T-Mobile Officially Upgrades to HSPA 7.2Mbps?


Today is the day you’ve all been waiting for! Although T-Mobile had promised us HSPA 7.2Mbps before the end of 2009, better late than never right? Today Phonescoop claims that,  T-Mobile has officially announced that it has upgraded its entire 3G network to HSPA 7.2Mbps. T-Mobile also claims that its 3G footprint now covers some 200 million Americans. Along with the announcement, T-Mobile also stated that it plans to be the first U.S. carrier to deploy HSPA+ 21Mbps across its network by mid 2010. Now we can finally show AT&T who really has the ‘nations fastest 3G network’. I don’t know about you but it can’t get better than this, or can it? Are you guys getting super fast 3G speeds? Let us know in the comments!


UPDATE: Try rebooting your handset to get the faster 3G speeds.

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  • john

    Finally!!! Now we can get things going the right way this year. Great phones, Super network, and very good customer care = T-MOBILE!!!

  • Timo

    Very cool. So will AT&T have to stop claiming in its ads to have the fastest 3G network?

    • lp894

      Technically they can still claim it’s the fastest…because it is. They’re not lying by saying they’re the fastest. They’re just omitting they’re tied for “fastest”. It’d be a lie if they said “the fastest 3g network of any carrier” – THATS a lie lol

      • sceptre

        At&t doesn’t have 7.2 Mbps does it? I’m pretty sure they’re still at 3.6Mbps. So T-Mobile would be the fastest network (besides sprint 4G, but there coverage is basically non-existent).

      • john

        ATT is NOT the fastest…right now if anyone, it would be Verizon

      • john

        Give it some time, it just started today…lol

  • sleebus.jones

    May be my ignorance showing, but my device shows the mobile network type as UMTS, so it appears nothing has changed. I’m in the Houston area, so if anything has changed, I figure it’d change here.

    • God

      HSDPA, HSPA, HSPA+, HSUPA, etc.. are all part of a UMTS network. They’re like EDGE is to GSM.

  • kltye


    w00t. Downtown Chicago Loop.

  • Ben W

    using my 3g in NYC area right now. i see no difference.

    Since most phones have slow processors, an increase in speed won’t make a difference b/c the phone can’t handle it anyway.
    Should make a difference for people lucky enough to afford or get the Nexus One though.

  • Rich

    No difference here with my G1.

    About 512k down and between 256 and 512 up on multiple tests.

    Slow as usual.

  • brian

    not seeing anything new in indianapolis….:(

  • rushmore

    Great- IF you have 3G in the first place. What good is this upgrade when their network coverage is still weak? Lucky to get decent edge connections around here, yet alone 3G.

  • farcyded

    My daughter gets 3g on her gravity2 ,and I can not get past gprs on my pearl.

    Tyler, Tx

    • Joe

      lol@GPRS. Not even EDGE?

  • Sloth

    In Boston, perfect 3G coverage, speed tests using xtremelabs, 754kbps down, 140kbps up, just like always.

    I *strongly* doubt that is HSPA, because if it was, I’d expect to see the upload burst higher and it never, ever does.

    If that *is* HSPA, I’m very disappointed.

    • God


      7.2mbps HSDPA != HSPA+ (which is 21mbps).

      You can be on a 7.2 tower and still get low speeds because TMO hasn’t widely rolled out HSUPA for uploads

      • Sloth

        Ok, so why is my download consistently throttled to half a T1? On every tower around here.

        I’m kind of doubting that they don’t have the backhaul, across all towers, but most especially to the one I’m looking at right now – it’s sitting on a fiber backbone and I’ve actually pulled fiber to the building next door and it’s easily available.

      • God

        @Sloth – Just because fiber’s available, doesn’t mean it’s the 100% uptime demanded by Telcos being provided.

        If they have the backhaul, there’s NO incentive for them to throttle you. They don’t pay less for unused bandwidth. The more likely (and simple) scenario is simply that they have a T1 to those towers, and some other people are using it – slowing your speed down. Don’t forget, that while a T1 may provide 1.544mbps of data, you’re going to lose throughput with all of that overhead right off the top. From TCP/IP to radio interference, unless you’re within a very small distance from that tower, you’re never going to get the best speeds.

  • OakBrook

    ARe we going to see anything on our phone indicating that we connected to faster network? Like 3G sign will change to H or anything like that?

    • @velazcod

      no, whatever symbol will just stay in the phone like it is now, you will notice higher speeds when on 3G, maybe download a speed test app on your phone and try it.

  • sam

    hmm, no… because i STILL only get GPRS… :(

    • Galen20K

      I SERIOUSLY doubt you are on GPRS.

      • sam

        bet me

      • rossi

        I believe him… if you live in a rural area/small town it is not uncommon to see GPRS (or nothing) with Tmobile.

      • sam

        **her ;) but yeah i live in a town of about 60,000. but I’m only 20 miles away from a town that has 3G. i was hoping maybe when they got it, we would get it, but no such luck.

      • rossi

        Sam, my apologies :)

        You know… the whole tech blog-guy-stereotype thing… I won’t let it happen again.

  • 94wolf

    RTP, NC: Solid 3G coverage but getting normal 3G speeds Iwas seeing a week ago.

  • Brett

    Nothing has changed for me, I’m getting .86 Mbps on download and .34 Mbps on upload on 3G here in San Diego

  • James

    .3-.4 Mbps DL and .2-.3 Mbps UL in south florida – Miami market, one of the first with 3G

    • Smolomiami

      come on men stop that i live in south florida in sunny isles beach and the speed is the some nothing change yet

    • Smolomiami

      come on men on your WI-FI no ? stop that i live in south florida and the speed is the some nothing change yet

    • smolomiami

      hey James turn off your’s Wi-fi and then you get your real speed i live in miami and the speed is still the some come on men

    • smolomiami

      hey James turn off your’s Wi-fi and then you get your real speed i live in miami and the speed is still the some come on men

  • aggie99

    no difference here in the dallas area.

    1.5 down and .3 up on my N900

  • Eric
    • Timo

      3Mb, not 3MB. 3MB would be really nice, though.

  • Kyle

    Don’t see any improvements in Austin, TX. Still averaging between 500 and 600 kbps =(

    • TxDot

      Same here. I’m in the Northwest Austin area (183 & Braker) and 3G speeds are normal (read slow).

  • whodatfever

    I’m rebooting and will try it but the phone’s processor, while important to overall experience, will not stop your speed from increasing. When you go to Wi-Fi and run a speedtest do you not see higher speeds?

  • larry

    I had a slower than normal rate this morning while downloading the latest cyanogen rom. Maybe it will be better after work.

  • Chuck

    I am in the Dallas Market using the Behold II getting 2890 kbps down and 890 kbps up.
    Definitely an improvement.

  • whodatfever

    921 download
    295 upload

    Nothing changed in New Orleans

  • Galen20K

    yeah no difference for me, still about 1mbps not 3. *sad face*** Michigan by the way.

  • Yemi

    1.89Mb/s Download and 1.15 MB/s Upload on my nokia n900 here in NJ

  • Putz

    Here in Austin, Tx, and I am still 1 mb up, 300 kb down. :(

  • mattyboy247

    Still have 930kbps down, 374kbps up. Same as before. Nothings changed for me.

    Dayton Ohio

  • Mobilingual

    I call shinanigans. If you jump to the story on Phonescoop.com you will notice that the article states that info was posted by T-Mobile, with the link to the press release not actually working. Checking the official press releases on T-Mobile.com, reveals no such info.

  • Yemi

    Question for everyone: I see my N900 going from 2 to 2.5 to 3G to 3.5 on different occasions. I know 2 is Edge and I know 3G is HSPA. What is 3.5

  • I’ve been running the SpeedTest.net app on my G1 every few weeks since it came out; my best speed in San Diego was actually this morning but still not fantastic: 108KB down, 25KB up.

  • Mark

    Not here in Louisville, CO. Still only 600 – 800 Kbps on speed test.

  • brian

    1.97 mbps download .39 mbps upload
    thats better than what i have had for the last couple of days…

  • craig

    All Good in Chicago!!

  • ShotWithAnSLR

    My speeds are actually slower today, .87 down and .25 up.

    Swallow sadness..

  • Tservo

    Still stuck on EDGE just outside St. Louis, although have started getting a 3G signal off and on the last couple days. Hope that means that the 3G coverage is still expanding.

    • God

      it is.

  • Sathinas

    5.99Mb down
    4.07Mb up

    Mesa AZ

    • Mark

      What device do you have? I am on TP2 and still getting 600 – 800 Kbps in CO.

      • sorandkairi

        Thats clearly a lie!

  • Beau

    I don’t even get EDGE, only GPRS :( (Red Wing, MN)

  • scale

    did notice faster speed with g1 here in houston…have to double check! thanks tmobile!

  • RJ Scott

    No change here in ATL, yet. Using the speedtest.net app from the market, I’m at the same averages as I’ve been for many months. (however, wireless tethering between my G1 and my MacBook Pro consistently delivers 1.5-2.09Mbps and has for months)
    Ping: 235ms
    Download: .45Mbps
    Upload: .33Mbps
    I suppose maybe it takes some time to propagate out across the TMO network?

  • Mr. Stacy R. Parr

    A few comments:

    1) Many congrats to the BSU Football team — awesome Fiesta Bowl victory! I wonder when the national (so called) experts will give BSU some respect. All I heard about going into the game was how the Horned Frogs would destroy BSU, maybe even shut them out!?! Anyway, BSU talked with actions, got it done, and all of Bronco Nation is PROUD! :-)

    2) Still waiting for 3G in Boise.

    3) Speaking of 3G, the last 3G launch was two weeks ago, and I hope lots more are coming soon.

    4) Speaking of launches, the Data Coverage map hasn’t kept up since Nov 17. Come on TMO, get the silly map updated!

    5) I hope TMO gets the Death Star to stop saying they have the fastest 3G network. One way to do this would be to have TMO ramp up the advertising, and maybe even give the Death Star a “cease and desist”. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again … IF TMO wants to play with the big boys, they’ve GOT TO ADVERTISE like the big boys — quantity and quality. I firmly believe TMO can have as many subscribers as the big two, but they HAVE to advertise heavily to get there. Advertise your strengths, TMO, strongly and heavily, and you’ll increase your subscribers.

    • Robert

      1. Being from Boise myself congrats go out to the Broncos. Great season.

      2. T-Mobile would ACTUALLY have to improvement their network and get real speeds… not just lies about reported speeds… to actually market it where people wouldn’t just laugh at them.

      200 million people covered by 3G? Lies.

      Upgraded network speeds? Obviously a lie as well.

      I’m tired of being used and abused as a T-Mo customer. Fix your network and increase your speeds. Don’t just run around reporting that it’s done when obviously it’s not based on just about every comment in this thread.

    • TrueCoug

      Boise State got as much respect as they deserve. Nice win, but they won’t be champs until they get out of that rinky-dink conference of theirs.

  • Danny

    I’m in Eagan, MN and I’m getting 3g in my building where I usually only get EDGE. I just took the battery out of my phone for a restart. Still having strong 3g in my building. Also, I’m right by the airport so I’m not sure if thats factoring in or not.

    • Danny

      I’m also using a MyTouch 3G

  • God

    I really wish that TMONEWS had taken my advice to STOP MISLEADING people to think that upgrading the towers to 7.2mbps was going to have any effect on speeds, when the bottleneck is the BACKHAUL.

    Chances are, VERY few people will see increased speeds because the backhaul isn’t there to support anything about 1.5mbps on many towers. Until that gets upgraded on a tower-by-tower basis, most users won’t see any changes.

  • Robert

    Hahahahahahaha… no offense, but you just have to love it when this fan site jumps to conclusions and posts stuff like this.

    And then everybody logs in and gets excited because they think their phones are magically going to sprout wings and fly just because T-Mobile ‘says’ they’ve upgraded their networks.

    I’m confused. It appears that out of dozens of replies pretty much everybody is saying there’s NO improvement… and pointing out that even their 3G speeds are slow compared to other networks.

    So………. this was the improvement?

    Is it possible that maybe we could actually hold T-Mo’s feet to the fire and tell them we’re frickin tired of being used and abused as customers and actually WANT REAL improvements to their network and not lies about how many people they can cover and how fast their network is.

    When we all know it’s not.

  • Robert

    Hahahaha… more lies.

  • Robert

    Hahahaha… more lies.

  • Black Kristos

    Portland, Maine on MT3G using the Speedtest.net app, still at 1 down and .4 up. No change from a month ago.

    • Jake

      Live just outside of Augusta; still waiting for any coverage improvement up here. Been with TMobile many years, but if they can’t start expanding services up this way I may end up moving to another carrier this year.

  • Getting about 6Mbps download and at least 1Mbps upload here in NYC. Screenshots: http://thenokiablog.com/4160

    • Matt

      I’m in Queens… only got 813 kbs down… 647 kbs up.

  • LoyalTMoCust

    I have been a long-standing TMobile customer and although I am happy about the “increase in 3G speed” I would be much more satisfied with an “increase in 3G coverage”. TMobile needs to work on expanding their network coverage more than increasing it’s speed.

    Yes, it would be nice to live in a perfect world and have a robust 3G network and HSPA+ … but that would be an extremely expensive endeavor for TMobile. I just hope they get their act together soon so that 3G is available in more areas than “big cities”. I do not have a problem when I am at home or at work… but the drive in between or when visiting family is a pain in the ass when I am on EDGE, GPRS or no service at all!!

    Come on TMobile! It makes the Nexus One look like a childs toy if you cannot use it with 3G whenever you like!

  • pickle

    No change here in Denver (DTC Area).

    While I agree with God somewhat, I do not find this article misleading as a whole. Yes, he is correct in that IF the Tower is back hauled by a single T1, regardless of how fast your connection from the phone to the tower is, you will still be limited to 1.5mbps. That isn’t to say though that T-Mobile has not spent time and money upgrading towers to a T3 or even gone so far as a DS3. Obviously, getting every cell tower out there upgraded is going to take more time and money, BUT, if they have upgraded their entire Tower network to 7.2mbps, then it is not misleading in my book at all.

    God, I agree in this, T-Mobile needs to get off their asses and upgrade ALL of the back hauls. 7.2 to the tower is worthless without fast connections to the tower. However, TMonews is just passing on info from T-Mobile so it is really T-Mobile doing the misleading.

  • pickle

    No change here in Denver (DTC Area).

    While I agree with God somewhat, I do not find this article misleading as a whole. Yes, he is correct in that IF the Tower is back hauled by a single T1, regardless of how fast your connection from the phone to the tower is, you will still be limited to 1.5mbps. That isn’t to say though that T-Mobile has not spent time and money upgrading towers to a T3 or even gone so far as a DS3. Obviously, getting every cell tower out there upgraded is going to take more time and money, BUT, if they have upgraded their entire Tower network to 7.2mbps, then it is not misleading in my book at all.

    God, I agree in this, T-Mobile needs to get off their asses and upgrade ALL of the back hauls. 7.2 from the phone to the tower is worthless without faster connections leading in to the tower. However, TMonews is just passing on info from T-Mobile so it is really T-Mobile doing the misleading.

  • pickle

    No change here in Denver (DTC Area).

    While I agree with God somewhat, I do not find this article misleading as a whole. Yes, he is correct in that IF the Tower is back hauled by a single T1, regardless of how fast your connection from the phone to the tower is, you will still be limited to 1.5mbps. That isn’t to say though that T-Mobile has not spent time and money upgrading towers to a T3 or even gone so far as a DS3. Obviously, getting every cell tower out there upgraded is going to take more time and money, BUT, if they have upgraded their entire Tower network to 7.2mbps, then it is not misleading in my book at all.

    God, I agree in this, T-Mobile needs to get off their asses and upgrade ALL of the back hauls. 7.2 from the phone to the tower is worthless without faster connections leading in to the tower. However, TMonews is just passing on info from T-Mobile so it is really T-Mobile doing the misleading.

    • Brad

      go here and read section on backhaul at bottom


      “Om: What kind of bandwidth are you providing to cell cites right now? What’s the roadmap – can you talk a little bit about it?

      Brodman: Today our bandwidth is typically multiple DS-1s or T-1s to a cell site. We probably average between 3 and 4 T-1s per cell site today for our general 2G-3G business…We’re at 6 Mbps per second per site. Tomorrow I think the first steps are going to be something more like 20-25Mbps, quickly followed by 50Mbps, and eventually getting to 100Mbps+. I think over the next three to four years you’ll see it develop on that curve. I think with LTE or the more advanced versions of HSPA+ and how mobile Internet’s adoption could occur, we’ll need to scale between 20 and 50 Mbps per site at some of our higher-capacity sites in the next three years. I think beyond that, it’ll have to get beyond 50, but I think it’ll take a little bit of time before you see those kinds of needs on a broad basis. You may have localized hotspots, but I think that’ll take a little bit more time.”

      • pickle

        Thanks for the link Brad. Good to know our beloved Magenta is working to out pace the dreaded Big Bell in upgrading the back hauls to their cell towers.

  • pickle

    sorry for the triple post, not sure how that happened. power cycled my G1 and am now getting 4mbps consistently using mobilespeedtest.com.

  • chris

    I’m in a metro area of 240,000 and still only get GPRS on T-mobile, kinda ridiculous

  • wow getting 4mbs over & over in NYC!

  • Jason M

    Getting 3030Kbps in downtown Chicago on G1

  • Mark S

    Still no change in St Paul, MN. I wonder if this is rippling accross the country east to west? It seems the big speeds are out east.

  • erbal210

    getting a steady 4.1 here in San Antonio

  • colnago

    Washington D.C. supposedly upgraded…no increase for me just north of there. I still get full bars of 3.5G on Nokia N900, but speeds still 900Kb/300Kb. I did get a “connection update” from T-Mobile on Sunday. Per speedtest.net, my location is more accurate as it shows me in “Maryland, with DC test server”, instead of being in “New Jersey, with Philadelphia test server”. When on the “Internet2” APN, it had my location as being somewhere in Kansas (gateway? proxy?).

    The new settings installed a proxy address, but its not “enabled”. Enabling it had no affect.

  • mrbill

    I don’t have a 3G phone (I have a DASH), but today is Nexus One Day and I have 530 bones burning a hole in my pocket!

  • sashaohio

    Getting regular speeds in Columbus, OH. For accurate test results use http://i.dslr.net/iphone_speedtest.html

  • mrbill

    I don’t have a 3G phone (I have a DASH), but today is Nexus One Day and I have 530 bones burning a hole in my pocket!

  • Ritchie

    Here in Laredo TX at my place i m stil only getting EVDO, wish i would get 3G, will test the speed when i get to downtown where there is 3G

  • Ritchie

    Here in Laredo TX at my place i m stil only getting EVDO, wish i would get 3G, will test the speed when i get to downtown where there is 3G

  • jbrown1020

    You need to power cycle your phone to get the faster speeds, if they are indeed available in your area.

  • jbrown1020

    You need to power cycle your phone to get the faster speeds, if they are indeed available in your area.

  • Jed T

    Personally, I’d settle for just having 3G. The city I live in has a population of over 200K, with a metropolitan area with just under 600K residents; but because we’re in middle America, T-Mobile seems to be ignoring us in favor of rollouts elsewhere. My state doesn’t even appear on any of the unofficial rollout schedules I’ve seen. Not encouraging. And while I love T-Mobile, the fact that every major competitor does offer 3G in my area is awfully tempting.

  • samantha

    hahahahah i hate you all. my speed is 126 kbps… you have no idea…

  • Brook-a-lyn

    New York, NY
    469 kbit/sec
    0.858s latency
    17.681s d/l time


  • Michael

    No speed change in Southern California.

  • Yatima

    I used mobilespeedtest.com running the 7MB test

    I get around 800kbps when doing the basic test, so it seems that the high speed only kicks in for data intensive things like youtube. Which is where you want it. For normal web browsing, I doubt much will change.

  • mrbill

    I don’t have a 3G phone (I have a DASH) yet, but today is Nexus One day and I have 530 bones burning a hole in my pocket!

  • nirav

    In Chicago here. Tried mobilespeedtest.com using the 2 mb file. This is the result I got. Not sure how accurate this is. If it is..WOW!


  • jose

    i live on staten island and ive NEVER even gotten 1Mbps on my mytouch 3g. now according to tmobile i live in the new york city metro area so i think they need to get there shit together!

  • Antwain

    28.8 kbps dial-up
    33.6 kbps dial-up
    40 kbps GPRS
    56 kbps dial-up
    128 kbps ISDN
    144 kbps 1xRTT
    236.8 kbps EDGE
    384 kbps Low DSL
    400 kbps 3G ( EVDO / HSDPA )
    768 kbps Broadband
    1000 kbps Fast 3G
    1500 kbps Basic DSL
    7477 kbps YOU

    Dallas Tx…tethered G1

  • Solid Fox

    605 kbps down/430 kbps up from mytouch3g after reboot from Dearborn MI.

  • Sean

    Getting 584 kbps in Commerce City, CO right now. The web loads faster, but I’m hoping I get to the average T-Mobile speed shown on mobilespeedtest.com of 1489 kbps.

  • Twitch110


  • Mike

    ~700k down/400k up in Orlando. Hoping for something better soon. Perhaps I should reboot?

  • Revengineer

    Nope, still at 800 kbits/sec down in Baltimore/Washington area.

  • Yatima

    For those of you getting slower speeds, how many of you are using mobilespeedtest with the 2mb or higher test? I’d say try again.

  • GentillyWoods

    Memphis, TN
    522 kbps pre-reboot
    842 kbps post-reboot

  • GentillyWoods

    Memphis, TN
    522 kbps pre-reboot
    842 kbps post-reboot

  • sactomkiii

    still sitting around 850~950 kb/s here in Sacramento, CA on a cliq and a tethered mt3g.

  • sactomkiii

    still sitting around 850~950 kb/s here in Sacramento, CA on a cliq and a tethered mt3g.

  • Jon Shipman

    1717 kbps in Kansas City via N900

  • Jon Shipman

    1717 kbps in Kansas City via N900

  • Aneirin

    Getting between 1 Mb/s and 2 Mb/s in North Palm Beach County … that is South Florida. so It appears the network was upgraded over here already.

  • MichMan

    My office in Redmond, WA has terrible reception, but I’m now getting a consistent 2.0Mbps

  • brie987

    3418.803 kbps In Brooklyn NYC.

  • Revengineer

    using speedtest.net app, getting ~800 kbits/s

  • Revengineer

    using speedtest.net app, getting ~800 kbits/s

  • jeff

    i get 2-4mb on mobilespeedtest.com but only 700K-900K on speedtest.net in Southern California. Very weird

  • david

    Okay so here is my new mobilespeed after I restarted my phone I’m useing a g1 n live in maryalnd..

  • Fred

    I have a my touch, how do you check the speed?

  • Revengineer

    hm, 3mbit/s using mobilespeedtest.com, 800 kbit/s using speedtest.net app. Who is lying????

    • sorandkairi

      mobilespeedtest clearly…….

  • MrNova

    Yeah I’m in chicago, and only getting 1.7mbps. Using Speedtest.net

  • Using SpeedTest.net Android app, speeds show same as the last few weeks: ~600/400

    • In Phoenix

      • ragnar

        Tucson here, getting same 3G speed as before also (500 kbit). Perhaps they haven’t rolled it out in AZ yet.

  • John

    Nothing new in A2!

    Still getting at best 930 kb/s down & 400 kb/s up using speedtest app.

  • queensnewbie

    Got about 3Mbps in Central PA, nice!

  • Don

    Getting 7378 Kbps in the Buffalo area using the 7mb test at mobilespeedtest.com

  • networkpro

    Motorola Cliq in Metro Atlanta , up for 3 weeks so time to reboot…if it were Windoze Mobile it would have been only a day or two between boots.


    3245 2Mb test

    4197 7Mb test

  • Kendrix_myrealname

    Dallas here. Consistently pulling between 2000-45000kbps. Super quick. But for some reason, my rooted MyTouch undated wireless tether and forces close now. Strange

  • kenji138

    Using 1MB test at mobilespeedtest.com, I have 4020Kbps in Austin, Texas on my G1. I also ran the 2MB and 3MB tests, and I hovered around 3600 to 4000 Kbps.

  • Brandon

    There’s a misconception here… These netwroks have not LAUNCHED yet, they have only been installed and ready to use. Therefor, the nationwide HSPA+ network has not been “deployed” to all 3G areas yet.

    • sorandkairi

      Dude u have the misconception, no one has said anything about hspa +. Although u are probably right about the services are not active everywhere if anyone.

  • Brandon

    Also, 597 kbps in Richmond VA

  • enjoijams

    A couple weeks ago I was getting 400-1000kbps now im getting 250-750kbps. Something is wrong here. I have pulled my battery out and let it sit for an hour. Still same results.

  • MaC

    yeah that’s my speed. I don’t trust it that much though.

    • MaC

      whoops… didn’t paste. But I got like 5300ish though using mobilespeedtest.com which sometimes i don’t trust…

  • well im in long beach ca n on my mytouch 3g im getting 3500kbps up and 2900kbps down with 5 bars of 3G no im not on wi-fi IT is much faster than last week. last week i was getting 750-900 kbps so im guessing they did turn on the faster network cause i am seeing a huge difference

    • sorandkairi

      There see only 4 bars

      • sorandkairi


  • dbf

    consistently north of 3100 kbps in Salt Lake City on mobilespeedtest.com. Thanks T-Mobile!

  • Gabor

    I have contacted T-Mobile twice today and neither customer service, nor Tier 3 tech support know a word about it. They said it is being deployed but not out yet.

  • Chet

    Using Xtreme Labs SpeedTest… on my Bold 9700…

    Getting 1051 Kbits/s download and 117.09 Kbits/s upload.

  • chris

    Only getting EDGE on the lying tmobile 3g data maps.

  • DCT

    N900 Bay area, Only getting 3g :(. Is there any connection details we need to add to the N900?

  • whodatfever

    Guys, please stop with the mobilespeedtest.com results. I was getting those wacky speeds for months from that website then, while tethering and running the speedtest.net app, I saw more accurate results. mobilespeedtest.com is hilariously unreliable.

    • Keith

      Yup. I got like 8mbps the other night. Tethering is more accurate.

  • hec

    looks like the fake hspa 7.2 rumers from last year are makeing its way to this new year along with the fake mobiletest.com speed test site, well you can say its the new way of getting peaple to buy new phone,

  • James

    Denver here, still only getting between 1 & 1.5Mbps on MT3G.

  • watbetch

    Where is the official announcement? I’m still getting 1-1.9MBPS. It’s not online yet..

  • thechemist

    I lived in Los Angeles last year. I bought the G1 and the 3G coverage was pretty fast. I moved to Wichita, Ks and we just got 3G about 6 months ago. It was a complete joke! I couldn’t pick it up anywhere and when I could it was super slow. Now that 6 months has passed it is barely better. I can get a signal in more places, but it’s still slow.

    Supposedly I’m getting between 2500 and 3300 kbps, but it seems really slow still.

    My contract is up too…. hmmm….

    I’m really upset about the Nexus one pricing and plan too.

    • Brandon

      Booo hooo. Google put tje prices and terms in place, not t-mobile. Cry to Google, or don’t buy the phone. People act like a new phone (which will be replaced within 6 months) is life or death

  • Bama

    I’m getting .32 from speedtest.net by tethering my BB 9700. What’s up with the 3G??

    • watbetch

      It’s your blackberry causing the low tethering speed.

  • CMAN

    3333.333kbps on a 2mb test. G1 phone, Milwaukee, WI.

  • Robert

    So, I did a speed test and this is what I got…

    Here are the Speedtest results for my Blackberry:
    Connection Type: Carrier
    Avg. Download Speed:
    Max. Download Speed: 2.147483647E7Kbits/s

    I have Full 3G Coverage in my area.

  • Robert

    oh and almost forgot, I’m in Everett, Washington

  • On a N900 in Fort Lauderdale, FL I’ve been getting 1.01 mbps consistently for over 3 weeks at the full flash Speedtest.net site. My status bar has read ‘3.5G’ under the antenna bars for the entire time since I started using it Dec 11th
    Today is no change in speed.
    If 7.2 really means 1.0, then 21 must really mean 3.6

  • Guatiao

    In the meantime, Puerto Rico’s TMO still waits for 3G service, which was rumored to go live in December…

  • Stanly

    FWIW, I just got off the phone with T-Mobile customer care. It is a fiasco there, the CSR had to check with the supervisor, and then check about the Twitter update I received from T-Mobile about HSPA 7.2. He did confirm that 7.2 has been launched. I’m not receiving the increased speeds yet, so I don’t know what’s going on but…this is definitely a good thing. Not to mention Motorola was having some sort of MOTOBLUR update today, I did not receive any Facebook or Twitter updates until about 6 PM EST.

    Also, lets clear up the confusion…HSPA 7.2 and HSPA+ are totally different…HSPA+ is not the one launching today!!!!!!!!!! I wish!

  • Alvin B.

    Still getting only about 700kb here, not even hitting 1mbit – same speed I’ve had since 3g first launched. So no upgrades in Beaumont to HSPA 7.2 yet it appears. Appears this “launch” isn’t so much of a launch as another press announcement.

  • eleven11

    i live on long island new york and i can barely break 400kbps. average speed is usually around 600kbps. i have peaked at 1000kbps.

    new 3g network has definitely not launched yet.

  • jbn

    ok im here in slc and i just switched from the 4th reich (verizon) and i never get above 1000 kbps, i average around 300 to 400 kbps and its making me re think switching!!!

  • Ben

    Interesting, when using the newest version of Skyfire on a Touch Pro 2 and using testmyspeed.com, I was consistently getting 6000kbps but when I tethered by USB to my laptop I couldn’t get over 850kbps. Possibly Tmobile has set a throttle point to not exceed 1000kbps while tethering???

    • watbetch

      Skyfire uses servers to send data to your phone so it’s not accurate.

  • Bryan

    nothing here in Chicago yet I’m topping out at 600kbps in my neigborhood, i went downtown i peaked at 1.5mbps. I still dont think 7.2mbps is flipped on yet.

  • brian

    Averaging 2600-2800 in Visalia, CA — I reported the 3g launch in this area to Tmonews a few days ago, but still no mention of it on the site :/

  • getting 2925Kbps with 2 bars in doors in Lawrence, KS

  • jbn

    well im just testing on my phone but on my verizon id easily get 1.5 to 2 megs but on my tmobile phone i only get 300 to 400 kbps

  • jbn

    so are you people getting these speeds on you’re phones? i have a my touch and i rarely go above 500 kbps

  • Josh

    I have a mytouch3g and I’m from southern California and i tried the 1MB test and it indicated speeds of 2693.605kbps, apparently faster than basic DSL according to this site

  • Daniel

    Can someone make a video if they have the faster speeds thanks

  • Jay

    Disappointed to see my blackberry 9700 doesn’t support 7.2 :(

  • SugarMouth

    Speedtest.net app….282up 149 dwn, pretty slow!

  • Mike

    Pulling 881kbps in Washingon D.C./ Northern Virginia area. This has been the normal speeds for my area since I’ve been up here. The backbone is available with Verizon FIOS in my area, but no 3G speed increases yet.

  • spongebob71

    Getting 1.3M on xtreme labs app and 2.7M using mobilespeedtest.com on the 2MB test.

    This is definitely faster than what I used to get on my G1.

  • aquaitious

    Just compared two G1’s.

    3G: 3212kbps 0.4 Latency
    WiFi: 2402kbps 1.0 Latency

    My friend who lives about three miles away got 12,000kbps!

    I can officially turn off my WiFi on my G1.

  • aquaitious

    Oh and by the way, I did five tests, 100KB, 500KB, 1MB, 3MB and 5MB. For all five 3G came out on top.

  • Mark

    I am still getting 3g speeds but I now have 4 bars in my room when I used to have either 1 or Edge. There has been some improvement done overnight. I woke up around 5am to find my phone had no network connection so I rebooted and during reboot I fell back asleep but there network was definitely down for a little bit. I’m in Aurora,IL

  • Mark

    oh and Tmobile might of just updated there polls to support 7.2mbps but they probably haven’t updated much of the T1 backbones that all this information is going through. So if you have 1-2 t1’s still connected to you your nearest antenna your still only going to get under 3mbps (depending on how flooded your network is). Some might be upgraded to fiber but I’m sure not a lot.

    • MAtt

      I am sure there are a lot of transport & provisioning changes with respect to new alternative data line vendors on going for the past year to expand bandwidth, due to existing vendors (ATT & Verizon) are concentrating on their own fiber lines….not on leased lines that Sprint & Tmobile are pushing to get upgrade. My 2 cents…..

    • watbetch

      T-Mobile should be moving to Fiber, if they want to dream about launching HSPA+.

  • I’m in Cincinnati, and after the reboot, my phone is moving. 4020kpbs right now. I’m a happy girl!

    • phoneking13

      Must be nice…. :P I’m only getting EDGE up here in Middletown. :(

  • Rubinz

    This is a joke, right? I’m in Santa Rosa, CA, when I went to bed on the 4th my Bold 9700 had 5 bars of 3G and darned good speeds. Woke up on the 5th, 3G was dead! All day and still right now, I have between 1-2 bars of EDGE and 10kbps download speed. Did battery pulls all day and nothing.

    Great downgrade T-Mobile.

  • Ben

    Has anyone gotten higher speeds while tethering with USB???

  • Shawn

    Boston… No upgrade as of yet.

  • BobCat

    Who can explain!!! MT3G
    mobilespeedtest.com on 3g with 2MB produces 3-4 Mb test speeds
    mobilespeedtest.com on wifi with 2MB produces 3-4Mb test speeds
    speedtest.net android app on 3g produces 500-900 Kb test speeds
    speedtest.net android app on wifi produces 3-4Mb test speeds
    xtreme speedtest android app on 3g produces 500-900 Kb test speeds
    xtreme speedtest android app on wifi produces 3-4 Mb test speeds

    All this to say…. all 3 test produces consistent results on wifi. On tmo 3g, only mobilespeedtest shows the FAST data speed. The 2 native andriod app on 3g show original 3g performance.

    Why the difference????

  • dethduck

    In Worcester, Massachusetts and nothing has changed. Speeds still seem to be capped at 1mbp

    • sorandkairi

      IDK what every1 is talking about. Like u said, there has been no significant change to most if not any1 data performance. Mobilespeedtest.com is ……wrong. Its not accurate at all and ppl are flocking to it like flies to flypaper getting caught in its stupid little trap. If any1 had taken to time to see that those speeds have been the same on mobilespeedtest.com even before the switch. Come on ppl have common sense.

      • hec

        so true SORANDKAIRI mobilespeedtest.com is wrong, but yesterday i did a speed test useing dslreports.com and got a reading of 1124 kbps this was the highest ive ever gotton on the my touch 3g,

  • Unal

    DO NOT use mobilespeedtest.com. Those are not accurate. Download original speedtest app from the market test with that. Those numbers are wrong. I am in Atlanta area and 7.2 is not on yet. I checked it all day in various locations. Speed is still limited at 1mb.

  • Michael Magliotti

    I have full 3G coverage where I live and haven’t seen any difference in my speeds. The only speed tests I trust is extreme lab and speedtest.net apps. Both those apps are giving me the same results 800kbps/800kbps (full 3g bars), which is nothing great. I don’t think anything has been deployed yet. No difference on my speeds and like I said its a full 3G coverage area.

    • ricr

      I don’t think all the towers have been turned on yet. At work (downtown Columbus) I’m still getting 600-800kbps, but at home (approximately 18 miles away) I’m getting 1.5-2.3Mbps consistently. Not near the 7.2Mbps, but better than before.

    • iFloss
  • ThetanLevel13

    Thanks to everyone who suggested getting the speedtest apps over the mobilespeedtest site. I had no idea, but was seriously skeptical when it kept telling me I was getting almost 5 Mbps.

    Tried speedtest app and I’m gettting about 400 – 450 kbps. Which is pretty sucky if you ask me.

    • iFloss

      Try the test now. I did it at my home. New York, NY and i just got 9.4mbps so idk what’s up with your phone.

      I have a T-Mo Touch Pro2 running Energy Rom (i think last week’s release) and I just did the speed test. Try several times and try going up in the tests
      100kb, 500kb, 1mb etc etc

      Try it I got results ^______^

  • gmad

    In Connecticut I am getting 1mbs down and .35 up so no change yet.

  • Yesterday while testing via my g1 on mobilespeedtest.com i was getting between 2000 to 3000 kbps, today im getting 500kbps.

    Tested via wifi tether, and getting roughly 500-600kbps at speedtest.net mobilespeedtest.com and testmy.net

    I’m disappointed :(

  • Jim

    In L.A. — both at home (near Westwood), and the office (near LAX) — I’m getting ~ 1,500/800. I’m using the speedtest.net app. This is pretty much what I got 2 months ago.

    Is this the backhaul issue mentioned near the top of the comments?


    • sorandkairi

      I seriouly doubt I are getting an 800kbps upload

      • sorandkairi

        I meant u

    • sorandkairi

      I seriouly doubt u are getting an 800kbps upload

  • Travis Jacobs

    A lot of good all this high speed bragging will do if you still have to use an area that still only provides GPRS speeds. I would be happy if I even had EDGE to use with my G1 when I am around Sheridan, Texas and Hallettsville, Texas. I keep hearing that there are EDGE units available in TMo storage. Why not use them!!!!

  • eli_the_great89

    Now if only t-mobile would strongly advertise their upgraded 3G network as well as the ability for subscribers to multi-task on the network.
    At&t seems to advertise the “talk and surf” and “fastest 3G network”

    Well now t-mobile can do the same, and since they operate on HSPA, they also have the multi-tasking capabilities through the network.

    P,S. Its also uncluttered.
    Come on t-mo come out from hiding and advertise more.

  • ICON

    Even though mobilespeedtest.come may be wrong, and perhaps using wifi or tethering is effecting the results, but has anyone noticed when “comparing carriers” near the bottom, that T-Mo is blowing the other mobile companies away? It was almost double AT&T at one point during my testings. And dslreports,com has the 7 Sidekick tests (yes, I know it has to do with the back-end servers) blowing everyone else outta the water. Too bad the Sidekick brand is dead =(

  • Bob

    It would be nice to just get 3g here.

  • Not So Fast

    I think the problem is that T-Mobile has not done enough to increase the network capacity between the cell site and the greater internet (backhaul, or whatever it’s called). In other words, we have two really strong end-links in our three link chain, but the middle one is still a paper clip.

    To that end, I’m still seeing 1Mbps or less in Seattle using the speedtest.net app (which is the only measuring tool I’ve come to trust).

  • jrperiod

    I went from 2.89mbps down lastnight to .26mbps today. What gives?

  • iFloss

    Alright I think you should like put my comment up.

    I just ran a speed test on my phone in front of my computer. I went to mobilespeedtest.net and I did all of the speed tests and the first time i did the 100kb one I got a horrible speed but if you go directly to the page instead of through google you get the option to run all the tests. On the 7mb test i got 9.4mbps

    I’m so happy I put it up on my twitter. http://www.twitter.com/iFlossiFOB So idk about 7.2mbps but maybe New York got the 21mbps HSPA+ upgrade >x]

    Fxck AT&T. T-Mobile FTW ^________^

    • sorandkairi

      Dude it was wrong period

    • TC

      What browser do you use to get that speed?

  • Biff Johannsen

    We’re still waiting for 3g in Panama City, FL. The local reps say that the equipment has been in place for months. TURN THE D@MN THING ON!!!

    The EDGE network that we are running is nearly unusable. A co-worker is with Sprint, the worst provider in town, and he has very respectable through put @ 2.3Mbps.

    I’ve been pissed since T-Mo has decided to work on a speed increase before getting other cities on 3g.

    T-Mo is the only provider in town that is not 3g enabled!

  • TC

    @ iFloss what browser do you use for those speed test’s? If you use opera it wont give the correct speeds!

  • BM

    Still getting 650-950kbps as this morning on MyTouch using the SpeedTest.Net app even after rebooting.
    Anybody has any info as to why we are not seeing the speed increase and when we can expect to get it?

  • LJ

    T-Mobile has obviously and blatantly lied. They did not blanket their 3G footprint with 7.2 mbps before the end of 2009. Then they announced that they did do it 5 days later but in many areas its obvious there is no change. (If you can’t get speeds 1.8mbps+ than there was no change in your area since that was t-mo’s softcap pre “upgrade”)

  • Mike V.

    Still getting around 750kbps dwnld and 250 upld in Wilmington, DE using the Philadelphia server which is the closest to me.
    So much for “upgrading” the 3g.

  • money mo

    go to mobilespeedtest.com ON YOUR PHONE. dont use the inaccurate apps that are available on the android marrket.

    • sorandkairi

      mobilespeedtest.com ON YOUR PHONE… IS WRONG!!!!!!

  • John

    There is a 3g tower 200 yards from my house. With my Blackberry I was getting 6500k a second transfer. I noticed on the higher file size transfers I reached those extremely high speeds but on the 100k or less transfers it was only clocked around 200-400kbs

    this was all from mobilespeedtest.com

    • rossi

      First of all, considering your blackberry isn’t even capable of 6500K…. again, don’t use mobilespeedtest.com.

  • Dwayne

    My 3G In The Columbus,GA Metro Area Is Actually Slower Now Then It Was It Before And Its Pissing Me Off And Plus My 3G Signal Is Now Even Weaker I Used To Get At Least 4-5 Bars Now I Barely Get One.

    • Dwayne

      I am agreeing with rossi do not use mobilespeedtest.com it is not dependable because on my behold doing the 100kb test it says i was running at 109.739k which is less then edge and i have 3G Signal but when i run the 500kb test im running at 1379.31k and then i did the test again with the 500kb test and i got 431.034k so DO NOT USE MOBILESPEEDTEST.COM ! And to reframe from my last comment i did a little research which lead me to believe that it depends on your signal tower you are using that could determine your 3G speed in your area.

  • Rex

    My speed test this morning was excellent, NYC… but personally I feel like it’s been sluggish this week.

  • Mr. Guy

    Whoo!!! Idaho just got 3g!!!

    • Kickstar13


      • Mr. Guy

        Its kind of in and out and now apparently we have no service, but i assume its cause they are flipping those switches!

    • no3g:)

      where in idaho are you getting 3G? just tried in Boise and nothing.

  • mike

    I would love to just have the slow 3g, still on edge in Springfield,MO

  • Ray

    Yeah, I woke up one morning to find they’d turned on 3G where I live in the sticks (Victorville, CA) and almost cried… but the pass between us and the rest of the world was still edge or worse. I could tell you exactly where it dropped off. A couple of weeks back it seems they upgraded/activated one more tower or set (however that works). the place where 3G ends/starts is about another 2 miles into the range when coming north up the 15. So slowly they are getting it done but I guess if you consider the sheer number of towers to upgrade, test, and activate it’s probably happening quite fast.

  • jeff

    I’ve been noticing slightly faster speeds around orange county,ca. I’m getting 1.2-1.5mbs, and then sometimes it goes back down to 800Kish….

  • LJPro

    Hope this will be some help for a few of us… I understand from a TMo source even though the software has been updated and the switch has been thrown for 7.2 none of us yet except for the folks around the Philly area have yet received any speed differences from regular 3G, what yet has to take place is the fiber obtic’s link to the towers throughout the Country and this should all take place in the next several months with the 21mbs close behind. You should also keep in mind that your phone must be rated 7.2 which means it has the hardward inside to realize these faster speeds, some of 3G phones do not. I have been tethering to my laptop for several years with a few different devices thru these times so I’m aware of many things that are going on with our network. Last but not least, you must also use Speedtest.net for the real speeds, the mobile speed sites are not close to being accurate and are misleading. Waiting patiently!! Good Luck…

  • Ted

    Cool T-Mobile going to higher speeds of internet on 30% of the US.
    Too bad for all the suckers in the other 70% that will remain on Edge.
    You can always use dialup.

  • Lino

    I am getting 8 kbps most of the time.
    On a good day if I’m lucky I get 14.4 kbps, so I use dialup it’s much faster @ 56 K

  • Jrsykind

    Getting 597 Kbps (100 kb transferred in 1.34 seconds) in Ewing, NJ with full bar 3G on G1. Used http://www.mobilespeedtest.com on phones browser.

  • Marvin

    When are you coming out with 2010 3G launch list?

  • njp6898

    Anyone in Columbus, Ohio not getting 3g service?

  • no3g:)

    mr guy, where in Idaho are you getting 3G?

  • Yes i have the greatest 3g speeds ever, thanks to t-mobile USA. Indeed i think that t-mobile USA is much better than verizon wireless, att, and sprint/nextel. The speed in austin, texas are amazing this experience is unbelievable. HSPA 7.2Mbps cant get better;)

  • Manny

    i got 2878.698 kbps on mobilespeedtest.com. i dont know much about speeds, but if this says that it’s faster than DSL, i am good!

  • Manny

    in the New York Metro area ^^^^^

  • mepe

    FL Panhandle (NW Florida) does not have 3G on TMO. All other carriers are rocking 3G here except for TMO. I have ATT and I hit 1.1-1.6MBPS consistently. TMO only has EDGE here.

  • kershon

    Got 3G here in central Illinois. No 7.2. And here it is the end of February. Where is it? I haven’t heard of any more 3G launches for a while either.

  • david

    I have a blackberry 9700 here in Memphis, tn and I have 3g problems with my phone. It hangs up every 10 min in the conversation. I will turn it back on to see will it work now.

  • Pete

    Arlington Heights IL (1/2 hour from chicago…. i get 611 kbs in my “3G”… disgraceful

  • Scott

    TM upgraded the towers but not the back haul, as far as I know the only place that is truly get 7.2 is Philly. I’m in Orlando and lucky to get 600k down 300k up. TM will not give a schedule for the back haul upgrade.

  • Lino

    Yes it could get better than this, they should upgrade the 2g areas where AT&T has 3G.

  • Brundon

    I was at my work the other day where I normally connect to 3G and I noticed my connection was switching between 3G and H. I had no idea what the H meant so I looked at my mobile network type in the settings under status. It said I was connected to the HSPDA network. The speeds seemed faster than my normal 3G connection so I’m wondering if this is the 7.2Mbps network. I didn’t have time to do a speed test so I can’t say what the actual speeds were.

    • Josh

      What phone where you using when you received the (H)representing HSPDA instead of (3G. Thanks

  • Gardo

    Tmobile should give 3G first to everyone and then be talking about higher speeds, here in Puerto Rico we are stuck on EDGE and it seems like we will be stuck on EDGE for some time. All the other providers here have 3G except Tmobile that sucks.

  • Unfortunately i’m in Kenya which is not covered by T mobile. My friend in UK used to get quite faster T mobile 3G speeds though haven’t tried myself

  • My friend in UK used to get quite faster T mobile 3G speed Unfortunately i’m in Kenya where T mobile is unavailable.