Rumor: T-Mobile May Partner For 4G Network Buildout


I wasn’t really sure what to make of this yesterday and I’m not sure what to make of it today but apparently T-Mobile is exploring a deal with Harbinger Capital Partners. According to the Financial Times, unnamed sources said that Deutsche Telekom “has held preliminary talks with Harbinger over the network, but no decision has been made.” Harbinger, which has plans to build a nationwide, wholesale LTE network would see a much-needed infusion of support if T-Mobile were to jump on board and both Verizon and AT&T oppose the buildout. T-Mobile, which has obvious plans to compete in the immediate future with an HSPA+ network, will eventually need to build out a 4G network in order to have long run opportunity in the mobile space. The marketing game by itself, with “4G” consistently being tossed around will require such a move. This news comes right on the heels of Deutsche Telekom CEO again committing itself to the T-Mobile USA property but stating they aren’t “fully satisfied” with the carriers operations. T-Mobile, we love thee but these rumors of buildouts, mergers, handholding and the like are getting tired. Lets just buy up Metropcs, Cricket and call it a day mmmkay?

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  • NiiDiddy

    Wow!!! Hope it stays a rumor!!

  • 30014

    It would be cheaper than trying to build a 4g network from the ground up. Tmobile can’t repeat the mistake of falling behind on 4g like they did with 3g.

    • God

      It wasn’t a mistake falling behind on 3g. It’s 2 little things called “licensing” and “physics”.

      • 30014

        I guess with a name like “god” u would know. Not!!

      • Kevin

        This is true. There are many reasons tmobile did not have 3g for so long. Yes it sucked, but with other things on the plate tmobile would have been in a much worse position right now had they only focused on releasing a 3g network with everyone else.

        Also, last I checked, HSPA+ is faster than what all the other carriers have. Sooooo, yeah we kinda have an advantage right now

  • dsim91

    I think this could be very good for tmo, full network hspa+ and LTE . For a carrier that was late to the 3G game, they sure are not messing around let’s get the future started, bring on my 4G .

  • Alex

    Excellent move on Tmobiles part if they go ahead with this deal. Makes so much sense financially.

    • God

      no it doesn’t. Please elaborate on how this makes sense.

      • sikkboy

        obvious troll is obvious….

  • Galen20K

    I think it could be a very good idea! I definitely am excited about this prospect.

  • Laz

    This is a move for them 3-5 years down the road. Their HSPA+ will out perform first gen WiMAXX and LTE. TMO is getting ready for the second gen LTE…

    • God

      precisely. *IF* they go for it, this won’t see the light of day for half a decade at best.

  • J-Hop2o6

    i heard that Harbinger owns some satellite company, and their 4G spectrum will be satellite based.. u guys should do a Google search on that and look more into it.. I’m not sure what to think of a satellite based 4G.

  • Rob

    LTE is so far down the road for sure (for ALL carriers). T-Mo’s HSPA+ is going to smash the competition with an estimated 21Mb/s downstream. You don’t have to worry about tons of users like AT&T’s 3G network for a couple of reasons. First, T-Mo contracts out their fiber channels so they pick the fastest bidder with the lowest bid; AT&T is owned by Bell South so they naturally use Bell South’s old lines. Second, T-Mo’s 3G network is like an 8 lane freeway with a half-dozen cars on it right now. There’s so much bandwidth available and always will be because of the new spectrum!

    • Alan

      Bell South doesn’t exist anymore…AT&T wireless is owned by…wait for it…AT&T

      • Allen

        Yo dude. You must be young. Back in the 80’s Att became so big the goverment broke them up into 7 sections. 1 was Bellsouth. Recently they bought them back and yes they use old bellsouth lines and networks that were built when Att was out of the picture. Now they have bellsouth back their using old lines that Att had nothing to do with! Know you source bro and don’t talk about things you have no idea about.

      • Captain Obvious

        Epic Fail…

      • John

        It was Southwestern Bell that brought them all together. Not Bell South. Cingular was a joint venture between SBC and Bell South. SBC (Southwestern Bell) was the driving force that reunited all of the baby bells and brought AT&T back into the fold with the other baby bells.

  • yo

    T-Mobile sucks they are going to fall behind on 4g and thier 3g network is so limited that its pointless. im switchng as soon as my contract is up

    • tato22

      good bye

    • God

      cry moar

    • ReadingGood

      I’ve noticed that when people claim they’re going to do something on a comments or message board/forum, they tend to be full of crap and never do what they say their gonna do.

      If you’re gonna do it, do it. No one the inter-web gives 2 craps… if you need attention, call your mom.

  • T.P.

    I like this, but without top notch phones that can fully take advantage of this, it will go for not, but one step in the right direction.

  • i think they should do it also they should buyout metro pc and the rest

    i Know T-mobile can do big

    just a matter of time

    • Laz

      What benefit would TMO have buying a CDMA carrier? Same goes for Cricket and Sprint…

  • mikeeeee

    the biggest stumbling block to cellular deployment is backhaul.

    i wireless, a t-mo affiliate uses microwaves to get cell towers up in rural iowa, it’s funky but it gave me 200 miles of coverage in a state that i drove in 6 days a week back when t-mo coverage was spotty at best.

    wired telcos fight tooth and nail to keep it for themselves.

    if t-mo needs a partner to get the fiber deployed for backhaul WTF, just get it done.

    i could give a rat’s ass less who supplies backhaul, just as long and my phone face says t-mobile.

  • mike

    yes Tmobile has lots of available bandwidth but they need to uncap it from where it is now. A Tmobile network engineer told me Tmobile has the capabilities as att speed wise but tmobiles bandwidth is throttled down due to money its not cost beneficial. More bandwidth means more money

    • God

      It’s the backhaul. Not a speed cap. That tmo engineer was probably just a sales rep.

      • mad dog

        Your posting like your opinion is important to everyone. Shut up already you blasphemous bastard.

  • Vlad

    What is T-Mobile doing????

  • jg01

    Deutsche Telekom is getting ready to SELL T-MOBILE USA…this is what the meaning is behind all of this exploring of options means. Maybe VODAFONE will buy T-Mobile USA, or ROGERS.

    • 30014

      Tmo usa has more subscribers than the entire population of Canada, so unless tmo sold its u.s. wireless operations dirt cheap Rogers couldn’t afford it even if it was for sell. And Vodaphone has a 45% stake in Verizon so thats not likely to happen either.

      • Matlock

        Rogers is owned by At&T, so I highly doubt that would happen. Vodafone is making too much money with Big Red to buy out T-Mobile.

  • BeerBellyBilly

    Vodaphone boying T-Mo USA? Wow, what a scary thought. Then they will merge them with Verizon Wireless which Vodaphone owns a 41% share in. Then it gets really scary. High prices, more caps, feature restrictions and upcharges. Ugggh.

  • Washout

    You guys a crazy if you think Verizon and T-Mobile will merge. HSPA+ as it’s being deployed right now still has a lot of room for growth. Rev 10 supports 168Mbps down so they can still do a lot with if it they want…but like LTE there aren’t any phone capable of using it.

  • Patrick

    What worries does T-Mobile have since they’re deploying their HSPA+ network? Yes…sprint TECHNICALLY has 4G but even tests of sprints 4G shows speeds only equivalent to a HSDPA 7.2 network. Speeds are DUMMY slow, and speeds on the HSPA+ network averaged about 5mbps with bursts above 6. and uploaded at like 1mpbs.

    And number 2, once you get about 8mbps, it won’t make much of a difference downloading files or surfing the net unless latency improves. I know people are probably thinking I don’t know what I’m talking about…but honestly, there aren’t very many websites that will allow you to download more than 8megabits/s(1 megabyte/s) because of bandwidth issues on their domain. It will only make a difference if you’re using something like Limewire, or a Torrent site.

    • J-Hop2o6

      have u looked at speed tests for HSPA (not HSPA+)?? ping tests has been less than or averaging 100ms.. and i seen speed tests on HSPA+ with avg. speeds of 7-10mbps.. but i do know what u mean by websites bottlenecking or “limiting” bandwidth to their site.. u prolly can get up to 250kBytes/s.

    • sorandkairi

      Exactly, ppl seem to not realized that. The only real difference that it could make would be in downloading/uploading/streaming of HD Video!

      • J-Hop2o6

        yupp.. but atleast HSPA & HSPA+ will improve ping.. in Seattle we don’t have HSPA just yet.. so right now my ping varies from 150-300ms =( .. HSPA/+ averages around 100ms (and i think down to 70ms also).. look at some tmousa HSPA speed tests.

  • Brian

    Whatever it takes to get better QUALITY coverage and service.

  • Brian

    Whatever it takes to get better QUALITY coverage and service. (Without a huge price jump of course… a small one I can handle if i notice a big difference.)

  • jkspike3

    lets see… hopefully this is true

  • jrperiod

    I’ll be honest with you. If Tmo can get me SPA & HSPA+ service that’s reliable in NYC and westchester I’m happy with that.

  • JBLmobileG1

    About the satelite 4g service. That actually might be a good idea when your in those areas that normally wouldn’t have service. Because while other carriers phones may not work… yours more than likely will. Although you would think the prices would jump quite a bit because of satelite. Who knows… so long as my service improves and stays affortable, the customer service stays top notch, and we continue to get good phones… I will be a happy customer.

  • kendrix_myrealname

    If T-mo doesn’t improve soon, then I will be forced to move to Verizon…Who am I kidding? Im not going anywhere lol

  • ReadingGood

    All I know is I’m good. 4G schmmore-gee, by the time its all set up, it’ll be years from now, so plenty of time to adjust and get new 4G handsets when the time is right. For now, got a great phone and my 3G is reliable, so I’m good. DT can do whatever they want as long as those 2 things don’t change for me.

  • PretendingImItsMichaelNotMike

    “4g schmmoregee” that’s the lamest thing I’ve ever heard in my life. I didn’t believe people actually talked like that. Wow man, you blew my mind with that.

  • CrackBerry Addicted

    I would like to hear about some new 3G launches … I mean, it’s great about the 4G, but I haven’t even had the experience of 3G yet here in St. George, Utah and I haven’t seen any new 3G launches in what seems like forever.

    I love T-Mobile, always have, but seriously, my anxiety to try out even those 3G speeds is driving me nuts! lol

    • Alvaromiami

      Just come to Miami and try Tmo’s 3G… It simply SUCKS! They are always the last for everything, for EDGE, for 3G, the worst phones… I just stay with them because I travel a lot and take advantage of UMA, besides that, they are nothing but another Metro PCS with sim card.