Purchasing The Nexus One


With all the Nexus One news coming out today it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. Before getting gung ho and clicking that buy button, Google has gone and made it a little easier for T-Mobile folks. New customers will enjoy that $179 pricing but upgrading customers might need to break open that piggy bank a little more. The pre gets a little easier than the unlocked $530 bombshell with a 2 year coming in at $279 or $379 depending on if you are adding or upgrading your data plan.  Unfortunately the discount gets a little higher for those of you who qualify for an upgrade even if it’s a totally legitimate upgrade. Then again, if you want the current HOT Android phone, is price really an object??

You can choose to purchase the Nexus One from the Google Phone Webstore without service for $529 USD, or with a qualifying T-Mobile US service plan at a discounted price:

  • Nexus One without service: $529
  • Nexus One with new, 2-year T-Mobile US service plan for new customers: $179
  • Nexus One with new, 2-year T-Mobile US service plan for qualifying existing T-Mobile customers who are adding data plans: $279
  • Nexus One with new, 2-year T-Mobile US service plan for qualifying existing T-Mobile customers who are upgrading their data plans: $379

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  • mae

    this sucks! way too expensive. what is UP with the data plan. why cant we have our regular g1 data plan. if it was cheaper soooo many more ppl would buy it. now i have to wait for someone i know to buy it and then i’ll play with it and see if it’s worth it, but i’ll probably just wait until my G1 dies and buy whatever the hot phone at the minute is… probably the android to be released after this

  • Matt_TX

    WTF does this mean? I pre-ordered the MyTouch and would have paid 300-400 for this phone, what does “Qualifying” and Upgrading their data plans mean? Also, if my girlfriend switches to TMO and gets the Nexus and gives it to me and she gets my MyTouch, will TMO still make me switch plans? Will the penalize her?

    • Usman

      Nope. You’re safe going that route.

  • MrTeddybear

    I believe this is a lot better. What ppl ned to realize is that this is a BRAND NEW phone and its also THE HOTTEST phone at this time. You cant expect to pay less than what they are asking for. Yeah the plan option is a lil bogus but you have to understand that it is still cheaper than a brand new iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G both being bought unlocked. Either love it or hate it, no one is forcing you to get the phone. Hell, find an iPhone on craigslist and pay 300-400 bucks. Get over the shell shock already, we’ve known the price for a lil while now so GET OVER IT.

    • Super Dave

      I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    • Brian

      @MrTeddybear: What am I supposed to get over? The fact that they’re treating their existing customers like crud, when they’re supposed to be known for customer service? Your message makes no sense. The outrage isn’t over the fact that we want to pay less than what they are asking for, it’s that they’re willing to treat new customers better than loyal customers. Why don’t you STOP typing THINGS in ALL CAPPS like you HAVE A HUGE ATTITUDE. We have a right to be ticked off, this is being treated poorly. Everyone I have told about this situation thinks it is quite abhorrent.

      • shingles

        Not sure where you’ve been, but this isn’t new… carriers, cable companies, Dish/DirecTV have always treated new customers with much better deals. This is nothing new. You don’t like it, I don’t like it… but yeah, seriously, you are “outraged” over a phone situation? If you don’t want to pay for the new hot thing, then wait a few months… the price will come down, like every other electronic gadget.

      • Brian

        Yea, I’m outraged, others are outraged. If you don’t agree with me, fine, but don’t throw attitude like you think I’m some lowly person because of it. If you go to the Google Help forum for the Nexus One, guess what the #1 topic is? The pricing. There’s nearly 100 posts on the Google forum already:


        Perhaps you’d like to go on there and tell them all that they’re silly for being shafted for their loyalty for T-Mobile. Geez. Way to kick people while they are down.

      • sorandkairi

        Dude ur being a hypocrit. Ur telling every1 that u are outraged and have to right to express said outrage yet u come down on ppl telling u that u cant do anything about it, which is true. Ur actin like the practice of giving “discounts” to new customers is new to u or to the business in general! The fact remains that even tho i am “outraged”, u and i both knew the cost of the phone and realized that it would be a high costing device at this point and time. Being some1 that can afford it myself, i choose not to purchase the Nexus One until the price drops. But that’s me. People can choose to buy it or not; it’s up to them. It just should like u cant afford the phone and are pissed about it. But dude, that’s cool, but stop hating so damn much!

      • matt

        Dude obviously you don’t get the Wireless industry. They are not making any money on the phones they have to make it on the service contracts. That is also why they are charging so high of etf for the phone before the 180 days if you don’t know anything about the wireless industry then you don’t need to complain.

  • Abdullah

    No they will not penalize her and no they will not make you switch plans. It’s like you bought it off-contract so you get to choose your plan.
    I have the $6 t-zone so best is for me to just buy off contract and keep the $6 internet plan, and they can’t force me to change my internet plan because it’s not in the contract i have with them. (the $6 internet = same as $30 plan, no difference)

    • Broke

      Double check that internet Abdullah. I tried to do the same thing and the $6 T-zone just wouldn’t work on Android. If they’ve gotten the technology figured out by now, that would be a great deal no doubt.

      • I also use the $6 internet on my G1 and am getting 3G speed. Works for me. I’d guess it should also work for the Nexus One.

    • Usman

      How are you guys using the $6 T-zones? Did you buy your G1’s subsidized?

    • pfmiller

      Yeah, did you have to do anything special to get your phone to work with the T-Zones? Did it work out of the box, or does it take some special configuration?

  • Wael

    Can I cancel my service then get a new account and get the better price?

    • BOO BOO

      Yeah but tmobile is gonna charge money depending on the time left on your contract. Soo canceling it may be the same as buying the $500 or it may be a little less. Call tmobile there #1 customer service will surely help you out in getting the cheapest price :D BTW canceling your account would give you a new number. Hope i helped :D

      • Wael

        I have been with tmobile for 10 years now and I am not on any contract of any kind. I don’t mind changing my number but I wonder how easy it will be to just start new service when I am already a customer. Do I have to wait a certain period or something?

      • sorandkairi

        U dont!

  • Rob

    This is really a shame. I was excited to finally upgrade to a new phone (been using my Shadow for 2 years) but then I saw that I’d get screwed on the price due to being an existing customer. This phone is just not worth $400 in any way shape or form.

    I’ll just have to decide if I’m going to be patient and wait for the price to drop (if it does) or jump ship to Verizon in order to get the Moto Droid. I really hate to leave T-Mobile, but something like this kinda feels like a kick to the balls.

    • Think of the Nexus One like a pocketable computer instead of a phone. You wouldn’t expect your ISP to subsidize your computer would you? This is where mobile phones are headed…

    • Usman

      I don’t understand where that rationale came from either. Before, when we ended out contracts, we went to month-to-month, and were eligible for another fully subsidized phone if we signed another 2 year contract. According to that logic, we should be able to buy the phone for $179… Doesn’t matter for me, as the cheapest option for me is buying the phone unlocked and keeping my current discounted plan. But it’s still troubling to see that full subsidies aren’t available if we’re off contract.

  • dennis petrospour

    Wow 550 bux for me because i have a family plan? Screw you Google and Tmobile

  • Galen20K

    My Nexus One Personally Engraved SHipped 2 hours ago!!! It’ll be at my house by Morning! WHOot! 0 D

  • Bigg

    To the ppl that complaint about the phone price of $530, pls list the phone and spec and prices (off contract) so we can all see.

  • Prime

    WOW T-MOBILE… REALLY? My 2 year contract just ended last week… I go for the UPGRADE option and I have to pay $379? i currently have 1000 min… and when i get this phone… im reduced to 500 min? ummm GTFOHWTBS!!!!! maybe i’ll just end my service.. then sign back up again as a new customer and get it for $179… then hopefully later upgrade my min to the 1000 min plan (89.99) hopefully that works smh so much to do

  • Matt

    I just found out some interesting news. You can change the plan after you book with google. It has to be a get more plan / individual though. After 120 days you can convert it back to a family plan and keep the phone at the cheaper price.

    • Prime

      sounds good… where did u find that out from?

    • Was told this too by a csr…but he didn’t mention the 120 day thing. I personally didn’t go this route, because I didn’t want to lose my grandfathered pricing on my plan/web. But for new customers, it’s not a bad deal.

      And if anything, it should stop people from complaining about there only being ONE plan.

  • JimBob

    You’d think existing customers would be rewarded rather than penalized. screw you too t-mobile..

    • What cell phone company has ever rewarded loyal customers? Come on people, T-Mobile doesn’t owe you anything.

      • Usman

        Technically, they do if you think about it. You’re theoretically paying a higher monthly cost because they subsidized the phone for you. So if you’re off contract, then you’ve theoretically paid off the phone subsidy. They should either drop your monthly plan fee or allow you to subsidize a new phone.

      • pfmiller

        Usman, they did lower my monthly cost when my phone contract expired. I was getting the current even more plus rates for about 6 months before they were available to new subscribers.

  • James

    Thank you for all the great coverage.

    Will we be able to purchase the Nexus One at T-Mobile stores?

    Have to wait till the summer for the Nexus. But it will well worth it.

    thanks in advance,


    • Not anytime soon. Google is selling it on their own making it a Google phone, T-Mobile is simply providing cell service.

  • Unverified

    Google and T-Mobile can go FCUK themselves.

  • I know the upfront costs seems steep, but look how it all breaks down over the course of 2 years:

    $279 + $80/month x 24 months = $2199
    $379 + $80/month x 24 months = $2299
    $529 + $60/month (cheapest Even More Plus plan) x 24 months = $1969

    So I went unlocked with the el cheapo even more plus plan. If I ever feel like I need more minutes I can just use Google Voice to make calls over my unlimited data plan though I will barely come close to 500 minutes a month. And when the next must have phone comes out I can just sell my Nexus One and move on to the next one.

    I’m loving unlocked phones and phone plans.

  • Clinton Hamilton

    So they want me to fork over $300 after taxes (maybe $400, does the $6 TMobileWeb count as a data plan?) and still have a two-year contract at the higher Even More rate? It’s laughable. I was even willing to nearly double my monthly rate to get the $200 price. I still want the phone, I’ve ordered mine, but I paid full price and now I’m going to spend some time trying to get the $6 TMobileWeb on my current SIM to work since they were trying to shaft me even though I’ve been out of contract for over a year. Worst case scenario I end up with the $60 Even More Plus rate which is my fallback plan.

    Hope TMo is reading this. I was willing to take the 2 yr contract and almost double my monthly bill to avoid the big upfront cash outlay, which would have got them an additional $700 from me over the two years. Now I’ll do my damnedest to avoid raising my bill a single penny since they weren’t willing to foot the incentive price for an existing out of contract customer.

  • aprogressivone

    Is there anyway to split up the payments like a phone through tmobile on the even more plus plan, or is this not possible because its only through google.com This type of launch seems really odd. Are they just doing this initially or will they ever be sold out of tmobile stores themselves?

  • TP

    Well maybe now the behold 2 price will drop and since all android phones will be updated to 2.0 it should be able to support it thus, makes me consider that more! Why does T-Mobile always seem to get the short end of the stick no matter what!

  • SanzaBlancoAkA2C

    *Nexus One with new, 2-year T-Mobile US service plan for qualifying existing T-Mobile customers who are upgrading their data plans: $379

    That’s completely rapping your existing customers. How is it that the phone can be $179 for new customers but be $379 for existing upgrading customers? Especially considering you’re signing a 2 year contract in both cases. I wouldn’t mind so much if it was for a 1 year extension but 2 years…come on. $379 is the price the Droid would have cost me with a 1 year contract with Verizon. I ended up going the $560.74 route which is the priced for the unlocked version after taxes but felt bitter about the situation because I’m currently not under contract and feel like if the discount would have been worth it I would have signed on for a year.

  • I gave in. I didn’t want to give up my grandfathered $50 family plan and $25/line android web….so I bought two phones outright. Ton of money for phones, but they should last a very long time. Don’t mind spending top dollar if I’m getting top of the line hardware.

    For people on newer family plans that aren’t as cheap…tmobile representative in chat said you can order the nexus one and sign up for the $79 plan, then just call tmobile and switch to the cheapest family plan. Only reason I chose not to do this was because that cheapest plan was $10 more per month, and then adding web costs me $30/line instead of $25/line. To me it was more advantageous to keep the grandfathered prices and go big on the phone. For others, it might be the other way around.

  • Bryan

    This is not surprising, there is really nothing new going on here.
    Google is not doing anything different than any other 3rd party (not corporate) cell phone dealer. They get paid by T-mobile for signing up new subscribers, and they get paid less for upgrades than new customers. Google is selling the phone at their cost minus what t-mobile is paying them as a 3rd party for activations.
    Hopefully the Nexus one will be carried directly by T-mobile.

  • cj2185

    I had a family plan so I just bought it for full price since there is no other choice. Bought it this morning and it’s shipping tom!!!!!!!!!!!!!Freakn excited for this phone!!

    • cj2185

      My total was $562.06 after taxes w/ overnight shipping included.

      • Matt

        CJ you do have a choice. The plan you take you can upgrade it to a better then 500 min a month plan after you get the subsidized phone. After 120 days you can switch it back to a family plan. It has to stay an individual for the full 120 days first though.

  • oisanteria
  • Robert

    You won’t get it here although based on the dozens of posts that are blasting T-Mo and Google it’s obvious that the majority of people are unhappy… but still this site is going to say that everything is working wonderfully… just as they reported the upgrade in network today that obviously didn’t happen.

    However… head on over to the Google forums and look at the HUNDREDS of comments from completely ticked off potential customers.

    This launch has been an epic failure and is going to cost not only Google customers, but T-Mo customers as well.

    Just another black mark against a company that just hasn’t got their act together over the past year and is starting 2010 off with a dud as well, instead of the bang that we were lead to believe was happening.

    • I was upset at first too….and then I just went ahead and bought it, and I feel much better now. :)

  • jose

    this is the gayest sh*t ever in a galaxy that sucks camel d*cks i am an existing customer and im not eligible for a discount becuz i have a f*cking family plan then who else can get a discount besides new customers this is a huge FAIL! on google

  • HBL

    I’m not even a T-Mobile customer and I bought the phone today. That being said, there’s a significantly high chance (near absolute certainty) that I will be a T-Mobile customer by the end of the week. I currently have AT&T, and for a “national” carrier and the fact that I live in the 2nd largest metropolitan area in the country (Los Angeles), AT&T’s service here is f-in’ terrible. Just wretched. It’s a good thing they got rid of those “the least dropped calls commercials” because they were simply full of crap. I have to redial a good 8-10 calls a day.

    The reviews online of the Nexus One are interesting because they typically have a pro-iPhone bias (e.g., the engadget review). It almost seems like Apple is paying these guys to give a positive shoutout to the iPhone whilst ripping a feature of the Nexus One. Personally, I have never used an Android device so I can’t tell you how it compares to the iPhone, but I can tell all of you guys that I am sick of my iPhone for a number of reasons:

    1) Crap battery (which is not user-replaceable).
    2) I already own an iPod (tried using the iPhone as my daily iPod; see problem #1).
    3) The commercials make the iPhone seem like a speed demon (it’s fast, but not nearly as fast as Apple/AT&T would like you to believe).
    4) Call and surf the web simultaneously? Yeah, that would be nice if it actually worked as advertised (see problem #8)
    5) I don’t like the idea of owning a phone that I have absolutely no control over (typical Apple fashion). The notion that I would have to jailbreak my iPhone to get a simple custom wallpaper (and not just the slide2unlock background) of my own choosing is retarded.
    6) Call quality sucks.
    7) Just one f-in’ button (the home button). The opposable thumbs on my hands (amazing, right?) can handle more than one button on a phone. Ridiculous.
    8) Can’t multitask. You’d figure a super-expensive phone could do more than one thing at a time, but in the case, you’d also be wrong.
    9) AT&T’s 3G is not that great (despite the so-called label of “fastest 3G).
    10) Maximum ring volume is barely audible.
    11) It’s a cheap (build quality), yet overpriced, device.

    Considering all of my issues out there with the iPhone, I’m simply just ready for a change. I don’t think the Nexus One could possibly be worse. Fingers crossed for the Nexus One.

    • Prime

      lucky guy. please tell me you bought it for $179!?! Especially if youre gonna be a future t-mobile customer…

      • HBL

        Nope. $539. It’s cheaper in the long run to not pay for the subsidy. The Even More unlimited talk/text/web is $99.99/month. The Even More Plus unlimited talk/text/web is $79.99/month. Over the life of a 24-month contract? That’s $480 extra (add the $179 and it’s $659 total). If I stuck with the 500 minute Even More plan with text/web, I would not be paying more (compared to the $79.99 Even More Plus unlimited plan) over the life of a 24-month contract. Yes, $179 is a lot lower than $539, but I make a lot more than 500 minutes of calls every month so using that for a comparison in price does not make sense. Even if I chose the Even More Plus 500 minute plan with text/web, I would still be in the same place of saving money in the long run.

        Hope this makes sense. My phone is showing up Thursday. Looking forward to it.

  • Marcelo L

    For those of you who are not too happy (I being one), consider adding your name to this online petition regarding this issue….almost 300 customers have already signed:


  • Bryan

    The reason that you have to stay on an individual plan for 120 days before switching back to a family plan is related to Google getting paid by T-mobile. 120 days is T-mobile’s commission charge back period for dealers. If you change before then Google looses the money that T-mobile paid them for your activation.

  • Wow this sucks!
    I have a great plan at the moment at T-Mobile for 39.99 1000 any time minutes unlimited night and weekends and 400 text messages a month. I really don’t want to lose this to a More Plan that only offers you 500 any time minutes. I was told by T-Mobile I could add an internet plan for an extra 29.99 a month. Unfortunately I can’t do this with the Nexus one Google is bugging out 79.99. I think I might just wait for the HTC HD2.

  • Siona

    Ok, I don’t have a problem with T-Mobile trying to drum up business by offering a good price to new customers, but what gets me is that I have a Family 5 Faves plan with substantially more min. then the upgrade price allows. This is absurd, if I want the upgrade price, they cancel my current service, which is paying them more, and reduce not only the money they bring in, but what I get in services. Anyone have a good explanation for that idiocy? Why not offer existing customers a good upgrade price and the ability to keep their current services as long as they are at least as good as the minimum of the service package for new service pricing?

  • Sheldon

    Ye 279 for existing customers?, come on!
    How can you give it to new customers for 179 and screw the rest of us out another 100 bucks?

    I can get a friggin EVO from sprint with a cheaper 2 year contract and be less out of pocket, is this a joke google?
    Now lets see….

    279 for a phone and the iPhone4’s highest end option will be 299…mmmmm I wonder what I will do.
    So google, now instead of getting your device in the market, to actually push a backing for it in a iPhone dominated world, you both screw us and tmobile with your insane pricing.

    All I can say is shame on you, guess who will rather get an iPhone now.
    Maybe google should go crawl back under a rock and stick to search.