More LTE sightings in and around Cincinnati, OH and other markets

Last week – you may recall – we posted an article with a new LTE sighting near Cincinnati, OH. Since then, we’ve been inundated with sightings in various parts surrounding the city. Sightings have been captured in West Chester, Zanesville and Bridgewater Falls, East of Hamilton, all in the Cincinnati area. We also heard from a contact that the plan is to have the LTE full up and running (and official) by June 30th.

Those aren’t the only new locations shared with us over the past couple of weeks. We’ve also received a screenshot from Santa Fe, New Mexico and Springfield, Missouri.

So there you have it, there’s some definite movement on the LTE expansion front. And here’s a chance for you guys to give your feedback on something. Like I said when I took over the site in November, the community here is something I think is fantastic, and I wanted to give you guys the chance to help shape the site a little.

My idea was to create a specific page – accessible from the menu bar up top – where I update as often as I receive any new LTE sightings. Whether it be a noticeable speed bump in a specific area, or where you spot new networks being deployed like 15+15, 20+20 or even the 700MHz network later this year. Is this something you’d value? Or, shall I continue just publishing individual articles? You guys know what would serve you best, and I’m perfectly happy doing either.

Let me know in the comments, tweet me: @TiP_Cam or email

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  • Baz

    Great idea, Cam! Glad you listened to our suggestions about creating a dedicated page for LTE expansion sightings!

    I think you should definitely have a dedicated page, in a blog-like format in which you update it with developments and expansions as they come in. That way, comments can be left by users to indicate other sightings immediately. I know I’ll soon have lots to share out here in Delaware/rural Maryland.

    It also wouldn’t hurt to post the individual article about major expansions too.

    • besweeet

      Or just revamp the forum and have a dedicated area where people can post new sightings, maybe organized by state. Would take less than an hour.

      • Baz

        Organized by state (or region).

        That’s a great idea.

        • Mike

          Yeah that would be neat. As a third party working for T-Mobile, I don’t get the latest news about any of the service upgrades but some here and there about other things. I personally live in a 2G covered area, and I’m excited to see the enhancements and what everyone else around the nation sees as far as progress. I’d be glad to help if I can in any way, I used to be a web developer prior to my experiences with T-Mobile.

      • Jeff Lunt

        Agreed. I would like this. I think a crowd sourced list of sightings is the best idea (so long as it can be kept reasonably organized).

        • besweeet

          Or maybe a Google Docs spreadsheet that people can add to themselves? That might work well.

  • Scrilla

    Since Tmobile will be converting 2g/edge to LTE, will this be included in the LTE expansion sightings as well? That would be a beneficial plus to include as well. Thanks for the good work!

  • TemplarofLTE

    A dedicated page would be fine, but the occasional article also works well. I’m excited either way! :)

  • HawaiiD

    Finally, as of this morning East Honolulu or Hawaii Kai is lit up. However, still back in the valley(where I live) the last tower is still HSPA? Come on T-Mobile
    Please up grade this last tower.

  • jeff grace

    Yes a dedicated page..for LTE sightings ,and news,I know you know you only put up news when you here it,but I know the.previous gentlemen put up a lot more articles then 1-3 …we likE to read about are awesome T-Mobile. ,also maybe a way easier to report news to you.

  • SEBA

    Do the dedicated page for lte updates and post article to inform us of the new update so we don’t check the page 29 times a day.

  • Deadeye37

    It depends on the volume of articles. With the way things are right now, there isn’t a heavy volume of news, so I’m fine with ANY news. However, if LTE sightings/upgrades start occurring more frequently, then a dedicated area would be good.

  • FluX

    Mr. Bunton, do you think you could fix the forums so we can also share our information and screenshots with each other?

    • Cam Bunton

      If we can find a way to make it manageable, and worth it yes. I’d love it. As it stands, we don’t have that man power, or the spare hours in the day. That said, it’s something we’re discussing. So I’ll announce it if that changes.

      • FluX

        :O You replied to me!

  • RefarmAllPCSNowpleasee

    Zanesville is kind of far from here (Cincinnati). It’s probably nearer to Pennsylvania. Definitely Columbus is closer here. Cambridge is closer to Zanesville.

    I still don’t get LTE here. AT&T just took Aloha’s and Cricket’s spectrum licenses. AT&T should sell some of those to T-mobile; they got plenty left.

    • John Brown

      AMEN!!!!! I just left Cricket because I refused to deal with the death star. I’m on big red for the next 2 years and IF T-Mobile has LTE out to 50 miles from Cincinnati and ZERO EDGE and NO COVERAGE GAPS by 2016, I will be back. But I can’t stand creeping on 128k EDGE internet. They lost me by neglecting Batavia and not being able to give me a signal booster for my basement apartment (AWS hates Bella Vista, TOO MUCH CONCRETE) because I just so happened to be in the 60% or so of America still on EDGE.

  • Brent

    It’s been up around most of Springfield, MO for about a week now. I’ve been pulling 30 down and 12 up consistently. Parts of town are still on HSPA+. I hope T-Mobile starts upgrading the 2G/EDGE areas outside of town to at least 3G soon.

  • Jay J. Blanco

    Download Sensorly and help map the new Lte markets :-)

  • Ordeith

    Meanwhile, In Disneyland.

    No data access, phone calls drop, texts won’t go through. All with 4 bars of signal. This happens far too often when traveling with T-Mobile.

    • Chris

      It’s the same with all carriers. I think it’s because it’s just too congested with people and towers get a hard time handling the packets.

      • Ordeith

        I am sure there are congestion issues, but it happens too often to me on T-Mobile when my ATT and Verizon using friends are standing next to me with no service issues at all. If T-Mobile is oversubscribing their towers like that they need to fix it. It is almost worse to be teased with potential coverage like that than to not have it at all. It is certainly more frustrating.

    • Trevnerdio

      What’s a “Windows Phone?” :o ;)

      • itguy08

        There’s your problem… Windows Phone…

    • Scottie

      I agree – coverage in Disneyland is pretty miserable. And when you’re stuck in a line for 45 minutes or an hour and watch others using their AT&T and Verizon phones with no issues and your phone had no service or no data service it’s pretty annoying. It’s the same at Universal Studios

  • Bori

    I wouldn’t go as far as saying in the Cincinnati area, there’s is no lte within the 275 loop, which is an average of 15 miles from the heart of downtown. I would personally consider that the “Cincinnati” area. But it’s good to hear it’s being seen in the extreme outskirts of the city.

    • bt

      Agreed. There’s nothing in Cincinnati.

      • John Brown

        When will Batavia, Owensville, Newtonsville, Goshen, Fayetteville, Bethel, Mount Orab, Amelia, and Hamersville get 3G or better? Also, When will Felicity, Moscow, Maysville KY, Ripley, Aberdeen, Hillsboro, Winchester, Sardinia, West Union, Peebles, Portsmouth, and the rest of NO SIGNAL-Land or PARTNER COVERAGE-land even get a signal? Verizon & AT&T are kicking your ass in those areas. They have LTE from downtown Cincinnati all the way to Chilocothe and beyond. Meanwhile, T-Mo has HSPA+ from downtown to about 2 miles east of 275, then it’s EDGE until about 40 miles from downtown then nothing at all

        • lawlcano

          Tmobile is also significantly cheaper than the better-covered competition. SIGNIFICANTLY. I pay $70 a month for unlimited minutes/texts/data. No equivalent plan even exists on Verizon or AT&T, and you pay significantly more for less of almost everything. I do wish they could get better signals farther out. But you get what you pay for.

    • Actually there is a fleck in ForestPark/Glendale and one small spot at the Norwood Lateral and I-71 junction.

      • Bori

        Forest Park is in Butler County and a good 15 miles plus from downtown. I was referring more to areas within the loop. The spec on lateral must have been a test that the App happened to have picked up I’m assuming cause I went by there several times and did not pick up anything. But it’s a good sign, they are definitely testing here in this area. Signals have been scrappy here in N.Ky for the past two weeks so I’m hoping that’s a sign a well. :-)

  • Anshephe

    Seeing more and more LTE in Louisiana

    • guest

      Was in New Orleans about a month ago and the LTE speeds weren’t that great… I hope the network improves there soon

      • mreveryphone

        I experienced the same when I was down there for NBA All-Star weekend, but it could have been the sheer number of people too.

  • ka

    Ive been noticing drops in LTE in Oregon. Specifically, Beaverton. I’ll drop to 4G/HSPA+ then I’ll be back onto LTE. I’ve been getting stronger reception at home, but same thing is occurring. Wondering if there is any update going on? Im using ookla and open signal to measure broadcasting.

    • T-Mobile Cares

      We are currently doing tower optimization in your area. Be patient, the best is yet to come!

      • Baz

        T-Mobile Cares,

        Can you please tell me the status of the 4G/LTE rollout in and around Middletown, DE (19709)? Just curious, what do you mean by tower optimization? Thanks!

        • joe

          dont look like t mobil cares any more

      • ka


  • Austin

    I’m noticing weird things in Choctaw, MS. my signal will suddenly just cut off (normally 4 bars of EDGE) and be dead for a few seconds, and then come back… I’m also seeing speeds go up, but still EDGE. More bars in more places, too… I hope they’re messing with our towers or something.

  • Austin

    Also, Farmington MO and Desloge MO are lit up with LTE. They were HSPA when my parents signed up with T-mobile, less than a billing cycle ago.

    • Baz

      Excellent. Thanks for reporting this. Please keep us posted on any new developments out there, and what happens with your new-found LTE signal.

  • Trevnerdio

    A page dedicated to network improvements would be k-i-l-l-e-r :D

  • mreveryphone

    Cam, that idea would be great! Then we could all witness the progression of our beloved Magenta Network!

  • John Brown


    • chidino

      Stop shouting, man. He doesn’t run T-Mobile. On top of which, you volunteered that you’ve already left T-Mo, so why the bitchfest? By definition, they are going to spend their money trying to cover as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time: that means areas with few customers – even potential customers – won’t get LTE until the end. If you choose to live there, that’s the compromise you’ve made. If the big V covers the area better, then go with them. T-Mo’s deal has always been the little company that could, even going back to the Voice Stream days. It’s almost incredible how they’ve taken a smallish infrastructure and built a real national brand so quickly. But they have to spend their resources where people actually live. If the ratio of farm animals to people works out in the animal’s favor where you live – no matter what state – you’re not getting LTE anytime soon.

      • John Brown

        Uh… there’s a college campus right behind my apartment. This is not Winchester. This is BATAVIA!!!!! 23 miles from Cincinnati. I’m 5 miles from the suburbs! Eastgate Mall is within 8 miles.

    • lawlcano

      I live in Eastgate Woods and I have a great 3g connection. But if I go much farther out, it turns into edge pretty damn fast. By the time I’m in actual Batavia, forget about it. I agree with you. Extend the range, bitches!….but also give me LTE


    My LTE is no faster or sometimes even slower than my hspa connection.

    • lawlcano

      That’s not what I wanted to hear. I live in Cincinnati and get 10mbps down speeds on 3g+. I visited a friend in Lexington, KY (2 hours away) last week and they had LTE going there. First time I had seen that on my phone, down speeds of 45mbps.

  • Brian Hurd

    Zanesville isn’t even close to Cincinnati unless you count 2.5 – 3 hrs as close….

  • mavricxx

    Wow, New Mexico! Hopefully they upgrade my area too, c’mon T-Mo bring it!

  • mavricxx

    Wow, New Mexico! Hopefully they upgrade my area too, c’mon T-Mo bring it!

  • grod46

    Well my TMO service was going in and out today so i called up and they said that they are refarming my area and most likely will have LTE also, in a small town with a population of 7,000:D