T-Mobile BlackBerry Bold 9700 Unboxed


Okay after confiming from several of our sources, we have confirmed that the 16th of November will be the launch of the Bold 9700. Twelve days away, the BlackBerry Bold 9700 looks like it has already landed in some CrackBerry Forum user’s hands. The user was kind enough to share a pic as well as the included accessories.

Packaging Includes:

*BlackBerry Bold 9700

*Carrying Case

*Battery & Battery Door


*Stereo Headset

*USB Cable

*2GB microSD Card

*BlackBerry User Tools CD

*Start Guide

*Tips & Tricks

*Terms & Conditions

We are already aware of the $199.99 2-year commitment launch price, but we have been hearing T-Mobile will be bumping down the price to $149.99 with a 2-year commitment on Black Friday. Note this is not confirmed and is considered a rumor. Feel free to express your thoughts in the comments!

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  • Bigg

    199 with two years contract? No thanks, I’ll take it for 449+ tax with no contract.

  • drivethrubou168

    Got to play with the phone today… OMG! This is the best Blackberry ever! Anyone waiting for this phone is definitely going to be well worth the wait. Nov 16th needs to come sooner!

  • TravMobile

    maybe when RIM gets a webkit based browser.

  • Cracker

    BlackBerry OS 5.0 is webkit.

  • Anthony in Utah

    Oh I’m so excited for this to launch! Any word on a pre-order?

  • Brent Johnson

    I want it too.
    I’m really anxious to hear what the full price will be.

  • onwaitinglist

    me too, prefer to pay full price without contract

  • onwaitinglist

    Will buy 9700 without contract on Nov 16, and give TMO another 3 months time to come up with a decent Android phone, if they don’t have Android UMA phone by end of Feb, my 9700 will land on EBay, all my accounts will join VWZ.

  • Drew

    @Bigg: …And the reason for the $449+ tax purchase as opposed to a contract is…??? What’s with the “contract-phobia”?? It’s not like you can run over to AT&T with your TMo branded 9700. The phone’s aren’t the same. You won’t be seeing any 3G anywhere else with the exclusive TMo USA 1700 MHz frequency. No where else in the World….

  • Koloheboy

    Okay, hurry up T-Mo lol bring it!!!

  • Blaine

    @Drew: T-Mobile uses two different frequencies for the 3G: 1700mhz and 2100mhz. Almost entirely all of Europe uses the 2100mhz frequency solely for their 3G so you won’t get 3G anywhere else in the world you say? Next time do a little research before you post.

  • niididy

    Pretty cool….I have to play with it at the store.

  • thguy

    the full price will probably be 549.99 more in line with the touch pro2 device. we got ours in the store yesterday and i am waiting on my “free” one from a sales contest we had. I will retire my cliq to the phone barn yard and rock the 9700 once i get it.

  • blusls

    I NEEEEED THIS PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My wife and I are both about to explode waiting for this phone to release. LAWD HELP US!!!!!!

  • James


    Verizon doesn’t have a UMA Android device either..but they do have the Droid..

  • bad_andy313

    @thguy u should sell your cliq 2 someone like me!!!!!

  • bigg

    @Drew, full price because I dont qualify for upgrade, and plus I just dont like being in contract, not that I will jump ship anytime soon since I still have a year left on my other 2 lines.

  • blusls

    Went to the crackberry link on this and someone here at TMOnews didn’t read the full thread. As they reference this article on the crackberry site as confirmed the 16th. :(

    Take a peek:

  • onwaitinglist

    I know TMO is the only one which supports UMA in US, but in my area, the signal of Verizon is strong enough inside any building, but TMo is so weak, unless they would build a tower in everyone’s backyard, you have zero bar inside building. :-)

  • Nerdlust

    finally a fagship device on tmo

  • Nerdlust

    sorry I meant flagship! The best Blackberry on the market!:)

  • Kickstar13

    I’m going to love the 3G goodness :)

  • kershon

    I was torn between getting this bb or waiting to see if the N900 would drop before Christmas. The little outage we had last night has made up my mind for me since I know the 9700 has uma and I do not think the n900 does even though it is wifi enabled. I am getting this phone as soon as it is released. Ima be at the T-Mo store waiting for them to open when this is released! Anybody want to buy a curve8900?? Ima have one for sale real soon. lol Does anybody know if this phone has or will be upgradeable to the new browser?

  • Miguel

    Does this phone come with a full html browser?

  • Koloheboy

    12 more days for this bad boy lol hurry up Tmo

  • greatgoogly

    despite rumors still no official announcement. Don’t think this puppy will be out by the 16th. I smell yet another delay. First September, then October, then early November, then mid November, will it even be out this year?

  • Anthony in Utah

    I just got off the phone with T-Mobile and the woman I spoke to said that the Blackberry 9700 most likely won’t be available for pre-order but will be getting it sometime this month. She said she couldn’t give me an actual release date until they have permission to do so. She said the date for release is still up in the air, but will notify you if you go to the website and click on “Discover” and then “Innovation” and go to the bottom of the list and click on the “Blackberry Bold 9700” and then click on “Notify me when available”.

    I am happy that this phone will come out THIS month and will most likely be the 16th as previously stated, however, how does T-Mobile choose which phones go on pre-order and which ones don’t. Can anyone answer this question for me? I am just curious as only certain high end models are available for early release via pre-order. Its a little confusing to me.

  • kv66

    Man…I can’t believe so many of us are waiting for an Android phone with UMA…these guys are stone deaf. UMA is probably a bigger enticement to go with T-Mobile than their unlimited 79.99 plan but they just don’t know it…the marketing team at T-mo needs get fired over this oversight. To add insult to injury a hot phone like cliq that could have been UMA capable from the factory was ordered without the chipset…wow!!! I agree I will buy the 9700 but I won’t be happy about it, like the other guy I’ll wait a few months if UMA doesn’t appear on an Android..I will jump ships and get the Iphone 3GS.

  • twigs

    i got my blackberry 8520 like 2 months ago and i love it without the trackball, sad how the blackberry 9700 guess i’m spending another 500$ on a phone!