Oprah Rocks Out With T-mobile


Look, let me just throw this out there, I’ve managed to keep secret for some time now my desire to watch Oprah re-runs late at night. The way she consoles/counsels guests and feels their pains and of course, the way she gives out free stuff makes staying up late with Oprah a secretive but joyful experience.  As Oprah celebrates her 24th season kickoff today in my hometown of Chicago, T-mobile is helping the celebration as co-sponsor of the Chi-Town party and some extra goodies for their own customers. Apparently, and while this is still unconfirmed rumor, other websites are beginning to report the same. Effective today (9/8) and running through September 24th T-mobile customers will be able to receive $100.00 off the price of the MyTouch3G via customer care by mentioning promo code KICKOFF24. No word on whether retail stores or online ordering will have a similar (matching) offering but leave it to Oprah to get the price down and bring some awesome attention to the T-mobile Android flagship. Our tipster also stated that if you are attending the filming of the Chicago in downtown Chicago today, T-mobile will have people handing out flyers regarding the promo hoping to gain a little extra attention for the MyTouch.

While we can’t confirm or deny any of this at this early hour, with other sites chiming in similar details and with T-mobile acting as co-sponsor for today’s event we expect to have more information later. Therefore, if you are planning to upgrade/add a new line in the coming hours, we suggest waiting just a little bit longer into the day.


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