What’s On The Horizon?

As you probably know, tomorrow is a big day in T-Mobile, Google and all sorts of technological worlds.  As the blog world is still obsessed with anything and everything revolving around the Nexus One, there is another topic that will grow in the next few days.  First, we know Google will be announcing the Nexus One tomorrow, but should we be looking forward to future announcements?  For example,CES, an important week in consumer electronics begins in the next few days.  So, I now leave it to you to speculate on what will be announced tomorrow and in the coming days.  Leave your thoughts, predictions, hopes and dreams in the comments!

  • john

    Which all the hype surrounding the nexus one, is there anything else out there about the HTC HD2? I am happy that CES has arrived…we can look forward to good things this year.

  • Kyle

    Google is announcing the Nexus One tomorrow, but will it be available for purchase tomorrow also??

  • Todd

    I’m also interested to hear more about the HTC HD2 regarding T-Mobile USA. I was hoping for a January release, but it seems like March is the month. The Nexus One looks nice, but I have hard time buying something without getting to check it out in person….

  • umaluver

    I’m hoping for some big announcements regarding the Android OS beyond what has changed with 2.1. Either from GOOG tomorrow, or from other Android players at CES (read: not handsets)

  • ahnimal

    Hopefully something that is multitouch and that has flash in it

  • Yatima

    I’m still waiting for the upgraded network rollout and the android update for the Behold II.

    • Vap1d

      I wouldn’t hold your breath for an update for the Behold II. Samsung has already stated they are not planning an update for the International counterpart to this device the Galaxy – i7500. Which is maddening.. The device came out in June and is just parked on 1.5.

      Samsung has also been very good about re-introducing bugs that had been fixed in older firmware updates in newer firmware updates. I really don’t see myself buying anything other than HTC android anytime in the near future. I certainly don’t think I’d buy something that is an initial outing by a mfgr until some time had passed to see how they handled updates.

  • Rick

    I’m interested in seeing tablets that are large than even the Nexus One, smaller than netbooks, and come with cell phone functionality built in. GSM seems to be the obvious choice, but carrier lock-in would make CDMA an viable option.

    Will someone please make an all-in-one, CDMA/GSM-multiband? Oh, I forget. Subsidy.

    • jmts80

      @Rick It sounds like you want something like the Nokia N900.

  • Black Kristos

    I wouldn’t mind a stock 2.x Android OTA from Tmo. I am 95% on getting the N1, but I still have a MT3G….

    • FILA

      Im in the same boat as you, read my post below.
      I have a MT3G and this N1 is lookin pretty sweet. I hate the thought of buying another phone, but the power behind this phone alone might very well be worth the upgrade. I just wonder will we get automatic OTA Android updates with the N1, every time a new version is released or do we have to wait for T-mobile to hand them out

  • anticip8

    After reading what BNET had to say about the Nexus One, and Engadgets review of the phone, and the fact that I’ve been doing everything possible to get all detail on this phone for roughly the past month, I am starting to agree that this is all a bunch of hype. I’m not saying that I don’t think the phone exists, clearly it does, but right after the holiday season, after people just spent their hard earned money (especially hard earned this year), Google’s going to come out with a phone that’s just a little better than the iphone, at a price that is “ok”? With the lineup of HTC phones coming out b/w Q1 and Q2 this year, I might just have to wait, instead of jumping on the bandwagon like I did with the BB9700…

    • Damian Wayne

      I’m thinking the same thing… after hearing about the N1 prices, I’m hoping maybe some surprises will pop up at CES

  • jim

    Can someone explain to me the point of purchasing an unlocked version of the phone?
    I realize that I could then choose any compatible carrier but spending an extra $350 for the chance to pay AT&T for a contract seems silly. You still need to sign a contract with someone, Right? And not just carrier can support the Nexus One.

    Also what do you think about the “no family plan”? Is that possible? Probable?

    It seems like T-Mobile offers the Everything plus family plan for other smart phones, why would they exclude it for this phone?

    • umaluver

      Buying the phone at full price means you WONT need a contract. You can go month to month. If you’re on Tmobile you can use the even more plus plans which are cheaper.

      Its actually cheaper if you buy it unsubsidized.

  • FILA

    Yea well you got CES coming later this week and then you got CTIA the huge cell phone show coming next month, thats the one to look out for, thats the one to be nervous for. You end up gettin the N1 and then you realize the G1v2 is the exact same phone but with a QWERTY and its coming to T-Mobile, then you might regret it, I kno I would, safe bet is to wait till at least next month till you find out what other cool phones are coming out, cuz i have a feeling there are gonna be plenty more, that this might just be a snack to hold us over

  • just some dude

    I would love to see tablets of all kinds take off in 2010 , from Apple, Google, Tmobile, HTC, etc etc. And for all these tablets to be connected on line all the time.

    • Damian Wayne

      I want to see the MS Courier

  • FILA

    I got the correct date for CTIA

    “CTIA WIRELESS 2010 will place March 23-25 at the Las Vegas Convention Center”

    • Betito

      Don’t forget the Mobile World Congress (3GSM) Feb. 15-18 in Barcelona.

  • money mo

    I think t-mobile will upgrade to 7.2mbps speeds tommorrow, that will really make the nexus one awesome. I love android and t-mobile, WE ARE GONNA KILL THE MOTO DROID (in terms of having the BEST android phone in the U.S. market).

  • Nivekkev

    I am thinking they announce the Nexus One and at the same time flip the switch for the HSDPA 7.2

    • J

      HSPA 7.2 is on in most markets. It is not a “flip of the switch” though. You still have to add more circuits if you want the 7.2 speeds. Even though most areas have 7.2 turned on, you won’t notice any real difference until your area gets more circuits.

      Just think of it this way. The cell tower is like a wireless router. The router has a switch on it that toggles between 10 MB/s and 100 MB/s. Toggling that switch means nothing if you have 5Mb/s DSL connect to it. You upgrade to a 50Mb/s service, then you will notice a difference. The HSPA 7.2 upgrade works much the same way. There are switches that have been flipped, but you still have a bottleneck on the service.

      • Sloth

        That may be the case, but you’d expect the upload to go up. Around here, Boston, every tower I’ve hit is showing 700kbps or so down and 140kpbs or so up.

        That sure does not look like HSPA. Assuming they have even one T1 to that tower, you’d expect some traffic to burst way past 140kbps, and some download to exceed 700, too.

      • Vap1d

        @J Out of curiosity, any idea how aggressively T-Mo will be adding back-haul? Or will the focus continue to be build-out?

  • 30014

    All I want to know is when the hspa7.2 3g upgrade is coming as well as carrier billing for the android app market.

  • Kyle

    Wow. I really thought there would be more leaks on the Nexus One the day before the announcement/launch.

  • Ernie



    • just some dude

      Yeah but its running windows mobile. No thanks.

    • john

      Ernie…what did I miss? LOL

  • sortamad

    Am i missing something here… why is everyone always so hyped on having multi-touch… is it really that big of a deal to double tap rather than pinch and zoom?

  • This is the day we have been waiting for people.tommarrow is t- mobiles biggest day ever. News of the htc hd2 , x10 and nexus one will break as should 7.2 upgrades. Congrats t- mobile, and to all you t- mob faithfull.Good things come for those who wait. Tommarrow is OUR day!!! Don’t let us down t- mob, BRING IT!!!!.

  • Bob

    I am waiting for the OTA update to android 2.x.

  • jmts80

    I want a phone with touchscreen and a hardware qwerty, fast processor, lots of ram/rom, and a good camera but it looks like nothing like that is on the horizon. :(

  • Danny

    Hoping DT announces their US strategy and who the rumored partner for 4G is. Maybe it’ll be Google?

    Waiting to see if Google launches a new version of GV and whether or not T-Mobile USA will be the first carrier to fully embrace wireless VOIP?

    I think it would bode well for T-Mobile to embrace change and go against the grain of the industry. It would make them leaders of the pack and the surge in subs would give them the revenue stream to grow their network both geographically and capacity wise.

  • haan

    fingers crossed for google voice. i mean come on. so hush hush with this phone. and the fact that they just acquired gizmo5? but if it doesnt happen, ehh who cares i still really like this phone.

  • lev

    I doubt it will be available tomorrow, how could it, Google nor T-mobile confirmed it would be for sale, all we hate hard are rumors

  • niididy

    Hmmm….many thoughts ran through my mind…! Quick question: if I buy the Nexus One at $530, can I use it with my current family plan??? That part of the whole plan vs buying at a subsidy doesn’t make any sense to me….

    • Noel

      Sure..there will be a few surprises at CES. Look fwd to other super slick smart phones..a few Android phones and i suppose one from INVIDIA TEGRA. I guess a few very slick Internet tablets running android Hey niididy u can use ur unlocked Nexus one w/ur family plan..the only restriction is w/ the subsidized Nexus one on Tmobile.

  • Mike

    Is there anyone who will have a live video feed from the event? I know slashgear is doing a live feed, but its not video. I would rather watch the event myself than have someone explain to me everyhing that is going on!

    If there is no live feed, does anyone know who will have a the full event on video posted somewhere after the event?

  • -ray

    My prediction is that Google will announce how they are going to screw over Tmobile current loyal customers, but to counteract this Tmobile will announce the Hello Kitty Cliq….

  • john

    Am I correct in stating that the unsubsidized version of the Nexus One, will still have the T-Mobile 3G? I read somewhere that there will be an unsubsidized version, but it will have ATT 3G…anyone?

    • foo

      No ATT 3G at this iteration

  • Jeff

    I just got off the phone with T-Mobile… by the way I don’t understand the beef with their customer service, they have always treated me well. and since I’ve been on AT&T and others I can tell you it is good service.

    As I was speaking with the rep she said they were just handed a memo on customers switching to the Nexus One Phone. So they have the information in hand. She said (this is of course not verified and only given over the phone), but you can get larger minute plans over and above the base 500 minutes, texting, data, etc… And there are processes in place for existing customers to upgrade or switch their plans. According to what I was told you can get unlimited everything plan for $99.00 with the Nexus One. Once again this is unconfirmed but she did seem like she was reading from a memo and she was talking to me and don’t know why she would make it up. She also did refer to the Nexus One as the phone we were talking about.

    She also could not confirm the release date as tomorrow, but said that was probably normal since Google would want to make the announcement.

    Has anyone else had a similar conversation or confirm this information?

    • abe

      also earlier today they couldn’t confirm or deny anything to me just that after the “unveiling” they would set things up….hmmmmm

  • abe

    nice work jeff but if you live in an area with no coverage this phone isn’t worth getting right?

    • Jeff

      Well you could always use it on AT&T I guess but then you are limited to the EDGE network and the subsidiary wouldn’t mean anything.

      It is sad about T-Mobile’s weak network, because the customer service is so much better then most of the others…yes I mean you Verizon

      • abe

        i dont want to just have edge. so yea i think im gonna get the ipod touch and keep my blackberry. dang…..and 5yrs tmoible runs best customer service(im pretty sure)

        sorry Verizon he does mean u! Verizon customer service is terrible! GO TMO…now that 3g is underway…and we have awesome devices CRANK UP ON THOSE TOWERS SO WE CAN USE THE DEVICES!!!! thank u

      • john

        The network is not weak, it just needs to move on to HSPA. And it will….then all others can be quiet. The total package….network, cust care, and data devices = T-MOBILE.

  • foo

    i predict that Google and T-Mobile will announce a strategic partnership…something that T-mobile wants a partner and google would be perfect

  • abe

    @ JOHN

    i hear ya but its been 6 months and i missed my g1 thats why i got my 8900 so u can receive and call out and text and all that, its not fair but without uma i couldnt use a phone at my house except for surfing the net.. i kid u not!!! SIGH….we will see though. thanks for the vote of confidence, and tmobile would actually be higher in the roster of phone companies if their service was better..TMOBILE U STILL ROCK!

    • john

      Hopefully, TMo will rocket past all of the comp. this year….

      I just woke up hoping to see an update…but I guess I will have to wait a little bit. If the site goes live today, I will be buying my Nexus One.

  • abe

    correction to post….sorry LOL..” so i can receive and send out calls and texts and all that”

  • JR

    Heck with the Nexus One, I want the HTC Bravo! It’s basically a smaller (outer dimensions) N1 with the 1GHz and 3.7in AMOLED screen and most importantly, Sense UI running 2.1! Please tell me it will be on T-Mo USA?!

  • Mockerfab4

    Hoping Apple wises up and sells the iPhone untethered (similiar to how Google is selling the Nexus one) and makes it compatible with Tmo’s 3G network. Or we finally get a Nokia Smartphone.

    I just want a more variety in the Tmo lineup that is not Android, WindowsMobile or Blackberry. Been there and down that…