Holiday Weekend Open Comment Time


Unfortunately, it’s been a rather slow week in the land of magenta. I hope that that will all change with a wildly anticipated Motorola Android announcement happening Thursday.  In the meantime its Labor day so get outside, enjoy the last few days of summer, or if you’re in Florida like me another day of 90 degree plus weather. I know I’ll suffer through the humidity however and enjoy a barbecue with good friends tomorrow! I hope everyone has a terrific holiday and braces themselves for a hopefully HUGE Motorola announcement!

Comment section is open! Happy Labor Day from Tmonews!!


  • Tarusdg

    Will the n900 be subsidized thru t-mobile????????? that and i hope that moto announces at least one other tmobile android besides the morrison, like a gsm Sholes.

  • J-Hop2o6

    is tmousa HSPA or HSPA+ yet??

  • stasguy

    This is more of a problem with the webiste: at the XGA resolution, the site does not display properly. The right side is cut off (as in you have to scroll to the right to see it)

  • terryjohnson16

    T-Mobile is HSPA. They max out at 7.2.

  • -ray

    Hey David.. You are in my neck of the woods.. Have a good holiday and hope you are near the beach to cool off!!

  • ADAM

    I was wondering the same question as well, do you believe the N900 will be a subsaduzed phone through t-mobile or should i just give in and go ahead and pre order it? Thanks!

  • FILA

    First…I remember that Dell laptop, lol
    2nd…Its only my opinion, but its hard for me to get used to this color scheme on the site, Id like to see the background a little darker so the comments stand out or the actual background color of the page to be darker. Also making the comment boxes a little darker will help alot. A can see every other box is either white or light grey but looking straight on, on a LCD you cant tell the color, you gotta make them darker or a whole new shade. Anyone else feel like this?

    3rd…F Moto, but you know me
    4th…Happy Labor Day, get ready for winter again :-/

  • J-Hop2o6

    @ TJ.16

    thx.. cuhz i went to WIKI [tmousa], and they said TmoUSA is HSDPA (and i think on that GSM mainsite) and that it maxed out at 1.8.. but i think i kept reading thru some other articles and they said tmousa is 7.2 now.. if tmousa is HSPA (@ 7.2), then their wiki page hasn’t updated their current 3G tech in sometime..

    when do u think they’ll upgrade to HSPA+? or will they just focus more to LTE (then LTE+ eventually)

  • Mr. Stacy R. Parr

    I’ve heard TMO execs say that, once they build out their 3G network, they would use software to increase it’s speeds. I’m thinking that’s what they mean by going from HSPA to HSPA+. They’ve said they aren’t going to jump on board with LTE yet — they want to let that technology mature a bit before they jump on board.

    On another note, I sure hope TMO lights Boise up with 3G soon! :-) Boise has a TMO call center — you’d think they’d want 3G here, so that reps would be able to talk from experience about the 3G to customers. :-)

  • CallawayBomber

    With the TouchPro 2 dropping on the V and S Networks…at a much discounted price..Let’s see some rebate love for those who just purchased the phone for T-Mobile. It wouldn’t kill you, would it?

  • Terryjohnson16

    Jhop: tmobile built their network from the ground up with 7.2 support. AT&T first launched their 3g network back in 2005. Then they upgraded it to 3.6 which it is currently at while they work from now til 2011 to upgrade it to 7.2Mbps.

  • 30014

    Just read on gizmodo that the htc tattoo(click) will launch in october with the sense ui. If tmo is smart they will pick this one up. I’m sure there are more than just a few people on tmo that want a sense based android phone. Ialso read that tmo uk is merging with orange uk and that there total subscriber count will be just under 25 million. How is it that a carrier as small as tmo uk been able to get the kind of phone lineup that they have had while tmo usa has been playing catch up since it came out of the gate.

  • SPRINT announced that they will be releasing the HTC Hero in Android OS at a LOWER price than the MyTouch3G!!!

    SPRINT released the Touch Pro2 today!!!

    WTF — TMOUSA execs have sh*t for brains and got their MBAs from Cracker Jacks boxes!!! How could they have bungled this with such a high TP2 price point. F*ckers.

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