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More LTE sightings in and around Cincinnati, OH and other markets

Last week – you may recall – we posted an article with a new LTE sighting near Cincinnati, OH. Since then, we’ve been inundated with sightings in various parts surrounding the city. Sightings have been captured in West Chester, Zanesville and Bridgewater Falls, East of Hamilton, all in the Cincinnati area. We also heard from a contact that the plan is to have the LTE full up and running (and official) by June 30th.

Those aren’t the only new locations shared with us over the past couple of weeks. We’ve also received a screenshot from Santa Fe, New Mexico and Springfield, Missouri.

So there you have it, there’s some definite movement on the LTE expansion front. And here’s a chance for you guys to give your feedback on something. Like I said when I took over the site in November, the community here is something I think is fantastic, and I wanted to give you guys the chance to help shape the site a little.

My idea was to create a specific page – accessible from the menu bar up top – where I update as often as I receive any new LTE sightings. Whether it be a noticeable speed bump in a specific area, or where you spot new networks being deployed like 15+15, 20+20 or even the 700MHz network later this year. Is this something you’d value? Or, shall I continue just publishing individual articles? You guys know what would serve you best, and I’m perfectly happy doing either.

Let me know in the comments, tweet me: @TiP_Cam or email

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