T-Mobile Holiday Sweepstakes Almost Over, Enter Now!


It’s been ongoing for a while now, but T-Mobile’s  “Wish List” contest for T-Mobile customers who have bought new service, upgraded to a new phone or new data service between November 4th 2009 and January 12, 2010 can win!  The Grand Prize is a Sony 46 inch Plasma HDTV, home entertainment system and a Nintendo Wii! Second prize is a vacation to Oahu in the Hawaiian Islands and the third place prize(s) are hundreds of gift cards galore! Seven hundred and fifty total gift cards to be exact so that’s plenty of chances to win! In fact, entering could net you one of these, if of course you fail to win the Grand or second place prize:

50): A SpaFinder gift card. ARV: $150 each.

(50): A Home Depot gift card. ARV: $100 each.

(200): A Starbucks gift card. ARV: $20 each.

(200): $25 AMC movie gift cards. ARV: $25 each.

(50): An American Express gift card. ARV: $50 each.

(100): An Amazon.com gift card. ARV: $25 each.

(100) The Shack (Radio Shack) gift card. ARV: $50 each.

Enter T-Mobilewishlist to win!!

How will I submit my online entry into the Wish List Sweepstakes after I have taken one of the 3 actions?

Once you have taken one of the 3 steps, look for a free text message from T-Mobile with a link to the www.t-mobilewishlist.com.* Once on the site the steps to enter are:

1. Enter your T-Mobile mobile number to instantly be validated for online entry
2. After your phone number has been validated for online entry, fill out the registration form
3. After filling out the registration form, you will see the entry confirmation page letting you know your registration has been completed and you have been entered into the Wish List Sweepstakes!

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  • niididy

    How many times can one person enter?

  • Carl

    One Number=one entry. So, if you have two lines (that are eligible), get that line in too :)

  • edwin

    so if it says “sorry you dont qualify” you cant enter?…thats gay! wtf!!

  • Wicked1

    I didn’t anything about this, I looked at the terms and I dint qualify, I bought my new phone at the end of October

  • sikkboy

    I just entered my number and it says I’m not eligible. I started an Even More Plus account in mid December. What gives?

    • poochilau1

      What they failed to mention was that you must add a data plan to your phone in order to qualify for the sweepstakes. Because after I added a data plan to my Bold, I received a text from t-mobile saying that because I added a data plan between Nov. 11 and Jan. ?, I am eligible to enter.

  • Bama

    Sony doesn’t make a plasma tv…oops!

    • Me

      Sony stopped making plasmas about 4 years ago, maybe it’s an old one they are giving away :)

  • jkspike3

    I bought the Cliq on the 4th and switched plans. im more than qualified to enter…but uh it says im not eligible! THATS BS!!!!

    • Kickstar13

      I added a new line of service on November 11th and it says I’m not eligible as well.

      I sent an email to T-Mobile reporting that this was an error. Haven’t heard back yet.

      • jkspike3

        Freaking ridiculous man! Ya I sent an email too. I doubt I’ll hear a response though.

  • MarkMc84790

    Does buying a Nexus One through Google after the 5th count??? Don’t see anything else I would want.

  • I also got the “you are not eligible” rejection line. I emailed them too.

  • I switched to t-mo in mid-Nov, and was also told by the website that I did not qualify. I called customer service, and the representative told me that this promotion is NOT available to new customers – only existing customers who upgrade in the given time frame.

  • h3n0g00d

    waste of money

  • Jak Crow

    This is kind of a sleazy way to run a contest. You can only enter online if you’re going to -buy- additional service.