(Updated) T-Mobile’s New Rate Plans Are Live, Right On Schedule

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Update: In the hopes of clarifying a whole lot of confusion, existing customers on grandfathered or Classic plans seem to be confused about whether or not they can use customer care and/or third-party channels to upgrade. I have been unable to confirm if you can contact customer service to upgrade — regardless, there seems to be success with third party national retailers and authorized dealers. 

Just as we first promised, T-Mobile’s new Value Plan only environment is now live through all company-owned channels. Along with the new Value Plans in all corporate and company-owned channels, the brand new one-size-fits-all Classic Plans are now available at national retailers and authorized dealers as well. All of T-Mobile’s new Value Plan options include Unlimited Talk, Text and 500MB of data for just $50. Kick in another $20 and take advantage of Unlimited Data, or add $10 for every extra 2GB of data. This move is T-Mobile’s largest “UNcarrier” action to date and works to cut the subsidized phone model that has exhausted for years in the wireless industry. With Tuesdays event set to formally unveil the new rate plan sets to the public, as well LTE and possibly some (fingers crossed) iPhone news, today marks a reinvention of T-Mobile as a brand and company.

T-Mobile continues to face an uphill battle as it works to close the gap between its closest competitor in Sprint even as the MetroPCS combination closes in. The competition has promised to keep an eye on T-Mobile’s new “UNcarrier” approach toward rate plan subsidies, but so far have remained skeptical that the wireless consumer audience is ready for a brand new way to buy phones. How consumers will react to T-Mobile’s “UNcarrier” approach is something we should learn in swift order, so long as the company can work toward explaining the value — something they’ve had trouble doing in the past. T-Mobile’s marketing needs to tread carefully and work toward simplifying the explanation to offer concise reasons how T-Mobile’s move to a Value Plans only environment will save in the long run as well as upfront. In my eyes, T-Mobile’s success with this plan will rest considerably on the backs of their marketing department. It’s going to take far more than calling AT&T’s network “crap” to convince customers this new method for purchasing smartphones is the way to go.

There’s plenty of detail in our earlier posts as well some pretty pictures, diagrams and a full breakdown of all current handset pricing available here.


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  • simple jack

    well i just went on our tmobile and they want $200 per line to migrate to the new plan. So that would be $600?? am I seeing this wrong?

    • taron19119

      Yeah you have to pay a migration fee the migration fee goes down the longer you and your contract

    • xmiro

      you are still in a contract

  • Adam Green


  • Mystery Man

    Whats going on here? I tried changing my current family value plan (3 lines 2gb of data = $135) to the new value plan ($120 a month for 3 lines with 2.5GB of data) and it says this


    I thought these new plans were contract free?

  • http://www.facebook.com/robertcccc2 Robert Cole

    I have 10 months to go on my classic contract. I logged into T Mobile and can only buy phones at full price with no option for an eip installment plan.

    • thepanttherlady

      EIP’s are for Value Plans.

  • Satisfied

    I just upgraded to unlimited on my account page and it was simple, easy to understand, and I paid the grand total of 1 cent more. I’ll decide on buying the galaxy s4 outright or through TMo when the that release rolls out.

  • http://profiles.google.com/mrice.hill Mr. Hill

    Lots of people here seem to be switching over and getting good deals saving some money. These new plans look to be attractive to most existing customers. Ready to see how many new ones they can bring in.

  • http://about.me/daylondeon Deacon

    how could anyone not see the value in this and the forward thinking of TMO .. this is a great step for changing the smartphone world .. I hope they succeed.

    • why

      Because “value” means different things depending on your needs. I “value” having reliable coverage nationwide as I travel a lot with my job. T-Mobile does not currently provide that in my experience. The “value” of saving $10 or even $20 is no value to me if I can’t use the service where I need. That amount of savings T-mobile provides is insignificant to me vs. the coverage I would lose that could affect my lively hood. Good luck to magenta, I was really hoping they could provide what I needed because the price was right, but they failed. Just letting you know that this approach is not the end all be all…

      • http://about.me/daylondeon Deacon

        unfortunately that will not be the case with everyone .. sucks for your area though .. i’d assume though that eventually TMO will correct that hopefully .. value is to each his own though as you mentioned . i value saving money over just about all else lol.

        • why

          Its not my area, my home is fine. Like i mentioned I travel nationwide to NY, LA, Chicago, and many other cities. I was missing calls in major metro areas and had no data. This was in the last few months. Had to pay the etf as it was costing me $$ at work. These plans seem great but that is only part of the equation when selecting a provider. The subscriber number at Verizon show people will pay more to get the level of service they need.

        • http://about.me/daylondeon Deacon

          i was in Boston this weekend and it was terrible too although i don’t know if that was due to the event or what but it was horrible lol …
          i travel as well and Boston was the first time i experienced truly horrible coverage. no way i’d ever go Verizon though .. or Sprint or ATT. i’m good saving money :)

        • sickofthepolitics

          I am in NY and travel to major cities often. NEVER have problems.

        • TechHog

          You won’t have to worry about missing calls. T-Mobile now has a roaming agreement with AT&T.

  • N1Ro

    Most of the new plans are now gone. Only the $50.00 (500MB), $60.00 (2GB) and $70.00 (Unlimited) are currently available, everything else has been disappear from T-Mobile’s website. I guess they will be back later today or tomorrow.

  • Jdog25

    They changed the number of options from Yesterday.

    Yesterday it said, Unlimited Talk & Text plus:
    500MB / 2GB / 4GB / 6GB / 8GB / 10 GB / 12GB / Unlimited Data

    Today it says, Unlimited Talk & Text plus:
    500MB / 2GB / Unlimited Data

    • http://www.facebook.com/unfazedrebel Jé Be (Here but Gone)

      I think because after 2gb it’s $10 per 2gb extra you use

    • xmiro

      you add data as you need it in 2GB increments

  • Sam Huffman

    Anybody know how to transition 3 Monthly4G accounts into a single family account under the new plan? Do we need to buy 3 new SIM cards and have the phone numbers transferred?

    • guest911

      You need to go to Corp store for it. You can call the customer service, but it may not work. Who knows.

    • http://profiles.google.com/mrice.hill Mr. Hill

      You need to go into a store. They will activate and migrate the 3 Monthly 4G accounts to postpaid but it will have to be one at a time.

  • Weasle421

    I am currently a classic plan customer, I went to upgrade a phone on the internet this morning (just to see) and I was given the option of full price or doing the EIP. Without changing my plan, it shows my base plan is $20 cheaper now as well (family Unlim, was $99.99 month, now showing as 79.99 a month still on classic.

  • natebinsf

    I need Grandfathered plan switch advice, please. I have an old G1 plan, $34.99 for unlimited text/web and 1000 n/w $39.99. I get a AAA discount of about $11 bringing my monthly bill to $71. Should I make the switch? I guess I’m confused as to whether or not the internet would be different for the worse on this new plan as compared to my old plan. I made the mistake before getting rid of my grandfathered tzones plan and told myself i wouldn’t get rid of old grandfathered plans again. I always looked at companies coming out with new plans so they can get rid of the older plans which had better value. On the surface, it seems like this would be better than what i have now. $50? I’m a bit confused on unlimted data and the free MG of data. Is that 4g? I use an iphone 4s and get 3G in most parts of San Francisco and use Pandara a lot, so I can easily eat up data, and don’t want to incur extra charges, etc. Thanks in advance for any help/advice.

    • Mystictrust

      $50 would be for 500mb data, which doesn’t sound like it’s for you. $60 is for 2.5Gb of data… not charged if you go over, but speeds are severely limited after you hit the limit. Your current grandfathered plan is actually throttled at 5Gb, as all old plans were I believe, so it’s not truly unlimited unless you pay the much higher price. After tax, which I gather from your post is around $7, the new plan would cost you $67 monthly, not including a phone if you spread out payments and add it to your bill.

      Personal opinion? I say you stay. For $4 more you’re getting 5Gb and it’s going to be at 4G (same as the new plans). The data you have now shouldn’t be any slower or more restrictive than the new data plans.

    • ticket

      AAA discontinued the corporate discount more then a year ago however you are Locke In to that discount providing you don’t change the present plane. This was what the customer service specific to corporate discounts stated to me last July.

      • CRT24

        It was for a time but it is back….has been for a while

  • T-mobile rep

    David, T-Mobile customer care and corp T-Mobile stores NO longer have upgrades for classic or old rate plan customers. If they want to stay on over priced rate plans just to get upgrades each two years then they will need to visit places like Wal-Mart or other places that sell our phones. T-Mobile is only 100 percent value now.

  • Trevnerdio

    Speeds slowed UP to 2G speeds…seems legit.

  • Trevnerdio

    And considering I’m nearing 20 gigs this month…I think I’ll stick with unlimited

  • ticket

    Please answer this question. Thank you

    The signing up for a corporate discount still require a two year extension for new T – Mobile unlimited post paid non contract plan that just went live?