Sony Ericsson X10 Goes Exclusively To Our Neighbors To The North


Well if the Nexus One hasn’t met all your Android desires, perhaps the Sony Ericsson X10 would have. Unfortunately for American customers we’ll be looking at our neighbors to the north with longing eyes. Rogers Wireless has managed to score exclusive North American rights to the X10 launching sometime in the second quarter of 2010. Pricing and actual release dates were unknown though the phone will launch with Android 1.6. While this phone may have passed us by for the moment but there are other, beautifully sexy desirable handsets coming our way.


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  • Galen20K

    North American Exclusive! BWAHAHAHAhAHAHAAA!!!!

    Omg I LOVe this!

    I’ll be laughing so much as I ENjoy using my Personally Engraved Nexus One!

  • elarella

    So …. since it passed the FCC with AWS, does that mean we can still use the unlocked version on Tmo?

    • clietz

      yes, that will work.

      • Bill48105

        Rogers uses same 3G bands as ATT not TMo.. So sure an unlocked X10 should work on EDGE/GPRS unless it’s some sort of super phone that supports multiple 3G bands. Perhaps we’ll have to wait & see.

  • kmilson

    I didnt want to drop 800 bucks on that phone anyway. Nexus One running 2.1 will be just fine!! That is why SE is a FAIL of a company.

  • Ummmm

    Pretty sure Rogers has a Canadian exclusive, not North American. Silly little blogger.

    • jak2black

      yea um thats what i was thinking…
      man i want the x10 so bad for its camera and screen.. but im gonna wait till feb or early april to see what goes down..

    • SEFan

      I think Ummmmmm (enough ms there?) is on to something. I doubt even SE, who can be a bit dense, would write off the entire US market just for Rogers.

      I’m curious: does Rogers even use AWS band? I thought they used the AT&T frequencies. We could still be in the running for this, though it’s gonna be pricey compared to the Nexus 1…

  • fAdEtEh2BlAcK

    So really is tmobile not getting this?That will really suck huge quavos. im looking forward too this one. the nexus sucks, no captive screen and its smaller. no pinch and zoom.. Specs for the nexus isnt there only thing is it has 2.0. ill take the better phone xperia x10.. but also wait for the HTC HD2 great phone 4.3 captive screen good all but Windows mobile.. that sucks too, i like android apps

  • Bill48105

    Giving North American exclusivity to Rogers would be moronic on Sony’s part.. Unless it’s for 1 month. lol I suspect the post is wrong & perhaps they get it exclusive to Canada instead.. Btw Rogers uses the same 3G bands as AT&T NOT TMobile. (I had a an unlocked Rogers HTC Touch Diamond that worked on ATT 3G) That is good news for ATT users who should be able to grab an unlocked one & get 3G on ATT but bad news for TMobile users unless they can live with EDGE/GPRS. So odds are there is a different version (or versions) that will be released for the US market unless this thing happens to be some sort of super 3G phone that does them all which I highly doubt at this point.

  • rob

    Rogers are getting the canadian exclusive not the north american one… read the PR most closely next time…

  • Wilma Flintstone

    I just hurled a little inside because of this sad news. :(