BlackBerry 9700 Goes Official November 16th


Look, this isn’t really going to surprise anyone, but T-Mobile officially posted the Blackberry 9700 for a November 16th release date today. We’ve had suggestions it might have been pushed back two more days to November 18th having already been pushed back an entire week. As it stands, T-Mobile seems to really want to introduce their very first 3G Blackberry November 16th. Unless of course you’re a business customer, than you get it today, lucky! On the fence about this and Android, check out the meta-review we put together!

BlackBerry Bold 9700 Launches November 16

This Holiday, T-Mobile is scheduled to launch the first 3G BlackBerry with Wi-Fi calling, the BlackBerry Bold 9700, on November 16. The Bold 9700 launched on November 9 in the Business channel only.

The sleek and powerful BlackBerry Bold 9700 features a next-generation (624 MHz) processor, 256 MB Flash memory, Built-in GPS, Visual Voice Mail, a 3.2 megapixel camera, full-QWERTY keyboard with an innovative touch-sensitive optical trackpad.

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  • Ritchie

    Sorry Andrid update for me, just downloaded the emulator for NES SNES and Sega, awesome feature and still loving my CLiq

  • Ritchie

    Sorry, P.S. do you guys have Facebook or Myspace? Not a twitter fan myslef.

  • Koloheboy

    About time LOL

  • NiiDiddy

    Nice. But I’ll have to look the other way and stay put with Android…

  • Brent Johnson

    I so want to stay with Android (I love my G1), but I really need a phone with a flash camera. I know that sounds silly, but I work in a nightclub, and I need to be able to capture spur-of-the-moment pics. The G1’s camera sucks so bad without a flash. The pics don’t have to be great, just decent. I can’t carry around 2 phones or a phone & a camera, so I need to pick something that can function as both. To my knowledge, T-Mobile doesn’t have any Android phones with a flash camera … otherwise I wouldn’t even be thinking about this Blackberry. Torn, really torn.

  • Kershon

    I called customer service last night and the girl told me that they had not been informed of the release date. I told her it is all over the interwebs that the 9th for business and 16th for others and she asked me if I had abusiness account. Ticked me off cause I figured she was giving me a line. Now T-Mobile makes it official. Anyway, I’m getting this device next Monday. I will be waiting when the store opens. We all have been waiting sooo long for this. I’m really excited about it. Can’t wait to retire my curve 8900. And hopefully I will be able to upgrade the browser next year. I was really considering getting an Android device for the browser but I really don’t like the idea of all my info being stored on Google’s cloud. And berries do every thing I need them to do.

  • branon

    am going to get this. sell it on ebay and use that to subsidize the n900. Its the only way to not jump ship to verizon.

  • T-Mobile made th 16th official? Where is this proclamation? It is not on the page, nor in the press releases.

  • Param Walia

    But if this is true, where is the official link because i am really tempted to get my hands on it and cant wait so i need a official link if you can provide it please..thanks a ton

  • blackberry SUCKS! not user-friendly what-so-ever!

  • Fred

    Does anyone know if T-Mobile plans on introducing a touch screen BlackBerry like the Storm on Verizon?

  • Koloheboy

    It is true that today business accounts can order the 9700, I spoke with them today, but because I pre ordered the stupid Motorola Cliq and returned it, they will get back to me on my return.

  • domenic

    cant wait till it comes out!

  • wl

    is there an offical link that we can see how do we know its offical

  • Anthony in Utah

    @ Koloheboy – You returned your Motorola Cliq too? HaHa so did I because of the new Blackberry 3G. I am going to pick mine up in store and get the EIP (equpiment installment plan) and renew my contract. When I called T-Mobile over the weekend they were telling me about the Even More Plus plans and paying for the full retail price of the phone over 20 months. Its confusing though because they told me it depends on your credit and how much your approved for.

  • Dalton

    Hmm, I’m torn between getting this and an Android phone. (Most likely the G1, I know it’s outdated but I’m not too worried about 2.0. :P)

    I cannot decide. This phone just looks amazing, gahh!
    But without a contract, can you say expensive?? Especially from t-mobile. Rippin off it’s customers. Thanks.

  • kershon

    I just got off the T-Mobile website. I can’t find a link or anything about the 9700 either. Except for the video ad under discover tab. If this thing is gonna be released on the 16th it should be advertised all over tv and the interwebs. At the very least there should be a link to it on T-Mo’s website. How is the general public even gonna know it is going to drop? Most of them don’t read the blogs. And while I am at it, I have yet to see a T-Mobile commercial on tv. I saw ATT, Vz, and even US Cellular the other day, but no Magenta. I saw US Cell’s comercial 4-5 times. Now if a little company like that can advertise, why can’t T-Mobile? Pardon the rant, but I got it off my chest. Really ticks me off though.

  • Bigg

    Can I call in today and just buy it outright? Does anyone know? I got a business account.

  • domenic

    i also returned my moto cliq for the bold 9700 ive been waiting for a 3g blackberry for months now!



  • Nerdlust

    Finally a 3g blackberry!! :)

  • Anthony in Utah

    I just got off an online chat with a T-Mobile rep. and asked about the release date of the new Blackberry 3G and she said she was told November 18th as the official release date for all customers that are NOT business customers.

  • Rajja

    I do not know why you guys go crazy over android, I had a G1 and tried to switch from my Iphone and I truly disliked android it didn’t feel finished/smooth. I have heard all about 2.0 and I hope it will be a lot better than what I had!

    But I will be switching back to team berry next week I guess. I can’t wait to get uma and 3G.

  • Koloheboy

    @Anthony yeah the dang Cliq was not what I expected LOL… and besides I had problems too with it :/

  • A_O

    for those of you who want the official tmobile website for this fone here it is

    its just a teaser, but it aint no fake, its coming! :D

    and for those of you who keep chossing Android over BB… i beg to differ.

    go to and check out the latest news from the BlackBerry Developer Conference.

    if i were you guys i would check out a BB sometime next summer, as Adobe Flash, Open GL ES support will come to the blackberrys :D

    as for developers and their apps,Java GUI Biulder and Theme Studio will also come soon in Q1 of 2010, is already in beta testing :D


  • Jim

    Any info on pricing?

  • Anthony in Utah

    I heard $199.99 with a new two year contract. Full retail pricing on a blackberry is usually around $500.00 no contract? Am I right? I am unsure as well

  • A_O

    yeaa Anthony your right

    its 199$ .. though i herd of a xmas sale event that it would go down to 150$ .. but its just at rumor stage, not official.

  • Timothy

    Please post a link to the official press release. Nothing is posted on 9700, nor have I received an email from T-Mobile notifying me of a release date. Until then we should get our hopes up too much.

  • Brent Johnson

    Not sure if it will apply to T-Mobile or not, but AT&T is offering a $100 manufacturer’s rebate with their 9700’s. They’re sellling theirs for $199 after rebate and contract, so their pricing appears to be about the same. I’m really gonna be disappointed if T-Mo sells it for more money and without rebate. That will be proof positive to me that their game plan with EM and EM+ won’t work.

  • Felicia
  • AndGuz

    @David (author)
    I guess there is a reason this site takes the slogan “Unofficial T-Mobile Blog.” Although it seems the launch is approaching and may as well be the 16th, how can you post something and not back it up? Heck, I’ll give it a shot:


    All sarcasm aside, back this up David, otherwise this is just speculation.

  • Danny

    T-Mobile offers their smartphones online without that annoying MIR just like Verizon does.

    The upgrade price will be $199.99 and the full retail price will be around $450.

    I love Android and the myTouch 3G that I use is not a bad phone, but I’m going to get the BB 9700 to hold me over until T-Mobile can release a decent high end spec’d Android device. No more toyish Android phones T-Mo. Give us something high end big a large touchscreen.

    Until then, I’ll be enjoying my new BB9700. Arguably the best looking full featured BlackBerry on the market for the full qwerty crowd.

  • Brent Johnson

    T-Mobile: $449.00. AT&T: $349.00.

    Well, it’s really sad that AT&T is offering the Blackberry Bold for $349 with no committment ( ).

    $100 cheaper at AT&T, after rebate of course.

    • arob

      this is not the 9700…

    • Drew

      Well, what’s even sadder Brent, is the fact you give us a link, not only to an AT&T site, but to a phone that T-Mobile doesn’t even sell. This is for the WHITE Bold, not the 9700. Thanks for playing….

      • kershon

        Are you promoting ATT? At least put up the right link. I would not want a faggotty white phone anyway.

  • wk

    anyone taht wants to set up a new line of service or add a line send me a email i have a friend that can you the phone now

  • mel

    does any one know what the retail price will be ?

    • Drew

      $199.99 on 2-yr contract… $449 +tax to buy outright. I read a lot :)

  • I was in the tmobile store today an the guy behind the counter confirmed that it would be next wednesday the 18th.

  • needsmoresalt

    Business channel released the 9700 on the 9th.

  • meanstache

    Blackberry 8700 is already available for existing customers already… get yours.

  • meanstache

    sorry… blackberry 9700 is already available for existing customers…

  • Koloheboy

    I just ordered two of the BB9700. :) It came out to $217.00 per phone, got one for myself and the mrs.

  • Anthony in Utah

    @ Koloheboy – HOW !? HAHA you were supposed to wait for me to get mine dude! I am using a cheap plastic Nokia from the 70’s!

  • iAMtimmah

    An link to an official release date page or some source reference would be nice. My G1 took a crap, so I'm nervously/anxiously awaiting the release of this phone, getting back to my BB roots. I'm tempted to pick up the 8900 just to bide my time until the 9700 comes out.

  • kershon

    I called my local T-Mo store today. The guy said they would be available on the 16th. Ima be there when they open to get my new bb 9700!

  • Domino McFlyy

    Awe man I should have waited i just brought the BB 8250 two months ago…but I'm enjoyin it!

  • Pearl101

    I have the 8320 an I’m planning on getting the new bb phone this week. But what makes that phone better than mine?? blackberry 83e0

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