Engadget Goes Hands-On With The Nexus One


We’ve had a couple of previews here and there, and now thanks to the guys over at Engadget, we have a fully fledged hands-on. With only 3 days remaining until the rumored January 5th release, hopefully this will keep you entertained until this device can finally make it into your hands. And let’s just hope Google changes their mind about pricing. Anyways, enjoy a few unboxing pics and a full hands-on, courtesy of Engadget after the break!┬áDon’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments! Likes/dislikes?









Read the full Hands-On Here

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  • Sonny

    First!!!!!!!…i like it….its between the nexus 1 and the HDC HD2 for me : )

    • bigs12

      me 2, not sure witch one to go with

  • Fred

    cool pics, looks like it comes with a screen protector in the box, can anyone confirm?

    • phoneguy

      Well the G1 and mytouch did, so i dont see why this one would be any different. That would be a complete fail if the didnt…

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Hopefully they change their mind on pricing because if not, it’s the Xperia X10 for me. And seriously, stop comparing it to the iPhone. The Nexus One trumps that old tech easily.

    • B

      Pricing? Are you talking about the single rate plan? How much is the X10 supposed to be? I imagine it’s not cheap?

    • Maddy

      Seriously? X10 over this in regards to pricing? You do realize that the X10 is going to be almost 60% more expensive than N1, right?


    I Like The Packaging. I Don’t Like How The Cam Is On There. Bleh. But Hey, 5mp. I Don’t Mind.

    • rinklighter

      That camera is kinda janky. What is that, a scope or something?! I can live with that. Can’t wait until Tuesday to get word on availability.

  • CO_Yeti

    I wonder what the 2d barcode is on the back??

    • Jim

      i scanned it with the mytouch and it redirects to android.com.

  • Blue

    I really want this phone. This would be a great upgrade to my g1 if the pricing rumors aren’t true. If they can implement some kind of 180$ upgrade and still keep my grandfathered plan that would be perfect.

  • BPRhythm

    Lol! The QR_Code on the back says “Http://www.android.com/holidays”

    Good one google.

  • Huh

    What are those red dots on the bottom?

    • sortamad

      thats for the docking system that is available for purchase

  • Toast mmm

    anyone know if this thing will have the same headphone controls as the iphone?

    double tap – skip songs
    triple tap – go backwards
    one tap – pause/play musis or hangup/answer a call

    from my memory when i had the g1 when it first came out it didnt.


  • fujitsujeff

    they gotta change the pricing for me to go out and get this phone. I think the X10 is going to be my phone. I just hope the X10 gets Android 2.0/2.1 instead of staying at 1.6 during release time

    • lensovet

      lol, you and flintstone up there are a pair of real funny chaps. x10? yeah right, what makes you think that it will be any cheaper? unlocked xperia x1, which is now over a year old, goes for $610 on amazon, n900 is $600, $530 for the nexus? that’s actually cheap.

      seriously people get a grip.

      • Trill

        I love android but the N900 is at a better value considering so obviously you don’t know much about the product your trying to defend. I do wish many would stop complaining because they should be more worried about the subsidized price plus no one ever said it was going to be $200 official so blame yourself for believing rumors. Android is coming along nicely though I can’t wait for something with these specs and a keyboard.

      • B

        I didn’t take that as “defending” anything, more like thinking logically. I’m thinking anyone complaining about pricing on the Nexus has to be talking about the rate plan, because the rumored pricing on the phone itself (taking from the actual leaked product page) seem pretty generous to me. On top of that, I’m confused about why anyone would think the X10 would be anywhere near “affordable,” unless there is something I don’t know.

      • branon

        I have had the N900 for a month. Its a fantastic but niche product. Certainly cant substitute your basic phone and email centric smartphone. In fact its lagging quite a bit in that department. I decided to keep my bold 9700 over the N900. Tough decision but ultimately i really needed a more functional phone and email device.

  • jkspike3

    its weird cuz i really dislike virtual keyboards but… this phone just might persuade me into liking them.

  • Antotonee

    Wow that phone is nice. Multi-touch?

  • Antotonee

    o nvm it doesn’t have it multi-touch enabled :|

    • umaluver

      you sure about that?

  • Manny

    Nice. Im still buying this phone!!!!
    Hopefully rooted would change some things around

    • GenesisDH

      Well, Paul at Modaco already created and had someone successfully root one of these devices. So, there ya go even before you get your hands on it…

  • Bryant

    I want this phone!!!!!!!!

  • Galen20K

    O M G… that thing is Pretty! Getting>>>>

  • Mark

    I love the phone but the battery is going to be a killer. I will wait this one out. In 45 to 90 days when it goes down to 150 thru google I will consider. This phone without a 2000 size battery is a joke. We all have to get past what the companies want to call MSRP. google can say whatever they want but this phone will not be a volume maker at 530 retail.

    • Trill

      The phone will never be $200 retail it was just a rumor which most just got there hopes up. Givin the hardware and it being unlocked its going to be high priced although its $135 overpriced but doesn’t matter because I want a keyboard dammit. The battery on the other hand will still be good with moderate usage but if your running games all day, on the web, streaming, or using bluetooth and wifi then what do you expect. The battery on the G1 is a fail but this one isnt , its still running stock android and the amoled screen uses less battery than other screens which is where most of the power goes and the rest is ate away via radio.

  • sortamad

    i hope that the camera only pops out like that when it is activated… i really want to get this phone and hopefully like others said i can get the $180 upgrade with my grandfather plan…I also hope that waiting these three days in suspense is actually going to pay off because it isn’t confirmed that everyone can get their hands on it on the 5th, just certain people. WANT THIS PHONE REALLY BADLY!!!

  • Trill

    Where is the video?

  • abe

    someone please help!

    dont know what to do. should i wait to get this awesome or stick with my blackberry 8900(with uma) and get the ipod touch 3g 32gig. the reason is i live in a dead zone and i want a touch screen but no touch screens have uma. if any could help id be much appreciated Thanks tmonews for all the info

  • yeyo

    does it have 3.5 mm headjack?

  • yeyo

    does it have 3.5mm headjack and does it support flash

  • yeyo

    does it support flash and does it have a 3.5mm headjack

  • mike

    Does the touch screen on this phone function like the iphone touchscreen where it is super sensative??

  • john

    I really wish I could see a review, without someone mentioning that silly iphone. LOL The Droid kills the iphone, the HTC HD2 kills the iphone, now come on…he is talking about this phone does not measure up??? Whatever…lol.

  • Confused

    I’m confused about the color of this phone.. what exactly is the color

    • -ray

      I am with you.. Sometimes it looks bronze and other times it looks charcoal or silver..

      • Kickstar13

        It depends on the lighting.

      • -ray

        According to the guys on the Nexus forum, it is charcoal grey almost black…. Thank god…

  • queensnewbie1

    Beautiful, that’s for sure; but I’m still disappointed in it not really being revolutionary phone. Seems like it is just the next step in the Android line. Not worth shelling out $530 for.

  • jlatnyc

    what really bothers me is that this is a potential game changer for our Magenta and no “droid” type of hype or commercials. Verizon really does strive in their PR dept. BTW I really want this phone, ima sell my 16gig iphone 3g for this

    • cockpitinferno

      This will likely hurt sales initially. Of course, us hardcore fans know about it, but what about your average phone user? Tmo needs some serious help in the marketing department. This isn’t some entry-level Nokia about to drop.

  • Doug

    MUST HAVE!!! godamnit. Must have this shit !!! ARGH! cant wait till the 5th. need it now. cant sleep. cant do anything. must have must have.

  • JBLmobileG1

    Well if all these rumors are true and its only $180 with a contract/upgrade. I hope the ones with grandfathered plans get to keep them as well as being able to upgrade early. I was able to get the G1 as a pre-order but since I am still in the 2 year contract I really hope they will do something for us. Especially since we are the ones who helped bring Android to its feet. Id hate to have to wait almost another year to upgrade to this… and no matter how bad I want this I am not (nor can I afford) buying this phone at $530. The $200 price is pushing it for me right now but then again that sounds about right for a phone like this on a contract…. although less is always better.

    • GenesisDH

      I’d be shocked if upgrade-eligible customers don’t have a shot at a lower (not necessarily the $180) price.
      However, I don’t expect any sort of early upgrade pricing like there is with the iPhone or that T-Mobile does with some customers. But I could be wrong, it’s Google’s call really.

      Considering the phone has better specs than any of the other T-Mobile carried Android phones, $180 is a great deal on contract. I was actually expecting it to cost more than the Cliq or Behold II (which both costs around $200 on contract). This is going to cannibalize Cliq’s and Behold II’s sales if the NexusOne pricing is true (and those others don’t get price cuts in the next week or so)…

  • dAnNy

    Everyone keeps looking at the phone as something that’s supposed to be revolutionary.

    Perhaps its not the phone that’s going to do it? Why don’t we just wait to see if Google announces some new revolutionary or spectacular service/app that they plan to drop on January 5th?

    Maybe Google is going to be a new partner with DT to grow their 4G network? Maybe they will announce a new fully supported WiFi calling app available for download on OS 2.1?

    Think big guys!

  • jp2dj1

    Does the nexus1 video records in 720p??? It has a snapdragon for easy HD processing! further more the htc bravo aka the uk version of the nexus one will record in 720p!!!!

  • archboy

    I am loving the new Nexus but there the question…it is probably the best android to date but is it worth the jump?

    I have the MyTouch rooted which I’m very happy with. Thanks to dev like Cyanogen and others the phone is snappy and the UI is ever getting better with each update everyone puts out. Yes, it doesn’t have the highres screen or the snapdragon processor, live wallpaper or sexy form factor but overall it doesn’t seem there is enough changes in android UI to make the $530 leap when eventually it will get ported to us lower phones. LOL

  • Wow I can’t decide between this or the HTC HD2!

  • JulioG

    @BenNYC why not get both. Best of both worlds i mean why not.
    Thats what i am doing i am upgrading to The Nexus One and then to The HTC HD2. Its funny cuz ive atleast upgraded about 5 times in the past 6 months. Idk how T mobile lets me but it does. lol

    • Kickstar13

      You would get a partial discount off the retail price, which is around $50 or so.

  • jlatnyc

    @ dAnNy because in its press announcement google specifically said it is going to showcase new android os advancements i.e. androind 2.1 & nexus one

  • GreenTea

    Copped…I can’t wait…I’ve had 4 G1’s over the last yr and not due to technical diffculties…no luck with this phone

  • Hoodied.Hello

    Like a few of the folks in here, I am torn between the HD2 and the N1. I’m still using my old BB Curve, so I’m looking forward to investing my hard-earned dollars into my first touchscreen device and have staved off any temptation to switch over to ATT for the iPhone.

    I’ve been with TMo ever since it was Voicestream. I’ve been loyal and patient. With all of these quality devices TMo is picking up, I’m very happy to see that my patience will be payed off.

    HD2, N1 or…. X10?

  • abe

    if someone could answer this question it would be great otherwise i guess i cant get this phone. is there a way like sipdroid skype or something like that for android devices cause i have a dilemma. i live in a dead area and if it wasn’t for my 8900 i would have to change services. I WANT THIS PHONE. IS THERE A WAY TO GET CALLS LIKE UMA or i mean can people reach me….Other wise i think ill just get an ipod touch 3g…ANY ONE OUT THERE CAN HELP ID APPRECIATE IT !!!!

  • Youngmula303

    Wow, am I the only one who has witnessed the change in hype over the past month? As fast as the Nexus One has been moving up in the world of mobile tech gossip the Xperia X10 has been moving into the dark. It would be interesting to see these two devices side by side. Which one would seem more appealing to more people? Will “rachael” (x10’s ui) work out its problems and become a game changing ui? At least the good thing is that both of these devices are coming to Tmo.