Free Activation Weekend!


What else needs to be said? Sign up for a new account and get the activation fee waived. It’s a weekend of discounts!


  • TmoNinja

    Just remember, you may still see the $35 activation fee on your bill. It can take up to three billing cycles before you see it credited to you.

    • pdxduckfan

      Activation fees are a joke and rip-off! F-that…..they should be waived FOREVER!

    • Diane

      so don’t pay the activation fee when my bill arrives?

  • sorandkairi

    Just in time for that “new” Mytouch!

  • jj15951

    what the hell! I just signed up last weekend for a new account and had to pay $35! Can you say “refund” please?

    • Jonstonson

      Nothing that a solid complaint to t-mobile won’t fix! They take care of their customers.

  • Edmund

    just in time :D

  • Twitch110

    I NEVER pay the activation fee. It’s bogus. Easily hustled down to $0.

    • Pat

      You are a moron. And you paid an activation fee. T-Mobile is not to be “hustled” with.

  • T.P.

    How about providing this when the Nexus One is available for sale, the HD2 or other top notch phones!

  • StevenGlansburg

    I was thinking about switching back to T-mobile from Sprint… this seems like a good idea. 9700 and 59.99 a month here I come.

  • Bryan

    This is ONLY good at dealers and indirect stores, you can not get this at corporate stores. Also, it is a $35 bill credit, not activation fee waived, so if you have a corporate discount, example McDonalds 15% off, you get your act fee waived PLUS a $35 bill credit within 3 cycles!

    • NewGuy

      Yeah….except you’re wrong. If you’re going to spew info, make sure it’s correct first. The credit is available at corporate stores, and the credit is if you were charged an activation or migration fee, so no one will get a double credit. Nice try though.

      • chaoscentral

        That’s not really true, my friend just activated 2 lines today, I asked them about this offer and even brought up this page, since it isn’t on a corporate tmobile website it is not a valid offer, and they couldn’t give it to him. What’s your take on that? I even went to look on their website and couldn’t find a single mention of this promotion, so I think people should be warned that it may not be accepted by your local corporate store.

    • Pat

      Bryan, It is a corporate promotion. It will be available at all corporate stores. possibly indirect dealers. check your facts before you flap your lips

  • Spokker

    Haha, I activated on Tuesday. Shucks.

  • Scott

    Just posting my experience – I activated three new lines this weekend partly based on this news (just the timing, not the decision to switch). The store I was in had no record of this, and customer care had no record. Bottom line – I have just over $100 of activation fees that I will end up paying, no way around it. I can close the account, but like I said – this only affected timing, I was going to move anyway.

    Thought others might care to know when making their decisions.

  • Chris

    The promotion is NOT nationwide, it is available in corporate stores in select area’s, check with your LOCAL store first. Shop local and support your community anyway.