Pandora Plays on Android

While some of you are excited about the social aspect of the new Facebook app, what I have here makes me even more excited.  I am very proud to announce that there is officially a Pandora app for Android.  Now, being a loyal listener of Pandora for the better part of its existence this is huge for me.  From what it looks like, they have even made a widget so you can play your favorite station in the background.  Not sure what Pandora is, well here you go:

“Pandora Radio is your own FREE personalized radio now available to stream music on your Android phone. Just start with the name of one of your favorite artists, songs or classical composers and Pandora will create a “station” that plays their music and more music like it.”

I would say go and give it a try (it is free), it is highly recommended by me.  There are a couple more pictures after the break and as always, leave your thoughts in the comments!


  • Brian

    Just installed it. Pandora rocks. It is a great app. Nothing else compares to Pandora.

  • Galen20K

    So Happy about this.

  • guru

    It is pretty cool, but seems to lag a lot, especially in the beginning of the songs.

  • Champcar

    Not working on a wifi only connection like will. Nice try though.

  • Miguel

    Is it in the Market? Because I searched for “Pandora” and came up empty.

  • Kanjar Ro

    WTF. It only took a year to make a Pandora app for Android. I used imeem this whole time and actually like it. But I know imeem isn’t going to compare to Pandora.

  • Justin2

    For some reason, even using the scanner, the Market is saying there is no such app. (As of 9:00 AM EST)

    /Grumble, I’ve been waiting for this one for awhile now…

  • Andrew

    Working great for me (even running from the SD)- this is the one app I was checking for nearly every day. Pandora and 3G (in Longmont, CO) on the same morning — it’s like x-mas in September for me :)

  • Justin2

    NM it went back up awhile ago.

  • newmexican

    I bugged them by email about this for months. I am glad they listened to their customers. Works great for me on EDGE.

  • Yeah, mine lagged from the beginning, and it starts to lag in segments of this song as well. But, mine is working over Wifi, so i’m confused. When Champcar says it’s not working over WiFi like, you mean as seamlessly, or do you mean it doesn’t work over WiFi at all?; cause mines is working.

  • Dre

    I have been waiting for this…kept checking the market ever so often but no luck…glad Pandora came around and finally released android app

  • Fred

    I just installed on my mytouch, this app is great! Android is making great strides in becoming a real contender. Watch out Apple!

  • Slick

    I’ll stick with I am not impressed by Pandora.

  • FILA

    dont do the online radio thing, I have thousands of mp3’s to keep me entertained, yes i kno i cant store them all on my android but i dont use my phoen as my primary player.

  • SEFan

    Sweet! All I need now is an Android phone I can live with. Galaxy, where are you?!