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Oprah $100 Savings Is Now Over

For those of you still looking to pick up some savings on the MyTouch courtesy of our friend Oprah, the offer is no longer on the table. Quantities were limited on the deal and news has come down that the offer is no longer valid. This was an awesome little offering and while we are sorry it’s over, the pro-active showing T-mobile exhibited here to advertise its flagship product is hopefully going to be transferred over … [read full article]

Oprah Rocks Out With T-mobile

Look, let me just throw this out there, I’ve managed to keep secret for some time now my desire to watch Oprah re-runs late at night. The way she consoles/counsels guests and feels their pains and of course, the way she gives out free stuff makes staying up late with Oprah a secretive but joyful experience.  As Oprah celebrates her 24th season kickoff today in my hometown of Chicago, T-mobile is helping the celebration as co-sponsor of … [read full article]