Nexus One Support Page Is Live, Except It’s Down Already

nexus one live page

Update: The page was just live and right after posting went down again but I was able to snap the above shot. I did take a moment to read the terms of service and it was exactly what we had seen before at quick glance. Keep checking the link!

While we are mere hours away from the Google Android announcement which is set to announce the worst kept secret in Android right now, the Nexus One. While other goodies/phones/Googly stuff might await us, for now we can take a peek around the Nexus One support page link. Originally discovered before the New Year, the link had originally taken us to a dead page. Now, we see that the page is live though surprisingly with a video of Android 2.0, not 2.1 as the Nexus One is set to release with. Unfortunately for those of you who might have been hoping for a surprise in the pricing, the Terms of Sale page are exactly what we have already seen and read. Hopefully some savvy individual can poke around here and learn a little more but for the moment the page itself is a little thin on details, especially with information regarding the release date, carrier info and the like. Regardless, we’ll know everything in just a few hours.

Google Phone Support Page

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  • -ray

    Believe it is down again…. Must have been a test run..

  • Hoang

    lol, it’s gone again.

  • That was fast – down already.

  • Vap1d

    Hmm still a dead link for me

  • justinhub2003

    and like that it was gone again

  • Acsteffy87

    i think i remember the leaked specs stating Android 2.0 but everyone still kept say 2.1. i was a little confused

  • adien666

    I still hope the price is wrong!!

    • David

      Its not, I just looked at the terms of sale, same pricing!

  • Kyle

    Didn’t your sources have the release date as Jan 5, same date as the announcement?

    • David

      They did and hold fast to that date, as does Reuters, NYT and other credible news sources!

      • Kyle

        So supposedly it gets announced and realeased/available to the public at the same time? Really? If so, that’s awesome! I would expect an announcement of the phone sometime prior to it’s intruduction, not at the same time. For example Apple always seems to announce a new iPhone a few weeks before it becomes available.

  • david1171

    Can they tease any more? With not much over 12 hours until the phone is supposedly released, and there is still almost nothing on it.

  • ibrahim

    looked at it for a sec and it was already down got pics of the other two though

  • Paul

    I saw it too, and the wording was slightly different in the TOS from the original leaked copy – a couple of points in particular that stood out to me:

    “You agree that you may place a maximum of five (5) orders for Nexus handheld devices. If you order more than one Nexus handheld device, your order comprises a series of offers for each device individually.”

    .. and also they’ve fixed the typo:

    “For example, if the full price of the Nexus handheld device without service plan was *$529 USD* and the price you paid for the Nexus handheld device was $179 USD with a service plan, the Equipment Recovery Fee you pay will be $350 USD in the event you cancel”

    (used to say $429, but then the figures didn’t add up).

    I still have the TOS and Nexus One Privacy Policy pages open. I also watched the YT video but there was nothing really substatial there (although I didn’t pay really close attention to it, I was busy seeing which other pages I could find)

  • Jeff

    I posted this in the other thread, but I spoke with T-Mobile customer service a couple hours ago and they just received an information memo concerning existing customers upgrading to the nexus one.

    There are more then just the 500 minutes base plan. There are upgrade options for existing customers.

    So it looks like everything is ramping up for tomorrow.

    • mark925

      There was a rumor going around on Twitter earlier today saying that a T-Mo store in DC says that existing G1 users will be able to upgrade at the subsidized price without having to wait for their contract to end.

      I wonder if that’s what it was….

      If so, I’M IN.

    • OOooooh you better be right…..or you are seriously teasing me!

    • Mike

      lets hope you’re right

  • niididy

    I’d have loved to see the Terms of Sale on the website…

  • Smoku

    Might hide the @gmail account that’s in the top right corner of the image.

    • David

      Shit, I didn’t even catch that, I’ll get it edited out, oooops, sorry people!!

  • lev

    I doubt it will launch tomorrow, even if it does to me, its an epic fail on pricing, if they really wanted to make this thing sell like hot cakes, they should have priced it $199 for everyone, that would be a game changer

    • Kyle

      Probably not a good business plan to lose money on every phone but try to make it up on volume.

      • 9ooyan

        there is no indication that selling the phone for 199$ would be at a loss. in fact, there is every indication that it costs manufacturers less than 200 bucks to put these things together. I believe there was a report on the Iphone 3G costing 179$ to manufacture…so it isn’t in the realm of scifi for a phone of this caliber to be sold at that price range.

    • Jeff

      While I would love this to be priced at $199.00, who wouldn’t. But bashing on Google for not wanting to take a loss on a product, seems a bit hypocritical. I mean, are you willing to work for free at your job? With all due respect, the Droid is more expensive, the Cliq is more and the Behold 2 is more expensive. So I think we should be happy there is at least some kind of subsidy. This phone is over twice as fast as the G1, which is only a year old and basically the same price as a year ago. Tell me how that isn’t freaking sweet?

      Still kicks some serious Apple butt!!!

    • BKJames

      Hmmm I have to agree with the pricing..I mean it’s worth the money, but where is the game changing statement Google wanted to hit us with? Hopefully there are more price options for existing customers. I mean I got my G1 first day it was shipped out!! Come on Google hook a brother up!!

      • john

        umm, Google didn’t say game changing….blogs did…Still this phones leaves me no doubt, iPhone is no longer the king

    • aggie99

      epic fail on pricing? you gotta be kidding. the subsidized price is in line with its main competition. unsubsidized price is spot on. i buy all my phones unlocked/unsubsidized and was surprised to see the nexus even below $599.

      • Kyle

        I have to agree. The pricing, both subsidsed and unsubsidised, is right about what other phones have sold for. The specs on this thing are the best we’ve seen on an Android device yet, so it seems totally reasonable to me. Too many people have too many unrealistic expectations. Same exact thing happened with Project Dark. People set up unsubstantiated, unrealistic expectations for themselves and then are disappointed when they fail to materialize.

    • umaluver

      $180 on contract is a freakin steal for a phone at LAUNCH.

      $530 is good enough to have me considering it, and I’ve never considered buying a phone at full price. $530 + even more plus is starting to like a pretty good Project Dark if you ask me.

      Imagine how much it will cost in 60-90 days.

      If they wanted it to sell like hotcakes, the price is right. If they wanted to lose money, and be on perpetual back order, then $199 would have been good. Epic fail? hardly. Not even a regular fail.

  • Go to (it’s still up) and you can see the logo, etc.

  • Galen20K

    I cannot wait, sooo Close!

  • al wilson

    Looks like I’m going to sit this one out.
    I need a rkp(real key pad ) and better OBM and flash.
    Keeping my g1 until
    Something better comes out.

    • js-1

      better? really…

      • al wilson

        Yes better! First g1 than droid now nexus.there alway going to be better. By 2Q something better is coming.!!!!

    • Steve

      Yea I love the Nexus One but I love my G1 and I also want a physical keyboard…. So I’ll wait till they have a Nexus one with a physical keyboard…..

  • B

    I still don’t get the complaints on the pricing. The subsidized price is as good as you could expect, and the unlocked price is right about where you should expect it to be. Yea, 199 for everyone would be an unprecedented move, but it is also extremely unrealistic. I think, as with most cutting edge products, people want everything on their checklist to be acknowledged, or else its all a wash. Thats not logical thinking. But everyone is entitled to their opinion, and that is mine.

  • StevenG

    I would just like for T-Mo to let the EMP people to purchase this phone on a payment plan. That’d be sweet. Not likely to happen, but it’d be sweet.

  • pdxduckfan

    Can anyone tell me what the 3G frequency of T-mobile is. I’m going overseas and may purchase a new phone, but want to make sure the 3G is compatible to T-mobiles USA 3G network.

    Thank you in advance!
    ps- I might just get the nexus one…but you never know what kind of deals I’ll find in Hong Kong….lol.

  • BronxBebe

    I got from a source they said $179.99 for the cell for Tmo customers but I’m still waiting on an answer from them.

  • Nikolai

    I wonder if Google will cut a deal for T-Mobile employees…

  • tmoemp

    switch support and phone, gets some kind of nexus one page

  • 9ooyan shows a weird page right now….i switched the phone and support from David’s link up top and got put through.

  • 9ooyan

    @tmoemp…hahaha, same time stamp too, that’s funny.

  • Asmo

    I think that if the pricing is right than it a big let down from google (company that lets consumer use almost any of there product for free). I mean yeah from a tech savvoy point of view it’s an awsome phone but for an average user it’s just another HTC andriod phone that can be bought directly from google with out a contract for 529.

    I think that people just gave this phone to much hype for what it really is another HTC android phone :)

  • Ben

    So, the link in the article was which is a dead link. However, is rather interesting. Not much, but I might be keeping an eye on it.

    • Ben

      Oops, I should have taken 2s longer to read other comments. Sorry for restating the link.

  • NCole

    Ok, so just got of the phone with Customer Service dude and for unlimited min on family plan its $99 plus unlimited data&text it will run me about 150.00 for both phones which is only like a 10 increase from what I’m paying now. So that gives a little hope, otherwise I’m just gonna waith for the hype to die down!! 530 after Christmas is a bit much for me playa!

  • Google Nexus One Support Page website link is wrong, that’s the reason of 404 ERROR.

    The correct link is

    The link you posted in this post was which is wrong.

    Anyway the Nexus One Support website barely shows the page its only shows the Nexus One Logo and the Language Selector.

  • Google Nexus One Support Page website link is wrong, that’s the reason of 404 ERROR.

    The correct link is

    The link you posted in this post was which is wrong.

    Anyway the Nexus One Support website barely shows the page its only shows the Nexus One Logo and the Language Selector.

    Update now the website doesn’t show anything at all.

  • Jose

    the web site is working

  • David

    I think T-mobile and google can both kiss my a@@, I am an existing customer with no contract for over a year and these rat bastards want to charge me 379.00 thats bull,when are they going to learn how to treat existing customers? I have never paid late I just dont get it.

  • David

    Maybe its time for an Iphone Thanks t-mobile!