Indianapolis Goes 3G (Hopefully)

One of the larger and more disappointing 3G holdouts has been none other than that of Indianapolis, Indiana. The 14th largest city in the country and third in the Midwest has been one of the most asked about cities in my email and now, we (hopefully) can put the argument to rest. While unconfirmed by T-mobile directly, emails are flooding in reporting that 3G is indeed showing up across the city limits. Reports are still showing a flaky signal with it popping in and out but we can only hope as the morning turns into afternoon the signal stabilizes and magenta residents of Indianapolis begin to enjoy all that is 3G goodness!

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!


  • Marland Pittman

    Praise Jesus! Indy is like, last, to get anything.

  • noone1569

    Hmm … Downtown Indy checking in, no dice yet . . will watch all morning.

  • Trevic

    3G also in the West Lafayette and Lafayette, IN area. BOILER UP!

  • Steve B

    I noticed it this morning and had in intermittent 3G signal at my house. Now that I’m at work across town (in Indianapolis still), it’s a consistent 3G signal. The reception inside my home sucks anyway though, which would explain the spotty reception.

    Now I’m officially glad I went for the TP2 on T-Mobile instead of jumping to Sprint.

  • Joe G

    I can confirm it as well, finally, 3G Indy!

  • Vap1d

    It seems very flaky so far. I didn’t even know we got it. Saw a post in 3G forum and tried my sim in two diff android devices and picked up nothing but E. Finally after seeing this post I went to the back patio window held my phone up and after about 30 seconds it went from full bars on E to 1 bar on 3G. Ten feet from the window back to E..

    I’m in the heart of the north side of the city, an area called Broad Ripple with tons of bars restaurants shops etc. It is a big spot for nightlife here in town, Butler Univ near by. I’m prob half a mile from the closest tower. Pretty bad imo. Hopefully it gets tuned up over the course of the day otherwise, just wow…

  • Indy3G

    3G has indeed gone live in metro Indianapolis as well as the suburbs of Fishers, Carmel, Lawrence, Noblesville, and Westfield. Also, Purdue University and Indiana University.

  • mp46241

    in indy and still have no 3G… been waiting since the G1 came out so i hope it comes today… but even my Edge signal is unreliable here…so who knows what they are doing..

  • theferenc

    Bloomington (IU) also went up this morning, at about 8:50 local time. Went in and out for about 10 minutes, but has been stable since then. About damn time.

  • Vap1d

    Even sweeter anything that uses network for location thinks I am in Belleview WA.

  • themanT

    I’m on the Westside of Indy, down the street from Lafayette Mall. I’ve gotta 2 bar 3g signal as long as I’m outside but inside its EDGE all the way. I’m not even a mile from a tower so hopefully they’ll get that worked out sooner than later.

  • Steve B

    Vap1d, I live in the Broad Ripple area too, and also usually get spotty reception. Here’s to hoping it will now be either 3G or Edge, instead of Edge or nothing.

  • ultravision

    when will Fresno,CA get 3G? Bakersfield and Visalia have already launched and those are 2 much smaller cities than the Fresno Metro area. anyone have ANY information about this matter?any idea or timeframe?

  • mark925

    ultravision: In the last 3G comment thread, Brandon mentioned at first Fresno was supposed to be last week or this week but is now delayed a couple weeks because the govt agencies there are still on the frequency needed for 3G.

  • xnifex

    Where do you guys find out about the 3G launches? I ask because a month or so ago, you posted that El Paso, Tx launched 3G & I just went home this weekend & there are huge chunks of town that don’t even have 3G coverage & I wanted to read up on why that would be.

  • I can confirm that 3G is up (and down) in Indy. Posted about it here:

  • mike85

    ok now that indy is out of the way salt lake needs 3g

  • Brian

    yes finally sum Indiana love…but plz where the love for Fort Wayne, IN

  • ziggenzag

    Lafayette/Purdue 3G confirmed. I haven’t had a chance to test it much but anything is better than edge right? Its about time too. I’ve been paying for it for 6 months now. Here’s hoping it doesn’t’t suck as bad as AT&T’s 3G. Now all we need is an Android phone with decent memory and a physical keyboard.

  • Still no love for Louisville…I am starting to think we are last on the list. 30th largest city in the country.

  • 2G Babe

    I woke up and 3G was on my phone! 3 bars. I connected the phone to my PC using a bluetooth adapter, and measured donwlink speeds of 530k and uplink speed of 335k. Wow. FASTER than my dialup! With my phone, I have unlimited data, so will be dumping the DSL and using 3G. And, with 3G, I can still talk on a phone call while surfing the web. Pretty cool stuff. I noticed a few weak areas on my drive to work, but I am sure that T-Mobile will get them worked out. But, anyway, a Big Thank You to T-Mobile!!! Thank You! THANK YOU!!!! WOO HOOO!!! 3G speeds are the way to go!!!! :) :)

  • noone1569

    Still nothing downtown today . . .

  • tru_ogar

    I stay on the southside pretty close to greenwood, IN. I woke up at 440 this morning for work and 3g was on my phone…. at least til I try to browse the web. I’m posting from my g1 at home and its showing edge right now. On my drive to work out to Camby, IN there was 3g on my phone all the way.

  • Don Boogie

    You guys are excited about 3G now – wait till your battery dies in a few hours.

  • timmyjoe42

    All we need is Dayton, Lexington, and Louisville.

    Then Cincinnati will officially be the Edge Oasis in the Midwest. Coming in last place….

  • frofro

    And what about Southern California? Other than LA and SD?

  • juicy

    With Indy going 3G, Fort Wayne shouldn’t be too far behind right?

  • jamell

    I just talked to t-mobile and they told me 3G has been rolled out so yeah t-mobile is truly da best and so is my G1

  • xtort

    Works great out at the airport, and hopefully at home a few miles south as well!

  • kodeine

    hopefully fort wayne is next in indiana. ASAP please

  • Salt Lake City next, please! I know you all THINK all of us in Salt Lake are polygamist mormons who dislike technology, but you’ve obviously never been here. There are a LOT of tech savvy people here!

  • Mike

    I got random indications of 3G today on my Mytouch in Honolulu. Only while I was at work, not at home this morning. So it looks like they’re starting to convert to 3G here finally!!