T-Mobile Samsung Behold 2 Unveiled


UPDATE 2: Official T-Mobile Press Release available after the jump!

Today T-Mobile has officially unveiled the Behold 2 at Samsung & T-Mobile’s joint press conference in New York City. Featuring a 3.2-inch AMOLED display, the Samsung Behold 2 will be running Samsung’s new and intuitive cube menu which provides quick access to six top multimedia features, including music, photos, videos, the Web, YouTube and Amazon MP3 for music downloads. What seems odd is that PhoneDog claims the Samsung Behold 2 will pack a $229 2-year commitment price tag instead of the $199.99 2-year commitment price our leaked T-Mobile document displays. Stay tuned, as we will keep you updated the minute we find out more! Hit the jump for first impressions from CNET and Engadget !


UPDATE: CNET confirms a $229.99 2 year contract price

Engadget is also hearing a $200 price tag, though nothing has been confirmed yet.

Engadget Unboxing And First Impressions with Video (Click the link)

CNET Hands-On Impressions with Video (Click the link)

T-Mobile USA Launches the Samsung Behold II on November 18
Multimedia Powerhouse Joins Broad Selection of Android-Powered Smartphones for T-Mobile Customers

BELLEVUE, Wash., and DALLAS — Nov. 13, 2009 

Available exclusively from T-Mobile USA, the Behold II is the first phone from T-Mobile to feature a 3.2-inch AMOLED screen for crisper colors and wider viewing angles, which is paired with a 5 megapixel camera with autofocus, zoom, flash, five shooting modes and video capabilities. Samsung’s intuitive cube menu also provides quick access to six top multimedia features: music, photos, videos, the Web, YouTube™ and Amazon MP3 for music downloads.

“With its first-rate multimedia capabilities front and center, the Samsung Behold II adds an exclamation point to T-Mobile’s already impressive Android lineup for the holidays,” said Wendy Piñero-DePencier, vice president, brand and calendar marketing, T-Mobile USA. “The combination of 3G speeds, its high-resolution touch-screen, and access to loads of entertainment features is sure to make the Behold II into a holiday hit.”

The Android-powered phone is equipped with Samsung’s innovative TouchWiz™ user interface for easy customization through movable widgets and one-touch access to commonly used features and applications. The Behold II offers three different home screens to organize multiple workspaces with favorite widgets and application shortcuts.

“The Behold II raises the bar to the next level to create a rich, customizable set of different user experiences,” said Omar Khan, senior vice president of strategy and product management for Samsung Mobile. “Combined with Samsung’s advanced AMOLED display technology, innovative TouchWiz user interface and the Android platform, users can create and enjoy a mobile experience unique to their needs.”

The Behold II features built-in Google™ mobile services, including Google Search™, Google Maps™, Gmail™, YouTube and Google Talk™, as well as thousands of applications and games available for download from Android Market™. The Wi-Fi-enabled Behold II also supports personal e-mail and corporate e-mail with Exchange ActiveSync, as well as instant messaging, and text, picture and video messaging. Additional features include assisted GPS, Bluetooth® 2.1, visual voicemail that allows for easier access and response to voice mail, support for up to 16GB of external memory, and includes a 2GB microSD memory card.

With support for T-Mobile’s rapidly expanding 3G network, Behold II customers can take advantage of a reliable wireless connection and fast download speeds when browsing the Web or downloading applications from Android Market. T-Mobile’s 3G network is currently available in 240 cities across the country. By the end of 2009, T-Mobile USA expects its 3G network to be available to reach approximately two-thirds of the U.S. population.

The Samsung Behold II will be available nationwide at T-Mobile retail stores, select authorized dealers and online at http://www.T-Mobile.com beginning Nov. 18, 2009.


— T-Mobile USA, Inc., the wireless leader in offering the broadest selection of Android™-powered smartphones in the United States, today announced that the Samsung Behold® II will be available beginning Nov. 18. The full touch-screen Behold II is a multimedia powerhouse with fast Web and data supported by Wi-Fi® and T-Mobile’s high-speed 3G network.



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  • $229? That’s just way too high. How can they price it that high when the G1, MyTouch and even the Droid are priced lower?

  • Ohgami

    With all the invites they sent out it seems like no one wants to give any elaborate details at all. The confusing pricing, is there only the 1 color, what are the REAL specs etc.

  • mas

    Quick question . Is the touch screen going to be like the original beholds touchscreen or similar to the Mytouch(glass)?

  • 30014

    If tmobile wants to have the most expensive android phone then they had better make sure its the best. And due to the whole secrecy regarding the specs, I see this being a total letdown sales wise. The droid did 150,000 units over a 3 day weekend, if the behold does half that in its first weekend I’ll say its a success.

  • Kickstar13

    Post updated with hands-on impressions.

  • Jeremy

    way over priced and under powered. tmo needs to get with it.

  • Richard

    It’s awesome that you are releasing a phone…but where are the specs? And the Mytouch has a plastic screen

  • Anthony in Utah

    Hey TmoNews do you have any more updates on the Blackberry 9700 release? Why is T-Mobile being so secretive about its release? They know its coming out and the date, but they can’t tell us? You think they would want a bigger hype to get started and let people know that its coming. I hear AT&T is getting it as well. T-Mobile should be competing better with its rivals, you know? Didn’t Verizon have a commercial out about the Droid well before its release? They told the public well in advanced it was coming! Grrr at T-Mobile haha

  • -ray

    This would have been a good phone if it were released nine months ago… There are much better Android phones out there. Too bad they are with other carriers though…

  • TMO listen up – $229 is way too high…I mean way…

  • god damn, what about specs??

    this thing has a plastic screen, I have used one.
    nowhere can you tell what the proc is tho.

  • TehAndroid

    The phone is going to be $199.99 with a 2 year. That a good price because the phone has an AMOLED screen which is amazing so you are paying for a lot better screen and far better UI that the Droid.

    • CMK

      Better UI than the Droid?! You’re kidding, right?

      • TehAndroid

        2.0 is great but nothing that over awesome about it other than the navigator. And once the behold 2 has it the phone will be even better.

    • NiiDiddy

      I beg to differ, TehAndroid! Droid is by far the best Android phone released to date. Who cares whether it had Android 2.0 running on it? What matters is what is under the hood, which is better…waay better than the Behold II. Behold II has an AMOLED screen so what? Droid has the best screen resolution in an Android phone to date. And if you ask me, I’d rather have a pure Android phone – not one that has some other UI built on top of it, especially when that UI is not even the HTC Sense UI…

      Plainly, this new phone sux…It’y like buying another MT3G – but at a higher price. No thank you…will hold on to my crappy MT3G until something much much better comes out to Tmo…

      • WXman

        Yeah cause 800 MhZ is so much better than 600, right? Dude get a clue. Nobody using the Behold II is going to be able to tell a damn bit of difference between that and the Droid.

      • NiiDiddy


        Ooh yes they will buddy. You are the one without the clue! Played with both – and Behoold II is laggy! Sorry!! Go back and learn more about processors before you put your two cents on here. The fact that Behold II is RUMORED to have an 800Mhz processor doesnt make is faster than the Droid. If that is all you think is needed to made a device faster, then you don’t know nothing about processor or computers, for that matter!! Go and do your homework, and we’ll talk again. Trust me, I can back it up…come prepared!!!

  • Pat

    Only can say 2 words VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!!

  • justme

    if it’s @ $199 i’ll give it a look. $229? nope.

    • CMK

      The difference between $229 and $199 is only 30 bucks but, really, it’s the principal of T Mobile charging over 200 bucks for this device when the Eris, which seems like a much better phone, is going for $99. I know, Verizon is more expensive than T Mobile but still…

      By the way, Verizon is selling the Eris for $199. on a 1 year contract while T Mobile is not even offering 1 year contracts anymore. I’ve been with T Mo for over 5 years but I’m starting to get pretty frustrated.

      • pfmiller

        Yeah this seems overpriced for sure, but why are you complaining about T-mo not having 1 year contracts? They did one better and finally offer phones without any contract.

      • watbetch

        There is no “But still”.

        Verizon has $350 ETF’s and double the cost per month..

      • Bill48105

        I am fine with ETF’s that recoup their losses from a discount they gave you on the phone up front (I mean a real discount not one off an artificially high MRSP to make it seem like they are giving you a deal) especially if they did $150 off with $150 ETF & $350 off with $350 ETF type thing but I am not so happy with ETF’s for the sake of getting $ from you because you needed to leave the company when their service didn’t work well for you or such. They should be ashamed of such high ETF’s unless it is to recoup an up front discount.

    • Grr

      Verizon handsets will be cheaper because of how much you pay for their plans. Its all a mental thing. If you want to pay more for their network, then that I fully understand. Paying for Verizon for a cheaper phone? That makes 0 sense when you can stretch your phone payments with T-Mobile. Just don’t think that Verizon’s plan prices are just for the added network. You are still paying for that phone. I have a lot of respect for Verizon, just don’t be that gullible.

  • jason

    does this mean the CLIQ will get a price drop?

    • Kickstar13

      I highly doubt it, but you never know!

      • CMK

        I find it interesting that the Cliq is less expensive than the Behold 2. Aside from the AMOLED screen on the Behold, the Cliq seems to have more going for it.

  • Dustin

    I’m disappointingly leaning towards the Cliq, can someone convince me otherwise?

    • MikeMan

      Only if you like the camera. It’s all the hotness on this phone. The rest is meh.

      However, my TCO projections for a family plan with the least amount of minutes and data are as follows (amortize the up front cost over 24 months):

      TMo Contract: 156/mo – 3760/2yr – Two $200 phones (1 Cliq/1 Behold)
      TMo No Contract: 145/mo – 3488/2yr – One $400 phone, 1 $449 phone (1 Cliq/1 Behold)
      Verizon: 167/mo – 4000/2yr – Two Droids @ $200 each
      Sprint: 159/mo – 3815/2yr – Two Samsung Moments

      So TMo wins that way, even with the higher price for the Behold. And both the Cliq and Behold are nicer than the Moment. I’d like the Droid, but they are pretty spendy. I’ll keep the extra 500 clams.

      I have no idea if I’m getting the Cliq or Behold, but my wife likes the Cliq keyboard, so I’m pretty sure with her.

  • xStevenBradleyx

    The Cliq is not a bad phone at all. I plan to stay with T-mo and just wanted a newer phone than my G1. As long as you kill the crapware with a task killer, it moves pretty dang fast. This Behold 2 is a friggin piece of crap as far as I am concerned.

  • Robert

    I hate to be a jerk… but in this case it’s not so much being a jerk as it is just laughing at the ‘writing’….

    ‘It looks like it will bring forth a lot to the table……’

    Ummmmmm… huh?

    What is it bringing forth exactly besides a ‘cube’ that I haven’t seen anybody in print say they actually like?

    There’s nothing innovative about this product and it’s actually quite depressing based on early reviews or suspicions as far as to what it will do.

    It pales in comparison to the Droid and to the Hero and heck it may not even be as good as the G1 in some areas… and that’s sad.

    I fully REALIZE this is a T-Mobile ‘site’ and you guys absolutely 100% go out of your way at all times to promote and make them look good… but writing like this and trying to make everyone else look stupid because we know you’re full of crap when you say good things that just aren’t good….

    well honestly it’s stupid.

    This Behold 2 is a piece of crap and EVERYBODY knows it.

    It makes the Cliq look like a masterpiece in comparison… and that’s just sad.

    • CMK

      I agree. I like this site but the moderator needs a good proofreader.

    • Chris

      calm down. its a small mistake. every1 makes mistakes

    • I dont think its that bad, that thing was probably developed a while back and its not like the companies share thier ideas with each other and try to outbuild a phone. give them some props. i think its very innovative, the cube is different and so is the interface..it doesnt even look like android. that looks like a great step in the evolution of android..remember touchflo version 1.0 blah, and now its evolved into htc sense running on two platforms.

  • Achilles

    I can’t find the full specs on this phone. What is the internal storage amount? Does it have an FM Radio?

  • rushmore

    This would be a perfect phone for a non techies who would like some good media function, but the price is too high. Is Tmo trying to lose more customer on purpose?

  • deeznutz

    LOL, this phone is a big POS. Perfect for a company in dead last.

  • J




  • Kholdstare79

    I am just wondering hasn’t everybody forgotten that newegg has the i7500 Galaxy with Vanilla Android?? It may be expensive but seriously if you want that phone but not the version that Samsung is releasing it makes the much more easier to swallow the 500 price tag.

  • Reuben

    i absolutely cant believe they presented this phone and still we don’t have the specs…. hardware looks good, software looks bad.

  • Mo Informacion

    It’s $199.99 w/ 2 year agreement. 100% certain. That’s all I have to say about that.

  • Mo Informacion

    Oh, and @Robert, you have no idea what you’re bitching about. Clearly. I’ve played with the Behold II. And it seems silly in many respects. But it’s fast, and beautiful. Get over yourself.

  • Bravo samsung! That’s a pretty spiffy phone you have there. completely changed the look of android, and the integration looks beautiful.

  • Titty!

    @J RT: @Robert Thank You!
    Jeeeze, talk about special olympics over the Keyboard.
    T-Mobile is who they are, they strategize how they like to. They don’t need Verizon nor Droid, yet even they might get it as of next year:) even better,
    So here, if you think behold II isn’t your type, picture it this way there’s others that fit the taste, T-Mobile chose to release this phone for a reason.
    Besides, what company does not come out with a second more advanced copy of a phone (i.e Storm2)
    Yet I believe this phone is much better than the Storm, prbly not OS-wise because blackberry is a good OS no lie, on the Storm it just sucks, therefore this more reliablewise.
    This is me, taking the cake n stating, You, Verizon, suck!
    What do you have on that Verizon enthusiasts? Hope I offended you much, that way we can see how much you love & defend your network. So you, can’t point the finger for showing love & support for the company we all love & have such high hopes for. :)

    As for Droid, I’ve said it before n I’ll say it again, it is nothing.
    Especially while on A Verizon network, I bet you when it gets to T-Mobile it’ll be a bigger hit.
    It just gets its kicks for being on the network with faster speeds & a wider coverage. Which of course as of speed, will all change next year. :) HSPA+ W00T!

    i’ve made my point. :)

    (We’re after VW, AT&T will be slowly be no competition to us starting as of end of this year towards end of Q2 2010)
    it’s a promise. :)

    • Jay

      Wow, you love t-mobile. But I too have loved t-mobile and I am sad to say that I might be leaving, I dont want too but they have become boreing and their prices are not that great compared to sprint. I cant get over how crappy their recent release have been. Nothing they have released can even compete with an I-phone yet, SAD (I dis-like the I-phone). The Hero which is almost an old phone already based on its European launch is still better then all of T-mobiles androids. You sir need to put your T-mobile crush away, wake up and get on their case instead of walking the elephant line with the rest of the Tmo lovers.

      • Kershon

        Most of us have been and still are on their case. The best phones that T-Mo is getting next year are not even in full production yet except the N900 and HD 2. IMO anybody that jumps ship and goes to Sprint will be back. Just as soon as Deutche Telecom buys them out. Ya. I think that will eventually happen. Sprint keeps bleeding subs. Net worth drops. Sooner or later price is right. Just my opinion. T-Mobile can use the spectrum.

    • Kershon

      Very well put. I can’t agree more. Next year will be outstanding imho. The best phones on the nation’s fastest network. The doubters are gonna be eating crow. Ketchup and mustard anyone?

  • SEFan

    If they’d rolled the Galaxy as the Behold II in the spring or summer it would have been cool. But now – after the Droid, the Hero, the iPhone 3GS – it’s a a bit of an also-ran. The market moved. We can hope that a) the physical specs are good (it still looks nice to me); b) that the OS isn’t slowed too much by the Touchwiz skin over it. I remember the Hero got slammed for that as well – Sense is brilliant, but sluggish on the current processors. The processor in the Behold II by the way. Oh, and c) that Touchwiz doesn’t keep the Behold II from updating to Eclair, and that T-Mo kicks it in and GETS OUT the 2.0 update.

    This could still be a decent smartphone, but to fully realize it T-Mo has to make some quick moves. Are we confident?

    Oh, and where the hell is the N900???

    • ben

      I definitely agree with you on this one. The Galaxy came out the same time the Hero did, and apparently it had made it through FCC just fine. They could have released it sooner for sure, but I think TMo has to support certain phones like MT3G and Cliq. In contrast to Sprint which just throws everything it has at the customer (or so it seems).

      I think this phone looks good since it can run some android (eventually 2.0), play my tunes in my car, take decent pics, and hopefully have good battery life. I wouldn’t mind real GPS versus a-GPS, but you can’t get everything (yet).

      As for the N900, I think it is going to be a let down. Doesn’t even have MMS right now, or do anything except dial in portrait. Big fan of Maemo (my N800), but probably not the N900 as a phone.

  • SEFan

    Did a quick look over on Newegg. Current price of the unlocked Galaxy (Android 1.5) is $559. Current ask for the Nokia N900? $559. Those who said the Behold II is coming in overpriced have a good point. Nice phone, but nicer than the Droid or the iPhone 3GS. If memory serves both of these come in at $199. Both have not just hotter OS, but also hotter hardware (528 mhz is now back of the pack). I still think this is a nice phone (still waiting for some unpleasant surprise from the specs when we finally get them), but if I was looking at carriers now it would not entice me to T-Mo, not compared to the competition. And as a T-Mo customer I won’t be buying it at $229 either.

    This is actually a bit sad. For a year I bitched about Milwaukee area getting passed over for 3G. Now we HAVE 3G and I’m still not getting it, because T-Mo has not a single 3G phone that I’d want to run. Not one. I have to wonder whether the marketing/handset side has gone tone-deaf, too unaware of how the market has changed to ever catch up and be a player…

  • James

    Cheap ass phone for cheap ass service!

  • John

    I gotta say… That pricing is absurd for what is out now vs Behold II. Unless it has amazing specs that we’re not receiving yet.
    I mean really. Hmm Behold II vs Droid at that price? Let’s think about this really. I predict a quick and steady price drop, maybe walmart will do what they did with the pixie and drop it quickly. I will play with it when comes out and see what I think about it, perhaps my opinion is wrong. But I’ll most likely be waiting for a better android phone.

  • For all the whiners complaining there are no specs available…..


    I used this phone for about a week, at I can attest that is definitely NOT a POS. You do NOT have to use the Samsung UI or the CUbe for that matter. The AMOLED really makes a difference… This thing also has around 150M RAM free after bootup vs the myTouch which will only have around 25MB free.. Also it will definitely be $199 w a 2yr/$449 No Contract.

    This phone feels very very sleek and sexy in your hand. Not really for girls (my gf preferred the myTouch)… Runs pratically as fast as the Droid and weighs much less…

    Also to the Droid users: How do you like the slide on the screen?? Not for me to say the least… Also, don’t forget IT’S A MOTOROLA….. The cell phone equivalent of Ford. It is destined to give you problems, it’s in it’s DNA…

    • rossi

      “Runs pratically as fast as the Droid”

      HAHAHAHAHA, Good one…

    • pfmiller

      How is the AMOLED outdoors? That’s the thing that concerns me. I think OLEDs are unbeatable for indoor use, but not sure how they fare in direct sunlight.

      Also, I’ve got to disagree about Motorolas. The ones I’ve had were all solid phones.

    • WXman

      yeah because Ford has had the number one selling vehicle on planet Earth for 31 consecutive years by selling junk, right?

      Motorola is known for rugged, dependable phones. If they are known for anything it’s that.

  • z

    My god, what a turd. Tmo is getting the most lackluster android phones, and at ridiculous prices. Looking more and more likely that I’m defecting to one of the big boys.

  • I played with this phone for about 2 hours today at a local T-mobile store and I must say I think it is a nice piece of equipment. I have always had a basic phone so keep that in mind when you read my opinions. There could be plenty of things someone who is used to a smartphone would find wrong with this thing but the only beefs I have are listed in the last paragraph. I think I pretty accurately represent an “average schmo” moving from a typical dumb phone to an all in one device. I used to have a razor, I currently I have a Nokia express music 5310 with an 8GB Micro sd card. So if you are an uber user please keep the insults and the shredding to yourself. I am writing this to help out other people who have BASIC questions.

    Anyway…I took the 8GB card out of my phone and popped it into the SB2 and wow! I have 1,497 songs on this card and I thought it was going to be a big pain in the ass to migrate over to a new phone. It was a breeze. I did not have to do anything at all. It recognized all of the albums and the ones that had cover art retained that in the new phone. Like I said I currently have a phone that is dedicated to music and from what I can see the SB2 does everything my Nokia did as far as playlists etc.

    I was worried about texting because I have never used a touchscreen phone before. I can type 50 wpm or so on a regular computer but I had a hard time with the qwerty on this phone, so I switched the keyboard into the same layout as any old phone, 3×5 I think it is called and there is an option to switch built in on the qwerty screen so it was not hard. Anyway, as soon as I did that I could actually text faster than I can on my Nokia and I have had this Nokia a long time.

    The camera kicks major ass. I was worried because I read somewhere that it was really slow. That is absolute BS! This thing has something called “continuous mode” if I remember right. I might have the name wrong but you can hold down the button and take like 8 pics in a row with zero lag. The pics were nice and the flash is a must have for me to feel comfortable ditching the cannon and using only this thing. It had lots of different modes like sepia tone, b&w, smile finder, macro etc. I had a cannon powershot A460 5 Megapixel camera and this phone seems faster than that, with pretty much the same features an avg user needs.

    I sort of knew I would be getting an Android phone so I synced my contacts, and my calender from my Nokia with outlook then with google on my computer a few weeks ago. There might be an easier way but that worked well for me. Anyway I logged into the phone tonight with my Gmail account and everything was there. All of my phone and email contacts, calender entries etc. I currently have pics that go with each number on my Nokia and those showed up along side of my contacts on the SB2.

    I messed around a little on the internet, checked out phonedog hooraay, checked my email, then talked over google talk. I noticed it had a WiFi button so I hit that and it showed like 3 networks available to connect to. I clicked on the market button and downloaded the facebook app in seconds. I used google maps and the gps, and messed around with the 3 homescreens. I also played some videos that I had on my sdcard and thats about it.

    My only issues as of now are as follows.
    The cube is kind of stupid but I just didn’t bring it up and it didn’t get in the way.
    This does not have android 2.0 so there is no turn by turn navigation on this phone but it has been confirmed that this will receive an over the air update to 2.0 sometime in the future. When I don’t know.
    It does not have the 800 Mhz processor but it still seems fast.
    This can only handle 7.2 Mbps and supposedly T-mo is going to have 21 Mbps rolled out next year. So one would assume that next year there will be phones that can handle 21 Mbps and they would probably have much bigger processors as well.
    Oh well I am going to get this and enjoy it as long as I can. There is always craigslist or ebay to sell it if I want to upgrade.

    • john

      Congratulations on the hop to android. To all hard nosed tmo phone haters not every phone has to meet what you want it to be. If this isn’t your phone then that’s the way it goes, don’t just bash each one tmo comes out with. Drop the cash on an n900 or wait for milestone, or hell don’t annoy us with idle threats about jumping ship… go shad and get raped by big red or deathstar on a monthly basis.

      Btw first post here, had to set the bar high.

    • SEFan

      Well this is encouraging. Perhaps I need to haul my ass down to a store when these roll out and give it a look. I like the sleek, low profile design, and could use a decent camera on my phone for some of my business trips. I won’t be too unhappy if it isn’t Droid fast. They will have to bring it down from $229 though…

      Maybe in a couple weeks I’ll be SamiFan :-)

  • J

    does anyone have any problems with the cliq? I want to get one just not sure and how is t-mo’s service?

    • Lev

      I have the Cliq, the only real problem I seem to have with it is battery life. With very light uses, 3g off and wiifi off, I get about 20 hours, and if I used it more moderately maybe 12-14 hours. I have no social networking accounts, no widgets, and still it drains with no usage, I am puzzled, so i guess the question really is if you intend to use it heavily, may not get you through the day. I still think it is the best t-mobile android phone. The screen is very crisp and vibrant, it is super responsive for the most part, at times it will not register my touch on the screen, but that is more of a firmware problem that can be fixed easily. All in all I have had the phone now for 9 days, I would give it an overall 8.7. Music sounds real good through it as well with good head phones

  • Blaine

    @ Joe Cool: Much agreed on the Motorola comment. I’d take a Samsung device anyday over a fail Motorola device.

  • Richard

    @joe cool Those are the rumored specs.

  • -ray

    Hmm.. T3 just reviewed the Galaxy I7500…. Not that impressive…


  • rushmore

    Hmmm. Newegg has both the Galaxy and N900 for $559. I just do not know which one to pick ;)

    N900 has 32gb built in, sd dlot, high end camera, much better chipset, twice the screen res, bigger display, keyboard, better browser, full Flash and a ton of video codecs.

    Who prices these things???

  • BKJames

    You guys are wrangling over whether this phone is a better buy at $229 or $199. How about it sucks at either of these prices. People come to your senses..the best Android phone out right now costs $199. Even if the Behold 2 has a samsung 800mhz processor, it wont pack the power of that dual core OMAP processor in the Droid (iPhone 3GS, Palm Pre) This phone is set up to FAIL!! Plain and simple. Six months ago would have been a great time to release this phone or just should have brought over the Galaxy at the time. This phone shouldn’t be more than $149 tops. It can’t even match the Droid Eris and that phone pack HTC sense and it’s $99 and please no replies about Verizon’s pricing..AT&T sells a ton of iPhones and their prices are comparable to Verizon. Customers come for phones, and we have a terrible phone selection at the moment and horrible price points. Stop being homers and admit the truth. Come on Tmo, give this 10 year customer a phone to lust after for once.

    • laphoneuser

      Agree with your points, but why should Tmo give you a phone to lust after if you’ve proven that you don’t need one to stay with them?

      Maybe when you (and others) leave T-Mobile, they will get the message.

      I’ve also been with T-Mobile for several years, but their lower monthly plans are becoming a weaker reason for me to stay with them, now that there are some extremely cool phones (mobile computers) on the market.

      I’m in the market for a new phone. If Tmo does not bring either the N900 or the HD2 (or something as sexy and powerful) into its arsenal, I will speaking with my dollars, which will go to either Sprint or Verizon.

  • WXman


  • Sanjay

    Phonescoop is reporting that TMO is talking 21Mbps by mid-2010. That would be terrific. Now if they can only get 3G to Louisville, KY, that’s spelled LOOAVUL.

    • WXman

      Store employee told me that Lexington, KY is getting turned on to 3G in 4 weeks. She said they’ve had it all ready to go…but one tower had a problem and the FCC made them fix it before they went 3G here. I would think that Louisville would be turned on to 3G soon also.

  • achilles

    If T-mobile would release an EXACT duplicate of the N900, but with Android, and increased its coverage area, it would easily move into the #3 spot.

  • TomCruise

    the last 2 days i have been checking out verizon and at&t stores to just see what they’ve got to lure me away from tmobile.

    in terms of plans, they are all atleast $20-$30/month more expensive (family plans) than what i have and need at the moment.

    in terms of phones i only find 3 hot phones verizon has droid and eris while at&t has the iphone.

    all other phones on these networks are strictly ok.

    i have the mytouch which performs great after rooting, almost on par with droid and eris.

    so i guess i shall stop complaining for now for it seems like i have the best combination of all plan rates and phones out there.

    will worry only when i’m ready to renew 18 months from now.

  • John

    I want to stay with T-mobile but the pricing is out of line regardless of the plan costs. Verizon will sell a Droid for $269 on a ONE year contract. I think I can pony up a little extra monthly for a year while I enjoy the Droid goodness and maybe come back to T-mo after that.

    It doesn’t matter anyways, the 7 years I’ve been with T-mo and no more loyalty incentive… Besides, who knows when an Android phone will even come out on T-mo with better than a 528 chip or Android 2.0…


    The Behold 2 is a slightly updated myTouch/Eris/Hero…not even close to being on par with the Droid. There’s a reason why T-Mobile has been super secretive with the specs…it’s basically the same phone as every other Android phone on their shelves. Improvements in the camera and minor update of the screen. The same outdated processor as the G1/myT3G/Cliq. This phone should be selling for about $150 on a 2 year contract. There are some things to like about the phone but nothing makes it stand out for the T-Mobile brand. See the point? There’s not a single phone that differentiates T-Mobile from the other carriers. Wait til next year I’ll hear the T-Mo faithful scream. I heard that last year.

    When comparing this phone to others (iPhone, Droid, Pre) this phone ranks dead last amongst them. Seems like T-Mobile likes being #4.

  • Elias

    Where the heck is the Fender edition of MT3G?


    I want to make note of some comments about the BH2 running comparable to the Droid. That’s like making the comparison of a VW Bug and a Porsche.

    The BH2 is using a very dated chip that should have been put out of it’s misery a long time ago. The Droid is using a new Cortex A8 processor….the same that’s in the iPhone 3GS meaning the comparisons being made are futile. The A8 destroys any of the current 528 clocked phones out there….it has 2 cores and the graphics are unmatched. Please do your homework before making such a ridiculous comparison.

    T-Mobile couldn’t even attempt to market the BH2 against the Droid without having the comparison ripped to shreds by the tech reporters and critics. The phone doesn’t compete. It’s a second rate phone at best. It’s on par with the Cliq barley edging above it….that’s it.


    @Elias the Fender has been ‘delayed’ for some unknown reason but I may know why. It would be absolutely ridiculous at this point in the game to release the same exact phone as the myT3G just for bragging rights on having a phone that looks like a guitar. I think T-Mobile realizes that other carriers would have Android phones that are much more enticing so I believe there is some serious rework in features being put into play. T-Mobile has the G1/myT3G/Cliq/BH2(coming) which are all slight variations of the each other. This makes them the king in the number of Android phones available but none of them are the best. That’s the word we need to hear being heralded about T-Mobile…that they offer the best handset in a particular platform. We know their customer service has held the crown now their phones and network need to live up to this claim.


    Happy Friday all. I have another rant.

    Why the hell are some of you bitching to those of us who have or are considering T-Mobile. The rants about getting raped by AT&T and Verizon with their more expensive rates. Did it ever occur to you that you might just be a bunch of cheap bastards. Hold on….I’m not saying there’s nothing wrong with that either. I was with T-Mobile for 6 years before I ditched them last Friday. Nothing wrong for looking for a bargain. There comes a point and time when you get tired of letdown after letdown in a product or service you’ve used for so long. Our needs and desires change as in the case of many of us. As our lifestyles changes so will the things we use. This is the crossroad we’ve hit with T-Mobile. Sometimes change comes at a price, one that I didn’t have a problem making. I can honestly say that after a week on Verizon I have no regrets with the decision I made. It’s been like trading in my Nissan Altima for a Lexus IS250. I enjoyed driving both cars but the Lexus fits my changing lifestyle and there’s no way to put a comparison on spending more for better performance. That’s what my experience has been thus far with the Droid and Verizon.

    A friendly note…stop hating on us….we want things to get better at T-Mobile….we just can’t sit around forever waiting for it to happen.

    • Tam

      Amen brother, i bounced when i heard they were seriously gonna price this at 229, that set me over the edge, i’ve been waiting since april for the galaxy, since it passed the fcc, and they release this, pushed me over the edge to verizon and the droid, now i have a family plan with my wife and get a discount from my work so the price is not “ass-raping” me and the network is bigger and the customer service is on par with tmo’s, i loved t-mobile but this was the last disappointment for me.

  • deeznutz

    T-Mobile bites the big one. EOM

  • Grr

    One other thing about Verizon, I have a lot of respect for them but don’t be gullible about Verizons “3G” network either. Verizon’s “3G” maxes out at 1.4 Mb/s. Verizon and Sprint really abuse the word “3G” because they are barely considered to be a 3G technology. T-Mobile and AT&T technology (though AT&T has to do some hardware replacements first) is capable of 7.2 MB/s currently. Thats with adequate circuit capacity which in many areas they don’t have yet. But the these 3G technologies have a roof of 21MB/s currently and roadmapped to 84 MB/s. So, don’t confuse Verizon and Sprints “3G” with AT&T and T-Mobiles. They are way different and Verizon and Sprints is way inferior as far as speed. The advantage that Verizon and Sprint do have is their “3G” was a fairly simple upgrade to existing “2G” hardware. AT&T and T-mobile’s required new hardware deployment everywhere.

    I have to give Verizon credit, they have fooled a lot of people and offer a good enough product that people don’t realize it. I will be interested to see how well they handle the LTE deployment because this time they will truly have to build out their network with new equipment. Verizon has really been a thorn in the sides of AT&T and T-Mobile during their deployments on towers Verizon owns. There could be some serious payback when Verizon needs to make tower changes on towers AT&T or T-Mobile owns.

  • BKJames

    One more thing to add. lots of you guys are saying “wait till next year” Alright that’s cool, we’ll have the fastest network and all that and better phones, but how much will those phones costs? The HTC HD2, the Nokia 900 and etc? If Tmo is charging $229 for this crappy outdated phone, what will they charge for these two phones if they hit Tmo? Like I said before cheaper phone rates can only go so far (and the prices aren’t that cheap anymore)if the phones costs a arm and a leg. Next year will bring a new iPhone and successor to the Droid and I bet their prices will still trump the “best” we will carry.


    Grr That’s funny that you’d mention such inaccurate numbers above Verizon’s data caps. I’ve been performing tests on my Droid courtesy of Speedtest.net’s app and there are areas in my work and home where I’ve exceeded 3Mbps – CONSISTENTLY. Can you explain this away? I don’t see how you can attempt to make such claims without ample support. In recent months there were some speed and reliable reports done by a number of tech sites, most of the reports rate VZW’s network with high marks and speeds that beat out even AT&T.

    Can you please give links to supporting data? Thanks.

  • rushmore


    I am testing a Droid as well and the speed seems very fast. Stream HQ Youtube and Jetflcks over 3G with no stutters.

    In fact, I went to compare my G1 and Droid’s signals in spots where Tmo has one GSM bar or no service at all. The Droid streamed Youtube and Jetflicks perfectlt in those place too. Wild.

    Conclusion. Tmo service sucks in KY and Verizon rocks. Wish it was the other way around due to the N900 and the lower service prices.

    • WXman

      I disagree. I live in central KY and we tried Verizon last year for about two weeks….HATED it. Had no service at my house in an urban area…had no service in Walmart…it sucked. Switched back to T-Mo fast after that.

    • roy

      switch to verizon plain and simple

  • Eric

    The phone is 199.99 the new prices put in stores include things like blue tooths or starter acc kits but the pricing we have received is 199.99.. we already have the price cards

  • Kickstar13
  • Vikingsfan45

    OH TMONEWS FYI NOKIA n900 is not going to be carried by any carrier so you can give up those dreams…………. NOKIA said its not going to be carried by any carrier so thats one high end phone thats not coming to t-mobile…. and lets be honest……. the HTC HD2 is not coming out on t-mobile…. if they can’t get a decent android phone even tho they pioneered it how can they get a high end phone like that. t-mobile just dosen’t have the cake to snag a phone like that its going to at&t or verizon most likely at&t if i had to guess so what do we have to wait for the fender MYTOUCH lmao another sub par … par at best android phone….. lol they just going to keep launching crappy phones like the t-mobile tap and over pricing it….. really i walked into a store and t-mobile had it priced the same as a samsung behold…. really 129.99 before mail in rebate i have to pay 130 for a phone that has a crappy screen little “3G” enabled but no 3G service or i can get a behold thats been out for a year but has a 5 megapixel camera COME ON T-mOBILE YOUR PRICING HAS TO MAKE SENSE……….

    • roy

      no you dont have to buy anything… all this whining and complaining cracks me up, my girlfriend has mytouch 3g and loves it, what you guys gotta realize is these are phones! you all expect it to cook you dinner wash your dishes…..we dont have to do anything , nobody has you guys on your knees with a tmobile salesman pointing a gun to your head making you buy… i have had tmo for 9 years have 5 lines 1800 min unlimited messaging 2 data add ons my faves i pay 165 a month our sales manager has verizion for him his wife and daughter with no data 1200 min 3000 tex messages and his average bill is 275..is that really worth it ??? if so, stop the complaining pay your cancellation fees switch to verizon and be stuck with the same phone for 2 years… end of story

      • Robert

        HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…. first off you don’t pay $165 per month for 5 lines with 2 data add ons and unlimited messaging… and if you do you have a much better plan than I do and I’ve been with them for just as long and have about as good a plan as they’ve ever offered grandfathered and pay $10 more per month than you do for 4 lines and only 1 data add on.

        Second… if your ‘sales manager’ is really paying that much for that crappy plan then he is a COMPLETE idiot because they offer far better plans than that which do include data…..

        So something is SERIOUSLY wrong with you trying to attack someone else with a bunch of made up numbers.

      • roy

        look below yours rob straight off the verizon web site for a individual plan…. no thanks!

  • roy

    Package Selection 1 Remove Package
    Phone: DROID by Motorola regularly $299.99 1 $199.99 Today
    One time Activation Fee Free First Bill
    Change Phone
    Accessories: View Included Accessories
    Add Accessories
    Nationwide Basic 1350
    — 2-year contract $79.99 Monthly
    Change Plan
    Features: 5000 messages PLUS Unlimited Mobile to Mobile Messaging $20.00 Monthly
    Decline Insurance $0.00 Monthly
    Unlimited Data Usage $44.99 Monthly
    Visual Voice Mail $2.99 Monthly
    Ringback Tones $0.99 Monthly
    View Included Features
    Change/Add Features
    Package 1 Total Due Today*: $199.99
    Package 1 Total Due Monthly: $148.96
    Enter Promotional Code:
    Add Promo
    One Time Activation Fee Free First Bill
    Shipping Option ****
    Overnight Shipping – Free Free
    Delivery Information
    Taxes (calculated at checkout)
    Total Due Today* $199.99
    Total Due Monthly $148.96

    Update Cart

    Continue to Checkout

  • roy

    hey rob does it look like i made that up! thats post below yours is straight off the verizon website FOR INDIVIDUAL PLAN, i pay 89.99 9.99 unlimited tex 24.99 web 19.99 for blackberry add on caller tunes 1.49 add it up! is that made up?? look at your plan maybe you need to re eval. if you thing that droid is worth that price then move on….na na na na, na na na na goodbye.

  • Just a guy

    You know what i cant figure out? there are so many people on here that do nothing but bitch about tmobile. you people do realize this is a T-MOBILE

  • Just a guy

    you know what i cant figure out. there are so many people on here bitching about tmobile, and i dont know if you realize but this is a TMOBILE fansite. its somewhat astonishing to me how ignorant people are. and alot of these people are so angry. what is the big deal? did tmobile steal your corn flakes this morning? i understand some of the frustrations, cause i work for the company and ive been frustrated as well. but people, you have to understand that we are talking about electronics here. they are NEVER going to work 100 percent of the time. and they are NEVER going to please every customer out there. whether it be verizon, or sprint, or att, or tmobile. people are gonna be pissed off. but if you love verizon, go bitch about tmobile on their website. cause your doing nothing but stirring the pot on here. dont get me wrong, i find it hilarious, but i think your wasting you time.

    • davis

      RAM is the single most important spec, if the phone isnt snappy, it doesnt matter how pretty it is. Do you realize that the g1 has 192 ram? it was one of the main complaints about the phone. So what does TMO do? They spend a year getting together the next Android phone, the MyTouch3g. Now the MT3G was already available in europe as the “Magic”. The “Magic” has 288mb ram, thats more than even the verizon droid has. But when TMO gets it to the states they rename it to The MyTouch 3G and give it 192mb ram, the EXACT SAME amount as the g1 which is over a year older than it. The problem is that smartphones are on a level of their own, they are so, so much more than cell phones, but TMO wants to bring the technology along slowly to milk customers for all theyre worth, and its not gonna work because their competition is doing what any smart carrier would do, theyre creating a phone to overcome the iphone. TMO is acting like android is another “sidekick”, a popular phone with a specific demographic, and to treat google android the same is uninformed and ignorant. TMO just doesnt have a section of the company that analyzes new technologies and how their competition uses them. I dont hate TMO, but i am bewildered by and feel sorry for them.

  • coolfx35

    I ordered mine today so hope to get started within the next few days. Can’t wait to take a crack at the Samsung Behold II. From what I read on http://www.Behold-Android.com, The Behold II include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1, GPS, a 5-megapixel camera, and up 16GB expandable memory via the microSD slot. Samsung stated that the smartphone follows on the success of its Samsung Behold and takes it to the next level with the addition of Android, bringing support for Google services and Exchange ActiveSync.

  • Yep we have to wait for the Samsung Behold to arrive in the UK and the rest of Europe. Still Samsung said it would be available for Christmas so it won’t take very long anymore for this Samsung Touchwiz powered handset to arrive here. Otherwise you can choose for the phone shown in the video below: the N900!