, well smart money is that’s being taken off due to low inventory levels. Either way, its Mothers Day weekend and your mom deserves a shiny new cell phone you get to teach her to play with, right?

Update: Summing all this up, want the HD2 included in the BOGO, purchase before May 10th. On or after May 10th all the way through May 23rd the HTC HD2 will NOT be included in the BOGO. However, if you are a customer who is already on an existing retail store waiting list, your BOGO will be honored. Garminfone fans, you’re just out of luck.

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  • Jason

    Well over a month since launch…still no HD2. This is becoming ridiculous now T-Mobile…as usual falling behind while other carriers are coming out with more powerful phones in their line up (i.e. Droid Incredible). Maybe its time for me to re-consider carriers…

    • Nick

      Seriously. That and T-Mo’s would be flagship android phone is provided by Google and works just as well with other carriers.. gg.

  • am

    First it takes T-Mobile months/years to release a decent smartphone (HD2)… and then it still remains unavailable… i have been a t-mobile faithful for 5 years… but i think i am really running out of patience now… time to pack my bags and move on…

  • teach

    @am, I am feeling the same way. I had to send my HD2 back and was told I had to continue to check website for availability. It is “available” today but only to new customers. What about your existing customers? I have been with T-mobile for 10 years but I am not feeling the love….maybe it is time to move on as well.


  • mark

    eBay has hundreds of those

  • Robert

    Trust me the hd2 is over rated… I have one and the iphone unlocked kicks its butt…. the webstore is weak to say the least on windows. My hd2 has to get a soft reset about once a day becasue it freezes all the time. the facebook app is awful and doesn’t support facebook pages like my business fan page. myspace is not in existence at all. the hd2 is customizable with roms and bla bla bla but its slows your phone down and takes up memory. its a has a nice screen but the keyboard is horrible to use. camera is great but the flash is lame, pics are always blurry at night or in poor lit rooms. to be honest your not missing out and from what I read windows is dumping the software and sticking to the mobile 7 os.. so you will be stuck with a obsolete phone that has transformers and a big screen…. I would rather grab the sprint htc evo 4g at least it runs android and they have a market place thats comparable to apples not to mention same size screen and is full high def along with hdmi cables so that you can plug it in to any hd tv and stream hd that way as well… window phones are a thing of the past Im not sure why i even spent the money…

  • Mack



    You’re absolutely right. HD2 is tremendously overrated. Only because it runs WM. Apple is the present and Android is the future…. I’d take an Android phone over WM any day.

  • Chris

    We call the HD2 the “boomerang” at our store. People who have no business buying that phone demand to get it and bring it back a a couple of days later because they have no clue what to do with the thing. Not to mention that it is running Windoze and all that that implies. Get a MyTouch if you want a solid touchscreen. Or wait a few weeks for the MyTouch Slide. The HD2 is far, far over rated.