Flash For Android Shown on Nexus One

We have known that Adobe was working on bring Flash to smartphone platforms for a while now, but we now have some visual confirmation of the work.  The people over at Adobe have been working hard on bringing Flash to Android and they are showing it off on the Nexus One.  Don’t believe me?  Then you clearly haven’t watched the above video yet.  You know, Flash for phones is great and all, but do we really need to see all the ads that use Flash on web sites?  Leave your thoughts in the comments!


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  • “You know, Flash for phones is great and all, but do we really need to see all the ads that use Flash on web sites?”

    Isn’t that why those of us with rooted phones have AdFree?

  • FILA

    very nice

    heres a thought for you, the nexus one is a very slick and sexy phone. Id buy one right now if I had money to blow. But think about this, you have 2 more cell-phone shows to get thru in the next 2 months. Also you have T-Mobiles 21Mbps 3G pumping out possibly in the summer. As of right now theres no phones that support that. Wanna wait and see if T-mobile releases a exclusive phone to support the network, cuz the nexus sure wont. Also maybe look forward to a QWERTY. I just have a feeling something is gonna come down the line even more sexier with these same exact specs, but faster 3G, and a QWERTY, cuz i cant ask for to much more!

    • Why won’t the nexus one support it exactly?

      • deeone

        i wonder!

      • FILA

        cuz it only supports speeds for 7.2Mbps, theres no hardware built in for 21Mbps not even the NOKIA N900

    • how

      Actually the Nokia N900 has Flash right now, granted it is only 9.x

      • how

        …never mind. Guess I misread your post saying no phone support 21mb and thought it was saying no phones support flash.

  • Rob

    Flash is way more than just ads… flash brings a level of interactivity that cant be brought otherwise… and to be able to get that interactivity on a mobile device is awesome… not to mention flash on the nexus one = ultimate iphone killer.

    • Yup…some websites don’t even function without flash. Truly a leg up for Android.

  • Tim

    Hmm, Flash is a double edged sword. It makes for the most obnoxious ads ever. Hopefully we’ll get software for Android soon to control ads, especially flash-based ads. Of course, I guess for now anyway, we can choose not to install it. :)

  • beth06


    • Not just Homestarrunner…. EVERY FLASH GAME THAT EXISTS!!!!!!!!!!

  • ahnimal

    damn this makes me want to get this phone now for sure

  • rushmore

    Flash 9.4 works good on the N900, but 10.1 is supposed to work much better. Funny thing is the Miniclip game being played in the video plays like that on the N900 now.

    One point though is forget using much Flash content unless 3G or wifi. The content takes a while to load (mainly games and video).

  • JBLmobileG1

    I really hope the G1 gets a version of flash. Didn’t they originally start the work for Android flash on the G1 since it was the developer phone for Android? I wonder if this still is the case or is the Nexus One the new developer phone?

  • MobilePaddy

    Just to add a quick note. This isnt something specific for the nexus one. Adobe announced Flash 10.1 will be coming to most mobile platforms this year (2010) including Windows Mobile (read HD2), palm os etc.


  • Wilma Flintstone

    Wow, this is good and bad as most here have said. Good for viewing web video’s, bad for higher possibilty of spyware by accidently clicking a web ad that has in integrated.

  • Dee Shock

    How many dang ANDROIDS have to drop for ADOBE to release to flash player? First they announce it with (G1), then (mytounch) and now (nexus one).

  • I guess its a good thing for the Nexus One to support Flash but i’m not gonna give up my iPhone any time soon

  • curious

    did anybody else notice that the “status bar” has an x on it meaning there is no service… and it has an icon of a missing sim card…..