HTC Click Gets A Tattoo

While we patiently wait for future Android announcements, HTC has gone and made the Click official while branding it Tattoo.  Some important things to note with this compact phone, it has that glorious Sense UI (Yes, please), it will have customizable design covers (HEY! that sounds familiar) and it will have a resistive touch screen (BOO!).  Now, before you get all upset about that, resistive technology has come a long way and Android will be much easier to use with a resistive touchscreen than, say, Windows Mobile.  here are the full specs:
  • 528MHz Qualcomm MSM7225 processor
  • 512MB/256MB ROM/RAM
  • 106 x 55.2 x 14-mm / 113 grams
  • 2.8-inch touchscreen LCD pushing 240×320 QVGA pixels
  • 900/2100MHz HSPA/UMTS and quad-band GSM/EDGE
  • internal GPS
  • 802.11b/g WiFi
  • digital compass
  • accelerometer
  • and Bluetooth 2.0

For such a compact and consumer friendly device this thing packs a punch.  Now, lets hope they throw in some rumored T-Mobile 3G to make us happy.  The device will land in Europe in early October, with it going global close to the holidays.  More pictures after the break and leave your thoughts in the comments!


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  • Skyline247

    I don’t care if it is “entry-level”, I still want this device. Currently I have 2 BlackBerry’s and an HTC Exalibur/T-Mobile Dash. I have looked into getting an android device, but since I have a little while left on my contract, it was just too expensive. I think the Click/Tattoo would be an excellent device for me to break into Android. Now if T-Mobile brings it before the end of this year, that would be Great. If it has T-Mob 3G, it would be SUPER-DUPER AWESOME! :D Thanks Andrew for the specs.

  • Polo

    The phone is nice….

  • Red

    It does look nice, as long as it has sense ui and it’s not brown I think t-mobile can have a top seller with this phone.

  • Mike

    I don’t see how you could be any more biased against Windows Mobile, what is this the T-Mobile News Site or “WM sucks, Android is God” site?

    • Andrew

      @ Mike I do not share the hatred to Windows Mobile. In fact, I have used a few different phones with WM (HTC Touch Pro,HTC Touch Pro 2 and Samsung Omnia) and have been happy with their functionality. In this case, I was simply stating my opinion that Windows Mobile is not finger friendly. This will change (at least it seems like it will) with 6.5, but until then, I will support that Android, as a whole, will function better than WM with a touchscreen, and especially a resistive touchscreen.


    “900/2100MHz HSPA/UMTS and quad-band GSM/EDGE”…. So how does this belong to Tmobile, I thought tmobile was 1700/2100?!!!!

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  • Moose

    how’s the camera?

  • FILA

    I want a Android dude tat on mine!
    And some low end device with the Sense UI on it

    And did you guys here that HTC will most likely be concentrating on Android now, maybe releasing previous phones such as the TP2 in a Android device! This was just released yesterday, so theres no confirmation or anything at the moment, but Android on the TP2, thats our dream come true, but it will never happen. Just hope they make another hot QWERTY Android phone T-Mobile will sign, cuz I cant stand this onscreen keyboard shit no more