T-Mobile Promises UNcarrier Phase 3 Will Convert Any “Non-Believers”


With T-Mobile’s UNcarrier Phase 2 now in the books, attention has turned to Phase 3 as T-Mobile’s CEO teases. Rewinding for a second we’ll recall Phase 1 was the unveiling of Simple Choice and UNcarrier and the end of contracts. Phase 2 was the JUMP! program and the Simple Choice with no credit check plans unveiled yesterday.

Legere teases that Phase 3 will debut later this year as the company looks to continue capitalizing on its challenger image. In fact, Legere says Phase 3 will address some industry practices that “drive people nuts” and will convert “any non-believers left.”

“This one will be more fun than the last two,” he said. “I can’t wait for them to get comfortable and spring this.”

Legere adds that Phase 3 will be something other carriers can’t match. Whatever will it be Mr CEO?


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  • CommonSense

    AT&T and Verizon, the confirmed warrantless wiretappers, “ethical?”

    Sorry, no.

  • drklahn

    Guys, check this link out. Found it from a poster on hofo. T-Mobile LTE Coverage. Seems accurate….


  • Scott

    If they really want customers, forego all this hype and focus on expanding their coverage. There’s significant, internationally-popular tourist areas nearby that offer spotty Edge service at best. Heck, I lose service altogether in Target, which is smack in center of the oldest, largest, suburb of Denver…

    • Nick

      I lose service in the target by where i live too.

      • mikey

        tmobile frequencies dont penetrate walls good

        • nycplayboy78

          BullSugar…Tell that to VZ….

        • mikey

          tmobiles frequencies, thats why they are planning on trying to buy some of the unused tv frequencies, so they can have not only wider but also better indoor coverage

        • nycplayboy78

          Also T-Mo need to invest into getting coverage in subway tunnels and whatnot it is horribe in NYC and DC that when you are underground you have NO SERVICE…VZ seems to have all that wrapped up one way or the other…SIGH….

        • Stone Cold

          It is true when I go to my moms and I have to use her Wi-FI to get a decent signal and her house was built in the early 50’s

    • Stone Cold

      Ahhhhhh must be a in Glendale.

  • Douglas

    Shut the hell up already. Nobody gives a shit.

  • mikey

    They are going to reintroduce contracts, but with no etfs. basically the same thing like it is now, only difference is you are locked into an agreement, so they cannot change prices on you, which is what alot of people fear right now. Lots of ppl tell me they will not join tmobile because it is no contracts. So if they wish they could change the price and make you pay more to keep service. Since the only thing with a set obligated price is the device you buy itself and not the service. This makes complete sense given sprints new plan and the fact sprint has heavy focus on the point they are allowing you to contract the rate price so they cannot change it. This is the only thing the other carriers offer that tmobile doesnt, a locked in rate.

    • Logical

      Except a contract doesn’t stop them from raising prices on you. Sure, if they do you can walk away without an ETF, but that is no different than T-Mobiles current plans.

      Contracts offer zero protections for the consumer. They exist only to protect the cell phone company.

    • spider

      Read ur contract. The cell companies have the right to raise ur rate whenever they want to. It’s in the fine print.

  • maximus1901

    How about they simply upgrade their 2G-only towers to LTE?!!!

  • Charmed79

    How about a signal, our awesome $650 smartphones are great, but if the signal went downhill and has been this way for almost a year, than what good are they??? Claims to be so much better than ATT and Verizon, but fails to give his customers a friggan decent signal!

    • Hoppysport

      Hahahahah! Too funny. What a perfect first comment. I live in NYC so signal isn’t an issue. But rural and expensive home areas in the suburbs are a T-Mobile wasteland.

  • mingkee

    Mods and admins have to step in and delete all posts from this SPAMMER!

  • NardVa

    I’m curious to see what phase 3 is. Will Tmobile start unlocking phones so you can bring them over to Magenta?

  • Quan Bui

    How about free texting?… because, you know, it doesn’t cost cell phone companies much, if at all. I mean, most European countries have free texting and it’s embarrassing that they laugh at us because we have to pay extra for the service =(

    • mikey

      Texts are bundled with voice already, they just keep it listed to make you think you are getting more for your money, unless you have a grandfathered plan then maybe you do still pay for texts in some cases. Which would be dumb since there are apps that use you data network to allow you to send texts free anyways

  • pbxtech

    If they bond HSPA+42 with LTE, then it will be fast.

    In a refarmed tower with HSPA+42 running on the 1900 band, bonded with LTE on 1700 band, you might get a download speed close to 90Mb.

    • Moby

      That’s not technologically possible at this time. The devices don’t have the hardware to do something like that.

  • master94

    I hope they pay the etf for leaving other carriers. I would jump to tmobile in a heart beat if they did. Damn vzw etf.

    • Matthew Prendergast

      Thats my guess. That is the one thing that carriers will not do today but it was a practice for phone companies in the 80’s and a few other industries. If they did this, I think they would leap damn close to at&t numbers.

    • RS

      They couldn’t do that without making you sign a contract, because then you could use TMo for 1 month just so that you could get them to pay off your ETF, and then switch to a different carrier altogether and they now have thrown away hundreds of dollars per line and still not gained a customer.

  • bman893

    Im telling you right now i know what phase 3 is its gonna be there gonna throw away the free 500mb the $10 2.5 gb and the $20 uncapped data and give everyone with the $50 single or 80$ or above family plans 4g lte unlimited data uncapped for free (well its gonna be included at no extra cost) this only makes sense its the one thing other carriers would not dare due because its there biggest money maker this would be the biggest game changer thats 100% do’able with out forking out millions to launch

  • Mark Livesforjesus

    yes all this great now can work on getting serves in my town is still 2 g they neeed to spend more thime and money improving there serves

  • Jacob Dagenais

    Can phase 3 be free roaming? T-Mobile may become an unofficial canadian carrier that way. :D (I know its not financially possible) …..unless its of mutual benefit to a Canadian Carrier Say wind or Rogers? :P

  • TMO Dino

    How about something for long term customers?? A loyalty bonus, like cheaper phone or shrinking plan cost? Why fixate only on the newbies. It must cost less to KEEP a customer than to GET one. I have been with TMO for 10yrs, I don’t get JACK.

    • http://tmonews.com David