Flash Coming to Android First Half Of 2010


Not much of new news here since we already knew Flash for Android handsets was coming in early 2010. If you didn’t already know, enabling Flash on a mobile handset would make it possible to play streaming video inside the browser. Online video streaming websites (YouTube and Hulu) rely on Flash player. This is something that has been absent in many handsets, but that should change come early 2010. Adobe claims that Flash content is present on more than 85 percent of the top 100 websites, and that approximately 75 percent of all web-based videos use Flash. The image above was displayed while trying to install Adobe Flash Player from Adobe.com on a G1 handset.  The message confirms that Flash Player 10.1 will be available to Android devices running Android OS 2.0, in the first half of 2010. Hopefully, T-Mobile will have a much more diverse Android lineup by the middle of 2010 that supports Android OS 2.0. Feel free to express your thoughts in the comments!

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  • rushmore

    Very well worded post, since it is not a guarantee Flash 10.1 will work very well on current devices or if there will even be space on the G1.

    Flash 10.1 (as per the Adobe joint conference with Nokia last month) needs a DSP to assist the cpu for the “full Flash experience”. Factor in most Tmo Androids are running at 384 mhz with no active DSP and this means Flash 10.1 will be a very limited app on current devices.

    • NiiDiddy


  • NiiDiddy

    This is one of the options I am looking forward to in my next Android handset […not forgetting the bigger screen, Android 2.0, bigger/better processor and memory – ie if I stay with Android and the HD2 WinMo doesnt “steer” me away lol]. I would also hope there’d be an OTA update come 2010 when Flash For Android becomes available that way current phones can have the Flash feature…

  • Ariel

    Oh great, here come the crashing browsers and processors pegged at 100% :-(

  • Rocko

    When does flash for iPhone come out? I’m just wondering if its all going to be at the same time? I can hear the fanboy taunts now. Ugh.

    • Kickstar13

      Right now Flash isn’t supported for the iPhone, due to Apple’s ignorance.

      See this: http://tinypic.com/r/2yl45r9/4

      • Bob

        Good. Flash is crap. Youtube works fine on the iPhone/Android as it is with h.264.

        For the most part, Flash is just a big unruly pest of an application that is used for annoying people with loud animated advertisements.

    • acsteffy87

      No flash for iphone. Apple wants all control, fladh loosens apples control over what can be put on the iphone. With flash you can bypass itunes and the appstore

      • lensovet

        LOL what a joke. Apple doesn’t want Flash on the phone because if it’s anything like Flash on OS X, it will bring your phone to a grinding halt and use up your entire battery in a matter of minutes.
        BTW, plugins in Safari are the top crashers in *all of OS X*. Yep, plugins cause more crashes than any other program. You can guess what the top-most-used plugin is…Flash! So on top of the fact that it’s a resource hog, Flash also causes Safari to crash more frequently than any other program.

        Given that, let me think, why is Apple preventing Flash from happening on the iPhone? Is it really because you can bypass the appstore with it? (How do you even do that?) Or is it because it will render the mobile browsing experience crappy?

  • Rick

    I don’t believe it. Adobe has set ‘deadlines’ before.

    More to the point, I don’t expect it to ever run on the G1 or any phone with inadequate RAM. Flash is a hog on Windows. We expect it to be be less a hog on Android?

    Bottom line is, I am not even hopeful. I do not expect it. If I could wave a wand, I would ask that HTML 5 Canvas be fully supported in Android, and let Adobe eat cake. But developers aren’t embracing Canvas yet, so here we are, tolerating Flash cause it’s there…

  • Daniel

    I really hope it’s not going to be a browser plugin (but I’m fairly certain that it will be). I really don’t want the extra load time, general slowness and great annoyance that Flash (ads in particular) are sure to bring to mobile browsing. This is something I would quickly uninstall/disable.

  • rushmore


    The N900 uses HTML 5 and already had full Flash that works great :)

  • czar

    I hope its better than flash on the Hero

  • Deaconclgi

    I have been watching full flash in my browser on my N82 since 2008. The phone came out in 2007 and other Nseries phones prior to the N82 have had full flash in the browser. Granted, it is not flash 10.1 but it is still a full flash browser and I have fond memories of watching Terminator episodes on Hulu while traveling last summer. I don’t understand why other phones and newer phones don’t have flash browsers. Does Nokia have an exclusive contract or something? Seriously, my N82 has a “slow” 332 Mhz proccessor and it still plays the videos well. Maybe it is the OMAP GPU that is helping…..

    It is amazing how America is so far behind due to bad corporate decisions. The technology has been there forever yet MOST of us don’t know about it, have seen it or have experience it.

  • Rocko

    @kicstart and acsteffy:
    You don’t say? Awesome. Now I can add “doesn’t have Flash plug-in” right under “multitasking” to my list of ‘Things I tell Apple Fanboys that will somehow prove to the world how bad iPhone sux’. I had to mark Cut and Paste off the list, so this works out well. Thanks, I got my troll gloves on now and ready to roll…


    I’m in an anti-fanboy state of mind, if anyone can’t tell, and just joking… however, my point is though… thank GOD I’m not gonna have to read a bunch of Apple jerks talk about how they got Flash first (which will eventually somehow lead to ‘Apple invented Flash tech..’).

    I guess I should hold onto this G1 a bit longer then.

    And yeah, timetable schmimetable. Adobe said 6 months ago that Flash for mobile phones would be dropping around end of 4th qtr 2009… so we’ll see when it really happens.

    • lensovet

      you’re kidding right?

      Flash is an evil which needs to die asap. I’m glad I don’t have flash on my iphone (running on tmo). i can’t wait for HTML5 and CSS3 to finally be adopted – and work without a hitch in Mobile Safari.

      I hope that Adobe comes out with Flash for Android and it sucks just as much as it does on Mac OS X. Maybe then people will finally realize why they don’t want Flash on their phones. The *only* platform on which Flash does not suck is Windows.

  • Kershon

    Lmao. Troll gloves. Love it.

  • question

    i have a question, does anyone know why Tmobile phones that work int he US don’t work in Europe. It’s relevant because ATT phones that work here do work in Europe. for people who travel, the ATT phones are way more convenient, because i don’t have to change my SIM or anything.

    • Rich

      My T-mobile phones worked in Europe (Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, and Sweden)without swapping the SIM.

      • question

        i ask because my att 8525 (aka hermes) phone worked in london, but my sister’s g1 didn’t. do i guess you’re saying it’s probably just my sister’s hardware and not the fact that it was a tmobile phone? how do you know what hardware to get so if you travel to europe your phone will work? thanks for replying, btw

    • Pezplayer

      Your sister probably didn’t have the international roaming feature. If you go on t-mobile.com you can see the countries that tmobile has roaming agreements with.

  • Robert

    Yay!!!! Something else that won’t work on T-Mobile phones………

    “Here’s to HOPING that T-Mobile will have a much more diverse Android lineup”………… wishful thinking at it’s best.

  • they could deploy it NOW to android.. THANKS TO MICROSOFT paying them off… they now are waiting to deploy it to us ANDROID users… Microsoft just wants more $$$$$$$ and they are getting their way… yet again.. EVIL COMPANY!!!! and they are a part of the evil elites that just want to control man.

    • Manny

      what does that even mean?? I don’t know why you would say something so illogical, how does microsoft control adobe? Windows mobile is getting it at the same time Android and WebOS gets it.. why would they tell adobe to wait until 2010 if there platform is being included? I’m not some microsoft fanboy but really could not understand the reason behind your statement.

      • waxmastr

        Actually that’s not true, I had flash on my MDA back in 2006, and that ran Windows Mobile.

  • Jamal William

    What first half of 2010 mean? Sound like it coming in June and sound like a long time. =(

    • Kickstar13

      Somewhere around the middle of 2010, so yea June 2010 would be a nice estimation of the release date.

  • A_O

    looks like adobe is working really hard to get to the big smartphone companys.

    to add to that, BlackBerry will also get flash for OS 5.0 .. just a tad bit earlier than WebOS and Android :P .. non the less i think is a great step in smartphone web browsing.

    and idk about your smartphones but the Droid and the new Blackberry Bold have some powerfull processors, both over 600 ghz. so it should be a probleming loading up those nice flash effects with 3G :D

    as for the iPhone.. let Apple ruin themselves just cause they wanna control every little aspect.. idc what anyone says.. people like diversity! and freedom! and choices! FTW! hehe.

  • kendrix_myrealname

    I can’t wait for this to become available for android. I’ll always be on hulu. I’m sure by then t mobile will start capping internet usage like att and Verizon. Android forever baby!

    • Pezplayer

      There already is a cap. 10 gb per month. Once you hit that your speeds get turned down. If you hit the cap often your service could be suspended or terminated.

  • rushmore

    No problem with hulu, since NONE of Tmo phones will run it. Even the 3430 chipset has trouble running hulu with 10.1 beta builds.

    A lot of folks are going to be surprised and disappointed in July. Droid, HD2, Moment, X10, N900 will work with Flash 10.1, but NONE of the current Tmo phones.

    This is what happens when you stick with the SAME chipsets two years in a row with NO drivers.

  • FILA

    yea T-Mobile does have a nice lineup for Android 2.0 phones and its called the G1v2! Coming Q1 of 2010

  • TMoRep

    I would say your sister’s phone didn’t work in London because she didn’t call us first and enable World Class Roaming. It’s an additional feature that is free. But it’s a way for us to say. You called. You enable the feature and the capability. You are responsible for the charges. So that way people can’t say well I didn’t know taking my phone to London was going to cost extra. I thought my nationwide plan meant worldwide.

  • Grr

    *Enter the age of guys streaming porn on their phones in public places.*

  • Rocko

    Hey Tmo rep… so what happened in 2006 when I went to London/Paris/Amsterdam, activated world roaming on my MDA a week before leaving, and STILL couldn’t make a call? Here’s the shitkicker: I couldn’t call T-mo U.S. because I could’t use the phone. Everywhere I went I kept swithcing from auto to manual to find a network and I would see T-mobile Euro and Orange(?) networks, but could never register on them. So thanks to that little hiccup, I ended up spending quite a bit of money on phone cards and credit-card calls and hell NO I was not about to spend $15 to call T-mo U.S. to activate the damn feature that would have saved me the $15 to begin with.

    Point of the story: Get a Euro-sim card and a new # for your overseas trips, even if only on vacation. It will be 1,000 times cheaper than ANYTHING else and obviously more reliable. You can forward your cell # to the Euro # so people don’t have to know the new #.

    Or jump on Google Voice and never have to worry about these things again. :)

    How odd… I have exactly 3 “bad” T-mo customer service stories and that was one of them.

  • Eric

    “Flash content is present on more than 85 percent of the top 100 websites”
    Unfortunately, 95% of that 85% is just ads…

  • chris lewis

    I just have to say that the fact that flash is commingle out on the Droid is remarkable. This idea will make the Droid blow out the iPhone. I think the iPhone has a big head start when it come to people buying the phone. Not to mention flash is one of the things Droid needs to be untouchable. Hurry up adobe and bring out the secret weapon

  • donnie

    Is flash what I need to play Sirius on my Droid? If so I can’t wait!

  • Cliq

    Adobe has been promising a flash for mobile since 2007, am i the only one who is beginning to think there full of crap? I think they need to quit talking and start doing somthing, three years is long enough to come up with somthing thats suitable for the androind. With the information and tech we have now adays, isnt it stupid that they cant stick their heads togeather and get over this little null so people can get off line looking for it and get on with their lives?

  • i always watch streaming videos online, they are sort of my past time.:**

  • camo

    maybe I’m just a loser but I’ve been waiting for flash to come oute on pre for at least a month and the first half of 2010 is almost over