T659 Slides in Silently


While the rest of you are patiently awaiting the latest Android news, Samsung and T-Mobile teamed up to bring another phone to the lineup unnoticed.  They are calling it a functional compact slider for the cost conscious customer that combines easy-to-use platform with high quality features, including support for multiple messaging and multimedia features at 3G speeds.  Here is a short list of specs:

· Stylish slider with metallic finish

· Web enabled at 3G speed and HSDPA capable

· 2 Megapixel camera and video with multi shot & 2.5x digital zoom

· MP3 player

· Bluetooth enabled

· Up to 16GB expandable memory slot

· Multiple Messaging Options: Email, Audio Postcard, Instant Messaging, Picture Messaging, Video Messaging, Text Messaging, Predictive Text T9

· RSS reader

· A-GPS with TeleNav

· Personal Organizer: Alarm, Calculator, Calendar, Currency Converter, Memo, To Do List, Phone Book

· Display: 2.2 inches, 240 x 320 pixels, 262 TFK display

· 4.06  x 1.93  x 0.59 inches; 3.28 ounces

This rather feature rich mid range slider will set you back $69.99 with a two-year service agreement and $50 MIR.  More pictures after the break and leave your thoughts in the comments!



  • eYe

    Nice looking phone, a lot of features for the price….these will sell like hotcakes.

  • Alex

    but will it blend?!

  • loafskier

    So its the katalyst without the uma, now with 3g and a-GPS. another overpriced samsung with the stupid rebates. TMO enough with the rebates! they raised the comeback and highlight??? wonder why.

  • MadProfessor

    Why does Samsung keep popping out this model over and over again? There have been variations of this basic design on all the big carriers for over two years now. It’s the Razr syndrome but they give the “new” handsets different model numbers and change up the controls a bit. The second phone I had with TMo was an SGH-T629, a direct ancestor to this thing.

    $70 is too much for sure, especially after a rebate.
    I’d pay $40 for this on contract at most. I think I maybe payed that for the T629 back in the day.

    For a standard 3G slider, it’ll sell once it gets below $40.

  • steven

    highly recommend! dissuades muggers from robbing you

  • FILA

    great another sammy for the lineup

  • Miguel

    Is the charger USB? I hate Samsung phones because they always require their proprietary charger, while nearly every other manufacturer has switched to USB, which comes in handy because you can charge from a PC or use virtually any other USB charger.