T-Mobile Service Restored


T-Mobile was hit hard lately with their nationwide service outage which started at around 5pm EST and varied in areas. Some  included both voice and data, others included one or the other. But now T-Mobile confirms that they have fully restored all voice and data services and now are trying to find the culprit of the outage. T-Mobile sincerely apologizes for the inconvenience this may have caused.  We have to realize this happens to everyone, and yes it has happened at least once to all 4 of the major carriers. Full statement from T-Mobile below. Feel free to express your thoughts in the comments!

T-Mobile confirms it has fully restored voice and text/picture messaging services for customers affected by intermittent service disruptions on Tuesday.  About five percent of our customers across various geographies were affected for much of Tuesday evening, and by late Tuesday PST their service was restored.  Our sole focus has been restoring full services for all customers; we are now investigating the root cause of the incident.  We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused our customers.

UPDATE: If you continue to experience difficulty making/receiving calls or accessing data services, please power your phone off then back on. This will update your connection to the network and should restore your access to these services.

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  • niididy

    I have nothing much to say since I didn’t even realize until a little later what was going on. Our cell phones were ok…@home phone apparently wasn’t. Such is life, things happen, and in this case it doesn’t happen too often which is good. So people, be nice…enough of the Tmobile bashing as it has also happened to tother carriers. Besides, you already done your bashing in other blogs. I wish Tmobile well. Good morning!

  • Pthump

    Still the best service I’ve had! Plus talking on the phone is over rated! LOL As long as my data works!

  • dkrcubsfan

    Well, it does no good to call T-Mobile, they are offering a two dollar credit, or minutes added onto your plan. Neither do me any good, and they will not let you out of your contract due to no service either. I’ve had enough of T-Mobile, between the overpriced handsets, required data plan, reception that has been getting worse and worse, and now the outage. I am done ranting now.

  • penerk11

    I will second that. T-mobile is by far the most customer friendly, accomodating wireless carrier and these things happen with all advanced technology. It was a couple hours and not a big deal. Spend some of that time with your kids or actually paying atttention to what your doing.

  • David

    Hats off to the engineering team!

  • …i just want my White MyTouch3G to ship already…(sigh)

  • Achilles

    Many people are relying only on their cell phones, and are getting rid of their landlines. When an outage of service occurs for several hours, it’s scary because if you need help for any emergency – you are out of luck, let alone if you have kids you’re caring for. People have every right to complain.

  • 30014

    I agree with Achilles 100%. My home is mobile only and we would have been screwed if an emergency came up. To everyone that wants people to stop complaining, I say you should stop complaining about the complainers.

  • Thanzig

    The outage would not have affected calls for emergency services as 911 calls were still able to be processed.

  • Tony

    @ Achilles and 30014, if you have an emergency then set your phone to roaming and make your call. cause i doubt you’ll care about roaming charges if you have a real emergency.

  • shadowofzeus

    I could make calls to non t-mobile customers, but couldn’t receive calls. They should credit us back any minutes we had to use because of this. Most of my calls are to my wife who is also a T-mobile customer and I had to call the house phone and waste minutes instead of using my mobile to mobile. I didn’t get the full unlimited everything plan because we never even used our full 700 minutes before. This really upsets me not because it happened, but because they haven’t offered us any compensation for what the inconvenience cost us.

  • Grr

    This outage does not prevent 911 calls. You do not even need to have pay for cell service to make a 911 call. You can even remove your SIM from your phone and you will still be able to dial 911. A GSM phone will dial 911 on AT&T or T-Mobile’s network in this way. A CDMA phone will use either Sprint or Verizon’s network. This is an FCC mandate.

    I really wish more people knew the above information because it is very important to know. This is why everyone should have a cell phone whether you pay for service or not. Buy your kids a cheap cell phone and keep it in their bookbags. Keep one of each phone type in your glove compartment on long trips or hiking/hunting trips. This is potentially life-saving information that unfortunately most people do not know. Please pass it on.

  • JakeMG

    I have issue with the 5% figure. All of Chicago and New York were out. That’s a pretty big chunk right there. Everyone I know across the country was having major issues, from NY to TN to FL, etc. I think that figure is more like 50-75% of customers affected…

  • JakeMG

    @Grr: How true. Even taking a broken old ass phone and giving it to your kids, even with no service/SIM, they will be able to call 911. Very good info for people to know.

  • len

    My wife went into labor a week early and I missed the birth of my first child. Thanks Tmobile!. I can’t wait until my contract ends in December

  • 30014

    That’s everyone for clearing up the 911 situation during an outage.

  • dude

    My service has not been restores yet. Anyone else?

  • dude


  • shadowofzeus

    @len: I hope you are just being sarcastic. If you are not then I feel so sorry for you.

  • tmoguy

    My service was down until well after 11pm CST last night. A pain but not a game breaker for me. Not gonna jump ship as I still think TMO has the best customer service and plans.

    @Grr it’s nice to know that even in an outage that 911 calls will be routed :)

  • HoustonTX

    @JakeMG I agree that the 5% figure is VERY misleading. My whole office was out and 4 of my 5 personal phones were still not working at bedtime. This is a big deal. In Houston, our quality of service has declined a lot. Seems like not enough new towers for new customers. I’m thinking of paying an ETF and moving at least one of my phones to Verizon. No carrier should have a nationwide outage, there should be redundancy in their systems. And the way Tmobile sounded implied they had people out working on cell sites. This was obviously a software or computer system issue. They are NOT being honest with us and they probably know exactly what happened. They are waiting for their PR firm to write up an explanation. Remember they also had that issue a few years ago when their computer center in DC got flooded or something. No redundancy then either. Very disappointing. I guess you get what you pay for sometimes. I guess that is why Consumer Reports always suggests Verizon unless you need to save some money.

  • ben

    I have a major issue with the 5% figure as it clearly was larger than 5%. I have 4 wireless lines and 1 @Home line and everything was down. I am certain I would not even be able to dial 911 on the @Home line. T-Mobile should have had the message on their website about the outage especially since Customer Care wasn’t working. When I tried to call even from a non T-Mobile number it hung right up and after a few tries it was a recorded message about a widespread outage. When I called today to inquire all the representative wanted to credit was $5 when my bill is $170+ per month.

  • Czar

    A T-Mobile network engineer confirmed w/ me that it was the homing server that went down. Basically, T-Mobile’s voice network couldn’t find your phone and therefore couldn’t place the call.

    I’m pretty sure you’d be at the hospital w/ your wife and kid and not posting on here if that was the case. So you’re either lying or lamer than anyone could fathom. I’m choosing the former.

  • DmdFreak

    For those complaining that if they had an emergency they would be screwed, I say that cell service outages happen far less than land line outages do. And when those go down, there was/is no back up 911 service as people mentioned earlier. Yes it sucks to be without service, but no one has 100% uptime. It’s just not possible.

    I for one didn’t even no there was a problem until I read it here.

  • DavidinJax

    They offered me a $5.00 credit on my account for each line. That would only total $10.00. The CS Rep I talked to was monotone the entire time and clearly didn’t care.

    Then I mentioned to him that last month I upgraded my second line from a sidekick to a bb so this wouldn’t happen and it did. He gave a half @$$ed apology. I’m going to call back later and hope I get some one else. I’m furious… I almost cancelled my account last month and I damn well should have.

  • len

    @shadowofzeus I’m not being sarcastic. I was at a basketball game, luckily her mother was there to take her to the hospital. I came home to a note on the door. I didn’t even realize my phone was out until then. The baby was born about 20 minutes before I got to the hospital. She was, and still is, blaming me for missing it. Her phone never went out as far as she knows. We’re in Philly btw. I gonna have to show her this post as proof that there was an outage.

  • rinklighter

    I got my service back a little past midnight CDT, after about 8 hours of no service.

  • rinklighter

    I got my service back a little past midnight CDT, after about 8 hours of no service. Would have been nice if they were doing some sort of nationwide upgrade…

  • Zuben

    Do you think TM will really let us know what happened? There was a thread about a customer getting light porn on his My Tmobile (They were investigating)That would signal a hacker to me.
    Also there has been a lot of solar activity lately. Coronal mass ejections that could possible affect some of the spectrum. But why just TM if that was the cause?
    Some people lost everything, some only voice, some only data. Some could see 3g, others only Edge. That seems rather wierd.
    Someone goofed – but that doesn’t explain the discrepancies in the reports.
    I’d really like to know.

  • JonInAtlanta

    O.M.G. I was without cell service for a couple hours! (Back of hand to forehead) THE HORROR!

    Get over it and congratulate yourself, you survived the great cell crisis of 2009. Yeah you! You’re a winner!

    What the hell are you people going to do when there’s a REAL crisis in your lives? Call a counselor to hold your sweaty little hands?

    Grow up and get over it.

  • mikeeeee

    WOW who knew.

    at 6 pm central on the dot i had an appointment to call an old friend i lost track of 37 years ago.

    my hotspot@home samsung katalyst was down and my router was working so wtf i called the guy on my t-mo@home hard wired phone and it worked great.

    after 8:30 i got off the phone and looked at my katalyst and it was up, cool.

  • I actually didn’t even notice that my phone wasn’t working until after I got home from work and school around 9:30pm EST and saw all the Facebook status updates about it… it was a welcome outage for me because I was taking an exam in class and was relieved to have had zero interruptions from a vibrating BlackBerry for once!

  • userfriendlyme

    well im still having service issues i have had the highest of technical support reps trying to help me out and nothing. no one can offer me any reason why my calls since this outage has been fixed continue to drop on mobile to mobile calls. The customer service rep offered me a 35 dollar credit which still would do me no good becasue my service still isnt working. got transfered to a supervisor and then my call was disconnected…you think the supervisoer tried to call me back…no. i guess i can use my cliq as a paper weight in the mean time.

  • len

    @Czar No I’m not at the hospital, I’m at home getting our home ready for the baby to come home. Her mom spent the night at the hospital with my wife since they wouldnt allow two people in the room with her overnight.

  • Elias

    @len I am very, very sorry for you. I’ve seen posts around here and elsewhere that basically say “get over it.” In my opinion these are irresponsible and inconsiderate. Many people suffered as a result.

  • Carl

    Well, there were some people that were effected, most people were telling other poeple to “get over it” because they were complaining for no reason, and wanted a free month of service for a service outage that was less than one day. To some people it did effect, busuiness, or like len’s personal issue. Yet, people act as if this is like the first service outage in the whole world.

  • JonInAtlanta

    @Elias Suffered? SUFFERED?
    Obviously you have no concept of what suffering is if you think a service outage constitutes suffering.

  • joshdotcalm

    i find it interesting that everyone has been complaining about yesterdays outage. i have been having on and off service for about 4 days now and around the same time everyday. i live in brooklyn, ny and have full bars and 3g on at all times, then this suddenly started. i called t-mobile and they refunded me $5, but i think the problem has been brewing and they know exactly what that problem is, which i am sure they are fixing. my service, their customer service, my plan and my rooted mytouch are far too many reasons to stay with them and just bail on a great company. it was a frustrating couple days, but shit happens.

  • Rick

    MY service was out from about 4:40 – 9:30 MST, or longer. I went to bed. No voice, data, or txt, but WiFi worked…

    I agree that the 5% number is probably undertating the outage at the time, but I don’t expect much more. TMO would be focusing on restoration.

    And an idea for all of you – if you have a leftover old phone with a charger, donate it to a local women’s shelter or ask your police, sheriff, or public prosecutor. Since these dial 911, they are handy for women (and others) who need a way to call 911 to request help if they are threatened. The charger avoids questions about batteries, and most of the time this is needed at home. Just a thought. Any CDMA/GSM/iDEN phone that can get reliable service is useful, age not an issue unless it is TDMA or NAMPS, which means those go in the recycle bin. No SIM required. Consider it.

  • kershon

    First I would like to say hat’s off to T-Mobile emergency response teams. My service was down about 4 hours. When I discovered the voice-data was out, I just switched my bb8900 over to wifi and carried on using uma. No problem for me. So, no “suffering” for me. Those that think their service being down a few hours and are suffering should get a life. What are you people going to do when a real emergency comes up? Are you going to run to your shrink? Grow up and get a life!

  • Ihadenough

    It’s 10:42 AM in minneapolis, My Mytouch 3G shows no service. Put my sim card in my old G1 and got the same results. I called Tmobile this morning after reading that service has been restored. Apperently that’s not true, according to the rep, they’ve addressed about 50% of the issue, no ETA on when service will fully be restored.

  • Ann

    I was part of a charity called Cell Phones for Seniors nearly 6 years ago! People from the community would donate their old cell phones to our charity & we would give them out to senior citizens to keep on their person or in their vehicles for emergency purposes. I’ve seen other charities just like this as well. It’s been common knowledge for YEARS that cell phones can call 911 w/o an attached service provider or sim card. It’s really, really sad that people don’t know this by now.

    I wasn’t really affected by last night’s outage, I just couldn’t send texts & a couple emails didn’t make it to my phone for a few hours. It wasn’t a big deal. However…I do believe that T-Mobile was WAAAAY underestimating the problem when they say only 5% were affected. I’m a Sidekick user, & I saw them underestimate the problem when EVERY SINGLE SIDEKICK USER lost data for 4 days, & then a large number lost all stored information on their phones due to the phones resetting themselves or T-Mobile employees instructing them to do a hard reset w/o doing the research first that would’ve told them there was indeed an outage. The outage occured on October 2nd, & I’m STILL without my calendar events, half my contacts, notes, web bookmarks, & mms messages. I’ve gotten very little compensation for my troubles, & T-Mobile still says the outage only affected a small percentage. I just hope that they give me SOME kind of discount when I get a new BlackBerry in a few weeks.

  • Alex

    i do not think it was only 5% of their users, basically all of my family and friends with t-mobile their service was down either by getting a busy signal or a “all circuits are busy”. and i had to continously resend my text messages continously just to get to the person. dont get me wrong i still love t-mobile but i dont lik that they lied and said it was only 5% of their customers when it clearly wasnt lik its not that hard just to admit that something went wrong and that theyre sorry about it

  • mo

    Here in chicago, My service went out at about 5:45 O’clock PM, and was restored by the time I got home at around 6:30


    Maybe the outage was the beginning of the second phase of Project Dark. So exciting!!! Can’t wait to see what they have in store for all of us. Go T-Mo Go!!!

  • Bill48105

    So nice you see the glass as 1/2 full & not 1/2 empty. :D
    But yeah I think many of us would almost forget not having phone service for 8 hours if suddenly there was 3G coverage in 100 more cities instantly. Is that my glass overflowing? lol

  • cybah

    I’ve been a T Mobile customer since they were VoiceStream. I’ve always had great success with T Mobile, with the exception at my Dad’s where there is no service except AT&T’s network (Dad lives in a rural part of NH).

    I’ve always had good call quality, good data, good text messaging, and T Mobile has great customer service. After having SprintPCS for many years prior to T Mobile, coming to T Mobile was a breath of fresh air.

    This outage will not cause me to sway from T Mobile. I still like the service, the plans, the phones, and the customer service. One piddly 4 hour outage isn’t going to make me switch. I work in the IT industry and I know that network outages happen (much like Comcast does oh so often), but I can guarantee heads will roll at T Mo, and there will not be an outage like this again (can we say “redundant hardware”?)

    I didn’t even know there was an outage until my home phone rang from my roommate who said he was trying to call but got a fast busy. (Then I looked to Tmonews for info). I’m in the Boston Metro area if people are curious to know where I am.

    I also compliment T Mobile for notifying customers via their website and messages boards about the outage. Most providers could care less (SprintPCS Never did..)

  • That is so weak. I love my iPhone on AT&T by the way.

  • frank

    In the end if people are jumping ship because of a reletivly small disruption. Then let them I am sure that all of us would rather them bitch on some other carriers forum. I argee people have the right to be upset. I personally wasn’t to put out, really if you truly need to get ahold of someone be an average inteligent person and borrow, beg, or steal a pay phone or god forbid ask a stranger ( oh no I just crapped my pants @ the very thought) to use there phone. Also the idea of people demanding money or free month of service is astounding. Would the people you know demand you pay them if you had a car accident on the way to see them, because they could have been haning out with a safer driver? I am astounded @ the lack of compasion on both sides complainer and non complainer. I love T-moblie have had bad ecperiances with VZ and Sprint that make a few hours of down time a resonable accident.

  • J

    T-Mobile is being straightforward about what happened. There are no specifics because they do not have them. The equipment that failed is called an HLR. It keeps all of your account permissions and information (not stuff like credit cards and address but plan info and general current location). To really explain why some services could work while others don’t you need knowledge of HLR and VLR functions. To sum it up, the network couldn’t verify what you are allowed to do so it wont let you do it. A carrier will have multiple hlrs across the country. It is kind of random which one your info is on. They have protection pairs but this one obviously failed.

  • Kickstar13

    Blog Post UPDATED!

    UPDATE: If you continue to experience difficulty making/receiving calls or accessing data services, please power your phone off then back on. This will update your connection to the network and should restore your access to these services.

  • bob

    Did anyone notice tmo website’s account services were down as well during the outage? The website has regular problems in fact, they really need to invest in their infrastructure. Trying to call them today netted a 2 hour wait to get a call back. Finally a smack in the face, a rude rep offering a $5 credit to my account to offset the day of service. I missed some IMPORTANT calls. Good job Tmo, keep floundering in 4th place!

    And Project Dark was a real game changer: no significant cuts in price and a $35 activation fee to switch your plan even though you already have service. Same old tricks, worse service, subpar phones. Go Tmo!

  • erin

    Ah man, I should have looked here last night. My daughter called me thinking I cancelled or changed her service (fast busy signal while calling, texts not going through). I realized there were issues around 5pm PT, and prob was back on by 7pm or so. I’m in Seattle.

  • T-Mobile cant make everyone happy.

  • Kickstar13

    New T-Mobile update! T-Mobile explains cause of nationwide outage:

  • Adam

    I’m sorry, but I think these complaints are pathetic in general. Yes, there are some situations that I’m sure were pretty bad, but for people to say they “suffered” because they were without cellphone service for a few hours to maybe a full day at MOST is just ridiculous.

    Look around the world people. There are people who are scared for their freakin’ lives because where they live is so dangerous it’s normal for members of your friends and family to die on a daily basis, and we’re getting so angry about not having cellphone service for a day at most?! Please. Try and put your life in perspective to the rest of the world before you come in here complaining about how t-mobile did you wrong when what happened wasn’t even their fault in the first place…

  • dawn

    I have been without tmobile service since about 3 pm CST. I have no phone service but do have working email and data. I can’t even call CS to see what the problem is.