9700 Arriving At T-Mobile Stores


While the launch is three days away, what is quickly becoming everyone’s favorite Blackberry is arriving in T-Mobile stores.  Let me repeat that, the 9700 availability date is three days away (I’m excited).  If the reports are to be believed, then T-Mobile is preparing for this phone to sell like hot cakes, since the stores are supposed to have a minimum of 25 each (Our sources are saying that the high end will be 36 though).  I can see this thing selling out, so get there when you see fit.  Leave your thoughts in the comments!


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  • Koloheboy

    Well, with all the mixup and damage control they did to my account, the Account Rep will call me on Monday. She will ship the two phones to me, I wanted to pick it up at the store, but because of all the mishap she will give us the phone at discounted price. Well, the same $199.00 instead of the $450.00. Plus free express shipping. I Soo it will be longer then 3 days for me :( lol

    • Adam

      I think i am going to wait i was talking to a guy yesterday at t mobile and he was talking about some of the new phones having the snap dragon technology. if that is so do you know what that would mean

      • Ndy500Fan

        Snap Dragon is the new Qualcomm superfast (1Ghz) processor. Do a search for HTC HD2 and you will find a phone that makes the iPhone screen look tiny. It is rumored to be released by Tmobile in early 2010.

  • gvsdkl

    Well I use my Blackberry 6720 and it works great, so I am not going to upgrade.

    • olex

      Yeah, with the economy like this I will stick to my 7290 it has all the features I need.

      • Johnny1985

        Totally agree, my 7290 has GPRS on it, it is lightning fast boy! No need for this 3G craziness, I can live with 1G fine.

    • Koloheboy

      Ack! $600.00 lol

  • rfgenerator

    be careful if you are upgrading. It appears that the big T is playing games trying to break your older grandfathered Blackberry plan (i.e. $19.99) and replace it with the $24.95 plan. Make sure before you leave the store you and they are completely clear that you have retained your old grandfathered BB plan. I think this is coming from T-mobile Germany. My German wife who lived in Germany until 9 years ago says that T-Mobile over there is looked up like most of us look upon Verizon & ATT.

    • Good point. Some reps might try to be slick, and force you over to the data prices.

    • Mike

      actually its worse than you think..its not 24.99 it might be 30 or 35 a month..from these modifications t-mobile did to their plans i think it has been for the worse than for the good.

    • CrazyRight

      You will be required to switch to a current contracted data plan ($30/mo+) if you would like to take advantage of the discounts on the phone.

      If you do not like the new data prices that will give you access to the phone discount, keep your old data plan and buy the phone no contract. $450 for the phone and save $240+taxes and fees over 2 years… you will wind up paying less.

      Be happy they let you keep old plans, they do not need to. Try telling comcast you want your plan from 1998 back.

    • Mike

      Isnt it 30 or 35 dollars a month now?

  • Kershon

    I am way past ready!! Ima be first in line Monday morning. Come to pappa u little bugger. Daddy’s waitin’ for you!

  • Koloheboy

    @Kershon lol

  • wl

    i got my 9700 a few hours ago i’m in love

  • Kendrix_myrealname

    I couldn’t wait for the 9700. I just had to try out Android and I’m glad I did. I still might get one in the near future at full price.


    I just ordered mine from customer care.

    • shani

      what did you say exactly trying to order but they wont let me

      • disciplex666

        I called customer care and said id like to order the new bold 9700. It shipped this morning. Will be delivered monday

  • …but apparenlty this phone does not/will not support the new BB web browser…

    • Kershon

      T-Mobile blackberry tech support confirms the browser IS UPGRADEABLE to flash. I just got off the phone with them. I got to wondering about that myself.

  • kate

    I called 2 tmobile stoers and they both said if I call in the morning they will put one on hold for me as long as i come in that day to pick it up.

    I’m so obsessed over this whole 9700 thing lol, i neeed one!

  • czar

    I will be writing a blog post this weekend of why I am NOT getting the 9700. its just a blackberry with a trackpad, I have a 8900. I don’t 3G will make that big of a difference, my 8900 browser is slow even on wi-fi


    I called and got the retention dept to give me the new customer discount. I will be ordering mine and have it shipped overnight on Monday. Can’t take monday off and I need to get 2 so, I will be happily awaiting their arrival on Tuesday at my job… where they will be setup…LOL!

    • Koloheboy

      I’m with yah Blusls :)

  • Todd

    I’ll wait for the HD2….

    • Poopenfarten

      Definitely HD2 is a promising device.

  • Da Nizzle

    As much as I want this I really don’t see the advantage of upgrading. I have no 3G in my area and I already have an 8520 for the trackpad. Truthfully I could give a crap about the camera and without support for the new browser the 449.99 asking price is terrible.

    I only 60 bucks a month for 500 minutes and unlimeted everything else so I see no reason to pay more monthly for the Even More plan. Cost wise it is more money to buy it subsidized.

    Seriously this is a good upgrade for the 8320 holdouts or someone that has a broken device. Crap if I had 3G I may have even considered it, but for the cost of the device + the terible network it isn’t worth it.

  • Johnny1985

    Forget the track pad, track wheel is the sh!t

  • Jack67

    I just upgraded to 8709g. I am so excited guys, it will arrive on Monday. Cant wait!!!

  • timmyjoe42

    I’m not getting an upgrade until I have 3G service, and at that point, I am switching carriers if we still don’t have it in Cincy by the time my contract is up.

    • Jeff

      yeah, i was in a tmo store yesterday and they were talking up the 3g and i asked well what’s it running now. she said edge-no 3g in any of the burbs by me. even worse the mall kiosk has no voice service! i like tmo, but its gettin (has been) ridiculous. its just cheap.

  • Den_54_ise

    I just called T-Mobile and ordered Storm 2.

    • Koloheboy

      LOL Den_54_ise

  • billybob

    Too bad it won’t work with the just announced OpenGL API’s.

  • Jeff Cale

    I was excited about the 9700 until I saw the HD2, and now have read every possible review pertaining to it. I’m sure that I am not alone that if T-Mobile decides not to pick up the HD2 AS IS or better, I will switch to the provider that does pick it up. I resisted the temptation of the iPhone and have been a loyal T-Mo customer since the Voicestream days, but that loyalty is out the window if they miss the boat on the HD2. The reviews of the HD2 are outstanding. I’m sure that there will not be an announcement until all of the hype is over about the currently released phones. Sure would love to hear a real confirmation though.

    • rossi

      I’m feeling the same way. (also been around since voicestream)

      • niididy

        Me too…since Voicestream days. Also, I was a BB addict until I went Android…so I am not picking up this phone. I will however go to the store and play with it lol.

        One other interesting note- I woke up this morning with 5bar, blazing 3G speeds at home. Orange City, FL..look it up. Till today it was decent 3G signal at work in Orlando and wifi at home…

    • LaCandela

      I feel the same was…I have a friend with an Iphone at tmo but I’m so hooked on BBs I might have to jump ship too. TMO is not offering enough even for loyal cusomers of 8plus years.

      • john

        While I understand time and tenure mean something, what do you want them to give you $9.99 everything and free phones…jump ship, get death star or big red to rape you monthly, have piss poor service Pay more get less…that’ll teach tmo.

      • Rossi

        Well, John, I’ve already detailed that in my situation tmo isn’t giving me more for less (as compared to big red) so you fail there. Nice try though. By the way, I wonder how come sprint and tmo were the only carriers to lose subscribers in the third quarter? Very interesting.

        Also, we were all talking about wanting good high end phones. Not cheaper rate plans. Is that clear? Retention, at least for us, comes with phones (the 9700 is a start), but the diddly cliq, and anemic mytouch 3g can go back to 2007 where they may have been crave worthy. Hd2, n900/920, snapdragons, tegra, or omap 3 would be a sample of what i’d like to see in order to stick around.

        And yes, I’ll let my money do the talking..

  • Juan

    What kind of follishness is going on in this comment stream? I think one person is posting a majority of the comments.

    • Carlos

      Yea man

      • Hose

        Yes, amigo

  • Anthony In Utah

    I just called my tmobile retail store in the mall and they said the 9700 will arrive on the 16th, but they can’t put phones on hold for it’s customers so I am going to be there when their store opens at 10am ha ha perhaps a little before. She said if I get there early I’ll definitely get one either way. They won’t sell out until after noon if they do she said! I’m SO excited! Looking forward to my new upgrade and extending my contract for 2 years. I don’t see any point in having no contract if I’m not switching providers. I’ve been with tmobile for 5 years since I was 18 ha ha Oh yeah I’ll go for the EIP too so my cost will be an extra $50 per month added to my bill for 3 months. I think I pay the first payment up front!

    • niididy

      Yezzur…first payment upfront. ;)


    uhm this WILL support the NEW BROWSER & FLASH and it hasnt been officailly announced that it wont support open gl they just said that the ones that ALREADY CAN support open gl will be some of the cmda bb’s. open gl is mostly for apps like games and we donnot know what phones will really support it yet.

    • Vic

      Thank you so much. There seems to be some that don’t do research or just listens to people who have no clue. Like he said it will work with the new browser and there has not been a confirm or denial if this device will run opengl

  • Jeff

    ok, i understand the bold is an awsome email device, but dies the cliq even compare? i am kinda tired of the same old bb setup and tiny buttons. i need email though and from what i tried with the mt3g the email stinks. any comments on email from cliq users?

    • Lily

      I have switched to the Cliq from the Blackberry 8900, and even used the 8320 before that. The email works relatively well. The thing to keep in mind if you do decide to switch is that the email is not pulled through a server, like the Blackberry does with the internet feature, so there will be times when it can take up to 2 hours for your email to come in on the Cliq. However, when I notice that my email is not coming in quickly, I will either go through the inbox on my device and clear it out, or login online and just clear out the server, and that typically gets the emails pouring in. With any Blackberry though you can be sure that as long as you do not have more than 900 emails on the email providers server that your email will come in within about 2-3 minutes thanks to the upgrades that RIM has made to the Blackberry email servers. And because RIM has been doing this for years you can have peace of mind that if there are any problems they will be few and far between, whereas you may run into little quirks and issues with software updates that will be pushed to the Cliq. Hope this helps!

      • Jeff

        Yes thanks. With everyrhing considered- bottom line CLIQ or 9700?

  • john

    will it be on sale online?

    • Kickstar13

      Yes on Monday November 16th it will be on sale on T-Mobile’s website.

  • Poopenfarten

    It is interesting to see how quick is the browser on T-Mobile 3G. I currently use 8900 and I am not in the hurry to upgrade it.

  • Phoneofan

    The 9700 is going cost $450.00 outright? how much you think Newegg and Amazon and ebay have it for?

    • Anthony In Utah

      If you get the blackberry on eBay you’re looking at $450 and up. You won’t find it any cheaper than what T-Mobile offers it at retail, but I hear Amazon usually has really great deals. I think your best bet is to just buy it outright. Get on a payment plan if need be. I seen the unboxing video on PhoneDog and all I can say is WOW! Were in for a real special treat this Holiday! Merry Christmas T-Mobile! Ha ha oh wait I we haven’t had Thanksgiving yet… But tis the season to be jolly ;-D

  • phone0fan

    Anthony you sure? Ebay would be more expensive, wouldn’t make sense if you can buy it cheaper from a store and not have to deal with the shipping and such..

    • Anthony in Utah

      Yeah, pretty sure haha but depending on what your upgrade consists of. For me, I am out of contract and just going to renew with a new 2 yr agreement and get the $199.99 price. I could get set-up on the Even More Plus plan and be out of contract and get on the 20 month payment plan, but I don’t want to pay the extra $22.50 per month on top of my $100.00 bill… that’s including taxes. It just depends on what plan you have and your upgrade elegibility.

  • its a nice looking bloackberry im not gunna lie… but how bout t-mobile gets 3G in my area??? first they dont even have edge in my area… ever since i bought my samsung memoir it has a G next to the signal… when i went to visit my aunt in texas i got 3G next to the signal now im back in my hometown of montana and i get G … i dont even get edge which i think is ridiculous. cause over here in da mall in all the t-mobile stores if u walk in all of their phones say GSM… i think ima switch to verizon cause verizon has evdo revA everywere in my hometown and i playd with their phones at the verizon store and their 3G network is amazingly fast. i loaded up webpages in seconds. hey im not hating on t-mobile i have it da only reason i still have it its cause the plans are the cheapest .. but im going tommorow 1st thing in the morning to pay $175 and get out of their contract and go with verizon…

  • CO_Yeti

    We got the demo at my store and I’ve been playing with it all day. My review is it is a great new Curve (er.. Bold) and it is nice to finally have a 3g blackberry. The screen has awesome resolution but is small and the browser doesn’t render pages as quickly and in lower quality than android and windows mobile. It does have quicker boot up times and everything (settings, messaging, app world, etc) works like it always has. Bottom line if you have an old blackberry and like it, this phone is for you. But I don’t see it grabbing many new customers for RIM.

    • Anthony in Utah

      Ahhh don’t disappoint me CO_Yeti haha but don’t you think this is the BEST T-Mobile phone out right now? I mean, compared to T-Mobiles line of current devices, wouldn’t you agree this is at the top?

      • Kickstar13

        In my opinion, yes. I would say currently the BlackBerry Bold 9700 is T-Mobile’s best phone.

  • Anthony in Utah

    Haha I knew it! We got good taste kickstar13! =) I tried to get my local tmobile store to hold me one, BUT they said they couldn’t haha so I have to wake up early and get there by 9:30am haha yeah that’s early for me!

  • Kershon

    Well my 8900 isn’t old. I’ve had it for 6 months is all. I am upgrading. Trackpad, faster processor, better keyboard, and 3g. And there are other browsers available that are faster, ie Opera Mini I can use until the new browser with flash becomes available. Quite an improvement if you ask me. Imo this phone should bring quite a few new customers. It’s the best Blackberry of them all so far.

    • 30014

      Since this is not exclusive to tmo I don’t see it bringing in any new customers. People typically don’t get excited over blackberries unless they already own one. I had my 8320 for less than a year before I switched to android. I do not miss the frozen screens or the constant battery pulls. Blackberry is a one trick pony(email). That’s just my personal opinion, so u blackberry lovers don’t take it personal. Android rules.

  • Kershon

    And I forgot to add it runs on os 5.0.

  • dirtybird072

    @30014…. I tend to agree with you. While I am a Blackberry user and lover, the Blackberry isn’t the real flashy device that brings people in like an iphone or a android. The 9700 has gotten zero pub to let people know it’s coming out. The storm2 has had a commercial. I think for what most people want out of a phone the Blackberry does not meet their expectations. I will be picking this device up Monday. I’m hoping it won’t sell out, but I’m sure it won’t.

  • Sgt. Cell

    Mighty enticing, but I’m holding out for the HD2.