Oprah Rocks Out With T-mobile


Look, let me just throw this out there, I’ve managed to keep secret for some time now my desire to watch Oprah re-runs late at night. The way she consoles/counsels guests and feels their pains and of course, the way she gives out free stuff makes staying up late with Oprah a secretive but joyful experience.  As Oprah celebrates her 24th season kickoff today in my hometown of Chicago, T-mobile is helping the celebration as co-sponsor of the Chi-Town party and some extra goodies for their own customers. Apparently, and while this is still unconfirmed rumor, other websites are beginning to report the same. Effective today (9/8) and running through September 24th T-mobile customers will be able to receive $100.00 off the price of the MyTouch3G via customer care by mentioning promo code KICKOFF24. No word on whether retail stores or online ordering will have a similar (matching) offering but leave it to Oprah to get the price down and bring some awesome attention to the T-mobile Android flagship. Our tipster also stated that if you are attending the filming of the Chicago in downtown Chicago today, T-mobile will have people handing out flyers regarding the promo hoping to gain a little extra attention for the MyTouch.

While we can’t confirm or deny any of this at this early hour, with other sites chiming in similar details and with T-mobile acting as co-sponsor for today’s event we expect to have more information later. Therefore, if you are planning to upgrade/add a new line in the coming hours, we suggest waiting just a little bit longer into the day.


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  • eli


  • Kanjar Ro

    I am no fan of Oprah and hate to admit… if you get Oprah telling her followers “T-mobile is good. Here’s a coupon”… then history has shown that they will do thy master’s bidding. Book clubs and KFC coupon insanity come to mind when I think of Oprah sponsorship.

    Good job T-mo. Now just try your best to get O-Win to say “Tmobile” as many times as you can on TV!

  • Tony

    You couldn’t find a bigger picture of Oprah?

  • Seth

    They are honoring it already. Ordered a MT3G almost 14 days ago and just called in and gave me the additional discount on top of what I already got on the phone. I don’t like Oprah, but thanks!

  • userfriendlyme

    Well tmobile reps are infomaous about giving out different information i purchased a mytough 3g new line added and all and they werent able to offer me the discount even thought i havent been billed for the phone yet and it was the same amount of time 14days. So kudos if you got that done i just ended up paying 100 more for it lol oh well good luck to anyone trying post how it turns out

  • Skyline247

    Man I wish I was a audience member on the Oprah show today, or that was taped for today. I bet she is going to give away MyTouch3G’s to all the audience. That would be awesome.

  • terryjohnson16

    Forget the MyTouch, throw in the Touch Pro2, or a new car.

  • anevaude

    YAY! Happy birthday me, because this one’s confirmed! Here’s my conversation with a T-Mobile rep earlier today:


  • Jay

    Meh, I got mine for free with a 2 year contract.

    Anyone that is buying a phone on contract should really see a T-Mobile vendor instead of going to the store. Just look through your local newspaper, magazines, even grocery stores. Thats where I found mine and she is great! Beware of mall kiosks, they only offer marginal discounts on high end phones rarely will they ever give them away for free.

  • SPRINT announced that they will be releasing the HTC Hero in Android OS at a LOWER price than the MyTouch3G!!!

    SPRINT released the Touch Pro2 today!!!

    WTF — TMOUSA execs have sh*t for brains and got their MBAs from Cracker Jacks boxes!!! How could they have bungled this with such a high TP2 price point. F*ckers.

  • anevaude

    Jay – Woah, seriously? How much haggling did you have to do?

  • Kanjar Ro

    OMG so go jerk off to a picture of Dan Hesse and STFU with your off topic trolling dumb ass. NO ONE CARES.

    You know how you read those stories about people who get made fun of online and they are so stupid and depressed that they take it seriously and end up committing suicide? I could only wish that would happen more often. Primarily with fanboys and gadget geeks.

  • MadProfessor

    Wow Kanjar Ro. That was harsh, but seriously funny. Good stuff.

  • guru

    I called customer service, and they said the promo code is valid, however, you have to go to Oprah’s website to order it.

  • Danny

    I just checked Oprah’s website and I highly doubt they would be selling a phone on the website unless its Oprah branded or something.

  • -ray

    Hmm.. Are they trying to deplete the current stock? The other articles stated that it was going to start the 10th and run through the 24th and that HTC and Tmobile are sponsoring it..

  • Robert

    Worked for me, went into the store over the weekend and picked one up. Did the online chat with the rep and just verified that I actually picked one up, and told me that I should be seeing a credit on my account next month. Thanks!!

  • Jay

    @ anevaude

    No haggling at all. My vendor has a price list that came from her corporate office. I should tell you that my free MyTouch was with a 2 year family plan contract. The other phone was a Nokia 5310 that was also free. Single line plans may also qualify for a free MyTouch, however I think you must opt for a $49.99 plan or higher. Oh one more thing, a data plan is also required.

    Anyways if anyone living in the SoCal area is interested send me an e-mail to626n@yahoo.com

    If you don’t live in the SoCal area just look through your local newspaper, thats how I found mine.

    Or just keep an eye out for discount mobile stores. I’ll give you a tip, there are a lot of mobile discount stores around college/university campuses.

    Never pay full price for a phone again!

  • cheap

    was that with a new contract or an upgrade?


  • guru

    Ugh these guys are giving me the run around. I tried online help, and they told me to return the mytouch, and order a new one, they do not want to credit me.

  • Keala Smith

    does this work only for the mytouch or can it work for the touch pro 2 too?

  • This works via t-mobile.com too, I tried it last night and it showed the $100 off on a My Touch…

  • Jay

    @ cheap

    It was for a new activation. But if your looking to renew, when your contract is up cancel it. Then wait two or three days and re-open a brand new contract with T-Mobile. If you can live without a cell phone for two or three days it’s well worth the wait!

    I’m not trying to promote AT&T or Verizon but she also has promotions for those carriers. Although her T-Mobile deals are the best. I’m not sure if she can give you a high end Verizon/AT&T phone for free.

  • Mindy

    It’s true tmo was passing out coupons at the filming of the oprah show. I received one when I was passing by and was told that the $100 off could be used at a list of stores on the coupon for any tmo products and services for existing customers too. this coupon is only valid thru Sept. 13. I went to store and was told call customer service and they will give me the discount if I renew my contract. wish me luck because cust service has NEVER cut me any slack even though I have been a faithful customer since 2002!

  • guru

    Finally got them to credit my account. Spoke to someone in the billing department, and they were more than happy to credit me.

  • jenna
  • kiki

    I ordered mine yesterday on an upgrade. I’m so glad I waited to order this phone.

  • mockerfab4

    I ordered my MyTouch last Friday before news of this offer went out, so I called this morning to see if they can give me the discount, and they honored it! Amy, the Tmo rep was awesome. I expect to get the phone tomorrow via UPS.

    I was on the fence with this phone because I really love my iPhone, and wanted to test drive it for the 14-day grace period, but now with the smoking deal I’m probably going to keep it. Can’t wait to test the 3G speeds & Google Voice which my iPhone doesn’t do. Although, I’ll miss some of my iPhone apps, especially my Kindle for iPhone. I hope Android develops that soon!!!!! And Android needs to hurry and allow us to stream flash like they teased us with last year.

  • Sararara

    I just got off the phone with customer care, mine is on its way. They guy said I was the first one with the coupon code he had done.

  • angel

    I was at the oprah taping downtown chicago on the 8th.. I won a my touch 3g phone, already has unlimited service.. Compliments of Oprah!!!

  • asickswife

    Ok so a few questions can you get it in a tmo store and get the discount? Can you buy it over the phone and get the discount? Can you buy it online and receive the discount? Also with a one yr contract the phone is 299 are they cutting 100 off one yr plans? To be 199 for a one yr contract please anyone let me know. Thanks

  • Titty!

    does anybody know if this will work for a Flexpay account holder? with no contract,& month-to-month pay?
    it should work right? condering as long as i qet a 2-year contract on my account. ? helpp, thanks. :)