T-Mobile Launches Voice Plus Beta


You know about that potential G1 update we told you about on Monday? Well its time now. T-Mobile needs your help!  T-Mobile has now launched the software trial program for G1 owners called “Voice Plus Beta”. All the details after the jump! This program is on a first come first serve basis, so get it while you can!


UPDATE: T-Mobile claims that it doesn’t have a firm date for when the beta program will launch, but is shooting for next week.


T-Mobile is continually looking for ways to bring new, unique innovation to our customers. We are in the process of developing a new service called T-Mobile Voice Plus to help you manage calls and voicemail on your mobile phone. We are kicking off a beta program exclusively for T-Mobile G1 users to get your feedback!

T-Mobile Voice Plus Beta offers the following features:

Call Divert: Carve out a little peace and quiet by sending selected numbers straight to voicemail without ringing your phone.
Call Defer: Let callers know you’re busy and schedule a convenient time for you to call them back. Send them a text message that acknowledges their call and that you will respond at a later time.
Visual Voicemail: Easily manage your voicemail! View a list of who left a voicemail, with the time of the message and its length. Choose which to listen to now and which to review later.
City ID: Get more information about the calls you receive. The city and state information of incoming calls is displayed.

Requirements to participate in the T-Mobile Voice Plus Beta:
The download will be made available to the select number of T-Mobile G1 customers who reply with an email to voiceplusbeta@t-mobile.com. Be among the first to respond to secure your chance to participate in this beta!

Your e-mail MUST include:
Email subject line: Voice Plus Beta
IMEI Number
NOTE:Your IMEI can be found in your phone’s Status menu (Menu > Settings > About phone > Status), from the dialer: *#06#, or on the sticker under your battery.
Your T-Mobile telephone number, with area code

NOTE: You will need to accept the T-Mobile Terms and Conditions in order to use the T-Mobile Voice Plus Beta. The Terms and Conditions will show when you open the downloaded T-Mobile Voice Plus Beta application. Your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions allows us to collect information about your use of the application’s features.


Why can only G1 customers participate?

T-Mobile Voice Plus is in its early stages of development and is currently being tested by T-Mobile G1 customers.  We selected G1 customers to participate in the beta program for T-Mobile Voice Plus given these customers tend to be at the forefront of new developments in technology and have been loyal T-Mobile customers with an affinity for testing new mobile products and applications.

How long will you accept G1 customers into the T-Mobile Voice Plus Beta?

T-Mobile is accepting a select number of G1 customers into the T-Mobile Voice Plus beta program on a first-come basis.

Why are you hosting a beta program for T-Mobile Voice Plus?

T-Mobile continually looks for opportunities to provide our customers with the latest innovation that drives benefits for our customers and is excited to gather valuable feedback on T-Mobile Voice Plus.

When do you plan on launching T-Mobile Voice Plus?

T-Mobile is excited to gather valuable feedback on T-Mobile Voice Plus from our G1 community. We don’t have anything to announce at this time regarding when T-Mobile Voice Plus will be available.

Will T-Mobile Voice Plus be available on other platforms? Is this an Android-only feature?

T-Mobile is excited to gather valuable feedback on T-Mobile Voice Plus from our G1 community, and Voice Plus is only available to the select group participating in the beta at this time.

What if I already have the T-Mobile Visual Voicemail application installed on my device? Will it interfere?

No, the Voice Plus Beta will not interfere with the existing T-Mobile Visual Voicemail Application. Both will work independently of each other.

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