Blackberry 9700 Gets Spied

Update: Video is dead, removed due to Copyright, looking for a replacement now! Found the replacement, thanks Worms

Looking for a little more info on the Blackberry 9700? Look no further as a lucky individual dropped off a lovely 7:29 video to the boys over at Crackberry. It’s 3G, it’s T-mobile, need I really say more? Truthfully, if you aren’t looking to become an Android fanboy, this is easily the next best thing T-mobile has lined up waiting in the wings. Unless of course we count that N900 Nokia that hopefully comes equipped with hours of trance music to make me dance the night away. This Blackberry is HOT!

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  • Onwaitinglist

    Still wait for confirmation on UMA, if it has UMA, I will buy two at heartbeat;

    BTW, anyone can confirm UMA on N900?


  • Rav

    Great Review !! Only question I have is does 9700 have UMA? David, Keep up with great stuff..

  • Galen20K

    I have to say I would leave Touch Screens for this Beautiful Phone.

  • ellwooda

    It looks like this baby does have WiFi judging by the video @ 3:15. My question is do you have to have a separate 3G plan to take advantage of the speeds or will the phone automatically connect @ 3G with just a BlackBerry data plan?

  • Geraldine

    I dunno. Late spring / early summer I was excited about this device. Now, they’ve dragged their feet so long that I finally switched over to Android. Surprisingly, Android covers all bases and I now for the first time in years found an OS that can do all I needed it to do. I no longer feel that I have to have a BlackBerry.

    BlackBerry’s do serve their function for many users but they are so slow to innovate and are miles behind in producing quality consumer friendly features despite the massive R&D $$$ they have.

    RIM needs to wake up and realize that Enterprise customers are not their future. Consumers are. The square boxy designs of the 90’s need a badly needed update as does the ancient looking OS.

  • -ray

    Blackberries are very good for what they do, but their designs are getting a little old. Why can’t we get the Storm II….

  • Marc

    Oh goody, another blackberry phones that looks exactly like all the other blackberry phones.

  • Sgt. Cell

    Any release date info? Tmo takes too long to release the devices people really want.

  • ali

    Looks like blackberry is following motorola’s ever-wise strategy ‘ if s**t happens, break out another razr ‘ and we all know how well motorola did after that. The only reason that blackberry is still in existence today is because of their enterprise server, once the other manufacturers follow suit or some other player comes up with something better, their company will suffer. I read that nokia is investing in a similar enterprise edition software and it will be interesting to see how they fair.

  • Mo Informacion

    From the people I’ve talked to who played with a prerelease 9700, I heard that it does have UMA built in. I’m still skeptical, as in this video demonstration, the 8900 showed the red UMA signal bars (does Rogers offer UMA in Canada?). And the 9700 did not. Anyone care to weigh in on this one?

    Also, 3G will be part of the T-Mobile Blackberry service plan. No additional costs factored in, rest assured. But the real question is, will the 9700 take advantage of T-Mobile’s HSDPA network?

  • I’m waiting patiently for this device.

    I want it, need it. I’ll buy it the first day its available.

  • phonefan

    There is nothing to get excited about wow they changed the track ball to a trackpad i mean they must think we all are fools none of these new blackberries nothing that old ones don’t this is going to start to cetch up to rim real soon

  • Danny

    I’m with Geraldine.

    I have been the biggest fan of BlackBerry’s for years loyally buying up each and every new variant to hit T-Mobile USA.

    Now I can say with confidence that I’m done. I too have fallen in love with Android and “BlackBerry or die,” mentality has faded into the past.

    Although nice and shiny each BlackBerry is still the same old reincarnated machine of the past just a bit more fancy. The OS is old. The web browser is unappealing and the app store leaves a lot to be desired.

    Even my 8900 with a better processor and memory still suffers from all the freezes and laggy menu system and I’m not sure why RIM hasn’t addressed this after all this time in business.

    With the exception of the ever dwindling Enterprise only market and the increased adoption of smartphone use by consumers, RIM needs to make devices capable of handling the media and enhanced features we now want and demand. If not, they’ll eventually start to fall behind.

    RIM does have some promising enhancements down the road with a new WebKit browser and such but until then I’m with Android too.

  • Jeremy

    I was actually thinking of jumping ship for the Tour, but this might have me hanging around for awhile…

  • Stu

    What do you mean “it’s T-mobile”? The screen shot clearly says “Rogers” right above the icons.

  • Guy

    I might as well get a MyTouch or Touch Pro 2 right now if this thing doesn’t have UMA.

    I’ve been patiently waiting for this phone to come out but is it really that hard to get UMA confrimation?

  • sidekickuser

    uh oh, i know all to well what a outdated OS is, i have a sidekick, and they have never changed. *sigh* now all these comments have me moving towards android again. plus those blackberry keyboards are way too smushed, my fingers were tripping over each other.

  • mrbuyit

    If you are still looking for a video, do a quick search of youtube. It might magically appear there!

  • Max A

    This is what Nokia Said to me when I asked about the UMA on the N900

    Dear Mr. Max A,

    Thank you for e-mailing the Nokia Care Contact Center. We are glad that you are choosing Nokia for your mobile needs.

    With regard to your inquiry about the UMA Hotspot@home on N900, I regret to inform you that it is not supported by N900 yet. However we will forward this concern to the research and development department.

    I hope the information provided proves useful.

    If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us again. To ensure proper handling of your case, kindly continue using the current subject line.

    Thank you very much for your email. Have a great day!

    Kind regards,
    Rosalie L.
    E-mail Specialist
    Nokia Inc.

  • 30014

    I left blackberry for android in january of this year and I feel its the best decision I made as far as phones go. Blackberry is slowly becoming a one trick pony(email), the hardware is always awesome but their os is stuck in 2005. I don’t miss the the lagginess or the constant battery pulls, but to each his own. Good riddence.

  • Onwaitinglist

    Thanks Max A, I now need go to a corner to crying :-(.

    UMA is a must for me! (unless TMO build another tower in my backyard), MT3G, TP2 and N900 are huge disappoints for me, if BB9700 let me down again, I will jump ship then.

  • Max A

    I’m right with you one foot out the door with Tmobile unless they get a UMA phone out soon. Sprint and verizon work perfect in my place go figure.

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  • Worms
  • when is this phone going to be available on other tariffs?