MyTouch LE Fender Sells, 17,250 Worth


Well as it turns out, the MyTouch Fender is fairly popular, to the tune of 17,250 units sold since its release three weeks ago. While it’s a special edition, translation “limited edition” T-Mobile has decided that a second round of orders for the device is necessary and come April, they’ll be stocked and ready. In fact T-Mobile is planning on using some nifty database work to see that stores that have individuals waiting for the phone have an opportunity to get the phone. However, supplies are limited and stock is definitely not guaranteed. So remember, at some point, eBay may be your last resort.

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  • ig0tno0dles

    The same thing will happen to the HD2!

    • TmoNinja

      The HD2 is in no way being considered a limited or special edition phone. All the stores will have the phone. Might it sell out from popularity? Sure, it could, but it’s going to be stocked as much as possible, unlike the limited numbers given to the myTouch Fender LE.

  • ig0tno0dles

    Yeah that’s what I meant due to popularity.

    • Viper

      Somehow doubt it. I haven’t seen any commercials for it. Ask a friend if they are getting the HD2 in March and unless they follow phone news they’ll be like “HD-what?”. Only way it’d sell out if it were heavily advertised as being incredibly fast and the thinnest device on the market and bla bla bla whatever else the general public likes to hear.

      Maybe some corny music in the background. A finger swipe or two on screen. Saying that you can make calls and download applications to do things with. Seems to be all people want to hear.

      • SteveG1

        Commercials will be on the air soon enough. There still just promoting the Fender thats all. I would expect to start seeing the ads for HD2 by mid-March. Ads are too expensinve these days to start them a month before a phone is released. Especially for a phone that will sell itself in the stores. Personally I would rather see no ads for the phone, that way I am guaranteed my own device at the time of release, lol. I really hope there is a early release for business users.

  • Viper

    Well yea, they sure better had get this device back in stores! Commercials kept running (I saw at least four) well after it was announced here that it was sold out!

  • FILA

    so people got to wait till April now to get the phone? damn, but by then, they may not want the phone no more.

  • Cody

    If it is sold out, why are they still showing commercials for it so much?

  • Pete

    The reason it did well was because of the 3.5 input, and 16G card. If other companies figured this out they would do well too…
    Most companies are cheap, and only put 2g or 4g card with their phones, where as the iPhone you have at least 16g, and you don’t have to go out and buy another card…

    Just my 2cents…

  • tucker

    we still have 11 of these in stock. we got 12 to begin with, so even though everybody thinks they’re sweet looking, they like the cheaper price. at least around here

  • Glenn

    I’ll wait for the Les Paul. Till then I’ll stick with my t349 (and also wait to see if T-Mobile get bought [please… not Verizon again–I’ve already lost Alltel, don’t want to lose T-Mobile, too]). :D

  • RayM

    Where is this place where you still have 11 of them?

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