Galaxy Lite Poses For The Camera

While the HTC Tattoo has been made official, the Galaxy Lite (i5700, er Behold 2?) is making its first appearance (in what is sure to be a budget Android death match).  Members of the blog have outed the Samsung in a big way.  From what they say, the device will be more Galaxy than Lite, keeping all the specs except dropping the internal memory to 1 GB and lowering the camera to 3.2 megapixels.  So let’s hope that it keeps that capacitive AMOLED display (YEAH! take that Tattoo).  Apparently the phone won’t be offered with the green back (I know, you are disappointed).  Enjoy the classy video above, head past the break for pictures and leave your thoughts in the comments!


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  • nick

    Love the green. They should keep it.

  • manus

    aww man i was really hoping i could get the original Galaxy. anyone know if it will still be coming to tmo usa

  • Kay

    Man… T-Mobile cannot stand not to pick up bright kid looking phones!!! Why ruin the sleekness of the Behold!? AGH!

    I hope it comes in a big person color. =/.

  • Shabaz

    Wow a mytouch3g in a samsung case.

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  • phonehunter

    Why doesn’t Samsung upgrade (i.e., change the specs now, before the U.S. launch) the original Galaxy (not Galaxy Lite) to 16G? With such puny specs, how do they expect the original Galaxy to be an Apple iPhone killer, when in other ways it has potential? We really need some good phones, spec-wise. I don’t like the green; hope it comes in an all-white option (my pick) and maybe an all-black option. And hurry up and get these in the U.S. market!

  • Moose

    What do you mean its more galaxy than lite they took the too good things about the phone the memory and the camera

  • -ray

    What is it with Tmo and the tween phones.. I do believe that adults have Tmo service too…

  • edwin

    looks preety slim to me, thaz wat i need, something slim android touchscreen and a nice camera, maybe all white or all black with chrome linings would be nice but not that bad

  • John

    I’ve been waiting for months & months for the Galaxy – don’t want a stripped down version that will attract the teens. If the Lite is the best that they can offer, I’ll pass & go w/the Nokia N900