Tattoo On Video (Again)

Not too long after the official debut of the HTC Tattoo (formerly Click) someone went and found it to show the faceplate action.  While we have seen the Tattoo on video before, this video will give you a chance to see this phone without covers (yes, naked) but it doesn’t show the phone in action.  As said before, this phone will feature customizable face plates (front and back) just to make it your own.  The device certainly fits the parts of low end, but it still looks good.  Once again, lets hope the rumors are true and this phone will have T-mobile 3G thrown into it at a later date.  Leave your thoughts in the comments!


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  • Stormtrooper

    The guys English is really not that bad…

  • js-1

    and this will be for the USA market b/c it looks like crap. nice HUGE track button its like that red dot that says “you are here” what nice way of saying how to use ur device. the SIDEKICK is better looking then this but it has inferior UI.