Total Cost Of Nexus One Ownership


If you’re a T-Mobile customer and you’ve been hanging around for the Nexus One or you’ve been angling to leave T-Mobile for greener pastures take a look at this breakdown. Total of ownership among the four most popular smartphones on the market are broken down courtesy of the fine folks at Billshrink. While the average plan may not be that much of a difference, those who are likely to use phones such as these are often unlimited power users. In that respect, the price difference becomes noticeable and it’s no small difference. Over the cost of two years $1220 may not be enough to put you out of house and home but it’s enough to recognize and T-Mobile is clearly the better value. So what say you is $1220 enough to make you reconsider switching carriers or is it phone first, price second?


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  • D

    too bad you can’t get the unlimited plan for $99 with the discount price of $179. The only plan available is the 500 minute unlimited text and internet. so the math is wrong. They will have to fix that asap

    • D

      actually you want unlimited from t-mo then you buy it at 530 then sign up for 79.99 unlimited everything and pay only $2450 (80×24=1920 + 530) even less!

    • Viper

      You have to sign up with the 500 min plan for some reason, but then you can switch to the other Even More plans afterwards, such as the unlimited one. Check the pages… it’s in there.

  • mae

    can someone explain, like you are talking to a child, if this is correct:
    IF you are a current tmobile g1 customer but you buy the unlocked phone and put your sim card in, can you then cancel your g1 data plan and use the phone WITHOUT adding the the expensive data plan they want you to add?

    • if you are still in contract with your g1 plan then you can cancel it, but you will have to pay the early termination fee.

      if you buy the nexus for $530 you can just swap the sim card from your g1 into the nexus. keep your existing plan though.

    • 9ooyan

      i don’t see why not, i bought one unlocked from google and didn’t have to input carrier details. i just bought it outright. so what your saying is you just want to downgrade your plan with tmobile with whatever hardware you have…should work.

  • Should work.

  • RJ

    This is total B.S.! For what I need an Iphone 3GS on ATT is now cheaper than T-Mobile and any Android phone. Coming from someone who has always enjoyed being on T-Mobile this really sucks! If I want to send a few text out a day and get the lowest minute plan since I don’t stay on the phone at all during peak hours I’m looking at 88 a month on tmo plus 180 for a Nexus1. On att I can get a refurb’d 3GS for 50 and pay 82 a month. Considering an Iphone 3GS averages 1900kbs at my house and the fact that the minutes rollover meaning after a couple months I will have a huge surplus there is just no comparison.
    What happened T-Mobile? There are a lot of us budget minded people who enjoy nice things and it looks like the smart and wallet friendly move is an Iphone on ATT.

    • 9ooyan

      @RJ, YMMV. the point of the article isn’t to compare your grandfathered refurbished plan, but a new plan and phone for a new customer. generalizing your specific situation to everyone is absurd, as I’m sure you would agree.

      • RJ

        No grandfathered plan, no generalizing, and take out the refurbed phone if you want. The cheapest plan for an iphone 3gs with some data and texting is cheaper than the ONLY plan for a Nex1, end of story. I guess you could buy it for full price and get a cheaper plan as Carlos mentioned but that is a lot up front. And absurd is not doing your due diligence before criticizing someone.

      • ThetanLevel13

        But RJ, its the ONLY plan if you don’t want to pay $530. You do get that, right? Its the “only” plan if you want the $180 pricepoint.

        And secondly… “Iphone 3GS averages 1900kbs at my house”
        Um… you just convinced me why I DON’T want an iPhone… not when my cruddy G1 is getting flippin 4 Mbps!!!!!!!

        Someone else somewhere said it but it’s true: Everyone just mad because Google didn’t take the usual “give it away” strategy AND once again: The first iPhone was flipping $600 UNDER contract!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        In 2 years we’ll see how much the Nexus 1 costs.

    • Mockerfab4

      Wow…your post convinces me more to not go to ATT! $82 month is more then what I pay with Tmo and I have 2 lines (1 cell and Tmo at home)…I have the 1G iphone which I need to use during peak hours. I priced the plan that most resembles my Tmo one and I think it came out to $40 more then what I pay now. >x/

      I really hope Apple wises up and pulls a Google and sells the iphone without a carrier so consumers have choices.

      • RJ

        I agree, somewhat. T-Mobs old plans are/were great. I’m using an Iphone as well on Tmo and love it but I would like to get a taste of that new 3G. But I don’t want to pay 20-25 bucks more a month just for a faster data speed that isn’t that abundant when traveling.

    • dothack

      149.99 for unlimited text+talk+web for att + iphone 3gs $500.00 = $7799.88 a year
      79.00 for unlimited text+talk+web for tmo + nexus one $529.00 = $7296
      you are saving about $500 which you can surely buy another phone
      i know that you don’t use a lot of you can lower your rateplan to 1000 or 500 which comes out cheaper and saving you even more
      think about the surplus of minutes of rollover, you may have up to 1000 mins to use by a couple of months (as an example) and you will force to call everyone and everywhere just because you paid for them before they take them away because yes, you have a limit on how much you can rollover
      so i fail to see here why tmo sucks and yes, they are best bang for the buck hands down

      • eeo

        Where… on earth did you get those $7k+ numbers from?

    • Tito

      RJ, if you have a huge surplus of minutes, that means you’re overpaying on minutes.

      So much for AT&T being wallet friendly. They just want to sucker you in with a “benefit” that basically means they’re ripping you off in the end anyway.

      The point of the plan comparison and sites like billshrink are to show you the AVERAGE savings. Nowhere does the article or comparison say it will be the best for every single person.

      I dare you to go to with an open mind, BE HONEST, and see what your results would be. It may surprise you.

  • carlos

    while that upfront price is hella big, you really cant complain when in comparison to the other smartphones on this table. and, in a two year span, the “even more plus” saves you about 250 dollars when compared to its relative “even more.” granted, i’ve only ran the numbers on the 500-minute plan, but it seems that, in this day and age, everyone and their mother communicates thru text.

    it might take me a while to actually accumulate the money to get this, but i think this may finally be the smartphone i’ve been waiting for.

  • Pay full price and the savings are pretty much wiped away.
    This is nonsense.

    • umaluver

      you’re confused

    • pfmiller

      Wrong. If you pay full price then you get a lower monthly rate. You’ll actually end up saving another $100+ if you buy the phone in full up front.

  • YourPalHal

    If you’re an existing T-Mobile customer on a family plan then you are totally screwed.

    • carlos

      can you explain why, yourpalhal? at the moment i’m in a family plan (not any of the new ones), but my 2 years (not the whole plan, just me in particular) has been up for about five months, so at the moment…i really dont know what kind of deal i got going with t-mobile.

      • Chirs

        Your screwed because you are forced to switch to a new plan if you buy this phone at the $179 price. You cant just upgrade and use your current plan. Which means you would basically be paying $79.99 more each month. That is unless you got rid of your family plan and moved everyone to their own plan which would probably cost even more. So yeah really it is either pay $529 or dont get the phone at all. Because I have a family plan with 3 lines and this whole, you have to get this plan, means I cant this phone unless I pay full price. Even though Im eligible for the upgrade, thats some bs.

      • Optonlines

        The solution to your problem is simple…sign up for another 2 yrs with TMO with your existing plan…get a couple of phones (say motorola blur or mytouch)…ebay them for 400-500 and then buy an unlocked nexus one…

  • OchoCinco

    T-mobile is still just too expensive for the very little 3G coverage you get… I guess you get what you pay for

    • 9ooyan

      ATT advertises 230million people covered, Tmobile advertises 200million covered…you don’t sound like you know what you’re talking about.

  • SD

    @mae. You wouldn’t want to get rid of your g1 android data plan, because you couldn’t use any tmo data without it. All tmo android phones need the android data plan or else you get voice only.

    • mae

      ahhh. ok thanks

  • So i cant simply buy this as a upgrade? Remove data from current G1 and add to this line?

  • Jonathan L.

    If I get an unlocked Nexus One, can I switch my current G1 plan to the $40 data-only plan without incurring an ETF?

  • I bought a Nexus One unlocked and went with the cheapest Even More + plan. It’s a better deal over two years.

    $530 phone + $60/month (cheapest plan with unlimited text + web and 500 monthly minutes) x 24 months = $1,970.

    $180 phone + $80/month (only available plan with this deal) x 24 months = $2,100, a difference of $130 compared to the unsubsidized plan.

    Of course you can’t get the phone subsidized at $180 if you’re an existing customer, so you would see even more savings there.

    And for anyone who thinks 500 minutes is too little, check out Google Voice and make your calls over your unlimited data connection instead. Seems like a no brainer to me.

    • 9ooyan

      spot on.

    • Usman

      Google Voice IS NOT VOIP! IT USES YOUR MINUTES! I don’t know where you guys are getting your information from, but it doesn’t use the data connection for calls!

    • SEFan

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t Google Voice work over WiFi as well? I spend a lot of time in range of WiFi networks. That should save minutes right there. And I think there’s a Skype app for Android as well, which should work over WiFi. So 500 minutes could be enough, with some planning…

      • ThetanLevel13

        Actually, its called “options” and “settings” and all of you are somewhat correct.

        Usman, you’re only right in the aspect if there’s NO wi-fi around… but that’s the point man: You got 500 minutes… so any chance you have in a wi-fi area, you make calls via wi-fi, then use your 500 for making normal calls

  • Well, am planing on getting this but I agree with everyone that this is miss leading since the only plan that is available for the Nexus One is $79.99 with 500 minutes & unlimited text & web. That is if you plan on getting under a T-Mobile contract. I just spent a good chunk of my day watching the impressive press event streaming over the web and wrote about it on my site. I personally think this is a good upgrade for first generation Google Android users. And I don’t think that 500 minutes is enough for most cell phone users. I haven’t heard or read anything in regards to other plans being used with the Nexus One under contract.

    • mike


      If you already have a plan with T-Mobile, you can purchase the phone from Google unlocked and CONTINUE TO USE YOUR EXISTING PLAN. I ordered mine today after a 3 minute conversation with a T-Mobile CSR. I am on an unlimited everything for $89.99/ month and this plan works for the Nexus.

    • Ditto that. Buy it outright, and keep whatever the heck you have.

  • John White

    I’m just wondering why they post the non contract price for the phone, but fail to mention the $80 unlimited web, text, and data plan available when you buy that non contracted phone.

    • ThetanLevel13

      Because you DON’T HAVE TO HAVE THE $80 PLAN if you buy the phone UNLOCKED for $530.

      You only need the $80 plan if you want a discount and get the phone for $180.

  • As a tmo employee…I am bitter about this phone. I think Google made a huge mistake not also having it in stores. I have i don’t know how many people want to see the phone before they purchase them. Not to mention forcing someone onto a specific minute plan is crap. I can’t see the logic in that. Also, I read you cannot switch your plan from 500 minutes within so many months or you will be charged the subsidy. if you are expecting support from t-mobile, don’t bother. this will simply be a billing support and account support issue. i don’t plan on helping anyone on anything technical with their nexus one. it doesn’t get me any commission (sorry, that’s how I feed myself), so if someone wants a phone from the web they can go to the web for their support.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Excellent points. In addition to what I said all over the net, you make points I did not think about.

      I think they should have contracted with T-Mo to feature the phone. My understanding is that this is NOT T-Mo’s fault, however.

      I read that HTC no longer wants to make OEM phones and that Google is the last phone where it will be doing this. HTC wants to sell to the carriers, not OEM distributors.

      Also, I suspect T-Mo tried to get the exclusive but Google said no because that was not in their plans.

      In other words, I would not blame T-Mo for any of this. I am sure they wanted in and the exclusive, but the best they could do was to have a plan available on the Google site.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Addendum to what I said, the upcoming HTC HD2 is what High Tech Computer (HTC) wants to do, sell to the carriers. That’s where the money is and sales, income and success are somewhat predictable with carrier launches instead of OEM debuts such as Google.

      While I suspect HTC’s relationship with Google is solid, I suspect the Nexus is the first and last phone Google will be getting from HTC. LOL.

      So where will Google be getting the Nexus Two? HTC makes great devices. I am sure there are other manufacturers, but HTC is a solid brand. (Touch Pro2, Nexus, HD, HD2, etc.)

  • benjitek

    What T-Mobile really needs is the iPhone, then I’d switch back. Once you’ve used one for a while, it’s really hard to consider another device ;)

  • fort

    I called T-mobile last night and was informed ” After you purchased the phone $179 with the 500min plan you will be able to replace that plan with the $89 or $99 plan”. So I order it last night.

    • @ fort I wasn’t aware you could use the $89 & $99 plans on the nexus one. They didn’t mention that in the conference nor did the t-mobile rep that I talked to mention being able to use it with a plan other then $79.99 one when I asked. Well thank you for tell me something new.

    • @ fort I wasn’t aware you could use the $89 & $99 plans on the nexus one. They didn’t mention that in the conference nor did a t-mobile rep that I talked to mention being able to use it with a plan other then $79.99 one when I asked. Well thank you for tell me something new.

  • @fort sorry i didn’t mean to post twice it didn’t show up when i sent it the first time.

  • ThetanLevel13

    Ok, I’m really not trying to flame you all… but how come none of you can read? What I don’t get is that you are HERE. Here at where a FEW CLICKS DOWN you can absolutely read, clear as day, how the sale of the N1 works… and yet from yesterday to today all I’ve been reading is how people just aren’t getting it.

    I know I’m wasting my time, but god if one more person can read this and be clear on it than at least that’s one more person, it goes like this:

    a> The phone costs $530. You pay $530, you get the phone, you pop in whatever sim you have now and start using it. NO NEED TO CHANGE PLANS OR ALTER ANYTHING, JUST PAY THE $530 AND YOU’RE GOOD. You know what, you dont even have to have a data plan if you don’t want… but that would make no sense, but its possible.

    b> Or, if you qualify, you can get the phone for $180. However, to qualify:
    1. You cannot be on a family plan
    2. You HAVE to switch to the plan stated above, on an individual line, and sign a new contract

    Then there’s option C I’ve been reading about, which I don’t know is 100% for real but it’s what people have been posting since yesterday:

    c> Already existing customer, still in contract. For these people, IF (see the ‘if’, it means ‘optional’) IF you want a discount, you can call T-mo, extend contract under a new plan (same plan as previously stated) and they will sell the phone to you for $379

    Also, you all aren’t getting that this is NOT a T-mobile phone, this is all Google. T-mo is just being blessed as being the first ‘official’ service provider. That’s it. All this pricing and the way it’s being sold is ALL GOOGLE.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Good, informative post.

      But in defense of us idiots who don’t get it, and can’t, Google should have made this less confusing.

      Also, you know the Net and blogs. Rumors, gossip and misreads are commonplace.

      Lastly, yes, there are some people who are dumber than rocks.

      E.g., on a YouTube video I posted showing a demo of my T-Mobile Touch Pro2 HTC Sense animated weather, specifically a rainy day demo, I posted a joke that “Warning, using this animated weather when there is rain will void your warranty because of water damage caused by the rain drops you see on the screen.”

      A YouTuber asked me if I was serious about the animated weather rain condition setting off the water detectors and voiding the warranty.

    • Frustrated_TMO_Rep

      THANK YOU FOR SAYING IT AS IT IS! What I would have much rather have had happen is that Google/HTC just sold the phone over the internet without any carrier relationship as an unlocked phone. For years there have been high quality phones that were available unlocked if you wanted to shell out the money. It eliminates the “must haves” from the “can haves”, i.e., people who want it but cannot afford it and those who want it and can afford it.

      T-Mobile was dumb enough to allow themselves to be caught in the crossfire of it all before all of the wrinkles could be ironed out. If you are a customer and mad, get over it. The phone is technically not an upgrade since it is NOT a T-Mobile product and therefore we do not have to bend over backwards for you. Google created a SH&T HOLE of a mess. BTW, thank you goes out to Robert Dotson our beloved CEO for not being able to see more than a foot infront of his face.

  • ThetanLevel13

    Oh, and thank you T-mo news for putting this pic up. I hope everyone takes a look at the Non-contracted prices of these phones so they can STOP BITCHING ABOUT $530.

  • Freddy

    Why can’t TMO employees have this available for an upgrade???????????

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Because T-Mo is not carrying the phone. Google is simply letting T-Mo offer a plan AT Google. T-Mo is just like us, they don’t have the phone either.

  • Amarapali

    Can I use the $10 web on Nexus one. I am planning to buy @ $529.00

    • Amarapali

      $10 tmobile web ( is what i meant.

  • William

    Can I purchase the N1 from T-mobile and start a new contract, switch my SIM from my blackberry because my contract ends next month and take the N1 to like ATT, or is this particular phone only exclusive to T-mobile…sorry if I sound a little scattered!

  • Fuk all dis BS everybody should jus stick with w/e carrier they like or switch if u think anoda company is offering u a better deal. All these arguments & disagreements are’nt worth debating over who is right or wrong. These post should be to help one anoda instead of debating bout everything. That said i hav a ? dat i hope some non debative, kind hearted person can answer for me. I hav been a loyal tmo customer for yrs now, but i was thinking about changing to verizon cus i’m tired of being at my place of work along with a bunch of oda locations where i can’t get no bars or enough signal strength to do the most important thing a phone should do. That is make or receive a freaking phone call. Now my question is simple. Is it true dat u can’t talk & surf da web at da same time with verizon? Also does anybody no if tmo is doing anything about improving their signal strength to add more bars to be able to make a dam call when i wanna make one?