Nexus One Support Page Is Live, Except It’s Down Already

nexus one live page

Update: The page was just live and right after posting went down again but I was able to snap the above shot. I did take a moment to read the terms of service and it was exactly what we had seen before at quick glance. Keep checking the link!

While we are mere hours away from the Google Android announcement which is set to announce the worst kept secret in Android right now, the Nexus One. While other goodies/phones/Googly stuff might await us, for now we can take a peek around the Nexus One support page link. Originally discovered before the New Year, the link had originally taken us to a dead page. Now, we see that the page is live though surprisingly with a video of Android 2.0, not 2.1 as the Nexus One is set to release with. Unfortunately for those of you who might have been hoping for a surprise in the pricing, the Terms of Sale page are exactly what we have already seen and read. Hopefully some savvy individual can poke around here and learn a little more but for the moment the page itself is a little thin on details, especially with information regarding the release date, carrier info and the like. Regardless, we’ll know everything in just a few hours.

Google Phone Support Page

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