Google Press Conference Live Stream


As you know, today is the big day for Google and for T-Mobile Android lovers as well! Today Google is holding a Press Conference and will be unvieling the Google Phone (HTC Nexus One). Above is the live streaming directly from the event! Sit back relax and as you watch, feel free to comment!

UPDATE: To watch the Google Press Conference (in HD Quality) click here

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  • Rick

    Wow, first post. Site has been down a lot this morning…

    In Phoenix, I’m getting almost double the 3G download performance I usually see:

    Typical 240-280kb/s D/L
    Today 500-531kb/S D/L

    Uploads not any different, typically 130kb/s.

    I don’t think latency is any different.

  • Dave Lawson
  • GreenTea

    Nexus One is available for order

  • tonyFate

    The website is now Live!!!! and Verizon is to get the Nexus One Spring of 2010!!!!

    529.00 Unlocked and 179.00 two year T-Mobile Contract!

  • FreeMan


  • jak2black

    i cant believe this BULLLLSHIIT..
    i hate that tmo has no exclusivity for the Nexus one.. god i fucking hate verzion has all good android phones.. man the X10 better be just for us..

  • SRD

    Who cares if its not exclusive, Let me guess if less people have your phone you feel special? its a good phone who cares who carries it.

  • John

    Price for existing TMO customers is $379… Called customer service, the rep implied I should cancel and sign back up seeing I have no existing contract…

    • Josh

      Where’d you hear this about $379? Is that to upgrade? or plainly just for any tmobile customer?

  • Rich

    Concerning the press conference.

    One word: Boring

    Concerning the pricing of the Nexus One.

    One word: Fail

    Concerning the attendees that got to ask questions.

    One word: Idiots

    For those that didn’t watch the whole thing they asked questions such as ‘how much money do you think you will make’ or ‘didn’t you say you weren’t going to BUILD a phone’ or ‘will this phone be on Verizon’?

    Ummmm… as if they’re going to say how much money they hope to make… and they didn’t BUILD this phone… and they had already shown you that the phone would be on Verizon.


    However, one question everyone neglected to ask is why it was available subsidized on only one T-Mobile plan and why it wasn’t available at all to individuals with family plans other than purchasing it as full price.

    Personally, I love this phone and desperately want to have it having suffered with the G1 for a year now. But no way will I purchase this full price so I will either be leaving T-Mobile to go with Sprint and the Hero or will wait to see what Verizon offers this at in the Spring.

    I’m personally so mad at this epic failure of a launch that it’s quite possible that if something else comes along that I might just give up on Google and Android all together.

  • FILA

    Im pissed about it coming to Verizon in the spring

    • BlkBear

      Why upset about it going to Verizon? It’ll be an option for those that don’t want what is offered now on Verizon. A win win as I see it.

  • BlkBear

    I watch the live stream and didn’t hear if the phone will offer UMA or VOIP. But did see that you were locked into 500 mins, unless you wanted to buy the phone outright and do your own plan.

    So looks like buy the phone unsub’ed and do unlimited mins along with unlimited email, text and web.

    So anyone got a spare $550 to loan me till payday?

  • Pete Figueroa

    We are currently unable to process your request for service with T-Mobile.

    Epic fail not to mention if you are on a family plan you can’t upgrade to a Nexus One… thanks Google… “Google Hates Families” I started it and now the twitter and the web are spreading it! lol

  • Matt

    I spoke to t-mobile they said that the reason google is not allowing family plans to get the discounted rate is that google is a third party vendor. They would only have access to t-mobile to update the entire family plan with data access. This would impact all the lines on the account even if one of them phones connected did not have a data phone or you didnt want one of the lines to have it. Due to that there is the restriction. They did say that at some point in the future they will more then likely be offering the phone directly. As for now its only through google as currently being offered.

  • Solrac924

    so most of the rumors/speculation was right on.

    i’m not particularly thrilled about this phone.
    now if the phone had GSM/HSDPA & CDMA/EVDO radios which allowed any network, and if the carriers offered data-only plans, then yeah, i’d buy unsubsidized.

    as for my next phone, it’ll be Android but must have hard-keys…no rush though. i’m satisfied with my G1 with 3-day battery & 16GB card.

    specs on this Nexus One are nice though. i’m sure it’ll handle flash flawlessly when it’s released.

  • Matt

    I just found out some interesting news. You can change the plan after you book with google. It has to be a get more plan / individual though. After 120 days you can convert it back to a family plan and get the phone at the cheaper price.

  • edgarock1

    i’m not fully sitisfied with this divice i’ll wait for the htc hd2 to upgrade my phone