Oh No! Nationwide Outage

UPDATE 1: As of 9:30pm est approximately only 5% of users are still experiencing a service disruption. The rapid response team which really equates to Catherine Zeta Jones flying from tower to tower is on the job.

UPDATE 2: Please do not overload T-Mobile customer care regarding this issue, they are swamped, overloaded and they have as much information as you do!! Give them a break!

Apparently, a nationwide voice outage is plaguing some users today.  This outage seems to be limited to voice, and for some reason it is causing phones to not be recognized on a network while using T-Mobile’s UMA service.  Let’s hope this gets resolved quickly and let’s be thankful that we all still have our data (is it too soon for that joke?).  We will keep you updated as we learn more.

UPDATE: T-Mobile USA has confirmed that they are aware of the outage and have mobilized their rapid response teams to restore service as quickly as possible. Official statement from T-Mobile below:

T-Mobile customers may be experiencing service disruptions impacting voice and data. Our rapid response teams have been mobilized to restore service as quickly as possible. We will provide updates as more information is available.

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