T-Mobile Advantage Monthly Discount is disappearing – Full Details On Upcoming Changes (UPDATE: Legere announcement)


Yesterday we pulled together bits and pieces of information we had on the planned changes to T-Mobile’s Advantage Corporate Discount scheme. As part of those changes, we’d heard that customers who signed up before February 3rd were able to keep theirs. Turns out, that’s not the case. We were sent an internal documents with all the information set out for staff, giving them the low down on what was changing, and how they can respond to the inevitable frustration of customers’ whose discount disappears.

It’s worth noting that although plans to change the enrollment system take effect on March 31st, monthly discounts for existing customers don’t go until April 25th.

Key Facts:

  • Monthly Discount is being discontinued for every company/organization except military and government
  • Existing customers with monthly discount will stop receiving it from April 25th
  • Feb 3rd date mentioned yesterday makes no difference. All recipients of the monthly discount will lose it (except military and government)
  • Adjustments to customer bills will begin showing on first bills after May 25th
  • Companies participating in T-Mobile Advantage will provide their employees with a $25 reward card
  • From March 31st, customers affected will begin receiving notifications through the mail

For those who currently receive the discount, this is going to sound like bad news, regardless of how T-Mobile tries to spin it. To suddenly no longer get 15% off per month makes a huge difference, particularly if you have multiple lines. But with Tmo pushing the boundaries in terms of value for money on plans, offering to pay ETF’s for customers switching and $0 down on all its phones, it needs to ensure its revenues and profits are still strong. This – along with recent changes to JUMP! and Simple Choice plans – is an effort to give more financial stability.

Full details are below:

Note: The Advantage Program monthly discount will be discontinued for all groups except MILITARY and GOVERNMENT (If customer is employed by the Federal Government, State or Local government agency there will be no change to their monthly service discount.

All other members will no longer receive the MRC discount but may receive their new benefits starting March 31st if they qualify for the $25 Reward Card when they activate new line/s (handset purchased), add-a line (handset purchased), or upgrade- given their company/organization has an agreement with T-Mobile.

As the Un-carrier, we are dedicated to giving all customers the freedom to live their mobile life. We want to keep it simple – no annual service contracts, the best value in rate plans on our Nationwide 4G LTE Network and access to amazing devices whenever you want. Because we’ve invested so much into making our Simple Choice rate plans the best value in wireless, starting on March 31, the Advantage Program will be simplified so that enrollment will managed through the company’s corporate order portal or by visiting www.t-mobile.com/advantagerewards. Companies participating in the Advantage Program will either provide their employees with a $25 reward card or a monthly service discount.

Starting March 24, Sales Associates will no longer need to determine customer eligibility for the Advantage Program in store and instead should direct customers who inquire to their company’s website or to the www.t-mobile.com/advantagerewards. This will allow for a seamless customer experience that is aligned with the appropriate offer.

What’s Changing

Beginning March 31, enrollment into the Advantage Program will be handled though the customer’s company corporate order portal or through www.t-mobile.com/advantagerewards.

  • Sales Associates will no longer be able to enroll customers onto the new Advantage Program in store.
  • Eligible customers who activate a new device or upgrade in-store have 30 days to enroll in the new Advantage Program to qualify for the reward card.
  • Starting April 25, existing Advantage customers will no longer receive monthly discounts.
  • Direct mailer notifications will be sent to impacted customers starting March 31.
  • Customers will see an adjustment reflecting the removal of the monthly service discount starting on the first bill received after May 25.
  • Note: A new Advantage Program Grab & Go is available for a one-page overview of the updates to the program.
  • Simple Choice and Better Value

Use these ARM statements to respond to customers who specifically inquire about the new Advantage Program and to help explain why T-Mobile’s Simple Choice still offers the best value for customers that were enrolled in the previous program:

I currently get a corporate discount with Verizon. Does T-Mobile do that? – “I’m glad you asked. T-Mobile gives all our customers the greatest value possible by offering competitive rate plans that include unlimited talk, text and data, no matter where you work. It’s easy to learn about our Advantage Program, you can check the enrollment website on your own to see if your company participates and what the offer includes. Let’s take a look at some of our newest devices!”

Why did my monthly discount get removed? – “I can understand why changes to the program can be frustrating, so I’ll tell you about the changes. Our Simple Choice plans now come with more data, international text messaging, and more countries included in our global network…all of our customers benefit regardless of who they work for. With the new Advantage Program, each participating company may provide a $25 reward card or a monthly service discount, which would provide an additional value on top of the plans that we just discussed. Now let’s take a look at your account and review your current plan and features.”

UPDATE: John Legere blog – “Fairness and Freedom” 

Just a short update. John Legere posted to T-Mobile’s blog to mention the changes. He paints it as being another move towards changing the way the industry in the U.S. works:

“The old programs were designed to help big carriers close big corporate contracts, with employees as bargaining chips.  We aren’t playing that game anymore.  This change is about simplifying wireless for everyone … including employees of small and large companies alike.”

I’m sure that, to those losing a lot of discount, these words won’t be entirely comforting. Head on over to this link to read Legere’s announcement.

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  • PissedoffTmobleCustomer

    So sick of hearing the line, but it is STILL cheaper. So that means we should just roll over and take a price increase? Tmobile wants to talk about corporate ‘fairness’ and tries to point the finger at other carriers ‘sealing big bad corporate contracts’.

    How about the fact that TMOBILE is the big bad corporation that just on a whim decides to generate cash and screw all of it’s customers. WHO IS THE GREEDY CORPORATION NOW? quit trying to spin and point the finger somewhere else!

  • jon

    Awesome so your raising the price on military members by 15%…. at least that is what my bill shows the discount being.

  • Justin Merithew

    So does this affect Goverment employee discounts? I’ve seen conflicting things. It’d be nice to see an official statement that says one way or another, because if it affects Government employees/military this would be the third chance I’ve given T-Mobile and the third time they’ve screwed me.

    • thepanttherlady

      Based on the quotes used for this paragraph, it seems it won’t:

      Note: The Advantage Program monthly discount will be
      discontinued for all groups except MILITARY and GOVERNMENT (If customer
      is employed by the Federal Government, State or Local government agency
      there will be no change to their monthly service discount.

      • Justin Merithew

        I did see that, but I’ve seen several military members, on here and Twitter, complaining about it going away, so I wasn’t sure where they heard that from, and if it was an amended statement. Thank you though!

        • thepanttherlady

          I did try to find it on their website but I didn’t find a general blanket statement in regard to this. Seems you have to log into your own account to get the answer, or call. :/

        • Justin Merithew

          Alright, I’ll have to keep an eye out for other government workers who have done that. I’m still waiting for my discount to go through, apparently it didn’t process the first time I did it, and I’m going to be really irritated if their making me jump through hoops just for a $25 gift card on my next upgrade, because if I don’t get a real discount the phone I have will be the last I get through T-Mobile, and I will be switching when I pay my fiance’s phone off.

  • Jason

    if true my three lines will be moved to another carrier after i pay off $200 in eip. i had just about convinced my brother to switch to tmobile and utilize his discount through work but now that looks like we will be bundling together on another carrier….
    PantherLady do you work for TMobile? Only time i’ve seen people defend a stupid move by a company, they normally have a vested interest involving said company making the boneheaded move….

    • thepanttherlady

      “defend a stupid move by a company”? Really? Go ahead and copy and paste where I’ve defended this move, I’ll wait. ;) On the contrary, while this move doesn’t affect my bill in the slightest I do not agree with what they’re doing. At. All.

      What I did point out; however, was that T-Mobile did not force the OP to purchase iPhones on an EIP that has $1300 remaining. It’s called personal accountability.

      P.S. No, I do not work for T-Mobile.

      • longtimeCustomer

        Phew….Glad to hear that. Is is how it came across.

      • Jason

        TMobile gave him a price with discount and then pulled back after said customer already bought and financed phones….How does that have anything to do with personal responsibility to the customer? If anything TMobile has responsibility issues by failing to research their desired profitability margins before making the actual decision….
        The Jump program is also a perfect example where they gave a service at said price and then realized they werent receiving what they wanted in compensation…
        You are telling someone they are unresponsible because they financed at a set monthly rate and then the company who financed customer product changed terms. How is that not defending? I’m not alone on that opinion, others are also questioning you. Either were just idiots or the impression you believe your giving out isnt the impression your stating to have implied…

        • krym73

          Just pay your phones off and leave, easy as that. There’s a reason there’s no contacts.

        • Jason

          Isn’t that what I already stated as my intentions? I’m just dissapointed because I liked TMobile’s direction they were claiming to be traveling…if im going to pay the same price as the other major two, I mine as well has coverage everywhere i go including inside my house…
          The discount was the tradeoff alot of us took for lackluster service with the thought that tje momentum would continie to build out….
          Once the credit falls off I’m gone and I hope you enjoy the new Sprint/TMobile carrier….We all know how spectacular that went LOL

        • DaveTexan

          Exactly. Why I stayed with T-Mobile for almost 10 years despite not getting services in many places? I paid $40 for many years and got 3 free phones (1 dumb, 1 MP3, 1 Android first gen) and then I was paying $50 per month and got a $450 smart phone for free.(Had to sign up a new account and cancel old one…) I was planning to keep using minimal services and get another free smartphone but un-carrier changed everything. I still stayed because AT&T discontinued the minimal plan and went along with T-Mobile’s plan and T-Mobile was cheaper after employee discount. But the gap is being closed with AT&T introducing it’s own no contract plan with a $15 discount.
          Now the cheapest AT&T plan is $45 before any discounts.
          *Hint: T-Mobile should offer a $40 plan with say 300MB of data to stay competitive…

        • DaveTexan

          It’s not that simple. Say I have a budget of $100 per month to spend on cell phones so I took EIP and paying $20 per month plus my monthly fee of $80 after employee discount. Now I am still paying $20 per month but I’m forced to pay off the remaining balance or $120 per month because the employee discount is taken away, even worse the phone may still be locked thus preventing me to use it on a different network. How can this be considered fair? I don’t fall for this kind of crap so I never buy phones directly from T-Mobile(That may be why they are losing money.) But for people who did, this hurts them financially and adds a lot of burden. What if someone bought 5 high-end phones and have to come up with $3000 to break away?

        • 21stNow

          There are two separate issues here that you are merging into one. Nothing has changed with the prices of the devices, which is what pantherlady is addressing. The price of the service has changed. If the customer doesn’t want to use the service at the new price, he can pay the remaining balance on the EIP and leave.

          The other point here is that T-Mobile didn’t force the customer to choose two iPhones that cost $650 each, or force the customer to enter into an EIP agreement to pay for them. Those are both things that the customer willingly chose to enter into and can choose to pay the balance on and leave T-Mobile.

        • thepanttherlady

          Thanks @21stNow:disqus. Some people will never get it.

  • fgwref

    Guys “thepanttherlady” is JOHN LEGERE!!!!

    • thepanttherlady

      Lol not!

      • John L.

        No she just works for me just as Cam does….

        • thepanttherlady

          Bwaaahahaha!! If I work for you then it’s time to pay up.

  • Jay Edge

    I can’t help but to think that this is ONE BIG JOKE or something else must be up their sleeves. They made big strides to gain million of customers, and now ill probably lose a big chunk of them because of this. Rememebr EIP has nothing to do with service. So a customer can port out to bill will and leave an EIP balance, pay it off over time, and enjoy service with bill will and the device.

    • maximus1901

      No you are wrong. Look at the front page of TMO. Under every single phone it says “full balance due upon cancellation”. So TMO eip IS tied to service and it IS EXASAACTLY A COBTRACT, not “like” a CONtract.

      • Liam

        Exactly, I laugh when people say T-Mobile doesn’t have contracts. When you get an EIP you are essentially signing up for a two year contract for the phone, rather than the service. The only difference is you can pay off the “contract” early and then only have to pay for service.

        It’s a good deal, especially if you sell your iPhone every year to upgrade to the new one. You just pay off your EIP, sell your phone and cover whatever you paid for the EIP and probably some of your down payment on the new phone as well.

        • krym73

          Yeah but no one puts a gun to your head and tells you that you must buy a phone you know you can’t afford or even above the $300 , thats your choice, you can even go get your phone else where and only get the plan. You ppl find any reason to cry, lol

        • Liam

          I’m not even crying? I’m just stating that T-Mobile isn’t really contractless, they just moved the contract from your service to your device.

          I specifically mention that it is a good deal because you pay off the phone early and pay just for the service.

          I’m so confused as to why you’re attacking me. Are you illiterate?

        • Jason

          No actually quite literate you may want to reread because no where did i say you were crying….lol
          You stated others are crying when we should have a right to express our displeasure being baited and switched…

        • Jason

          NVM i thought you were the user replying to you….Sorry Liam….I’m just so suprised anyone is defending this and the last move made when its going back to old carrier tactics….
          krym23 prolly works for tmobile or didnt have a discount so user believes we should have no issue ROFL

        • Liam

          Yeah I agree. The people who don’t seem to be upset by this are employees who pay practically nothing and people who it doesn’t affect.

        • Jason

          whats funny is every post sticking up for tmobile are somehow ex tmobile employee’s….PantherLady has been the only one that hasn’t stated she use to work for tmobile, although she stated she is currently not an employee ;p
          She looks like she’s from the states maybe the others are from tmo’s India call centers and the script didn’t dictate what to say if asked if they were mployeed by TMo :)
          The India call center is also prolly why when people call in to verify info on their discounts are being told that their discount is fine….

        • thepanttherlady

          Just so you can sleep better at night, I have never at any point in my life worked for T-Mobile in any capacity. I am a customer just as I’ve been a customer of Verizon and Sprint before.

          Sleep well, Jason. :)

        • Jason

          Thank you for sleep wishes and ending our conspiracy theory on atleast 1 poster :p
          Having a employee pose as a mod on an unoffical TMo site would defintely not be “uncarrier” LOL

        • krym73

          I’ve been a t mobile customer since 2005,seen them at their worst and now their best and no I don’t work for T mobile although I use to,and I still work in the wireless industry, that is why I understand why this is being taken away.i myself had always received the AAA (without havinganything to do with them)discount ever since I found out how easy it is to add it and how its used in the sales world.Theyre providing more value in their plans than ever before,I can testify for their huge improvement in serviceand speeds at least in the Greater Los Angeles .T mobile is the carrier Verizon, At&t and sprint don’t want you to try. With that said Just like any other carrier just because it works for mostly everyone, doesn’t mean itll work for you.

        • Jason

          With all due respect what part of the cell phone industry do you work in that gives you inside information on why fees needed to be raised after TMo was giving away hundreds to entice new customers?
          IMO TMob wants to sell itself, that they are trying to raise the value of company short term knowing that in the long term it won’t matter to current shareholders…
          TMo tried giving out the farm knowing they would run out of hay….

        • Liam

          Hey Jason, I’m on your side. I was replying to Krym73, my bad!

        • Jason

          Who said anything about gun pointing?
          Who said anything about affordability?
          Nobody said tmobile had to start offering false promises and take away stuff they couldnt afford to offer to entice others to switch? Alot of us here will switch and when TMobile starts dropping customers again youll be back to square one without any network upgrades actually happening due to lack of capital…
          Eventually TMo will ask for more money for the same service provided for yourself and then maybe you will see why we are “crying”

        • Nearmsp

          I have never bought any phone on EIP. I have 4 smart phones on my account. T-mobile does not force anyone to take up their no-interest installment plan!

      • CRT24

        T – mobile doesn’t have service contracts…..if you supply your own device or buy the device outright at full cost then you can leave whenever you like and if you CHOOSE to do eip then you have to pay off the remaining amount for the phone that you owed in the first place. So please explain exactly how that is a contract.

  • phil44

    I can’t wait for everyone to get their letters in the mail.

  • Liam

    First T-Mobile went back on JUMP, then the changed the $70 plan to $80. At least they had the decency to grandfather those plans in. Now they are getting rid of discounts and not even grandfathering in people who have them already.

    I can’t wait until they start going back on their other deals. As a customer with the $70 unlimited plan I am looking forward to receiving an email like this that removes my grandfathered plan, but still tries to spin it as good for me…

    “As the Un-carrier, we have totally transparent Simple Choice rate plan options, and they’re a screaming deal. However, some customers pay different amounts for unlimited data plans and that’s not fair!

    On (X date) we are taking ALL customers on the who have a plan with unlimited data and migrating them to our ‘Fair Simple Choice Unlimited Plan’ at $80/month. Now everyone with unlimited data pays the same price! That’s what we call fair!

    As a bonus we are giving all customers on this plan a total 5GB of tethering data! For some of you that’s an increase of 2GB to give you 5GB total! What a bargain!

    Now our plan offerings are fair, simple, clear and transparent – like everything we do.

    A year ago, we promised we’d change this industry, and this is just one more step in the movement. And, we’re not done yet. Stay tuned.”

  • JBLmobileG1

    They should just lower the $50 Simple Choice Talk and Text to $40, that would make up for the corporate discount.

    • Jason

      I wish but i think they are moving in the other direction otherwise prices for new or changed lines wouldnt be increasing and discounts wouldn’t have been discontinued….
      Almost to 1000 post lol

  • crustybooger

    sigh, back to AT&T I go.

  • http://www.philosophicalreflections.com/ D.A. Elliott

    What a PR nightmare. Tech sites like Engadget and The Verge are starting to run with the story, not hesitating to poke fun at how un-UNcarrier this is. Some kind of damage control is desperately needed. This was obviously ill-considered as far as delivery, timing, and reception go. I wouldn’t be surprised if AT&T is already finished filming a commercial to exploit this situation.

    • $15454173

      At this point I will gladly chip in to help pay for the AT&T commercial :)

    • Hurlamania

      they should have done it one discount at a time quietly over time, I don’t know how they didn’t see this backlash, but I’m sure they will they will monitor it’s effects closely. They may lose some customers but may still come out ahead with the extra revenue from people that stay and pay more. I would love to know the projected amount they will gain per month by eliminating those discounts.

      • http://www.philosophicalreflections.com/ D.A. Elliott

        Exactly! This was a terrible business decision, underestimating the blowback. The same ends could’ve been accomplished in a handful of other ways that would’ve left more customers just not caring. One of the bigger head-scratchers for me is why Legere even bothered to justify it with some pseudo-rationale, taking aim at the other carriers.

        If he would’ve just come out and said, “I’m sorry. I hate to do this, but we have spectrum auctions coming up and need the revenue so that we can expand our network, another customer pain point. We still believe we have the best plans in spite of this loss, but more important, believe you’ll be happy with the network upgrades, made possible by your contributions via this change,” I would’ve been a little more understanding. I probably would still be annoyed, but not feeling wronged.

        • thepanttherlady

          While I understand the reasoning behind them doing this I, like you and many others, don’t understand the method. Why not announce that customer’s have to prove their eligibility to continue receiving their discount? If they don’t comply within a set period of time (30 days?) then it will automatically be removed. I’m confident there are many, many people receiving one that are no longer eligible.

          If at that point they truly wanted/needed to get rid of discounts they could have included a 90-180 day window letting the remaining customer know their discount would no longer be eligible or would be changing as of X date.

          To me that would have been a more transparent way of handling this.

        • http://www.philosophicalreflections.com/ D.A. Elliott

          I agree with that as well. I’m convinced there are at least several legit alternatives, like yours, that were far better than this, creating much less blowback.

          Another poor decision, in my opinion, is keeping government and military discounts in tact while trumpeting fairness (within which, I am sure, there are a lot receiving discounts who are no longer eligible as well). Having that contrast apparent is just going to make people feel like they’re not being treated equally. The problem, though, is that whenever you extend courtesies to the service industries, like the military, you’re just asking for a cascade of fallacious appeals to emotion when you revoke it (i.e. “You don’t like the troops!!!”), and at this point in time after all of this fallout, that’s an attack that’s wholly unneeded even though it’s ungrounded.

        • thepanttherlady

          I’d personally make everyone re-certify their eligibility, military or not. Of course, I’d give military personnel more time to do so for obvious reasons.

          Sadly; however, the ones that make the loudest noise (in the scenario you outline) are the ones that are most likely no longer eligible. SMH

        • Guest

          Unless of course you were planning on selling your company in tthe next six to nine months and all your customers with 400-700 phone payments owed couldn’t cancel for a while. Get a very quick increase in MRC to help the books before you sell. If your plan is to sell you don’t look at long term impacts on business decisions. Just what increases your value the most TODAY.

        • thepanttherlady

          Good point, thank you.

  • $15454173

    Wouldn’t this be the perfect time for AT&T to make an offer to gain or regain customers who owe money on JUMP phones and are upset over losing corporate discounts?

    Another thing, did anyone else wonder why Tmobile wasn’t billing our accounts right away for the phones on zero down JUMP? My account took two months to get billed.

    • Third_Eye

      I agree with the ATT section. They can easily play havoc and poach TMo disgruntled users. Am afraid I will see a reverse migration very much.

      Keep in mind ATT and Verizon have entrenched themselves into the corporate arena perfectly this way, steering the employees into getting home plans from them. Even Sprint plays its cards really well.

      With respect to the application of discount, when I tried with ATT, there was a screw-up and it took 2 months for that to reflect in my account. So the first 2 billing cycles I paid sans the discount.

      With T-Mo, even though it was qualified with a “Up to 2 billing cycles”, the Corporate Discount was activated within 20 days. I remember very well because a TMo Corporate CS Rep called me and explained why I would receive multiple bills in that month. My family plan was 90$ (1000 min + No text + 2GB/200MB data for 2 lines)

      20 days at the full plan price – 90$ * 20/31
      11 days at the discounted rate (90-9)*11/31

      So their system can only do that as 2 unique bills. They could have very much waited for the first billing cycle to end before they applied the discount, but instead chose to give me the benefit mid-way. The above was in Mar-Apr 2012 and I was needless to say extremely satisfied with their customer support at that time.

      For people telling that this is misused and all blah!blah!. T-Mo asks for the Employee ID and verifies your standing at the company before giving the discount. The validation process occurs offline.

      In the opposite corner is ATT where all you need is a valid email address from the company domain. first.last@xyzcorp.com and it will authorize the discount to be applied to your account. They do play shenanigans as to applying only to the Primary line of your account and not the whole account and so on. But to apply it is the easiest as you can avail that feature even if you are a non-employee as long as you use a valid company address.

      • http://www.philosophicalreflections.com/ D.A. Elliott

        Unless I’m misunderstanding the “it’s misused” crowd that you had in mind (and if so, I apologize), I think they’re concerned about people still receiving discounts that are technically no longer eligible. I know in my 7 years of having the discount, I was never asked to reverify it and, presumably, could’ve retained it even if I was no longer affiliated with the institution that allowed me to get it. Was there a system in place to deter this? If not, they should’ve considered fixing that first, purging the unqualified discounts, and then considered their next step. I know a couple of people who lost discounts with Verizon because they were asked to reverify.

        • DaveTexan

          I suspect what happened was this:
          T-Mobile was slashing the monthly rates for high usage users with the trade off of no more subsidized phones. (actually for low usage users the un-carrier plans are actually more expensive, I was paying $50 a month WITH free phone upgrades.) The plan was to make money out of phone and accessory sales and other services instead. However, likely many people chose to buy from other sources (for example, Google and other retailers) due to T-Mobile’s high phone prices. Did you look at T-Mobile’s financial reports in 2013? They had massive losses in Q2-Q4 2013 after uncarrier started. No company can keep losing money like this…especially a publicly traded one.

        • http://www.philosophicalreflections.com/ D.A. Elliott

          And with auctions around the corner, they need money. I definitely think what you said is part of it. In fact, after you mentioned the need to sell accessories (among other items), I recalled getting a reward card to go towards the purchase of accessories when my discount was pulled. Good catch.

        • Third_Eye

          Neither did ATT. I had the 22% employee discount from 2008-2012 and would have continued to have it had I not changed to TMo in March 2012 eventhough, I left my previous place of employment since beginning 2010.

          What Legere is giving is excuses. They can easily (re)verify. Once every 3 yrs is fine. But they are not saying that.

          Verizon has enough hubris/chutzpah from the start. Among all the cellphone providers I have used, Verizon is the only one that could have a no-dead zone even in elevators. It has a very good name in the corporate world. If TMo is thinking of being a stick a** like VZN then Good luck!

    • Nurdface Gamerhandz

      The official explanation is that the first bill isnt a normal billing cycle so EIP doesnt apply, and your first payment (for your first normal bill cycle) is your down payment, even if its zero

      • $15454173

        Thanks :)

  • mahermusic

    Just got off the phone with advantage rewards. Looks like my entire family is safe with the 15% discount. We’ve got 4 lines, and she verified the discount would travel over to the 5th if we ever enabled it!!!

    • MaxPowers .

      Better double check with an upper level rep. I also was erroneously told I would keep my discount. Turns out they were wrong. I walked away today.

      • mahermusic

        We still have our discount…9 months later. I wonder why yours didn’t stick as well?

  • Cameron C

    After being with tmobile for more then 8 years this has pushed me to leave. I will now access my employer discount with Verizon to pay they same as I will pay with tmobile after losing my corporate discount! Smart move tmobile you just lost 6 customers and I can assure you I will convince others to leave as well.

    • Phil

      Keep in mind though that Verizon doesn’t have unlimited data, if that matters to you. I’m still going to check out pricing and compare though.

    • Eric Doeding

      Verizon will only discount your data portion costs. Not the whole plan. Be careful.

    • Cameron C

      To be honest the only thing that kept me at tmobile was my 30% discount. The LTE coverage is horrible where I live and I have been thinking it would be smart to switch. The cost isn’t the concern, tmobile just finally took away the only thing keeping me from going. Even if I do pay more at Verizon it will be worth it to have far superior coverage.

  • Phillip


    • MaxPowers .

      Problem is, it really is going away. I was also guaranteed by customer service that my discount wasn’t going away. They didn’t seem to even know T-Mobile had made this announcement, so I got on the forums. Both a T-Force rep and a Tier 2 rep confirmed it’s going away. With matters this important, I always go above Tier 1 support to make sure I get the right info.

    • Bulletproof2006

      I agree with Max Powers, a customer service rep confirmed I am losing my discount.

  • DavidFR

    These are so much bigger changes, what would be the effect of this move ??

  • John Smith

    Like others have stated, if you are in the military, or federal/state/local government (like a public school teacher, for example), you will still receive your 15% discount.



  • ric1980
  • JDB

    Well looks like my corporate discount is gone, where do I go to see if the school system my wife works for gets a discount? I called a T-Mobile store and they said they didn’t know.

  • Reed Dier

    On one hand, I understand that the cost of modernizing an ancient GPRS network must be staggering. But it is also a cost that has been deferred for 5+ years. This network equipment is ancient.

    However, business 101 should also tell you that it is 4-6 times cheaper to keep existing customers than it is to try and gain new ones. By shedding corporate discounts, you alienate your customers that have stuck with you through thin times and made it possible to make it thus far. The people who you should be offering loyalty rewards to are the people who are getting the shaft. $25 in return for a ~$600 EIP is a farce, and in no way at all is it a comparable deal to ~$10-20 off a month. Assuming 4 lines, an $18/month discount amounts to $432 over 24 months, the same period of an EIP payment (which happens to be the same length of a tradition 2-year service agreement). Now (4x$25 discount cards) $100 ≠ $432. I tried some math tricks, and no matter what I do, $100 is still 4 TIMES LESS.

    Legere in his blog talks about transparency being the motivator for this change, so I will help make his transparency a little more transparent: T-Mobile’s margins have come to slim, and they need to trim the fat. They ended 2013 $20M in the red. So guess where they are going to try to make that up: loyal customer’s pockets. It’s one thing to say hey we need everyone to pitch in a little more to make our network even better, but its one thing to beat around the bush and screw the loyal base.

    All he is doing is subsidizing his network upgrades with customer’s checkbooks, so that the people who have endured T-Mobile’s slow and patchy network can make it better for the people who just signed up and will end up defaulting on their EIP.

    Losing ~$100-150/month accounts over a ~$10-15/month discount is going to be disastrous on the bottom line. If they want to audit discounts, go right ahead. But this is just pulling the pin out of the grenade super-glued to your hand.

    • thepanttherlady

      Hi donnybee, I’m not sure the reasoning behind posting under multiple names but it is rather unnecessary. Thank you.

      • John Bones

        Even if he is posting under different names who cares??

        This is just a thread

      • donnybee


  • JDB

    This is a
    horrible business decision. It seems
    T-Mobile has spent the past year trying to attain customers from other carriers
    with their promise to pay off cancellation fees and an expansion of their LTE
    network. While the expansion of the LTE
    network did benefit both existing and newly acquired customers, I feel like I
    have been overlooked in this entire process as an existing customer (loyal for
    the past 6 years). As a loyal customer
    who has always paid their bill on time, who lost the right for a subsidized
    phone, (I bought two 32 GB Nexus 5’s straight from Google), you’re telling me
    that you are going to take away my corporate discount? This could be terrible for T-Mobile and if I
    was an Executive at AT&T I would be working around the clock with a program
    to take all of T-Mobile’s disgruntled customers. If my wife’s school system doesn’t have a
    discount I am personally ready to leave for AT&T now. Keep my Nexus 5’s, get two Galaxy S5’s for $400,
    sell them for $1,200 on eBay, and pocket $800.
    I know I have a pretty nice corporate discount though AT&T which
    will bring my bill down to what it was with T-Mobile, I will lose unlimited
    data but that isn’t as big of a deal to me since I am on Wi-Fi at home 95% of
    the time anyway. The “new customers”
    they acquired may be cancelled out by the “existing ones” they are losing. To make matters worse this could cause HUGE
    losses on financed phones. Lots of
    people (who are ignorant I may add) do not care about their credit. They will just jump ship and leave behind a
    $600 EIP balance. Granted T-Mobile will
    make sure the ESN/IMEI gets blacklisted but phones with bad IMEI’s still sell
    for 50-75% of retail value on eBay. Some
    customers who just financed a phone will have no issues leaving, selling the
    phone for a couple hundred bucks and sticking T-Mobile with the losses.

    • c

      you can keep state discount if she works for a school based on this article

  • http://www.volkswagen.de/ Quailallstar

    Never thought I would say this but I’m about to pull the trigger on signing up for Aio’s “Pro Plan” at $55 a month (incl. taxes) and 5GB of LTE data. The loss ofa discount program will add another $20 to my bill per month and not worth it for me. Maybe others will be OK with this change but I’m not and really disappointed.

    • longtimeCustomer

      I am in total agreement. I will not stay with what is happening after 12 years. I talked to T-Force and all they do is repeat the plans. I will probably go to Straight Talk.

      • http://www.volkswagen.de/ Quailallstar

        Is Straight Talk better than Aio? Also I see MetroPCS (Tmobile) is 60 dollars for “unlimited” and you could BYOF.

        • Longtimecustomer

          I really don’t which is better but I would like to.

        • Boludo

          From the research I’ve done and if it’s important to you AIO has good customer service. And since it’s on AT&T your coverage is better.

          Now since you’ve been with T-Mobile now you should know if coverage matters to you, if it’s not all that important, then go to MetroPCS. All I’ve heard about straight talk is how crappy their customer service can be.

        • Timbo1

          only bad thing about AIO is you wont get full speed LTE from AT&T, they slow you down a bit. I believe the max is somewhere around 5Mb/s I could be wrong on that figure though.

        • TWK

          Aio is capped at 8mbps on LTE and 4mbps on HSPA+. They and Straight Talk have higher latency (pings). I use Aio and I don’t notice a difference, except I never have lost a LTE signal. Cool thing about Aio is on the $50 and $60 plan, the throttle after you hit high speed max data is 256kbps. Still enough to do most anything you need, including Netflix. There is a $10 fee for SIM and $5 per month discount if you autopay. You can also get a $25 referral bonus, if you get someone (like me) to send you a referral email before you order anything. Send me an email with your 1st and last name and email address and I will send you a referral. I only have a few left for this year (you only get 10) so act fast if you want one, but don’t ask for one if you won’t use it. My email is twkirtley@gmail.com.

  • Tyler Kirchman

    The Global Network should be optional and they should give us extra data to compensate for the lack of need.

  • J05H

    So from what I read and was told by my manager (I work for T-Mobile) employee/employer discounts are NOT going away. What is going away is if you are receiving an association discount. An association discount is if your a member of an organization or any other type of discount given and you’re not employed by that organization. And that’s the facts.

    • DaveTexan

      That’s interesting because on my company’s TMO Advantage web site, the discount is no longer showing up instead there is now a $25 reward card offer for buying new phones. I would not do anything until I see my May 2014 bill. Maybe TMO would change its mind and at least grandfather existing customers.

      • hack400

        My TMO Advantage site was showing that yesterday, with no discounts. Today I looked and the $25 reward has gone, and the discounts are back. Gets stranger as it proceeds…

    • vacuumation

      Yep, exactly. I just got a postcard saying AAA membership no longer grants me the Corporate Discount.

  • shack180

    My wife a I will probably be leaving T-Mobile she has been with mary kay for years and getting a discount on our bill . For the past 2 yrs T-Mobile have been trying to get us to leave our
    Myfaves plan and we delcine everytime because with the discount we get None of the plans they have are better we pay $147 for unlimited text 700 shared minutes, myfaves and 5gb each along with tethering . Now we can’t get discount on phones $199 new 2yr contract deal is gone. And now this smh also we are out of contract from our Gs3’s if we want a phone with the payment method they are doing which is crap we have to get Rid of our grandfather plan. Ridiculous

  • j

    john legere saw the backlash and is apparently allowing grandfathering of corp discounts https://twitter.com/JohnLegere/status/451225928606023682

    • MaxPowers .

      Too late for me. I switched back to Verizon on the 31st of March since that was when my 30 days was up. Honestly, even if he had made this announcement in time I would have left anyway. For the same price I’d rather be in Verizon’s network.

  • Joeapple

    John just twittered we get to keep our discounts

  • Cruz =)

    Poor, Cam Bunton. He couldn’t report that Legere tweeted that current customers on corp discounts are staying. Cam fell asleep while writing about iPhone 6 display rumors on Today’s iPhone site. The time zone must be rough on little guy. But he should be alright about now since it’s around 9am for him. We do appreciate your hard work, Cam. =)

  • Dave Tran

    I just called and talked with tow different T-Mobile customer representatiive and they’re both confirmed that they are not of aware of there are any changes (discontinue)

    to the employee discount. If there were they would be the first to know, since they’re are interact directly with customers daily.

    So I guess the information is floating on the web is probably just the rumor or propaganda or marketing strategy from other competitors try to trash talk and sabotage T-Mobile reputation.

    The T-Mobile customer reps. Advised that, if you don’t receive the information from T-Mobile directly, then just ignore and go sleep well at night.

    • sonicmoon

      no.. it’s true. I just received the postcard in the mail requiring the verification process online and notifying of the possible removal of the discount. My discount was through AAA membership, which has been discontinued.

    • JC

      It’s partially true. The timeline in the article is not correct, nor is it correct to say all discounts have been discontinued except government and military. But some discounts have been discontinued, yes.

  • Jason

    We were so close to a 1000 posts….sniffle sniffle….LOL

  • Marisol Fernandez

    Hi everyone, I recently got hired by UCLA where can I apply for the discount?

    • Jason

      I’m not sure if your still eligible but google “ucla tmobile” and it should be the first result :)
      My phones not letting me copy and paste the link….

      • thepanttherlady

        If you’re using Chrome I have found the only time I can get it to work properly is if I paste the link before I type anything. I then go back and add my comment to show before the link. :/

        • Jason

          Thanks Panttherlady! I have Chrome installed but I use the old Aosp browser but maybe it’ll work the same :)
          Everytime I have tried posting links I had already typed….
          A couple times it would just cutoff the link halfway so it would be broken….
          I thought maybe links weren’t permitted but I have seen some posted…LOL

  • ML1

    Here is one for you. I have been with T-Mobile for 12 years receiving a discount because of my military service. Although this is a discount T-Mobile is still honoring, they will not continue giving it to me unless they see proof of my DD214 (discharge papers). I have in front of me my DD214, but T-Mobile will not allow me to fax it or mail it to them. It must be sent via e-mail but I have no way of doing that because I do not have a scanner. They will not make any other arrangements. I bet they don’t give government employees that hard of a time.

    • JC

      Shoot the document with a digital camera with good (bright, indirect) lighting, and email it to them in JPG format.

    • hunger4justice

      Can you PLEASE post that email here..PLEASE…I cannot get anyone from the organization that can give a clear answer about a veterans discount

    • Brendon Foley

      Did you ever stop and think….real hard…that you’re holding the answer to your damn scanner issue right in the palm of your hand??? No offense, but you’re missing the obvious & fussing over NOTHING my fellow Veteran. Use your SMARTPHONE’S CAMERA… TAKE A GOOD CLEAR PHOTOGRAPH USING ONE OF THE SUPER SIMPLE 100%FREE CAMERA/SCANNER APPS IN GOOGLE PLAYSTORE. I highly recommend MS Office Lens, Genius Scan or Scanbot to make this so quick & painless…it’s stupid easy. (HECK G-DOCS EVEN SUFFICES)

      Once your photo is snapped, the application gives you output options like creating a .PDF, .PNG, .DOCX, etc. Do not get hung up on what the final file format is….. I suggest .PNG simply because they are not a vector for malware, thus unlikely to be filtered by corporate firewall or A/V scanning engines, also they are small, don’t require zipping or compression, and they attach BEAUTIFULLY into any outgoing email composed via gmail. ;-). If you’re a Windows phone OR iPhone user….the same basic rules apply. Snap clear photo of DD214, attach to new outgoing email addressed to:


      BEST CONTACT EMAIL FOR YOU (provided gmail addy you’re using is NOT preferred for correspondence)


      I sent my DD214 this exact way at approx 1600hrs on Oct15, my acceptance response from MCSA was in my email when I awakened the very next morning!!!

      Cheers mate.

  • T

    T-Mobile is an amazing company with people who actually care. Don’t get caught up in all this B.S. and compare apples to apples. T-Mobile still offers far more to the customer than the other carriers.

  • Dani

    Im pissed cause no one mentioned i was receiving this discount when i signed up. I just get a card in the mail saying my bill is going up because I’m losing a discount i never even heard of. I tried to renew but i couldn’t because it associated me with some school i never heard of and asked if i was still working there. WHAt?!

  • johnny smith

    Does T-Mobile offer discounts to employees who work for (in Florida) a hospital network called Broward Health?
    It consists of 4 county run hospitals in the county called Broward.

    • Jimbo Creed

      I’m sure asking strangers in a forum who don’t work for T-mobile is probably your best bet in getting the info.

  • JC

    The “key facts” in this article are wrong. I was notified in mid-August (not March/April) that the discount on my account would be discontinued, effective September. This discount was through a company that provides liability insurance to healthcare providers. However T-mobile still offer discounts for those employed by certain healthcare facilities, and I simply entered employment details and submitted them. I have no connection with government or military.

  • Phil Jack

    I still get my 15% off on my monthly bill. It depends on your company.

    • BB

      What company do you work for?

      • Phil Jack

        Lifespan non-profit agency