HTC Nexus One Fully Reviewed


Looks like Engadget isn’t the only one that was able to get their paws on what seems to be one of the hottest, and highly anticipated devices right now. As the January 5th rumored release date comes closer and closer, one lucky guy over at NexusOneBlog managed to get his hands on the HTC Nexus One (aka Google Phone). Courtesy of the folks over at NexusOneBlog, you can finally read a full review with some nice high-res pics to keep you interested. We can clearly tell what the reviewer is saying all throughout the review and that is, “This is the best phone I have ever used, I have one and you don’t”. Read the full review here. Feel free to express your thoughts in the comments!


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  • niididy

    I don’t have much to say except for I want this phone badly. Outside of the color, I love everything about it.

  • Selcuk chuckie

    My birthday is on the 5th and this phone is getting released then…
    To all my friends, hint hint. I love Android phones and want to upgrade my iPhone 3G already. Haha

  • Selcuk chuckie

    The 5th is my birthday. The same day this phone is getting released.
    Hint hint to all my friends, I love Android phones, and want to upgrade from my iPhone 3G already.
    It sucks using edge on tmobile on the iPhone. I miss the 3g speeds that I once had from my G1. Haha

  • 30014

    This phone will belong to me. Price be damned.

  • 9ooyan

    this is my next phone. i WAnt it…i NEEEd it!

  • Akulamenuri

    Like everyone else is saying, this phone will soon be in my pocket.

  • HTC NEXUS is the best cell phone and its increasingly sold off in the market. Its features are attractive and awesome.

  • rushmore

    Seems more like a fanboy “rave-view”, rather than an objective, review.

    • rushmore

      Ouch! Another device with the microsd card behind the battery. What the heck?

      • john

        that is the price we pay for it being so thin

    • He said he like the iphone camera better….

    • Oce

      SO TRUE!; but it still looks to be a preety sweet device.

  • john

    GRR i cant stand his constant comparisons with the iphone 3gs…the Droid is already better than the 3gs and the Nexus One > Droid sso connect the dots!!!

  • Bigg

    Well if you want more apple fanboy review, read the engadget review one. What the heck is an iphone anyway??? Oh that thing from 2006 or maybe 2007? I dont know, dont care. All I know is that I will paid for this one full price once it’s out.

  • carlos

    does the music player have a rating system for songs (ie 1-5 star rating)? i’m really anal when it comes to this; i like rating my collection.

    thanks to whoever answers this question.

  • bkjoe

    why is this phone called the “google” phone if google didnt make it? the os is google but not the phone….

    • sortamad

      because the phone is distributed by google and not tmobile/htc, google gave all the specs and stuff for htc to build them a handset but it’s google’s “brains” in it.

    • Azralag

      Just because they didnt make it doesnt mean it cant be their Google phone. They just had someone else make it for them.

    • Usman

      Apple doesn’t make the iPhone. It’s assembled by Foxconn.

  • jp2dj1

    Okay… no 720p video recording, and even with a 5mp camera with led flash, the iphone wins in that area??? Com’on Google/htc.

  • sortamad

    i personally think that the camera bit (how the iphone is better in that area) shouldnt really matter to many people because the people that want amazing picture quality [as he said] use their professional cameras. I only use my phone camera to catch something off-guard. And i want this phone!! NOW!!! ill go crazy if i dont get it!!!!

  • jak2black

    man i really dont know which phone to get.. i mean im sold on the nexus and money is NOT an option..
    but i do like recording and taking pics to remember my drunk crazy partys WHICH ARE AT NIGHT.. and my TP2 isnt up for the challenge..
    but i neeed a good camera and i hate the nexus’s camera interface, and the flash has been reported to be wear and recording is just 27fps,

    im looking to wait for the X10, even with 1.6 it does come with google nav, and realllyl nice camera and interface with a good looking flash not xeon, but better than nexus, and the screen is 16mill CAPABLE, which will be activted with the most likely soon up to android 2.0 or 2.1 so i just dont know… :(..

    • laphoneuser

      I’m also bummed that the camera did not receive a better review, but FYI, 27fps is just fine. Film runs at 24fps, so anything better than that is going to be a good frame rate.

      That being said, frame rate is only one component of how good video will look.

  • poop

    Honestly the only thing that I think makes this phone better than a droid is that it has a moving background. BIG WOOP. DROID OWNS ALL.

    • John

      Memory and chipset make the droid the nexus’ beotch

    • john

      Has more RAM, the Fastest processor, Second mic to cancel background noise, Android 2.1, and since is a Google phone this should get OS updates faster than anything else!!!(like apple w/the iphone)

      • Usman

        Droid is running plain vanilla Android as well, so it should get upgrades quickly as well. I’m sure it’ll get 2.1 in a week or so.

    • 9ooyan

      @poop: do you remember the old Apple IIe? that computer owned all back in the day. remember, technology today is at its very essence obsolete the day it is available to consumers. the droid ruled for a day, there’s always tomorrow.

  • jp2dj1

    WAIT WAIT A MINUTE!! I said that it didn’t record in 720p, but I re-read this review it says that the nexus one has a 720×480 screen resolution??? But that’s wrong, the editor says its 720×480 because what the video recorded!! 720p!!?? See for yourself… on the review comments! Further more saw the video and it take better video than the droid. No disrespect to the droid.

    • ufool

      Do you even know what resolution 720p is? It’s 1280×720, not 720×480..

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Screw this. Until they change that ridiculous mandatory data plan requirement, this phone can kiss where the sun don’t shine. I’m not giving up my unlimited minutes etc for 500 minutes (with no free nights and weekends and no mobile to mobile) for the same price I’m paying now. I really hope the Xperia X10 or that new Motorola phone don’t follow google’s footsteps with shooting themselves in the foot like they just did with that data plan crap.

    • Galen20K

      You can keep your plan, just. buy it off COntract. Done!

  • Rick

    Gotta have it! Tuesday Afternoon! This will replace my need for a Netbook as well as replacing my G1.

  • JoseR.

    I want this phone so bad, that I’m starting to get the Diarreah sensation rumbling through my stomach! (I get this way when I want something this bad-ass)

  • BigMikeB

    this will replace my new mytouch day one buying it without a contract… and so it can be said my best friend and his beloved at&t iphone.. he is ordering one as well… yup another iphan has come to the dark side and is even willing to stay with at&t and there EDGE internet but has already had the iphone plan takin off his account.


  • Jegan

    Does this support ActiveSync, without this Microsoft Exchange full support can’t be expected.

  • The Nexus One has a lot going for it.

    If hanging online is your thing than one would love to place hand on it.
    It provides various apps such as Gmail, Talk, Maps, etc.

    Well the feature that impressed me a lot is its voice recognition, as my dad finds difficulties in texting ,so now it wont be a BIG DEAL for him.
    The only thing that annoys is muti touch feature which is missing thus for Gaming freaks it is heart throbbing.
    Apart from this holding this is in hand feels expensive and it catches the eye, and overall it exceed exceptation of a consumer.
    I find it worth while what about others…